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More Spring Cleaning Kousha N. 10/2/12 4:41 PM
Hi all,

Just wanted to pass along this post from our blog about some updates for Search. There is an important update about Classic Plus. From the blog:

"Classic Plus is a Google Search feature that lets people upload or select images to use as a background on Users won’t be able to upload new pictures starting from October 16, and we'll turn the service off in November 2012. You'll continue to have access to any images you've uploaded."

You can read the article here.


Re: More Spring Cleaning Matt Storms 10/2/12 10:16 PM
Thanks for posting this in the forum.
Re: More Spring Cleaning Chicago Reviews 11/2/12 4:50 PM
I'm really getting thoroughly annoyed with Google, at this point.

Like a lot of people, I suspect, I responded enthusiastically to the background feature, and had a small, private gallery of images that I had tried as background images. Remember that page, that only the user could see, showing his past background picks? Well, now, remembering that page is all I can do, because I no longer have access to it.

"Hey, user, remember those pictures you liked so much? Well, scr** you! We're not going to let you see them any more, and then we're going to insult your intelligence, by telling you that we're doing you a favor by not even letting you have a chance to bookmark those images or save copies for your own personal enjoyment later on, because, ...

Neener, neener! We don't need a reason! Ha, ha, f*** you!"

Maybe that last sentence can be your new corporate motto. It surely fits a lot better than "don't be evil" has for a while. My response, as a user, to this change is to say that as far as trying new products goes, this is the straw that broke the camel's back. If you have any new features or products, I don't want to know about them, now, or ever again, because time invested in those products almost without fail ends up becoming time wasted. I'm starting to wonder if even the supposedly established products like Blogger or Youtube will be safe from these "spring cleanings".

This isn't creative destruction. It's just destruction.
Re: More Spring Cleaning Chicago Reviews 11/2/12 4:51 PM
Censorship again?
Re: More Spring Cleaning Chicago Reviews 11/2/12 4:51 PM
I posted a message, and instantly saw the words "message deleted". This is not cool.
Re: More Spring Cleaning Chicago Reviews 11/2/12 5:05 PM
And now my post is back. I'd ask WTF, but you know what? I don't even want to know.
Re: More Spring Cleaning Kousha N. 11/3/12 9:27 PM
Hi Chicago Reviews,

Thanks for reaching out. As we build a more streamlined Google Search page for everyone, we’ll no longer be able to support customization with background images. If you are a Chrome user, you may consider giving your browser a more personalized feel with Chrome themes.
Re: More Spring Cleaning Skrubz 11/3/12 9:46 PM
We don't want streamlined, everything looks the same bland eye shocking white. We want to have custom backgrounds. That's all we as humans care about is custom backgrounds. So please don't take them away. I mean seriously.. Come on. You realized that with Android and when iPhone wouldn't let you change your background you were all "oh but you've GOTTA be able to change the background!"
Re: More Spring Cleaning Joshua Stone 11/3/12 9:49 PM
But why would you get rid of it if everyone loves it! People shouldn't go to because it's the only good search engine on the web, they should go to it because it's fun and creative and the best search engine ever. People should at least enjoy the search. Do you agree?
Re: More Spring Cleaning daybreezy 11/3/12 9:50 PM
Thanks for responding Kousha.  So--there will be no customization at all?  What exactly does "more streamlined" mean?  It would really help to have more of an explanation....  Do not enough people use this function?  

Honestly, so many people who responded on the posts feel strongly about their choice of look.  Could this not be re-thought?  Our computers these days are what we are stuck staring at for hours every day. Google is taking away a bit of joy from many.

Re: More Spring Cleaning Kousha N. 11/3/12 10:07 PM
Hi daybreezy,

Thanks for your respectful and well thought out comments. Your feedback -- and everyone who's chimed in here -- is very important to me. Right now I'm trying to compile all of the thoughts and ideas I'm hearing from you so your voices and questions will be heard. I'm also directing everyone creating new threads about this topic here so we can have all the discussion in one place. I will be sure to update this thread if I get any new information. In the meantime, I appreciate your constructive feedback, and will do my best to ensure that it's taken into account.

Re: More Spring Cleaning Joshua Stone 11/3/12 10:22 PM
Can you answer daybreezy's questions because I really want to know what you guys are thinking??
Re: More Spring Cleaning adoublearonn 11/3/12 10:24 PM
I took 10 minutes of my time to find this place so I could say... Don't get rid of backgrounds. I, like everyone else commenting on this change, represent 10,000 people who aren't going to take the time to provide their feedback and say they don't want backgrounds to go away.

For some reason, I've grown to love the background as part of my start page, and may consider using Bing as my start page instead because I can have my own picture there. Never thought I'd have to say that.


Re: More Spring Cleaning adoublearonn 11/3/12 10:29 PM
Alright I lied, I don't think I can have my OWN picture, but I can have A picture...
Re: More Spring Cleaning Joshua Stone 11/3/12 10:37 PM
I don't think you will like bing, there just crappy!
(unknown) 11/3/12 11:21 PM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: More Spring Cleaning jaypadwick 11/3/12 11:38 PM
People are individuals and they appreciate art and beautiful things.  Microsoft allows customization and themes that propagate throughout their OS, it feels polished and organised.

I like having everything on the cloud but the google experience feels messy, hopefully something will come out of the ‘Spring Cleaning’.  Maybe removing customization is preparation for an all encompassing full solution.  I hope this is the case, but i worry that google don't get human psychology and perception.

Re: More Spring Cleaning Johnny_B_Goode 11/4/12 12:04 AM
I think its a great idea to get rid of background photos! me a reason to try something else ...It's okay, Google is too big to fail ...of course that what they said about Netscape.
Re: More Spring Cleaning aadishapril 11/4/12 12:36 AM
its bad idea

Re: More Spring Cleaning Disgruntled1956 11/4/12 1:24 AM
I just want to use my personal background - not select from somebody elses.  Is google trying to take over the world?
Re: More Spring Cleaning saaf31 11/4/12 1:02 AM
All about money I think.  As Google probably has more computing capacity and speed and bandwidth and whatever it takes to make it go faster they cannot use the "streamline" excuse.  Wait a while and they will start charging for more of the "products and services" that we used to enjoy for free.  As powerless individuals all we can do is forget them and go somewhere else.  They will not care so long as the balance sheet improves.  And they are long past the hungry and new stage.  Now big and corporate and hungry for your wallet.
Re: More Spring Cleaning laramie66 11/4/12 2:37 AM
Of course they are all about money, and the Gestapo are shutting down the threads, just like the Germans did in 1939. Silence the little folk, so the corporations can take over.

Our only recourse, leave Google. Oh, and go to Twitter and shout your head off there..............ALL of your followers will see what lowlifes the wankers at Google are.
Re: More Spring Cleaning laramie66 11/4/12 2:40 AM
Hey Kousha, how does it feel to work for a lying corporation that has bought your sould?
Re: More Spring Cleaning laramie66 11/4/12 2:41 AM
Soul. Obviously Google comments doesn't even have the capability to flag a typo.

You wanking programmers really are morons.
Re: More Spring Cleaning laramie66 11/4/12 2:47 AM
Hey, you can't reply directly to the Gestapo without joining Google +! Ain't that a hoot? They screw the customer by taking away background images and shutting down the voice of the people and then want to rack up more points by trying to force people to join Google +!

See what they are, customers? They are wankers.

Tweet them on Twitter, over and over and over and over. Let your followers know what wankers the Google programmers are. Hey Kousha, how do you sleep at night, working for the Gestapo?
Re: More Spring Cleaning laramie66 11/4/12 2:52 AM
Google has taken over the world, at least the internet search world.

Until you stand up and go elsewhere. Try duckduckgo or Bing.

And don't forget to tweet googleresearch, one of the brownshirts will get your tweet, I believe.
Re: More Spring Cleaning laramie66 11/4/12 2:54 AM
Hey Goebbels, I see you still didn't remove this from the site. As you 'may' have noticed, everyone already knows that Google thinks they rule the world.

Background images are going away on November 16, 2012
Re: More Spring Cleaning laramie66 11/4/12 2:54 AM
Going to shut down your own thread, Kousha? The bosses tell you what to do yet?
Re: More Spring Cleaning Ross Walker 11/4/12 3:20 AM
May as well post in here. Cheers Kousha for the re-direct.

Scripting and plugins may be the answer everyone is looking for. But be careful with scripts and plugins (obviously). Below is a possible method (which I am assured is quite secure in Grease-monkey circles).....

There is a solution to this (kind of) and it goes something like searching for a plugin for firefox or w/e browser your using. For greasemonkey users, for example, you could have this script which shows 2 methods of displaying a background on Google's search page. These are 2 simple (incomplete) Greasemonkey scripts (save the following lines text files with a ".js" extension and drag it into firefox, when you have installed the greasemonkey plugin):

// ==UserScript==
// @name        Google Background Image Local
// @namespace
// @description Change Google background image with one on hard drive
// @include     https://*.google.*
// @resource MyBG_Image replace-this-with-your-local-image-pc-image-saved-in-save-location-as-this-js-script.jpg
// @version     1
// ==/UserScript==

var b = document.body; = '#ccc url("' + GM_getResourceURL ("MyBG_Image") + '") repeat-x top left';


// ==UserScript==
// @name        Google Background Image Hosted
// @namespace
// @description Change Google background with a hosted image
// @include     https://*.google.*
// @resource logo http://replace-this-address-with-your-online-hosted-image-address.jpg
// @version     1
// ==/UserScript==

var img = document.createElement('img');
img.src = GM_getResourceURL("logo");

The problem with both these scripts are that the central Google logo graphics doesn't have transparent edges (so they will show as google logos with horrible white blocks around them sitting in the middle of your lovely background. However, having a quick browse around, I noticed several scripts which place their own version of the Google Logo in the middle of the screen above the search box as well. Using the above knowledge, it shouldn't be too difficult for someone to finish the scripts using segments from other peoples scripts. Unfortunately, I just don't have the time at the moment. I may / may not complete the scripts. I suggest having a go yourselves (you may learn a little in the process! scripting can be fun)
Re: More Spring Cleaning Ross Walker 11/4/12 3:24 AM
PS. This is a poor move Google.
Re: More Spring Cleaning laramie66 11/4/12 3:28 AM
Cheers Kousha for the re-direct.

Cheers for the redirect? Do you cheer the brownshirt for the censorship too?

Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight, I'M going to do programming work because the wanker programmers are ignoring their customers and making nice to the shareholders.

Are you kidding?
Re: More Spring Cleaning laramie66 11/4/12 3:29 AM
Google Chrome sucks.
Re: More Spring Cleaning laramie66 11/4/12 3:31 AM
Wow, Kousha, what script did you get that from?

Nice lie. You don't believe what you just wrote or THINK we believe what you wrote, do you?
Re: More Spring Cleaning DarlyJC 11/4/12 3:32 AM
Users are not expressing "frustrations"; these are COMPLAINTS. 
Re: More Spring Cleaning DarlyJC 11/4/12 3:37 AM
I tried uploading an image to Chrome, no go. Also, why must I SIGN IN ever time I click the Chrome icon, as I have checked "KEEP ME SIGNED IN". Any idea when the bugs will be worked out in the New Google? 
Re: More Spring Cleaning laramie66 11/4/12 3:39 AM

Thanks for your respectful and well thought out comments.

You think you deserve 'respectful' and 'well thought out'? Why? Was Google 'respectful' when it shut down igoogle? Was Google 'respectful' when it shut down the background images?

Think anyone is impressed by the scripted words given you by Google? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm????????????????????

Your feedback -- and everyone who's chimed in here -- is very important to me.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA...........................oh man, you should go into comedy. You're HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, since we're ALL SO IMPORTANT to you, are you going to restore the Google background images? No, didn't think so.

Ross Walker 11/4/12 3:44 AM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: More Spring Cleaning DarlyJC 11/4/12 3:49 AM
I also have to sign in every time I want to go online, and my attempt at uploading an image on Chrome failed. When does the New Google antcipate being fully operational? 
Re: More Spring Cleaning DarlyJC 11/4/12 3:57 AM
Nothing but script on the link, then an error message- images can only be added from the " CHROME STORE". Ill try going there, my first attempt to upload to Chrome didn't work; I gather ONLY half brains understand the process. 
Re: More Spring Cleaning DarlyJC 11/4/12 4:14 AM
I got an image for the background, NOT the one I chose. The New Google isn't quite operational yet, obviously. 
Re: More Spring Cleaning DarlyJC 11/4/12 4:34 AM
I have to sign in EVERY time I use New Google, was able to get a new theme, now it is a mish mash of Classic Google, and the chosen theme. Worse, if possible, than Classic Google. 
Re: More Spring Cleaning dac00lg33k 11/4/12 4:36 AM
The most loved feature is now being removed. And as to what I see, for no purpose at all. I will not use the sad, full of white page, m sorry. nice1 google, take away customization options from people and just do what you want. :|
Re: More Spring Cleaning DarlyJC 11/4/12 4:39 AM
Insulting Kousha is unwarranted. She did not make the decision, the BoD did, to save money. The decision however has made New Google both unattractive AND harder to navigate. I now have Classic Google with borders of a theme that only partially loaded, and remains around the edges! And I must sign in EACH time I use Google. A jumble of mistakes, wrapped in an error. 

This is the NEW COKE of the 21st century. 
Re: More Spring Cleaning DarlyJC 11/4/12 5:00 AM
I also must sign in EVERY time I click New Google, also to get to these boards, After trying to load a Chrome image, I have a bright blue border around the white Classic page, Even more noxious than the plain white search page. Google has some wires crossed. 
Re: More Spring Cleaning Wizzerzak 11/4/12 5:13 AM
Please sign this petition in order to show Google we do not want this feature to go!

I see no reason why this should go... I spent ages creating an image to fit the webpage nicely and love how I don't have to have a boring white background every day. Please reconsider this Google.
Re: More Spring Cleaning xKing Of Uncoolx 11/4/12 6:08 AM
This is a software company. Why is there political style question dodging in a software company? I'm trying to make sense out of this. I really am. Is this an issue of censorship as mentioned before? Is it about money in some way? I don't know. But what I do know is that you have the answer (or if not then you know how to get it), and that you're withholding it from your users without explanation. My biggest issue here, isn't directly focused at the stripping of a much valued feature (though that's a huge part of it). It's that when being questioned within a thread dedicated to the purpose of helping your users, you turn us away or question dodge. We know higher ups are yanking at your strings, and I could care less about that. But when your secondary actions begin to impose on us and our choices, that's when we have a problem.    
Re: More Spring Cleaning Firebird '86 11/4/12 6:35 AM
At first I had the same reaction as many of the others commenting here - I was annoyed that Google was removing the background images function, which I like to much. However, some people here are over-reacting to the extreme. I mean, come on - this is probably being done to improve the search experience. It is progress. People have the same bad reaction to change whenever Facebook change anything. If things remained the same, we'd all still be using Windows 3.1 and Wordperfect.
Re: More Spring Cleaning Stephen Taylor 11/4/12 6:38 AM
a couple of thoughts since I took the time to read this thread:

a) of course Googles about making money.  Its needs money to survive.

b) Seriously, some of the rhetoric here is pretty escalated.  Google gives you something for free, what makes you think your entitled to anything beyond what's provided?

c) Customizing your own shit is the #1 reason I'm all-google.  It's why I won't buy a iPhone.  Its not a big thing, but google could do well to keep in mind that (I assume) a large proportion of  their user base digs that kind of ability.  I'd give users more of that ability, not less.  Not that I care that much, I search from address par 99% of the time, but as part of the over look-and-feel I just like the level of control.
Re: More Spring Cleaning Aeikozz 11/4/12 7:15 AM
Yeah, This is a stupid choice. I really do like because of that feature.

Bad move Google Bad Move.
hello1234098 11/4/12 7:22 AM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: More Spring Cleaning hello1234098 11/4/12 7:24 AM
Please sign this petition if you love the background images. This may change Google's mind.
Re: More Spring Cleaning Spiffydudex 11/4/12 7:33 AM
This is not cool. A simple background image is a nice change from the droll, white everywhere approach that Google has taken. I liked having a simple image as a background, white Google text, a search bar, plain and simple, but not boring. 

Chrome themes are no where near the same. Its a customization of the header area for chrome and perhaps a background image for the new tab area. Not the same.

I urge Google to reconsider this move.
Google Backgrounds - Full Working Easy Solution Ross Walker 11/4/12 7:45 AM
Requires: Grease Monkey plug-in for Firefox or Chrome / The attached zip file

The following will let you use ANY online hosted image or local images from your hard drive for both the Google logo AND the Google background image. While many of you would only like to replace your background, this is not possible using this method (explained in a moment) as the default Google logo is not transparent and would leave the Google logo surrounded by a white box in the middle of your browser search page. It is totally secure in terms of Grease Monkey. The source of the Grease Monkey javascript file is included and actually requires simple modifications with a text editor (explained shortly) in order to work to your preference:

1) Download and install Grease Monkey from here:
2) Extract the 3 files to any folder on your hard drive, do not separate them. You should have:

google.png - This is a local file example for the replacement google logo. you may modify it, but try to keep the same dimensions and make sure the background is transparent. if you want to host the file online, upload it when you are done (or use a different alternative file).
nature.jpg - This is a local file example for the replacement google background.
MyGoogleLogo.user.js - This is the Grease Monkey script. Edit it first with notepad or a text editor of choice OR IT WILL DO NOTHING.

3) Open MyGoogleLogo.user.js with your favourite text editor. You are interested in lines 9 to 12:
// @resource      filebg nature.jpg
// @resource      onlinebg https://html-address-of-your-background-image.jpg.or.png
// @resource      filelogo google.png
// @resource      onlinelogo https://html-address-of-your-logo.jpg.or.png

4) If your background image is hosted on your PC. Change line 9 "nature.jpg" to the name of your file. It has to reside in the same location as the .js file.
5) If your background image is hosted online. Change line 10 "https://html-address-of-your-background-image.jpg.or.png" to the internet address of your file.
6) If your logo image is hosted on your PC. Change line 11 "google.png" to the name of your file. It has to reside in the same location as the .js file.
7) If your logo image is hosted online. Change line 12 "https://html-address-of-your-logo.jpg.or.png" to the internet address of your file.

8) Remember to use https instead of http where applicable in any internet addresses.

9) Un-comment (remove the two "//" symbols) from line 24 to use a web hosted logo (OR)
// newLogo.src = GM_getResourceURL ("onlinelogo");

10) Un-comment (remove the two "//" symbols) from line 27 to use the local image logo
// newLogo.src = GM_getResourceURL ("filelogo");

11) Un-comment (remove the two "//" symbols) from line 38 to use a web hosted background (OR)
// = '#ccc url("' + GM_getResourceURL ("filebg") + '") no-repeat top left';

12) Un-comment (remove the two "//" symbols) from line 41 to use the local image background
// = '#ccc url("' + GM_getResourceURL ("onlinebg") + '") no-repeat top left';

This is a completely working and customizable solution. I hope you understood the instructions and I hope it works well for you. I feel it was a bad decision for Google to remove backgrounds. I am not affiliated with Google and you use this method at your own risk, although I am using it and it works well for me.

Please don't complain to me if it doesn't work (try and work it out, it's pretty simple) and please don't ask me questions regarding it. I am merely trying to help people out and don't have much time on my hands to run technical support. It's a take it or leave it deal. Good luck.
Re: More Spring Cleaning Elisa111 11/4/12 7:47 AM
I'm absolutely disappointed and I'll stop using Google. Bad move, Big G.
Re: Google Backgrounds - Full Working Easy Solution Ross Walker 11/4/12 7:50 AM
PS. When you have done editing the .js file, save it and drag it to your browser window. This will initiate Grease Monkey to install and use the script. This process will also copy the local graphic images to the location where Grease Monkey stores and uses the scripts. If you want to change them later, use Grease Monkey to open the script location and edit the images from there.
Re: More Spring Cleaning Brandon Frazier 11/4/12 7:54 AM
Streamlined!? I mean cmon, you can host the images on our own computer and access them if you don't want to waste the bandwidth. I have had the same google background image for at least a year or two now and ever time I see it I am reminded of how happy it makes me. Please don't take that away from me.
Re: More Spring Cleaning Ross Walker 11/4/12 8:07 AM

Re: More Spring Cleaning szallerdam 11/4/12 8:27 AM
It is hilarious to hear that Google is "unable" to continue to display a simple background image whilst they are perfectly able to create a new "Doodle" every day of the year (and a unique one in each country)! I don't think that the responsible people have thought the communication strategy over. Of course, this is just a minor 'first-world problem' but from my part, I am capable of changing my start page to the very same image (instead of the current and do my web searches from the address bar (using a different, more "able" search engine). I don't even have to wait until November 16. One less page hit for Google every time a click the home button. A drop in the ocean... :-)
Re: More Spring Cleaning careca777 11/4/12 8:29 AM
Not easy solution, the easy solution would be to keep as it is. Or use a picture from the hdd.
Often, unilateral decisions such as this, lead to bad results, you can see that in lots of situations.
The only way to get the backgrounds back is to stop using google services and products, as the good
corporatives they are, they only pay attention to graphics, and maybe they relate the drop on usage
with the lack of the backgrounds support.
Re: Google Backgrounds - Full Working Easy Solution DarlyJC 11/4/12 8:33 AM
I am at greasemonkey on Firefox, do not see a way to add an image to Google.
Re: Google Backgrounds - Full Working Easy Solution DarlyJC 11/4/12 8:46 AM
js will not open. Thank you for providing instructions in any case. 
Re: More Spring Cleaning Josh Coates 11/4/12 8:48 AM
Having a background image is the reason that has stopped me from considering another browser, I hope you can find a way to keep this feature.
 If it does go could we at least get some kind of reasoning as to why it had to go?
Re: More Spring Cleaning abvh 11/4/12 8:53 AM
Bad move Google!  It seems that Google is following the same path as other "industry leaders" have in the past.  Google now is where IBM was 25 years ago, were Novell was 20 years ago, were Microsoft was 15 years ago.  The company becomes huge, then insensitive, greedy, intolerent, then indifferent to their users.  As a result, IBM Personal computer................what?   Novell networks...........who?  When  was the last time that when discussing new breakthru technology and products, Microsoft's name came up.  If Google doesn't find its roots again, and listen to their customers, they will end up on the same corporate trash heap as the other "has-been"s.
Re: More Spring Cleaning DarlyJC 11/4/12 9:21 AM
Did you say TG&Y, or Western Auto? I vaguely remember them also. ; )
Re: More Spring Cleaning Luna Cy 11/4/12 9:41 AM
This is just really disappointing :(
I liked having a background image of my choice.
Re: More Spring Cleaning Collard 11/4/12 9:57 AM
Not happy one bit about this change, might just start using Bing!!!
Re: More Spring Cleaning Collard 11/4/12 9:59 AM
almost forgot to tell ya, the Cookie cutter does not fit everybody!! We are not all the same and the only reason Google was my homepage was for this one reason.
Re: More Spring Cleaning alex m- 11/4/12 10:10 AM
Don't remove this feature....i like my custom background....god dammit G00gle :(
Ross Walker 11/4/12 10:40 AM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: Google Backgrounds - Full Working Easy Solution Ross Walker 11/4/12 10:41 AM
If you've installed the greasemonkey plugin, once you've edited the script (per the instructions), you should be able to just drag the javascript file (MyGoogleLogo.user.js) from the folder you extracted it to, into firefox (any open web page). Greasemonkey should then pop up and ask you if you'd like to install it.
Ross Walker 11/4/12 10:42 AM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: More Spring Cleaning lulukebie 11/4/12 10:49 AM
We want our custom background back. Please goggle don't do this.
Re: Google Backgrounds - Full Working Easy Solution BVIrors 11/4/12 10:58 AM
Absloutely Brilliant!!!   And it WORKS.  Folks, it's not that tough, and you take TOTAL control of your page.  A simple edit of the .js text file with the proper link to your image and you're in business.  Only question is "What happens to the page when they 'streamline" it.
Thank you Ross Walker!
Re: More Spring Cleaning HistoryGirl67 11/4/12 10:59 AM
I've tried to use Google Chrome, it worked for a month and then it screwed up my computer searches and won't let me use all of my programs.  In a nutshell it's not worth the code it was written with. I guess it's time to use another product. "Sad".
Re: Google Backgrounds - Full Working Easy Solution DarlyJC 11/4/12 10:59 AM
I tried, a "Windows component" is missing. Sorry to take up YOUR time due to New Google restrictions. I doubt I edited correctly but did install the greasemonkey plugin. The photo is jpg, I cannot find the three elements and am going to let my computer guy worry about it when he must come by. Until then, use Google, after the multiple sign ins that appear; to get TO BING. BING will not install; Vista Ultimate is an ULTIMATE pain in the wrist. 
Re: More Spring Cleaning jimsearchbrandinc 11/4/12 11:14 AM
Mr Kousha,

We need the background image feature. Period.

Thanks for reverting from your misguided effort to think for us - the real Googlers.

Thanks for communicating the real feedback.

Re: More Spring Cleaning DarlyJC 11/4/12 11:15 AM
I loved Chrome until now, the glare of the white will be a distraction working. I am not computer savvy enough to work the solution kindly offered. 
Re: More Spring Cleaning DarlyJC 11/4/12 11:23 AM
In addition, I now have a THREE step sign in; is Google wanting to rid the company of excessive users? ; ) It so appears. 
Re: More Spring Cleaning JuiceMan007 11/4/12 11:52 AM
How many petitions do we need hello1234089 ?????????? smarten up
Re: More Spring Cleaning BVIrors 11/4/12 11:52 AM
Reply To Kousha Navidar
I'm curious.  How many threads do you intend to Deflect to this "MORE SPRING CLEANING" thread?  Spring Cleaning has ABSOLUTEY NOTHING to do with the topic.  The topic in case you've forgotten is "Why Is Google Taking Away Background Images".  Thus far you have said nothing and given no viable reason for this change.  "Streamlining"  really?  You continue to shut down perfectly good threads which all state the disappointment in the new layout change. You guys brewing up the Google KoolAid need to remember who got you there. Loyalty comes in many forms. And it really doesn't take too much to break that loyalty. Based on the number of topic  re-directs you personally have done, I'm guessing several hundred responses have been made on this subject. Clearly Google is not planning on changing this decision, but it isn't one that is setting well for many of us.

Re: More Spring Cleaning 0to 11/4/12 12:07 PM
Agreed.  It's a truly disappointing.  Instead of escalating for the better,They're de-escalating to a simpler form of browsing. 

The fact that they aren't reconsidering the opinions of the users has made me lose their respect for them even further.

...It's a truly is a shame...
Re: More Spring Cleaning Wizzerzak 11/4/12 12:18 PM
I'd like to remind everyone to sign this petition:

If this gets enough signatures I believe it could truly make a difference.
Re: More Spring Cleaning Ross Walker 11/4/12 12:47 PM
Not sure why people are on about Chrome? I was talking about Firefox OR Chrome, with the Greasemonkey plugin (which is available for both). If you have problems installing Greasemonkey, try updating your browser first. If that fails, then you have other more important issues than your google background, which want fixing first. Greasmonkey is a simple well known add-on which should install like any other firefox or chrome plugin.

Here are two example edited scripts. The following one uses the graphics files I provided in the zip:
// ==UserScript==
// @name          My Google Logo
// @author        Ross Walker
// @namespace     http://localhost/
// @description   Change the Google logo with your own file or hosted image
// @version       1
// @include       http://*.google.*/*
// @include       https://*.google.*/*
// @resource      filebg nature-wallpaper-1920x1080-039-1920x1080.jpg
// @resource      filelogo google.png
// ==/UserScript==

// --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
// Add a custom LOGO from a local file on your hard drive or an image online
var oldLogo = document.getElementById('hplogo');
var newLogo = document.createElement('img'); = "User-Logo";
newLogo.border = 'no'

// Uncomment the following line for a local background image file which is in the same location as this .js javascript script - edit the name of the file in the internet address in the filelogo resource section at the top
newLogo.src = GM_getResourceURL ("filelogo");

// Replace the logo
oldLogo.parentNode.replaceChild(newLogo, oldLogo);
// --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
// Add a custom BACKGROUND from a local file on your hard drive or an image online
var b = document.body;

// Uncomment the following line for a local background image file which is in the same location as this .js javascript script - edit the name of the file in the internet address in the filebg resource section at the top = '#ccc url("' + GM_getResourceURL ("filebg") + '") no-repeat top left';

// Set the size of the image to fit = "100% 102%";

This one uses files which are freely available on-line:
// ==UserScript==
// @name          My Google Logo
// @author        Ross Walker
// @namespace     http://localhost/
// @description   Change the Google logo with your own file or hosted image
// @version       1
// @include       http://*.google.*/*
// @include       https://*.google.*/*
// @resource      onlinebg
// @resource      onlinelogo
// ==/UserScript==

// --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
// Add a custom LOGO from a local file on your hard drive or an image online
var oldLogo = document.getElementById('hplogo');
var newLogo = document.createElement('img'); = "User-Logo";
newLogo.border = 'no'

// Uncomment the following line for a hosted online logo image file - edit the local of the internet address in the onlinelogo resource section at the top
newLogo.src = GM_getResourceURL ("onlinelogo");

// Replace the logo
oldLogo.parentNode.replaceChild(newLogo, oldLogo);
// --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
// Add a custom BACKGROUND from a local file on your hard drive or an image online
var b = document.body;

// Uncomment the following line for a hosted online background image file - edit the local of the internet address in the onlinebg resource section at the top = '#ccc url("' + GM_getResourceURL ("onlinebg") + '") no-repeat top left';

// Set the size of the image to fit = "100% 102%";

Copy and paste the lines to notepad and save the file as "MyGoogleLogo.user.js"
Don't save the file as "MyGoogleLogo.user.js.txt" as that won't work. If you need to, change your explorer folder view options to display file extensions.
When you have saved the above file and installed Grease Monkey, drag the above file into an open browser window. Greasemonkey should prompt you to install it.
The only parts of the two alternative scripts you need to change are:

// @resource      onlinebg
// @resource      onlinelogo


// @resource      filebg nature-wallpaper-1920x1080-039-1920x1080.jpg
// @resource      filelogo google.png

It isn't complicated at all.
Re: More Spring Cleaning DarlyJC 11/4/12 12:56 PM
Google is "free" of course, as are users, to choose another source for search desires.
Re: More Spring Cleaning FordhamU 11/4/12 1:05 PM
True, just as long as Google knows they are FREE to loose user activity due to unnecessary changes.
Re: More Spring Cleaning Aaron J 11/4/12 1:09 PM
Hello, i'd like to join the other's in casting my vote. I really disagree that this is a good change. A lot of users are very upset with this move and i'd like to see this idea revoked. i really hope your accounting for all those people who pass this by and not take the time to vote. Thanks.
Matteo1a 11/4/12 1:21 PM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: More Spring Cleaning CheesePlant 11/4/12 1:24 PM
I don't think people understand why your actually removing them. Are you replacing the homepage with something else... are you creating a portal like Yahoo or something?

I wonder if Google is replacing the homepage with something that doesn't need a homepage or igoogle - maybe its a complete replacement with something like Yahoo.

I hope its a positive move :)
Re: More Spring Cleaning remotextpc 11/4/12 1:25 PM
  I love how Google doesn't ask for our feedback and slowly forces us into they're thinking. If you keep taking away my choices with your service, what's keeping me from using competitors like Bing? The custom backgrounds were the only thing that kept Google from appearing completely robotic, but I suppose that's your goal? I'm very displeased. It's not like the my words or any other users are going to reach the Big Wigs.
Re: More Spring Cleaning SenaCelestia 11/4/12 1:32 PM
This is another sense-less decision from Google. Removing a features that some loves,some like,some ignore BUT NO ONE hates, its extremely stupid.

Logic and common sense, seems like a multi-billionarie company can't afford it.
Re: More Spring Cleaning SenaCelestia 11/4/12 1:37 PM
Im not removing my background image until Google will force its removal.

Screw you Google.
Re: More Spring Cleaning Patrick_Rice_UK 11/4/12 1:44 PM
If Bing continues to allow Background images, I'm off to Bing.

Genuine comments like that of mine, are likely to be the only thing to make Google take stock of this and change their minds.

But if not, then thanks for making it easy for me come the 16th Google.

Bing all the way for me, if so...

See how you like that if we all up and move...
Re: More Spring Cleaning Brindled Cat 11/4/12 1:55 PM
discontinue background images and i will discontinue use of google.
Re: More Spring Cleaning MageLeif 11/4/12 2:07 PM
One of the two reasons I use Google is for the custom background. If Google takes that away, then I'm just going to go to Bing instead since they have really nice background images. Sure I may not be able to choose my own images, but it's better than what Google is offering.

I'm really disappointed at this move, Google.
Re: More Spring Cleaning DeanR 11/4/12 2:41 PM
Time to switch to Bing. Anyone else with me?
Re: More Spring Cleaning CheesePlant 11/4/12 2:49 PM
Its not really that bad :) I use Google because it offers better search results than bing, not because of a background option.
Re: More Spring Cleaning Dan.musicman 11/4/12 3:10 PM
This is really sad and frustrating that it is no longer going to be around.  I see no need to get rid of it.  We know that not everybody uses the background image function, but why not leave it alone.  There should be enough room to do all the updates to google you want and not mess with our backgrounds.
Re: More Spring Cleaning ScorpSt 11/4/12 3:10 PM
All this and there's still no answer as to why. Why are you doing this? What purpose does removing a miniscule amount of customization have? Why does Google like to blind everyone with bright white backgrounds when it is scientifically proven that white text on black backgrounds is both better for your eyes and easier to read?
Re: More Spring Cleaning Wizzerzak 11/4/12 3:11 PM
Just passed 200 signatures on the petition:

Nice work! And don't forget to share the link.
Re: More Spring Cleaning aneesh99 11/4/12 3:31 PM
Not sure why but it's absolutely refusing to work for me. Literally dragged and dropped the .user.js into extensions, copied and pasted the logo and wallpaper into the extension folder and it's not working for me. You don't need a Greasemonkey plugin or addon for Chrome do you? It natively supports user scripts. Plus Greasemetal (which I used to use) is down because of that.  
Re: More Spring Cleaning DarlyJC 11/4/12 3:44 PM
BING! allows only a plain New Google type or the rotating days, you may not set your own. The rotation now looks ok however, plain New Google is both dull AND too bright. Google removed mine while I was signing in yesterday to ask a question about D-Day*.

*Dull day, 11/19. 
Re: More Spring Cleaning ecurry24583 11/4/12 3:55 PM
I really like the personalised homepage. Why take it away all together, it is doing no harm??? Leave it there as an option at least
Re: More Spring Cleaning Rory McFadyen 11/4/12 4:05 PM
The one thing other than Gmail that is good about Google services and it goes away... Firefly all over again!
Re: More Spring Cleaning DarlyJC 11/4/12 4:06 PM
HOW?! I cannot not get any image to the Google homepage, it stays BEHIND the page. PLUS, when will "KEEP ME SIGNED IN" begin working again? I have to go through a three step process to SIGN IN. Though there is no point in signing in for search, Google removed my background  (I've had it since a crash in late September) midday YESTERDAY. 
Re: More Spring Cleaning DarlyJC 11/4/12 4:12 PM
But more complete searches are rarely necessary; it looks it'll be BING for me as my homepage, Google if I have to, and I've been a Google as my MAIN search user for over 10 YEARS. Before Google I was "whatever is on the machine, who cares?" But when the interesting backgrounds became a feature, that I was aware of, and I began spending more time on the computer, I thought "GOOGLE IS THE BEST!". No longer the case I regret writing. 
Re: More Spring Cleaning DarlyJC 11/4/12 4:17 PM
A mid toned background is even easier on the eyes. Those of us that research, and email as a part of our occupations, will be hurting. I USED to get headaches after say 18 hrs with no internet viewing, that ended when I customized the background screen. At least with Bing I'll save money on coated aspirin. 
Re: More Spring Cleaning DarlyJC 11/4/12 4:22 PM
Google has a better "news" section, but the time wasted on "signing in" can be spent typing CNN.
Re: More Spring Cleaning shawn.tolidano 11/4/12 4:49 PM
I'm not going to lie - I am quite upset by this change.  Let me throw 5 good reasons at you:
1) customization is not expensive.  It requires 0 work to allow me to set a background image for my personal account while I am logged in.  I'm a 15-year veteran programmer, you can take my word on this one.  An extra field in one of your databases.  No big deal. 
2) it's already there.  a lot of people have stated the "if it's not broke, don't fix it" reasoning and I think that works pretty well as a reason for not wasting engineering time especially when it doesn't cost anything
3) power - I uploaded a plain black picture and set it as my background because I'm interested in saving battery power while using google as my homepage.  The black takes much less power than the white (black pixels on LCDs are turned OFF, so they aren't drawing any power).  Now I will have only the white, costing me battery power, which takes more electricity, which raises my electric bill and draws more current which burns more fossil fuels.  
4) it does not "streamline" anything - unless you plan on starting to display ads or some kind of customized content on the page and you need to be able to rely on "white" in order to properly display it and make sure people can read it (after all, displaying black text on my black background means I never see your little text clips)
5) this upsetting ideology of "we know what's best" is incredibly disconcerting.  Don't tell me about how facebook does not allow it but myspace did and facebook is more valuable.  The point was that we had the choice, and now you're taking it away for the purpose of, I'm sure, being able to advertise or message us in some effort to generate more awareness or money for your company.  

Stop lying to us about why you're doing something (if you want to pander to the masses, fine, but realize that there are millions of technically educated people and we'd like to know the real, non-bs reason).
Re: More Spring Cleaning Finkle-McGraw 11/4/12 4:57 PM
First it was igoogle now it is the back ground image. I see no reason to keep google as my home page and choice for searches after this. Google is not the only game in town and they will be streamlining a customer away with this choice.
Re: More Spring Cleaning KingOfMordor 11/4/12 5:22 PM
Since I only have very basic knowledge of scripting and coding, but I've been talking with some of my friends (one of which works for google) and there doesn't really seem to be a feasible reason to get rid of background images.

I mean I'm not gonna lose any sleep over it, but please don't insult my intelligence w/ this "streamlining" PR garbage that CrApple and every other tech company uses to nickle and dime/inconvenience us. Just admit you're too lazy and spread too thinly to fix any problems you may have with this in the future.
Re: More Spring Cleaning Raul 2001 11/4/12 6:00 PM
This did it, after 10 years with Google search. Putting up with a lot of stuff, my portable wallpaper made me stay. Even after I took the bing challenge and they won, I stayed. Even when I have to use them for some searches cause your results are completely off I stayed. It sounds weird but the background made Google search mine. It's sad to leave after so many years but hey we left netscape and yahoo search, guess one day you had to join the list too. I'll keep Google until the last day Classic plus is on.

Thanks for the redirect, just had to vent somewhere. Hopefully it's worth what your about to lose
Re: More Spring Cleaning stri 11/4/12 6:23 PM
This is ridiculous!
This is literally my favourite feature of Google's home page. Figures you'd remove it.
When it became available I was thinking "Finally they're giving what we want!". It seems strange that what we want is so simple but it is.
Usually(if you actually pay attention to the users), you'll find that the small things are just as important.
Customization is probably one of the best features you can possible include imo.
Taking it away will take away Google popularity some...and though you probably think "Ah, we're Google; they'll get over it.", some won't.
I am one, as I see no reason to remove this feature except to suit your own selfish needs. Not to improve functionality.
Removing features makes you appear weak, and if you truly cared about us as you claim often, you would offer it as an OPTION, not a requirement.

Shame on you Google, shame. on. you.
Re: More Spring Cleaning Samuel Sanders 11/4/12 8:10 PM
Open Chrome a few minutes ago and notice a notification saying my background picture for my homepage is going away.

A quick search brought me here, I hope this is the right place to say this and I hope it gets read.

You said this Kousha:

"As we build a more streamlined Google Search page for everyone, we’ll no longer be able to support customization with background images."

Another company who's products I don't buy and use because I can't customize them said this:

"The user experience of (blank) devices revolves around a streamlined interaction with content that people care about."

There is a reason I buy and use Google's products Kousha. I can customize them and make them my own, I don't want your streamlined Google Search page, I like MY Google search page.
Re: More Spring Cleaning kapil.pendse 11/4/12 8:10 PM
@Kousha N.

There is absolutely no comparison between the Google Chrome themes and the Google homepage background. The only part of the Chrome theme that I see most of the time is the background of the bookmarks bar and tabs. When I open a new tab, I have the grid of most visited sites and Chrome app launcher icons covering most of the Chrome theme's background image.

But when I open, I have a beautiful picture of a river with blue water and a dog swimming in it. I like that. It's the reason why I visit instead of directly searching from Chrome's Omnibox.

In fact I was hoping you people would extend background image and Chrome apps to Chrome on Android and iOS.

C'mon Google, please don't be such a buzzkill.

Re: More Spring Cleaning cdoublejj 11/4/12 10:03 PM
Man this is load of crap, it's good for Google but, not for the rest of us.

I though google meant it when their motto was "Don't be evil."
Re: More Spring Cleaning SoullessSpirit 11/4/12 10:18 PM
add me into the masses of irritatingly annoyed individuals who hate this change. i have since switched to yahoo as my search engine as cluttered as the page is at least it has stuff on the page instead of a stark white background. honestly why in the world are you people so fixated on white backgrounds? why are you so fixated on removing all customization? why are you so fixated on alienating your entire user base? there are so many questions and not enough answers its mind boggling. and i am NOT buying into the bureaucratic bs that you call "streamling".
Re: More Spring Cleaning Saddie7 11/4/12 10:59 PM
PLEASE Google, don't remove the custom background feature. These personalized pictures fit so well into Google's home page. This is was a big competing feature over other browsers. I actually had a friend who uses FireFox look at my custom background image on the Google home page and think it was really cool. She later switched to Chrome. Not to sound mean, but honestly, this feature is probably more popular than Google+ itself.
Re: More Spring Cleaning Saddie7 11/4/12 11:09 PM
EDIT: I checked out the themes, and I must admit, they are pretty cool. However, there isn't a large selection. There is no picture like the current background image I have on Google's home page right now. Nothing even related to it. I recommend that the custom background image feature only be removed after the theme library has more depth. I hope you take my suggestions into consideration.
Re: More Spring Cleaning Cheynne-Stoking 11/5/12 12:29 AM
Why the big brother approach removing the use of background pictures? surely such a small item of personalisation that gives users a day lift is worth keeping? what happened to choice?
 No thanks Mr Google!
Re: More Spring Cleaning Jason Halstead 11/5/12 2:14 AM
seriously don't take this away from us this type of thing is worth keeping. we want the back ground i think there should be a social network petition or something before you remove this vital feature from my home page! 
Re: More Spring Cleaning Jason Halstead 11/5/12 2:18 AM
it is more popular than google+ i think google+ plus would be near to no uses if it weren't for you tube. please Google your gunna break up the band. 

Re: More Spring Cleaning audi4444player 11/5/12 3:16 AM
I sent a few suggestions on improvements a while ago, then I find that you do the complete opposite, I suggested that all the google pages be made customizable, so you can make google look how you want it, wouldn't it be nice if YouTube had a darker colour scheme, it is a site that you watch videos on after all. or if you could seamlessly travel from page to page without seeing any big blank pages, I don't like any of the newer google colour schemes and  everything is too bright. Rather than "no longer be able to support customization with background images" should it be "too lazy to support customization with background images", if its an issue of space (which it's not) then I don't actually need 10gb of email space, who uses that? why would it be soo difficult to copy the feature over to the newer layout? I would like google to be more streamlined, however setting a background image does not make something less streamlined, especially if it is shown across all the google products such as Images, Maps, Play, YouTube, News, Gmail, Drive, Calendar and Translate. YouTube and play should be more tightly integrated and have the same alignment as the other pages if you want to streamline things, not removing the customisation possibilities. 
Re: More Spring Cleaning DarlyJC 11/5/12 3:25 AM
Bing has lovely images, and Google isn't paying attention to mere users. 
Re: More Spring Cleaning Markos84uk 11/5/12 3:56 AM

I have to agree with a lot of other users here. I really enjoy using the background images on Google. It is the main reason I use Google over Yahoo or Bing, as well as the fast user interface.
I use my computer at home, and I use it work, and it's nice that I can see across the office that I am logged onto my computer, and it really does give me a small bit of pleasure that I can look at a photograph that I am enjoying, even if someone else took it.

Looking at a screen all day, and searching for usually a lot of boring info, it's nice to see the image on my homepage. When this goes, I'll be less inclined to use Google or Google Mail.

While I understand Google needs to be seen to be moving forward, I hope Google can re-think this idea, or come up with another solution to allow those who want it, to have it.
I'd be happy to take a job working for Google and coming up with forward thinking ideas!


Re: More Spring Cleaning ral5381 11/5/12 5:49 AM
way better than google search. and it doesn't track. 
what is the purpose of tracking anyway? it's creepy.
more customized searches? no one cares about that. i don't. i want actual results rather than the "bubble" results. 
i thought long and hard about it, and even though i was still leaning towards google, i'm going to switch to the superior search engine. 
because getting rid of the background image was the last straw. 
Re: More Spring Cleaning Steve Sinclair 11/5/12 7:58 AM
 Don't get rid of background customization..
Re: More Spring Cleaning ayoda deyoda 11/5/12 8:02 AM
Re: More Spring Cleaning chrislcarey 11/5/12 8:48 AM
Please don't take away this feature! And as you can tell by the responses you're getting, we're not stupid, and don't appreciate being lied to about removing this option as a way of streamlining the experience. Total crap.
Re: More Spring Cleaning Paul Brogger 11/5/12 9:14 AM
I just discovered the "Background Image" feature, now you're taking it away.  "Gestapo" seems a bit harsh, but I want to register my displeasure. 
Re: More Spring Cleaning Scott Green 11/5/12 9:31 AM
I too, am not happy that Google are going to take background images away.  It was an excellent feature which really personalized search.  It seems ludicrous that Google, who offer tons of storage for things like gmail and YouTube, cannot house a selection of images for users to customize their search page.. My only though is this has some commercial motive from advertisers. Please Google, listen to the people and keep the beautiful images. 
Re: More Spring Cleaning Xearta 11/5/12 10:15 AM
Alright Google, be completely honest with us.
What good does it make to take a feature that everyone obviously likes and throw it away for your own purposes, when your customers and users obviously dislike what you are already trying to force down their throats. You are trying to improve your pages and make them more "streamlined" for your own constructive purposes, and we understand that. But wouldn't it be better for Google to just leave something that attracts their users in and add the feature in a different way that pleases your users? I do think you guys are seriously overdoing the whole concept of streamlining. Let's face it, customization is the way of the future and we all want it, regardless of the users who don't customize their page. Let me just throw this out there. Many people are saying that this is the last straw for Google. And honestly, I completely agree.
But let's face it, our opinions probably don't matter to Google's employees. I do believe that with enough support, the users can slap some sense into the employees and fix this monstrosity of an idea.

Until then, I will remain as a loyal user, but I do not agree with their stand on this one.
Re: More Spring Cleaning MIGUELbM 11/5/12 10:20 AM
Are you serious, the search page is BORING, the background image was the best thing you could have added.
"You should try adding a theme to chrome"
Bullshit! do you think I want as my homepage a useless "new tab" page that does not even show the background completely because it is filled with other stuff?
Come on, it's not even that difficult to add a background, a bit of CSS here, a bit of server side programming over there and done, and even if it's not that easy, your programmers should be able to deal with it, or are they incompetent idiots?
Re: More Spring Cleaning MIGUELbM 11/5/12 10:27 AM
Screw it, I'm making my own homepage the way I want it, using yahoo as a search engine until you fix this shit
Re: More Spring Cleaning Kate MacLeod 11/5/12 10:49 AM
I looked through number of the responses and didn't see this point, but I apologize if I'm repeating someone else's point.  Yes, it stinks that this is being removed, but here is why I am upset about it.

I have two large accounts in Gmail. One of them is my work email, the other is my personal email.  Both have linked to them different maps, shared drives, calendars and images.  Most of the time I use my work email only at work and my personal email only at home.  But occasionally that overlaps in either direction.  The background image customization allowed me to easily keep track of which account I was signed into.  It was one of the things I greatly appreciated about Google over other such services.

Even if we can't use our own personal custom images, allowing for some amount of customizations would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you. 
Re: More Spring Cleaning Robin Linares 11/5/12 11:15 AM

My image that pops up when i search google is really important to me. And it reminds me constantly who i am and what i live for. Only because I use google A LOT. I don't know any other search engines as well as i know google, but I've aleady started looking into others. If this happens, I'll stop using google translate, search engine, images and i will never ever invest in anything like android phones and the like. That's how important this small thing is to me. I've grown up with google, used it daily for years. It took a big hit (in my opinion and the opinion of many) when it messed youtube up, and now this?!

No sir, on the 16th, im gone. 

Re: More Spring Cleaning Sisdoodle 11/5/12 11:17 AM
Ok, Ok I've had enough, we all want the background, why can't we just have it all ready! Google you take everything away from us, what are you gaining? The more you take, the more you lose. Isn't google suppossed to be a search engine for people to enjoy and use freely and such. We know you need money but taking away something for free and replacing it with things you pay for in the long run does nothing. I have used google for a loooong time- I'm only in middle school here and I have common sense of whats going on. Its not right. Having a background, to you, ah, no biggie. Us, Yes biggie! It's just gonna lose people, I'm only wondering who really runs this company. You dont have to be a pro to see how slow this engine will lose everything. It seems your supporting your own downfall, digging your own grave! I guess its your problem in the end, as long as you know what happens next and you are okay with it, keep going. If you want money and power, dont throw away your customers. Where will you get money from if we are all gone, trees? Hahaha, I guess I support you but it blows my mind on how you operate this site. Respect is key to earn anything, we need respect!
~From a long time supporter that wants power to the people, some chili for lunch, and backgrounds on the home page... thanks for listening to my rant.(that is if you see it, Google)
Re: More Spring Cleaning Robin Linares 11/5/12 11:18 AM
Signed up for bing after i read all this. I'm so disappointed. I don't want to give chrome up along with all the other google stuff, but im going to do that as well. Disassociating myself with google entirely, and i hope others will think about doing the same. 
Re: More Spring Cleaning Robin Linares 11/5/12 11:25 AM
I somewhat dobt they will read any of this. It's sad for me. Really sad. 13 years of using google. Yeah im willing to switch because of something so simple. 

Re: More Spring Cleaning Sisdoodle 11/5/12 11:29 AM
They should! Its wrong not to read our complaints! This place is messed up man!
Re: More Spring Cleaning Robin Linares 11/5/12 11:40 AM
Even if they read this, they will see 150-200 comments versus their however many millions of searches per day and we'll seem a small percentage. Despite my best efforts to tell my friends about this and alert people to this little change, i just dont think we will be taken into consideration. My thoughts are for the people who don't have time to read the small print when they visit google, and on the 16th their backgrounds will be gone and maybe then (when it is too late for them) there might be some real support for our views. But im not waiting. I can type in under a second or reach it literally with 2 clicks from my desktop, it im so familiar with it and the day i first uploaded a background, well, that was a good day for me. The continuity of my computer now included google, if i had flowers on my desktop and flowers for my chrome theme and flowers for my google search, well its just such a great thing for when i entertain guests and enjoyable even by myself. But now when i visit google my 42 inch screen will be filled with white, my eyes will fail me, my life will lose some of its vibrancy, and my guests will be unimpressed. Google employees, please hear me, this small thing is a BIG mistake. 

I do want to thank everyone who did speak up about this, whether or not it makes a difference. 

v.v <-- disappointment face. 
Re: More Spring Cleaning Neo R 11/5/12 12:08 PM
So Google is basically saying to us "hey we changing the look and feel of your search engine to suite the guy who does not even notice the white back round, and you ain't gonna do anything...?"

Re: More Spring Cleaning shilohcat 11/5/12 1:00 PM
So Bummed! All I can do is chime in. I love my "picture in Paradise" . I stare at a computer all day managing my Google Adwords account  and spending money with Google. ps. I'm a GOOG stock holder too. Google are you underestimating the simplest concept, making users happy?
Re: More Spring Cleaning Jae B. 11/5/12 1:53 PM
Please don't get rid of customized search background images.  Everyone can still see it's Google open on my laptop, and they're smart enough to realize I picked my own background image.  People like the image and comment on it, so it's been a conversation starter for me.  Because I enjoy looking at my image, I leave my Google search page open 24/7, as my start page.  The standardized, or "streamlined," Google search page does not appeal to me, nor does Google trying to turn me into a walking generic Google ad.  If my background is removed, I will replace Google as my start page.  
Re: More Spring Cleaning Sintjago 11/5/12 2:10 PM

I use Chrome themes as well, have various Chrome OS profiles and I try to convince others to use Google+ often, and while I was OK with the whole iGoogle closing (even though I disagree), this change just seems to be made to annoy a group of customers that were happy and enjoying the customization provided by Google. How is it better for the user if those that have it modified, modified their home page because they didn't decided to not use the streamlined version. Here is my customized homepage for example. It highlights openness as it is what I care about and I get reminded of it every time I use Google unlike the canned version of my profile when I go to Yahoo or Bing. It makes my Google page feel like home and it still has the Google brand all across it which I am happy to see. However, if I go back to default, I will just feel like a canned product. No disrespect, but it seems like a change made to annoy a few users. Just let us be.
Re: More Spring Cleaning DarlyJC 11/5/12 2:26 PM
My Chrome theme ended up BEHIND Google, though the icon is Google Chrome, I only get WHITE GOOGLE. I've loaded Chrome several times, but still have a blank image, until I hit the GOOGLE tab. 
Re: More Spring Cleaning Waldorf 11/5/12 3:22 PM
As i mentioned on another post, you are planning on stepping on a feature that people loves, and uses.

You try giving alternate solutions like gmail themes and chrome themes etc... People just don't frequently open gmail out of a whim. I open it when i want to check mail or send one. Even if it was always open, the images ware just about 2-3 cm on the sides which is pretty useless. 

The background image feature was different. This feature was one of the best ideas directed to most regular users and some advanced users. It provided customization. I personally love my background image. I uploaded a single one when the feature first became available. Every single time I used google web page it gave me a little smile. It really made me happy to see it. 

And about the chrome themes. I personally think they look horrible. And they have the same issue with gmail. We can only see 1-2 cm of it. Most of their colors or designs are complete failure and besides all that I like how my tabs look. I just want my background image.

İf the storage is a problem, I am more than willing to give hundreds of megabytes from my gmail space which will probably be filled with spam mail anyway. I just want a 2-3 mb image to be displayed on the background of my favorite web page(so far).

This is something that definitely should be reconsidered before removing and please give a more detailed information about why it has to be removed instead of "ok we will improve the webpage and we cant keep this feature so it will be removed.". We are talking about google here. One of the biggest IT companies in the entire world. You take billions of pictures of the entire world and display it on your pages but I just can't keep one?


There are couple of petitions going around about this. the most popular one I saw was .
It would be really nice if you guys all sign it.
Re: More Spring Cleaning Lovesthebeatles 11/5/12 3:52 PM
I know! It took me FOREVER to get here! Honeslty I feel strongly about it because my background is of a cocker spaniel and it reminds me of my puppy which just so happens to brighten my dull, boring day! I don't want that taken away from me.
Re: More Spring Cleaning krktn 11/5/12 4:28 PM
Keep the backround images! 
Re: More Spring Cleaning Jonathan Broome 11/5/12 5:26 PM
I really see this as a push to make us use chrome. This upsets me greatly if I wanted to use chrome I would have thank you very much. I have been a huge supporter of Google and still will continue to do so but this still bugs the crap out of me it was so refreshing to have my background I did not even give it any thought it worked so well for me.
Re: More Spring Cleaning guy21 11/5/12 5:40 PM
lol i can totally tell your reading off a script that google gave you.
Re: More Spring Cleaning DarlyJC 11/5/12 5:57 PM
What makes you think there IS a script? I hit the Chrome icon, get old Google. I cannot load Chrome images, and cannot stay "signed in".* It appears Google has gone back in time. MY chosen background went off when I SIGNED IN Saturday. Now, just glaring WHITE.

*As nothing much changes, there is little reason to sign in. 
Re: More Spring Cleaning Vykos 11/5/12 6:36 PM
Problem with every good thing, it gets too big to be good anymore, goes corporate, and loses it's connection with the people who made it great. Time to find the next Google.
Re: More Spring Cleaning Soozn 11/5/12 6:54 PM
It's NOT the pictures.  It's the ability to apply a BACKGROUND to a blindingly white page.  It's the ability to customize MY home page.  It's the ability to see WHAT I WANT TO SEE WHEN I LOG ON.  Google themes don't do anything for the home page.

Customer service is what drives success in business.  Has Google gotten so big that it has forgotten that it has to give customers what they want or lose them?  Haven't you ever thought about asking your customers about what THEY could do without before dumping something?

Badly done.
Re: More Spring Cleaning DarlyJC 11/5/12 6:55 PM
Big Google will continue....we are powerless...... 
Re: More Spring Cleaning shilohcat 11/5/12 6:55 PM

Re: More Spring Cleaning DarlyJC 11/5/12 7:04 PM
Beautiful, though better without the extra top lines, and gadget line. I gather I shall have to pay my computer guy to create one, as I get no where trying myself. Just signing in is enough of a chore......
Re: More Spring Cleaning shilohcat 11/5/12 7:14 PM
Thanks DarlyJC, This parrot is living wild in my neighborhood. Makes me happy to see and hear him every day. He has been around for over a year and I really hope I can keep him on my home page.
Re: More Spring Cleaning Tomofumi 11/5/12 8:55 PM
it is boring to see the plain white background after getting used to the colorful background. Please don't remove this feature. Thanks.
Re: More Spring Cleaning Sintjago 11/5/12 9:20 PM
Explain one good reason why this is needed apart from making our homepages look corporate and boring. Focus on mining asteroids and leave my homepage alone!
Re: More Spring Cleaning jaypadwick 11/5/12 9:45 PM

A low percentage use Backgrounds, maybe, but you miss the point! 

People who take the time to use backgrounds and other services are likely your biggest advocates, the power users who drum up support for google in general.  Our enthusiasm trickles down to our colleagues and friends.  Viral free advertising?

Casual users who don't use backgrounds then just care about a quality service!  When given the choice, people gravitate towards organised, intuitive, fully featured and elegant.  People get suspicious otherwise and suspicion quickly turns into fear when features come and go so quickly.  Doesn't create confidence to use anything google.  

Businesses?  well stability is everything.  Google is unstable, you cut things out and offer no alternatives, i mean its just so basic.  Im an advanced user and i like docs, gmail, reader, drive, play, etc   ..but even i find it hard to navigate and everything feels paper thin and unfinished.  I want longevity for the services i use, i want the services to be good enough for the uninitiated casual user and for businesses.  I don't want to see google fail.   

Releasing everything in beta is getting really faddish and uncool.  Apple is larger than you and microsoft combined because they present finished beautiful products.  Do the same.
Re: More Spring Cleaning Fuzzybat23 11/5/12 9:55 PM
Appearently Google has forgotten the ages old saying that the "Customer is always right."  The customer, those of us who use google, seem to want the background image for their google homepage.  If uploading an image is somehow the issue, which I fail to see how it could be, the page could easily be reconfigured to use an image stored on your own harddrive.  They claim to be "Streamlining" the google home page.  I doubt they know what the definition of streamline really is, because the Google home page can't get anymore streamlined than it already is.  It has the logo, it has the search blank, it has two buttons beneath, one for searching what you want and one for searching for something at random.  Making the background of the google homepage something bland that the corporation, and not the customer, has decided on has absolutely nothing to do with streamlining.  Besides, as soon as you start typing in the search blank, the background dissapears and the search begins.  So really, stop giving us the runaround with your answers which aren't really answers and be straight and honest with us.  Why are you getting rid of this awesome and innovating feature, which we all want? 
Re: More Spring Cleaning tankshow 11/5/12 11:18 PM
Hi Kousha,
I just don't understand why Google would take this service away, this nice little feature has been appreciated by many users. I don't see how this simplification will "streamline Google Search page for everyone". If someone is happy to keep the default background that is fine. But if someone would like to customize the home page there should be an option. It shouldn't be removed in the name of being more "streamline", as it doesn't affect someone else using Google Search with the generic background. Google has roughly 34,311 employees (excluding the 20,293 employees which work with your newly acquired company Motorola), i feel you guys could find the time to keep this service for your users. Backgrounds were one of the things i really liked about Google Search, please don't remove it.
Re: More Spring Cleaning jaypadwick 11/5/12 11:24 PM
Gmail uses the same picture service for it's backgrounds.

Does this mean we'll lose that too?
Re: More Spring Cleaning summer3 11/6/12 2:09 AM
this is stupid
Re: More Spring Cleaning Danny G. 11/6/12 4:27 AM
first windows 8,now this whats the pc world coming to!
Re: More Spring Cleaning frogcreek 11/6/12 5:36 AM
I wish someone would explain why they are doing this. They need more server space? Takes up too much bandwidth?  Not good enough excuses.  They want us all to look the same?  This seems to go against everything Google was about. Google was always about the personalized experience - why the change to a Microsoft idea of "You Must ALL Look the SAME!" (read with appropriate sardonic tone). As someone else wrote, Google, for the first time, you really really disappoint me. 

I'm off to find a new home page. I'll still use the google engine, but it won't be my home page anymore. 
Re: More Spring Cleaning LadyT921 11/6/12 7:38 AM

Just saw the announcement that background images are being discontinued!  When was this decision made and why are we, the people that support you, just hearing about this?  I’m in agreement with all the posts of the users.  Why are you, google, taking away our right to choose what we would like to view on our home page?  Everyone in the world has a choice, but you, google, are taking that away from the ones that have supported you by making you what you are today one of the largest search engines.  It is truly unfair of you, google, to take away our choice to have background photos.  I am very disappointed with google.  I have talked many people into leaving their other search engines and coming to google because, to me, it was one of the best. Shame on you google for taking away our right to make a choice!   Question for you google execs … what if a very large majority the people that use google now made a choice to leave?  Where would that leave you?  My suggestion to you, google execs, is to listen to what your supporters want and we do not want the background to go away!

Re: More Spring Cleaning Mandy Jane 11/6/12 8:05 AM
Kousha, If the feedback is so important to you, why don't you let us keep our background images? 
Why are you being such a kill joy? What are you getting out of this? You are getting something out of it aren't you? It's not because you think we will just love your new 'streamlined' design, and that as soon as it changes we'll think, 'well hey, this isn't so bad after all!, its nice and white, and well, white' 
I have already started to use Bing. I will miss my little red dog on my background image, but rather have Bing than just the Google logo on a blank screen, full stop. 
Re: More Spring Cleaning z0mbieluv 11/6/12 8:32 AM
Why, Google, why??? I don't see how getting rid of background pictures is progressive at all. To me this is a huge, massive step backwards. How exactly is this going to streamline or clean up anything? You have not given us the details of the changes you're making or even a valid explanation as to why you want to get rid of background pictures in the first place. I love my background, it makes me enjoy using Google and is one reason why I have preferred it over other search engines. PLEASE, take into account that there are way more people upset at this than just the people who complain about it online - not everyone's going to take the time to find this thread and post a comment - and reconsider this move. This is a slap in the face to loyal Google users. Why can't this customization feature remain an option??
Re: More Spring Cleaning numeroeins 11/6/12 8:41 AM
Thanks for the tip! I really like it. Especially for the fact that it doesn't change my d@mn language all the time like Google does. I HATE HATE HATE that Google decides what language my search results will be in based on where I access the Internet and that they TOTALLY IGNORE my language preference when I'm signed in. Kuwait = Arabic, France = French, Spain = Spanish....etc. The ONLY workaround for this was to set my homepage to

Again, my thanks for the tip. I'm duck duck gone to them now!
Re: More Spring Cleaning Aerxes 11/6/12 10:35 AM
I am joining many others in voicing my displeasure over this change. I normally do not post opinions to pages, but this is a change that I feel is unwarranted. Despite my love of Google products, such as Android devices, the removal of this feature may make me strongly consider switching to another search provider.  
Re: More Spring Cleaning Aerxes 11/6/12 10:42 AM
Apologies for the double post, but in further reflection I have decided that I will be taking the DuckDuckGo challenge -- spurned by this change. I hope that Google has benefits over DDG that do not include the background image. If not, I may be permanently switching. 
Re: More Spring Cleaning MatMatMat00 11/6/12 11:49 AM
Don't see why you can't keep supporting this.
Re: More Spring Cleaning Bookmarker5 11/6/12 12:07 PM
If I wanted to use a "theme" I'd use firefox. 
Re: More Spring Cleaning InterNess1 11/6/12 12:48 PM
You know what, Kousha--your bulls**t is showing. More streamlined? NO--just more crap. I'll be using Bing search as my homepage after Nov 16, and encourage all who are "unhappy" with this decision to do the same, and find another browser that doesn't make ridiculous changes in the name of Progress!
Re: More Spring Cleaning Sintjago 11/6/12 12:57 PM
I wish we could have had a vote on this issue. Not just bullied by Google. If the majority had decided against it fine, but this was just a top down decision. With all the advanced features you support this seems like a feature you can easily handle.
Re: More Spring Cleaning Fuzzybat23 11/6/12 1:04 PM
I'm no stranger to html coding.  Something to let you change the background image of a website is extremely simple.  Whether that image is stored on the online Picasa or on your own harddrive.  Of course it's a decision that came from the top, without any consideration for us, the users.  The correct way to have gone about this would be to setup a beta page to show what changes they'd like to implement and then have a vote on it, as well as taking in, and actually considering, suggestions from the users.
Re: More Spring Cleaning Dan Askme 11/6/12 1:09 PM
"Google moves backwards in controlling their user base."

By removing all background images, they control what they want you to see (Cough, Youtube all over again anyone?)

I'll use bing once this background is removed from google. I cant stand the bright white background.

Stop trying to control your users with a stupid removal of a background image,

And dont give us the "it costs too much time to program" bullcrap. Honestly, dont even go there.
Re: More Spring Cleaning SenaCelestia 11/6/12 1:10 PM
Google will soon no more support personalized usernames/nicknames.

Everyone will be named ObeyToGoogle0001,ObeyToGoogle0002,ObeyToGoogle0003,ObeyToGoogle0004 .... you get the idea.
Re: More Spring Cleaning Wizzerzak 11/6/12 1:16 PM
Don't forget to sign this petition:

Keep up the pressure and you never know, they might change their minds.
Re: More Spring Cleaning DarlyJC 11/6/12 2:00 PM
I await "Google will no longer support searches".; )
Re: More Spring Cleaning Kousha N. 11/6/12 2:32 PM
Hi everyone,

I want to say thanks for sharing your concerns, stories and ideas about the homepage. I'm reading every piece of feedback you offer, and I highly value it. 

I read that a lot of you use the homepage customization feature because it lets you see pictures of things or people you love every time you visit our site. I've used the feature in the same way, and I'm sad to see it go. But one of the things I love most about Google is its simplicity, and we're trying to promote that philosophy with this update. It's an opportunity for us to narrow our focus, and devote more resources to high-impact products that improve people's lives every day. You can check out the blog post from the start of this thread for more context about the choice.

I completely understand if you're upset or unsure about this update. I appreciate the chance to read your constructive ideas about how we can improve, and will bring any new information to you as it comes.


Re: More Spring Cleaning Paul Oldroyd 11/6/12 2:52 PM
Hi Kousha,

You (or more probably your manager) need to get your head round the fact that this bland reply will simply annoy people - almost certainly more than saying nothing.

As far as I can tell from the earlier posts there's really no technical reason why the option to have a customised background image can't remain. Presumably there's a business reason, although I can't for the life of me figure out what it is (unless Google are about to launch a new home page on us).

I think what most people here would want is a reasoned explanation stating exactly why the customisation is being removed, rather than being told that it's because you're "narrowing your focus" (why on Earth would Google want tot do that?) or "devoting more resources to high impact products" - neither of which seems to have anything to do with removing a customised background.

... and honestly, you need to stop referring to that blog post which simply says "not many people use this product so we're discontinuing it". If that's not an "up yours" to people who *like* customisation, then I don't know what is.

The BBC did exactly the same when they redesigned their homepage recently. There was a similar uproar from those of us who liked the custmisation that was taken away. That didn't get us anywhere, and I doubt if this thread will either. There simply don't appear to be enough replies to it to force a rethink.
Re: More Spring Cleaning Ross Walker 11/6/12 3:07 PM
hi, you need the greasemonkey plugin as the script contains greasemonkey extensions which make it a secure plugin for running scripts. greasemonkey is available for chrome and firefox as a very small, low resource plugin.

when you have greasemonkey installed, try dragging the .js file into say the home page (or any open web page) not the extensions page. then you should see greasemonkey kick in and ask you if you want to install the script. answer yes and it will copy the .js file and the two images to the location in your mozilla profile where greasemonkey stores scripts. if you need to modify the script or images after that, you can open the new location of the script from within the greasemonkey plugin interface and change things about from in there. you can then discard the original 3 files.

Re: More Spring Cleaning Ross Walker 11/6/12 3:25 PM
This is A SIMPLE the solution for anyone using Firefox or Chrome.
Download this for chrome:
Download this for firefox:

Download my zip file from my earlier posts in this thread. It contains 2 x graphics files (your logo and your background) which you can customise to your hearts content and upload online if your wish or host on your PC. It also contains 1 VERY SIMPLE java script text file which you can modify. You dont need to be a programmer, the script is very simple to understand and the instructions (although they are long winded) are VERY EASY to follow. They instructions are long winded because I have tried to make the easy to follow and fail-safe.

Follow the SIMPLE instructions.
You will be able to make your Google background and Google logo look any way you want.

Re: More Spring Cleaning DarlyJC 11/6/12 3:36 PM
The message at Tampermonkey states that it can access ALL data. How can THAT be prevented? 
Re: More Spring Cleaning Paul Oldroyd 11/6/12 3:41 PM
Hi Ross,

I've tried this in Chrome and simply get the messge that I can only load extensions from the Chrome Store. Is there any way round this?

Re: More Spring Cleaning DarlyJC 11/6/12 4:36 PM
I just added this, and do not see where I can upload an image.
Re: More Spring Cleaning DarlyJC 11/6/12 5:49 PM
What you perceive as "simple" is unintelligible to me. I perceive quiet title actions as simple, for example, you might not. I remain lost as to how to EDIT my .jpg image and load it onto the white glare of Google. 
Re: More Spring Cleaning justadbeer 11/6/12 5:55 PM
Bravo! You said it for all of us brother. Google needs to realize that EVERYONE using the background images feels the same.
Re: More Spring Cleaning SenaCelestia 11/6/12 6:10 PM

If our feedback was nowhere as near as important as he poorly trying to state, we won't get this feature removed.

"We recognize you don't like this,but we don't give a DAMN! :) "

End of the story
Re: More Spring Cleaning Paul Oldroyd 11/6/12 6:16 PM
Works fine in Firefox though: I might just change to it from Chrome!
Re: More Spring Cleaning SkyGemini 11/6/12 6:17 PM
I'm guessing that no matter how many people oppose it or how vehemently we protest this change, it's going to happen regardless...which is a terrible shame because it gave Google's browser/search its uniqueness. I love my fireworks in the night sky dammit! I know sometimes change can be good---but not this time.

I'm not going to go off on a rant about this as it's hardly constructive, I would like to say that like many others, I also took the time out of my busy day to read and post on here, in the hopes that somewhere, somehow, Somebody will reverse this decision. 

"Streamline" all you want, please, please, Please just leave that one small thing that so many people seem to enjoy and leave the backgrounds alone...
Re: More Spring Cleaning DarlyJC 11/6/12 6:25 PM
Thank you, the Bing daily changes can be a bit distracting, not as bad as Google's GLARE screen though.
Re: More Spring Cleaning Kilvoctu 11/6/12 10:42 PM
That's the corporate mindset. It's simply about, "How can we make more money?". Customer/User satisfaction plays no part in that, unless it's a major detriment to said money making. Point is: Google is too big, and we're too small, so our opinions are next-to-worthless. This is evidenced here, as they've done what they can to consolidate all the complaints into one thread that they can largely ignore, save for a canned response from a single representative every so often.

I've read the linked blog as the Google rep said it should provide reasoning behind the removal, and it only goes further to show that Google is simply desiring more money. The message there was clear. Allow me to rephrase the blog in the way I've read it, with my thoughts in parenthesis (because I've too much time on hand):

"Technology offers so many opportunities to help improve users' lives. This means it is really important to focus or we end up doing too much with too little impact. What we mean is that we're spending money on several features and services that we will rather remove to put that money in our coffers, instead. These are features with a small enough backlash to disregard, so today here are the ones we will cut.

- Adsense for Feeds was designed to help publishers earn revenue from their content by placing ads on their RSS feeds. This is shutting down, but they can use FeedBurner something-or-other. (I've heard of Adsense, but not FeedBurner, which has hardly any info on wikipedia. I assume they're similar?)
- Classic Plus is a Google Search feature that lets people customize their Google page. We're removing this feature to save on the paltry cost of its operation. Do you like your background, [my name]? Pity. (I'm positive the blog was overtly mocking me)
- Google storage in Picasa and Drive will be consolidated to a total of 5GB (I believe we're losing space here. Wasn't it 5GB for Drive and 1GB for Picasa?). Also, a capacity upgrade doesn't stack. A 100GB plan doesn't add 100GB! (I bet Google will really enjoy all the space they save on our expense; someone getting a 25GB plan only gets 20GB extra space)
- Spreadsheet Gadgets were designed to allow people to add customized features to spreadsheets, but some other gadgets can do this so we'll remove our gadgets. (Are the other gadgets made by Google or other people? I don't know)
- Starting on October 15, we'll stop issuing and displaying some other feature. People can still do something similar by putting in some effort. (Was gettin' tired of the blog at this point)
- We merged something into something else, so use that instead, though we won't support parts of that.
- Places Directory was an Android app that helped people find nearby places of interest. We removed it. Use Google Maps.
- We did add something(!), but it's for webmasters, so you won't care [my name]. (And indeed I didn't care)

We want people to have a cost-savingly featureless experience when using Google. These changes will enable us to focus better on our cash cows so that we can do more to help improve the products that make us millions of dollars multiple times a day."
Re: More Spring Cleaning ayeung121 11/7/12 12:27 AM

Join this Google groups thini just to say I am really p!ss off about Google taking away our backgrounds and say thanks to Ross about this awesome solution! Took me a while but I got it working!

Re: More Spring Cleaning Liam Mayfair 11/7/12 2:02 AM
I join my voice to that of the rest of these people. Google, please, don't remove custom backgrounds! I don't think that'll have a positive impact on your users, and I bet you'll end up producing just the opposite effect you're looking for.

Google, don't take the backgrounds from us!
Re: More Spring Cleaning Paul Oldroyd 11/7/12 3:11 AM
Found a way round the Chrome problem.

I loaded up Tampermonkey.

I put the new logo and picture online.

I downloaded Ross's script and altered the online options to point to the logo and picture.

I then clicked the "editor" tab in the Tampermonkey options and cut and pasted Ross's script, then saved it.

Works like a dream!

Now I need to figure out how to get it to only work on the google homepage rather and all google pages .......
Re: More Spring Cleaning Katalmach 11/7/12 5:02 AM
I'd just like to add my opinion to the stack. Customization is a feature I highly value and the removal of it is certainly not something I appreciate. I don't get it. Streamlined Google page? How is a background image impeding that? You know how this translates to me? "Google is unable or unwilling to find a solution that allows both streamlining and has background images". Who even asked for a more streamlined Google page? What's wrong with it now? Do actual users really value it more than other people, including me, value background images? Because I really fracking value my background images. I can't stand white screens during night time and I love having a touch of personalization. Over the past few years Google really seems to have taken a bit of a downward dip in quality. Searches aren't as effective as before, that's for sure, there's a prevalence of trash sites that come up in searches, but I digress from the subject - Please don't remove background images.

Also thanks Kousha for starting this thread and actually hearing people out, regardless of your opinion on the matter or if Google is going to actually do something or not, I still appreciate it.
Re: More Spring Cleaning Clayton Jr 11/7/12 7:28 AM
So, just a few days after the shocking announcement of iGoogle's future execution, Google announced the phasing out of another great feature: the customizable background picture of Google Search.

Slowly they're taking away all the possibilities to have a personalized user experience with their products. I really can't understand what's happening with the company I learned to respect and admire.

Now every time I open Gmail or Drive, I have a very, very bad feeling. But I already started looking for more secure and stable alternatives like SkyDrive and Outlook.

Meanwhile, I ask if you do happen to know any nice way to customize the Search background and logo like it was before its demise. Anything can go: Greasemonkey, extensions, etc.

Thank you in advance!


If you are a Chrome user, you may consider giving your browser a more personalized feel with Chrome themes.
Come on, Chrome themes and picture backgrounds are totally different things...
I bet it's the real motivation behind all those "spring cleaning" decisions: try to force a mass migration to Chrome. They said the same bullsh*t when asked about iGoogle's phasing out.
Re: More Spring Cleaning ThetaSigma 11/7/12 7:44 AM
Please do not get rid of the background pictures, it's the only bit of customization we have on Google. Take that away and it'll take away peoples respect for the company. I don't know about you, but I like being able to customize something just to make it mine. Surely it does not take much room on a worldwide network of servers to remember one image per Google account? If the 'streamlining' project absolutely has to rid of the backgrounds, then can we at least opt to use it or not (maybe use a different extension on the url)? 
Re: More Spring Cleaning Emebas 11/7/12 8:25 AM
This is lame.  I love having my pictures on my search page background.  I guess I will have to move to yahoo search who still allows me to do this!!!!
Re: More Spring Cleaning Mandy Jane 11/7/12 8:26 AM

You say one of the things you love about Google is its 'simplicity'? Okay, so you're dumbing it down then?
You say YOU love it's simplicity, but not everyone likes simple white designs, it's a matter of PERSONAL choice. Though choice is being taken away from us, we are not allowed to have choice in the world of Google. 
If you and maybe a few others love 'simplicity' and may users want background images, why not give us the choice?
For those who love their clean and simple boring designs, they can have that. A glaring stark background, or even a slightly daring black one, and their Google adventures begin!! But what about those of us who like to personalise our home page? 
Oh no, those fat bonuses are on the horizon for Google. Are you going to be using the blank space for advertising? 
What's next on the list, Gmail? Are you taking away the background images on that too? Have a uniform design that we are all forced to conform to? 
We are individuals Kousha, we don't all like the same thing, that's what makes people interesting. Start treating us like people and not like computer programs! 

Re: More Spring Cleaning BVIrors 11/7/12 8:30 AM
Using Ross Walker's js script (around page 2 or 3 in this thread) creates very nice renditions.  I'm just waiting for the other shoe to drop that will render this magic to dust.
<img src="...
Re: More Spring Cleaning BVIrors 11/7/12 8:59 AM
Here is the "Down Your Throats" Spring Cleaning Mandate:
Re: More Spring Cleaning Fuzzybat23 11/7/12 9:36 AM
Now here is hypocracy at its finest.  The blog that directs us to states this at the end.
"We want people to have a beautifully simple experience when using Google. These changes will enable us to focus better so that we can do more to help improve the products that millions of people use multiple times a day.

Posted by Yossi Matias, Senior Engineering Director"
Wel mister Yossi Matias, let us disect a small portion of your last comment. 
"We want people to have a beautifully simple experience when using Google. These changes will enable us to focus better so that we can do more to help improve the products that millions of people use multiple times a day.

Posted by Yossi Matias, Senior Engineering Director"
So, We want people to have a what?  A beautiful simple experience when using Google.  Not the word beautiful.  What's beautiful about a corporate, blank background?  No, being able to customize Google as we would like too, with our own background image, now that is beauty.  You've just contradicted yourself and proved your actions and decisions to be lacking in any foresight.  Good job, Senior Engineering Director.  Good job in deed.
Re: More Spring Cleaning baseballturtle48 11/7/12 9:52 AM
So true, fuzzybat. Google, you want to make my experience boring and sterile? Why would you take away something, google, that makes people happy and puts a smile on my face? Nope, not going to happen you bozos. I've switched to and I'm already having fun with it.
Re: More Spring Cleaning shilohcat 11/7/12 10:09 AM
I stumbled upon a blog that statistically places a dollar value on customer satisfaction.

"There are a few common statistics used in these seminars about how many customers tell how many of their friends and relatives about their dissatisfaction. Here are some statistics compiled by Technical Assistance Research Program (TARP):

  • “A typical unhappy customer tells 10 people about his problem.”
  • “One in five really unhappy customers tells 20 people about his/her problem.”
  • “A satisfied complainer will tell five people how excellent your service is if you solve the problem in their favor on the spot.”"

This article continues to explain the dollar value of customer satisfaction.

Kousha, Google has the opportunity to make everyone on this thread a satisfied complainer. You have the possibility for us to tell five people how excellent your service is. It not too late to change your decision on the issue of background images. I respectfully ask you to reconsider.

Re: More Spring Cleaning rob walker 11/7/12 10:15 AM
This is ridiculous!!

seriously considering Bing which i don't really wanna do but if you continue to creatively destroy something great you'll leave many people no choice, its the little things that count. Remember that!
Re: More Spring Cleaning Sintjago 11/7/12 10:20 AM
This is to me why this decision is silly:

- Few use the backgrounds and they are happy using it
- Many are not aware of this feature, but it doesn't bother them
- This change increases dissatisfied users, while there are no new satisfied users or a NET LOSS of user satisfaction.

Re: More Spring Cleaning Nicholas Nderu 11/7/12 11:05 AM

Bring the google background feature back, please i spent all my time making a great picture for all my friends to see when i arrive i see the message then i get really sad, so please get the google background feature back Please? :( This is the picture i was gonna use, hope you change!
Re: More Spring Cleaning Ross Walker 11/7/12 11:49 AM


OK, for people with Chrome, I have created this script on (firefox users can use this as well).
For chrome install the Tampermonkey addon first:
For firefox install the Greasemonkey addon first:

Then head to and click on the green install button on the top right to install this script:

Once you've installed the script. Edit the script in tampermonkey or greasemonkey.
Change these two lines:
// @resource      onlinebg
// @resource      onlinelogo

You just want to change both the http addresses to locations which contain your own jpeg or png files. Sorry about the poorly proportioned examples ones I referenced in the script. I know the logo is the wrong size and in the wrong place. If you want an example of a well sized logo which will work better, try downloading my zip file from an earlier post in this thread which contains a good one. Try changing / uploading that somewhere, and point your script to it, it will work better.

Re: More Spring Cleaning Paul Oldroyd 11/7/12 2:10 PM
Working well for me, Ross.

Is there any way of turning this *off* for search results, which are at times a little hard to read?
Re: More Spring Cleaning Deanna Lidiya 11/7/12 3:04 PM
A darker background actually saves energy when using a CRT monitor. It also reduces eye strain and contributes to a more pleasant overall user interface. I currently use Google as my home page, but I'll look into Bing to see if their main search page may include a "Not Blindingly White" option.
Re: More Spring Cleaning Toni K 11/7/12 3:30 PM

I don't really understand why you're not just let the user decide wether to use this feature or not. Deleting the possibility to use it or not can't be good for anyone.

Re: More Spring Cleaning DarlyJC 11/7/12 3:56 PM
BING does have backgrounds that are not plain glaring white. HOWEVER, they change daily, and some are animated. That is the only choice besides plain BING, which is also a glaring headache catalyst. 
Re: More Spring Cleaning DarlyJC 11/7/12 4:02 PM
Doesn't work for me, as I started getting emails from 2008 popping up in my inbox, I now know why. My local ISP "synched" with Google. The result is a two step sign in, and in some instances THREE step sign in. Certainly interesting to watch searches from years ago appear over the page one is reading.....never a dull moment unless you hit New Google and get the headache screen. 

(Gee, its Wednesday,  do I want the distraction of small boats rocking with the waves or the snow blind effect of New Google?)
Re: More Spring Cleaning Jeras 11/7/12 5:18 PM
I'll just add my bit to the complaints:

Don't ever ever take away customization option from people if you're making changes. There's NO point in that, as you take away the ability to choose and that's always frustrating and isn't in any way beneficial for you.

In other words: Don't take away google backgrounds, this would be a huge mistake.
Re: More Spring Cleaning Matt Storms 11/7/12 5:22 PM
Okay guys and gals there is a Chrome Extension that you can use to keep your background images up. Check it out, you have to be using the Google Chrome Browser to use it. This is not an official Google product but is really cool. I have been using it for almost a day and it works really well. 
Re: More Spring Cleaning Michael Sun 11/7/12 6:13 PM
Wow, sorry you guys have to deal with these impolite customers. I like the background and all but these guys don't contribute to any useful discussion. 
Not to add to any more of your guys' problems, but perhaps you could share what exactly it is that must cause our little but loved feature to be removed. To tell the truth I don't think spring cleaning or streamlining cuts it for anyone out here...but I understand that companies must do what is good for themselves too. I don't expect for this update to be cancelled just for us or something, but please don't leave us out in the cold; that wouldn't be good for either of us. Perhaps the removal would cut costs or satisfy more users than those who like the feature. You guys are a company so many of us would understand, maybe things could be worked out after we knew what was going on.
Please don't leave us hanging with a politician's explanation (those guys aren't nearly as well liked as google is haha). 
Re: More Spring Cleaning Wyldfae 11/7/12 6:23 PM
I just want to add my voice to those who are very unhappy about the loss of the background images.  Customization makes customers feel special.  It allows us to express our individuality.  We like that.  I would really miss the background I have been using for some time.  It is uniquely me.  If you give me a stock search page that I have no control over, it takes away one of the reasons I don't use Explorer, but your Chrome instead.   If there is a way to keep these, I would greatly appreciate that as a Google user.  Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  Let us keep ours.
Re: More Spring Cleaning BVIrors 11/7/12 6:25 PM
@Michael Sun.  Let me get straight to the point (accept my advance apology).  You are an idiot.  Your comment makes absolutely zero sense and is wrought with grammatical errors.  Nothing, and I mean nothing, in this lengthy discussion even implies anything "impolite". On the contrary, it is probably the single most civilized thread I have seen in a long time. Clearly you do not share the passion many users here have for customization.  The reality is, Google is taking away one of the very reasons they have loyal users. Much like if Microsoft decided to take away Excel.  Guess what, that is why there is free enterprise.  People would switch to OpenOffice (if they already haven't).  For myself, this is a deal breaker.  I have been looking for a reason to shift to the Apple camp, so long Android, so long Picasa, so long Google Plus.  It's about choices and final straws.
Re: More Spring Cleaning DarlyJC 11/7/12 6:48 PM
As a background that is glaring white is a choice, and a user must load it, how could taking away an OPTIONAL feature in any way impact those who do not choose to use that feature? 

The reasons given for removing backgrounds are nonsensical: "steam lined", "new features", etc.; those who do not wish to trade a background that doesn't cause eye strain may CHOOSE not to use those earth shattering new features, and avoid the radioactive glow of New Google. I prefer Google news to the Bing weak attempt at a news section, but can always go tto CNN and not light up the room with the flourescent glare of New Google.

Re: More Spring Cleaning DarlyJC 11/7/12 7:04 PM
How? It appears behind my now ALL white Google screen. How do add it as desktop image?
Re: More Spring Cleaning Matt Storms 11/7/12 7:04 PM
Re: More Spring Cleaning Fuzzybat23 11/7/12 7:10 PM
Alot of you out there don't seem to grasp the meaning behind this thread.  We are not looking for an alternative.  We don't want to hear about duck duck, or some way to tweak Google Chrome so you can keep your background image.  The point of this thread is to get the message across to Google that this decision is, in short, extremely stupid and doesn't make a sound bit of sense.  If anything, in boycott of this decision, you shouldn't be using Google Chrome at all.  Go to your control panel, open up your program list and uninstall it right now.  We aren't looking for an alternative, we're looking for an explanation and a recant of this decision.  So please, if you want to offer up alternatives, go start another thread and keep them off of this one.
Re: More Spring Cleaning Michael Sun 11/7/12 7:25 PM
Ok fine, I'm just much more accustomed to threads where people reply to others to build up points instead of everyone just commenting similar things. But those are mostly anonymous boards, so I understand now that everyone's say matters here. And I'm trying to convey that google is not necessarily doing this out of complete selfishness and lack of concern for their customers. There is no reason for them to randomly anger the users. I just find it really weird that such a small feature must be removed, so I assumed there must be some reasonable explanation behind it. I do a bit of programming, so I was mostly curious as to what that reason would be.
Also I do love to customize my webpages, and I was planning to rant more, but some people actually did find a chrome extension that allows you to change the background. If you wanted it,

One more, and not to incite argument, but what grammatical errors did I have? I smashed together some pretty chunky sentences, but as far as I know the structure is technically sound.
Re: More Spring Cleaning DarlyJC 11/7/12 7:30 PM
I;'d like an alternative but none will load ON the Google page; I now have an ALL white with page with GOOGLE outlined in light gray, blue borders hinting at the picture behind the stark white google page. It is now almost useless as a search page, I have no choice but to got Bing, though I do not wish to. I'll check here on occasion to see if New Google flops and Google erturns. I have spwent enough time, Google blocks all. On to BING. 
Chad - M 11/7/12 8:22 PM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: More Spring Cleaning savkos 11/7/12 8:35 PM
Okay am I the only one who completely does not get this? Why turn off background images? Why will that make Google faster?
Re: More Spring Cleaning Daveeeeeee 11/7/12 11:34 PM
I enjoy having my own personal background image no matter where I log on - home/laptop/work.  I choose to use Google as my start page. Take away my background image - and - I will CHOOSE not to use Google as my search engine.   Simples.
Re: More Spring Cleaning Crazy Ivan 11/8/12 12:08 AM
I do not understand the logic of removing customization features in favor of standardization. It seems strange to introduce such a feature, then randomly remove it without a new feature to take its place.
It was also irritating, when they introduced the 'new look' of Gmail, that they removed the ability to create custom themes as before. All you can do now is change the background image, but you can't change the color of text. Maybe I wanted to have green text on a black background like before, but Google seems to have decided for me that I can't have that.
Re: More Spring Cleaning Vincenzo Montesarchio 11/8/12 1:17 AM
Prego ripristinare(rimettere sullo sfondo della homepage) una delle immagini precedenti-----please restore,reinstate, on my Google's background homepage,one of my previous images:Tower Bridge(London),

MG5935T--The Space Shuttle orSpottheshuttle.Thank you in advance.          


Re: More Spring Cleaning Button56 11/8/12 4:53 AM
The technology for "streamlining" on the fly is available. Use it! If a certain platform isn't efficient enough to use images, don't use them! This looks more and more like a similar marketing strategy that Microsoft was sued by, who was it? Oh, yeah... Google! If you want to use one feature, you have to get them all! Don't get me wrong. I like Google Chrome, but it's not my only browser. You made your mistake by making this feature (background images) a free feature of your standard search page (which I believe is your "bread and butter" product). Now you want to take it away, but give it back only IF we take your browser. This is NOT a good marketing ploy, no matter who the "genius" was who advised you to do so! Angry customers cease to be customers! I have been working customer service since I was seven years old! (Started by selling American Seeds and Greeting Cards door-to-door to my neighbors!) Tain't gonna work, McGee!!!
Re: More Spring Cleaning VodeAn 11/8/12 7:16 AM
Really don't want the custom backgounds to go away, if you are worried abiut hosting copyrighted material you could always have the image called from a remote url the user defines.
Re: More Spring Cleaning Matt Storms 11/8/12 7:19 AM
Here is a way to keep your images on your background everyone -!category-topic/websearch/Xa6vFSmUQ8A
Re: More Spring Cleaning DarlyJC 11/8/12 8:25 AM
Chrome has my image, but clicking Chrome icon takes me straight to a now ALL white Any suggestions about going straight to CHROME? 
Re: More Spring Cleaning Marek Schimara 11/8/12 8:45 AM
I confess not having read all 237 replies (stopped somewhere around 75). Isn't it interesting there are no positive comments? As already stated, a bad move. I can't expect something provided for free (although gathering and monetizing info about its users is far from "free") will last, but come on. Anyway, there are another new, innovative search engines.. If google wants people to switch, they're going about it just right. I'm not flattering myself thinking anybody with decision power will read this though...
Re: More Spring Cleaning Matt Storms 11/8/12 10:35 AM
DarlyJC & Marek77 there is a Chrome Extension that you can use to keep your background images up. Check it out, you have to be using the Google Chrome Browser to use it. This is not an official Google product but is really cool.
Re: More Spring Cleaning grace gibbs 11/8/12 10:45 AM
dont get ri of back ground images and google crome sux keeps freezing so unless the new back ground is orange the ginger ninja will no longer be part of google
Re: More Spring Cleaning Sintjago 11/8/12 10:54 AM
Thank you Storms! I hope it becomes official. Cheers.
Re: More Spring Cleaning DarlyJC 11/8/12 10:57 AM
I cannot get to Chrome without several steps, the image appears but white boxes are on on it, and no toolbar. Google Chrome is useless at this point. I've ddeleted, and reinstalled, stilll the same mess. 
Re: More Spring Cleaning alan lewis 11/8/12 11:03 AM
Thanks. I  tried it and it works well. I'd still rather be able to use my own images and do it on Firefox but life isn't perfect.
Ian Ribeiro 11/8/12 11:26 AM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: More Spring Cleaning Karolina03 11/8/12 11:33 AM
I'm also opposed to this decision. At least there's a petition here:

I don't understand why things have to be "streamlined" when unique background images add to the consumer's experience. I agree with Wally3951 (from another thread) that IF background images are going away on the 16th, at least give us the option of changing the background color? 

The regular white search background also hurts my eyes, especially at night. 

I guess I'll have to stop using Chrome and Google Search if Google doesn't offer consumers a compromise. I'd like to spare my eyes any damage.
Re: More Spring Cleaning Christopher Kousinioris 11/8/12 11:35 AM
Re: More Spring Cleaning Brendan Turner 11/8/12 11:39 AM
This is a bad move and I disagree with the removal wholeheartedly. Please listen to your users.
Re: More Spring Cleaning Christopher Kousinioris 11/8/12 11:40 AM
we are all doomed,  It's linux time.
Re: More Spring Cleaning nickmoline 11/8/12 12:24 PM
I suspect this change is due to their increasing frequency of google doodles and their recent practice of having the doodles be more of a prompt for user action.  People with custom background images (like myself) couldn't see the doodles unless they clicked a little animated icon.

I love the doodles and every time there was a new one I would click the icon to see it, enjoy it, and then switch right back to my custom background image because I prefer to have my custom background image, it gives me a feeling of entitlement and ownership and gave me a reason to have google not only as my search engine but as my home page.

Sadly without the customization I will no longer have a reason to use google as my home page.  Custom user experiences keep going away with google and this saddens me.  I was sad when you took away iGoogle, and now you take away my background images.

To make matters worse, today's Bram Stoker doodle, when I clicked to see it, my option to switch back went completely away, it seems that the act of looking at the doodle has now disabled custom backgrounds for me forever, not cool.
Re: More Spring Cleaning DarlyJC 11/8/12 12:44 PM
Same here, a flicker of Bram Stoker, then back to bright, white nothingness, even the word Google is WHITE now.
Re: More Spring Cleaning BVIrors 11/8/12 1:22 PM
If you have a place you can park a page, you could always roll your own (more details here: JavaScript API Reference - Custom Search — Google Developers )

<!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang="en">
    <!--[if IE]>
    <script src=""></script>
    body {
    -webkit-background-size: cover;
    -moz-background-size: cover;
    -o-background-size: cover;
    background-size: cover;   
      <img src="url_to_your_logo_image_goes_here" />
      <p />
      <form id="cse-search-box" action="">
        <input type="hidden" name="cx" value="num=50&hl=en&newwindow=1&safe=off&tbo=d&site=&source=hp&q=" />
        <input type="hidden" name="ie" value="UTF-8" />
        <input type="text" name="q" size="44" />
        <input type="submit" name="sa" value="Search" />
Re: More Spring Cleaning wvrocker 11/8/12 4:31 PM
The background image on your search page is the only reason I use goolge. If you are going to be like everybody else why should I continue to use google search? I switched from yahoo because I could use my own background. Without a background image I can use, I will go  back to Yahoo. Your search is not better, it was just different because I could customize my background. Too many ads on the search results anyway. Yep, back to Yahoo it is.
Re: More Spring Cleaning lth2h 11/8/12 6:05 PM
The background customization, much like iGoogle clearly isn't understood by Google management.  This is yet another feature I use that is being dropped. What's next the calendar?  Gmail? or the search box?
Re: More Spring Cleaning ayc 11/8/12 8:44 PM
Hey Darly,

Are you using any extensions or running a greasemonkey script? The Google logo shouldn't be white unless you're running something which replaces it.

Elaine_Marie99 11/9/12 12:37 AM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: More Spring Cleaning babajana84 11/9/12 1:01 AM

i had my dream car on it, maybe it's nothing and meaningless for company but it was something for me, just like anyone who had cats or dogs or whatever..

it was the way to feel something our in it.

it's not just the backround, it's something different, it's MY search engine background i'm proud of, i like and i want to see everytime i use it, and i use it everytime

hope we can reach you and backgrounds will be still able
Re: More Spring Cleaning Liam Mayfair 11/9/12 3:34 AM
People are not happy with this decision, Google. This is a step backwards, not forward. Please, reconsider removing background images because it won't do actually any good.

We love background images and we want them to stay.

Google's philosophy Rule #1: "Listen to the users and the rest will follow up".
Re: More Spring Cleaning elliot763 11/9/12 6:41 AM
I love my Google background and hate that you've decided to take them away. Although I've always been an avid Google supporter and have had no interest in Bing, this change is making me seriously consider changing my default browser.
Re: More Spring Cleaning Grumpy User 11/9/12 6:57 AM
Guess I'll be using Bing more.
Re: More Spring Cleaning Katie Marsh 11/9/12 8:10 AM
please don't do it! I love customizing and I live to decorate my google. I used this awesome picture I took of a bunch of rocks spelling out google and it perfectly wrapped the white google text. It was my favorite now I'm so sad it going away!!! : (
Re: More Spring Cleaning shilohcat 11/9/12 10:02 AM
Kousha, I'm a Google stock holder. I support Google because I believe you have a great Mission statement and search. To remind Google of its pledge to us I will recap

" Ten things we (GOOGLE) know to be true

1. Focus on the user and all else will follow.

Since the beginning, we’ve focused on providing the best user experience possible. Whether we’re designing a new Internet browser or a new tweak to the look of the homepage, we take great care to ensure that they will ultimately serve you, rather than our own internal goal or bottom line...
2.It’s best to do one thing really, really well. We do search...
3.Fast is better than slow...
4.Democracy on the web works.

5. You don’t need to be at your desk to need an answer.

6.You can make money without doing evil.
7.There’s always more information out there.
8.The need for information crosses all borders.
9You can be serious without a suit.

10.Great just isn’t good enough.

Kousha, I believe  removal of background images will violate 5 of 10  of your directives. Please have the powers making these decisions reconsider taking this simple customization away

Re: More Spring Cleaning Clayton Jr 11/9/12 10:17 AM

Forget about it, the old Google doesn't exists anymore. The suits took over, and soon the brains will start fleeing.
Re: More Spring Cleaning shilohcat 11/9/12 10:25 AM
Come on Kousha, show us that the suits are only for Men in Black Movies

Re: More Spring Cleaning Marc Chauvette 11/9/12 11:51 AM

WTF? WHY. This is one of the only Google features I enjoy. I'm moving to another search.
Re: More Spring Cleaning sdfgsdfgsfdgfsdg 11/9/12 12:00 PM
Does anyone have suggestions for another homepage that will allow your own images. I just won't start with google anymore.
Re: More Spring Cleaning Blades Rodeo 11/9/12 6:29 PM
This streamlining is Bull...  If Google can't handle what should be a very small file size they got real problems.  I will go elsewhere.  Bing...  eeeegads.
Re: More Spring Cleaning HakanEr 11/9/12 8:12 PM
Do not touch my bakground image Google!!!
Re: More Spring Cleaning bowenac 11/10/12 12:29 PM
Looks like I might actually start using Bing... google your going backwards, first changes to chrome that I dislike, now you changed google image search removed the left pane, removed exact size image search, now removing the background image. Every day I have my browser start when windows boots, the first thing I see if a picture of my dog on my google background. Now I will no longer be able to see this but a plain bright white background something that is extremely bright in the morning. This doesn't make any sense to me, all so you can streamline this for desktop and mobile, why not just make a instead of forcing desktop users to have to have the same features as mobile. At least that is what I read about your reason for the change to image search. 
Re: More Spring Cleaning ChrisCross 11/10/12 1:09 PM
Exactly, Fuzzybat23 - to me, the only reason why they would rescind this beautiful option we've all enjoyed so much, and which, to me, has made using Google such a pleasant and personalized experience, is that they want that web page real estate to post ads on, or some such money-related thing. I am VERY unhappy about this.
vmseaber 11/10/12 11:07 PM <This message has been deleted.>
vmseaber 11/10/12 11:11 PM <This message has been deleted.>
vmseaber 11/10/12 11:12 PM <This message has been deleted.>
vmseaber 11/10/12 11:14 PM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: More Spring Cleaning Fuzzybat23 11/10/12 11:15 PM
As stated before, that is not a solution.  A) It requires we use Google Chrome.  B)  It doesn't address the problem of them removing background images from the google home page.  The only solution is for them to rescind this decision.  Using Chrome and some addon to make it work is only a compromise with Google.
vmseaber 11/10/12 11:17 PM <This message has been deleted.>
vmseaber 11/10/12 11:20 PM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: More Spring Cleaning Seek3r 11/10/12 11:41 PM
Google is now starting to piss me off. My custom backgrounds were very important to me and now you decide to take it away. SCREW YOU THEN!! So much for the "Don't be evil" Motto.
Re: More Spring Cleaning vmseaber 11/11/12 12:09 AM
Here is a Solution to regain Google search page Background images in Chrome;   Go to Google Chrome's Extensions, scroll to the bottom and click on "Get More Extensions".  Search for and Install the "Background Image" extension.  If you Right click on one of your Picasa Web Album images, then copy & then paste the URL into this "Background Image" Extension, it will work like a charm.

Re: A Solution for keeping Background Images on Google Search page. DarlyJC 11/11/12 4:45 AM
I guess I forgot to type in a URL, I have backgrounds now; all IRON MAN type cartoon characters, ever changing. I'm laughing so hard it is difficult to type.  Google won't even let the Veteran's Day background show, thank YOU for the UNIQUE experience. : )
Re: More Spring Cleaning lth2h 11/11/12 5:46 AM
This is not a solution.  It is not browser independent.  It entirely relies on Chrome.  Please stop posting this.  You've posted this like 6 times and everyone has told you it isn't a solution.
Re: More Spring Cleaning lfochtmann 11/11/12 9:18 AM
I enjoy having my own custom image on my start page.  I wish Google would reconsider this change.  I do not want to change to the Google Chrome browser so the suggestions on this forum that require Chrome are of no help.  I'm sure that I can figure out some sort of workaround but I don't understand why you would choose to delete a feature that many people obviously like and that helps them feel positively about Google.
Re: More Spring Cleaning DMM12 11/11/12 12:47 PM
I love using Google as my primary search engine, and I have pretty much all my life.  I can't possible understand why you, Google, are getting ride of this feature which I doubt cost a lot to maintain; especially when your competitors will use this opportunity to win over new consumers.  As much as I love Google I love having a customizable search engine page even more.  It allows me to express myself and I can have fun with it without being bombarded by ads that I'll always ignore.  I've already switched from Chrome to Firefox and wont hesitate to switch from Google being my primary search engine to Bing when this goes through.  I've been with Google ever since I started having a computer back in 2003.  So, I guess November 16th it will be good bye.
Re: More Spring Cleaning Wizzerzak 11/11/12 1:08 PM
This is a great response, don't forget to sign this petition:

We have over 400 signatures now - keep it up and please share the link as much as possible.
Re: More Spring Cleaning Pyro Power 11/11/12 2:00 PM
That petition is a great idea on how to tell everybody our concerns, but does anyone here have ever made a youtube video about this situation? I have not found any, and I think it is important to let people know more about this to get more feedback on the matter. So, if someone have a link to a youtube video about this, it would be good to post it here to see it. It would make it easier to get more signs at that petition.
Re: More Spring Cleaning lucas R 11/11/12 2:27 PM
Ya, I'll be switching to Bing right away. Google is not the simple people pleasing company they once were. 
Re: More Spring Cleaning Jill Black 11/11/12 7:35 PM
I am very sad and disappointed that we will no longer have background images on our pages. It takes a little bit of beauty away from Google and makes it less personalized. Please don't take this feature away, or else, please, Google Graphics Team, please, please please find a way for it to be added again in the near future! I could see you losing a lot of your "faithful members" to Bing because of this, and while Bing is not my favorite at all, it has beautiful images all over its pages. Don't sacrifice beauty for a small bit of simplicity. Our world needs beauty everywhere we can get it, and to lose my tigers on my search page would be very saddening!
Re: More Spring Cleaning Unhappy Google User :( 11/11/12 8:40 PM
The ability to personalize my Google home page was one of the features I liked.  Not sure why this change, but I hope another company can pick up what Google has dropped off.  :(
Re: More Spring Cleaning ItsUploaded 11/11/12 8:41 PM
Why is this feature going away besides "streamline"? A blank white background is not very streamline to me. I loved changing my background to different images of mine or customers cars. It also always wowed my customers if they walked in and I had to look something up. I loved this feature and use chrome, chrome customization is not as cool.or.easy. as this was. I will really miss this feature and i look forward to having it back before 2013 :)
Re: More Spring Cleaning Mars cm 11/12/12 12:19 AM
One of the main reasons I enjoyed using Google for my homepage was the benefit of changing the background. I enjoyed my Google background being the first thing I saw when I clicked on Google Chrome. Now Google decided to take that away and ignore the voice of other users who are also against this change.  First it was Google decided to corrupt YouTube and now they are taking away my individuality. I stuck with Google because it was a search engine that worked and was brilliantly designed. I guess all good things come to an end. Does anyone know how well Bing works?

I agree with "Chicago themes" and especially with their idea of what the corporate motto should be

PPS: I am not interested in Chrome themes 
Re: More Spring Cleaning Mark Blaze 11/12/12 12:43 AM
I like how this seems to be everyone's biggest problem in life :)

(unknown) 11/12/12 1:39 AM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: More Spring Cleaning laramie66 11/12/12 4:22 AM
I finally found a solution, albeit an unsatisfactory one. Interestingly, the techies at duckduckgo (they actually TALK to their customers, unlike the tools at Google) put me on to it.

Switch to Opera. I know, Opera. Trust me, it has NOT improved since all those years ago, when I tried it. In fact, it is still seriously pathetic, but what else is there out there? Google is big at paying off people, so we the consumers are screwed.

It is quirky, obstreperous, and unwieldy. It DOES, however, allow you to upload and use your OWN picture as the background on the search page.

Seriously, Google idiots, you have really and truly screwed the pooch this time. If I am willing to switch to Opera, you know that you are a SPODS. And apologies to DS, which has more integrity in its little SP than you have in your entire kingdom.

I hope you go bankrupt.
Re: More Spring Cleaning sdfgsdfgsfdgfsdg 11/12/12 5:56 AM
I downloaded Opera and am using it but don't see where they allow custom themes. How do you do it?
Re: More Spring Cleaning Fuzzybat23 11/12/12 6:59 AM
You people must not read through all the posts in the threat before making your own posts.  We aren't interested in or Opera.  Those are NOT solutions.  The ONLY solution is for Google to rescind this decision to remove background images. 
Re: More Spring Cleaning Paul Oldroyd 11/12/12 7:12 AM
*Some* of us aren't interested in alternatives. Others, such as myself, suspect that Google has no intention of rescinding its decision and so are interested in alternatives. As I use Chrome the Background Image app was very useful and restored the functionality that Google had removed.

Re: More Spring Cleaning lth2h 11/12/12 7:32 AM
On Monday, November 12, 2012 9:59:54 AM UTC-5, Fuzzybat23 wrote:
You people must not read through all the posts in the threat before making your own posts.  We aren't interested in or Opera.  Those are NOT solutions.  The ONLY solution is for Google to rescind this decision to remove background images. 

Check out Google's response over at the iGoogle page.  Just the sound of crickets chirping.  Just like iGoogle, they're not going to reverse their decision on background images either.  They already know how many people use the service and have decided it isn't worth keeping them.

We need a browser independent solution to these issues.  So far there doesn't seem to be any for background images.  Hopefully something will be developed soon.

Re: More Spring Cleaning laramie66 11/12/12 11:12 AM
The ONLY solution is for Google to rescind this decision to remove background images.

You make me laugh.

And YOU should realize that Google is an autocratic megalomaniacal corporation and isn't going to do jack for you or any of its other consumers. They are interested only in the bottom line and their shareholders and the almighty dollar.

So here's one more hint and then you are on your own. Wake me when you get Google to do what you want.

Firefox has this add-on that will allow you to upload your own image and still use the small Google search bar in the toolbar.

Don't like it? Too bad. I can now kiss the Google window goodbye forever. That is, until Mozilla follows suit.
Re: More Spring Cleaning User UNfriendly 11/12/12 4:52 PM
Sigh... bidding Google a fond farewell :(
I've used Google Chrome for years, & Google search since I first discovered it, and this really disappoints me >:( 
In my opinion the 'No Frills & No Perks' streamlining should BE an option, even as the default option... no problem... Just PLEASE allow those of us who actually need creativity in our lives, or who have medical needs, to Google OUR WAY instead of hammering our round peg selves into square holes.
I have vision problems, & having used the backgrounds long enough to really appreciate fewer glaring, bright white, headache inducing, pages. I am also an artist & NEED inspiring, creative moments... even on my search window.
This is a regrettable reminder of the mind set that has taken Art & Music programs out of so many of our schools, as NOT necessary to a learning environment...
I don't know statistics on the average user, personally I open a new browser window 30+ times a day, access websites 8 - 12 hr/day & run a minimum of 200+ searches a week. That may be more or less than average, but it's often enough that I want some say so in how it appears on MY screen. 50 brand new, shiny, features that I don't want, don't need, & won't use, does NOT compensate me for the loss of the one feature I do use!
The option for backgrounds has been EPIC, & truly a way to be creative in an uninspiring, standard format world. 
I guess I will be taking my vision of a great, User Friendly browser & search engine elsewhere, & just as I have happily recommended Google to so many of my friends & family I will let them know exactly why I choose not to Google. 
Much the same reason I quit using Facebook, being force fed FEATURES I neither want nor need. It amazes & saddens me that in the magnificent & wondrous, world wide web, where anything is possible, so many of our options get taken away after we've had them long enough to really appreciate them. 

I loathe BING & I'm not thrilled with FireFox but it looks like I'll have to give it another try.
Re: More Spring Cleaning simon.tenor 11/12/12 4:54 PM
Years ago when I joined Google, I was convinced I had a choice, a say in the future, I felt valued and important as an individual, customisation was a key interest. I was part of something I felt proud of and keen to spread the word. 
I now see Google moving to an Apple way of managing their customers and I don't like it. I would go so far as saying I am close to voting with my feet. Suddenly Microsoft look like the good guys...... What am I saying!....... But that's the ways it seems. That's how Google's action on removing independance makes me feel! 

Re: More Spring Cleaning prince_david 11/12/12 7:46 PM
I can't believe they are taking this feature away. How is it going to be more streamlined? Lame excuse google, just lame. I can click on the rainbow circles if I want to see the doodle. How can they really mess this up? BTW Youtube comments have been broken for years, i keep readin the replies but still marks it as unread. I thought geniuses worked at Google. Where are they now?
Re: More Spring Cleaning Robyn Barrett 11/13/12 3:13 AM
Totally agree with you.  I do not want to lose my background pictures and am sick and tired of Google making changes without checking with users first if they want the change.  Agree we should be able to opt in or out of background option.  
Re: More Spring Cleaning Elise Rosberg 11/13/12 3:14 AM
Please don't remove my background image, I've had it for years and years, and for me it's a part of google. I was seriously really sad when I found out that you're taking them down and I don't understand why. I feel robbed... Google will be a lot more boring now. You can't guess my interests and you can't satisfy everyone with your icons and ideas and stuff, so let us customize our googles, at least with a background picture, please! It was very special to me!

It's the first time Google has disappointed me severely...

And I'm sorry for replying to a post like this, the swedish in the current google groups is terrible and I can't find the answer-button because it's all messed up. You've fallen, Google.
Re: More Spring Cleaning Jathan Lane 11/13/12 6:16 AM
This seems to be everyone's biggest problem of the year. Look, Google must be planning something huge. There is no way they would change something that upsets thousands of users unless they were planning something significant. Remember, its always a problem of scale. They let us know they were making changes, they gave us time to mourn and remove it, but seriously... Switch to Bing(power of consumer choice)... or wait and see if this will be awesome. And stop lowering yourself to the level of "Whiny Teenager". Grow up. They are still pumping sewage out of the NYC subway for God's sake.
Re: More Spring Cleaning sdfgsdfgsfdgfsdg 11/13/12 6:34 AM
First of all, if you want to be a company man and just go with the flow of your corporate overlords that's fine. We don't. Second of all, why does everybody keep saying to switch to Bing? Bing doesn't allow personal themes either? I got am app called my chrome themes and it works if you open a new tab...anyway, that's the only workaround I've found. Using opera doesnt help either. 
Re: More Spring Cleaning Supercopter 11/13/12 6:34 AM

I've spent time finding a great background image that fits on all my devices' screen sizes.
Now I have a gorgeous Google homepage. Why would you remove it from me? 

My background image is stored on Picasa, like most of my pics, so obviously it's not going anywhere.
You're not going to free any storage by removing this feature since those background images will likely stay in Picasa.

The 1st reason I can think of is that you plan to add extra features to the Google homepage (like the local icons on the mobile interface)
and that you want an uniform background to make those icons visible. But C'mon! I'm sure you have good enough designer to find another way!

The 2nd reason I can think of is that you plan to make Google Now available for desktops and make it the new default Google homepage.
Well, I can accept that benefit over losing my beloved background image, but it has to be something at least that good or you'll have unhappy customers!

Thanks for listening to our feedback.
Re: More Spring Cleaning eerickson 11/13/12 7:34 AM
I will also miss this feature. It'd be nice to some stats on how many users currently have this enabled. This is isn't a threat, but a simple fact: I am going to try using Bing as my home page since iGoogle and now backgrounds are gone. At least I'll see something visually stimulating and tailored to my personal interest.
Re: More Spring Cleaning wens2012 11/13/12 7:45 AM
Thanks for the tip Emebas! I have only used Google. Guess I will loose the Google search page and change to Yahoo on November 15th.
Re: More Spring Cleaning sdfgsdfgsfdgfsdg 11/13/12 8:06 AM
What tip?
Re: More Spring Cleaning BVIrors 11/13/12 10:15 AM
Interesting.  Anyone try out Axis at Yahoo.  So far, it's very cool.  Plugins for most major browsers. Very intriguing home page possibilities.
Re: More Spring Cleaning meggy123 11/13/12 10:37 AM
I like having the images on Google. It makes me feel like Google allows me to customize my search site. therefore I use it more because I like to look at my picture most of the time. Call me crazy but this is true. I have Google chrome on my laptop but at work we do not use it so i cant customize it how I want it to look. So please Google, do not get rid of images on the home screen.
Re: More Spring Cleaning Suzy Nicholson 11/13/12 4:46 PM
I always loved the background feature on Google. It's the one website I felt that I could really personalize. In fact, my friend introduced me to Google Chrome as a faster way to access websites than Internet Explorer, and one of the FIRST things I noticed was that she her own beautiful photography as her background and had a really cute theme which is shown at the top of the window. Now, I know that background images aren't just for Google Chrome specifically, but themes are. I thought that the level of personalization you can achieve through Google was just amazing. I always looked for stuff like that, and tried out different downloads for my computer to customize anything from Internet Explorer to the default fonts used on Windows. I enjoy being different and making my experience on my computer and on websites personal. Google managed to give me that ability to customize without hassle. It's what made me love Google products. 

Yes, I may sound strange or a little obsessive/crazy saying this, but I actually appreciated the feature of customizable Google backgrounds every day, and it made me smile every day to see Sen & Haku from Spirited Away in their adorable embrace. No joke. No kidding. I am being serious.

I am very disappointed that Google no longer allows this level of customization. It would have been nice to have a survey to see how many people wanted to keep it or some way to keep the feature for users who already had the background. I sincerely hope that in the future, the ability to have your own background will return. Unfortunately, my love of Google has been a little hurt.I think that the level of personalization in Google was an enticing  feature for many people, and it's sad to see Google as a company decide that they want to become more "stream lined", impersonal, and corporate-looking for everyone. The workers at Google may be able to make it beautiful, but I doubt I will be as satisfied as before. I always thought that it was Google's aim to be for the people, that they would want everyone to think of their products as their own, something they can rely on, and find familiar. I always thought they wanted to truly make a great, personal experience for as many of their supporters as possible. I always thought that Google was the exception to the stigma that all companies are out there just to make money, but I suppose it's true. I'm worried that Google may start taking away other features that I know and love. If that's the case, I'm afraid I'll just have to keep my eye out for another website that can deliver, even if it is just second best.
Re: More Spring Cleaning Blackninja650 11/13/12 4:58 PM
After all the abusive changes to Gmail's interface that we've all tolerated, which is probably my second-most used internet application next to Google search, I suppose it's ironic that the removal of the background image feature on the Google search page is the one that gets me to weigh in.

Google's search has been my home page for as long as I can remember. I always appreciated the simplicity and cleanliness of Google's home page. But it is my default for new tabs and I have to agree with other users that the background images make the Google home page a little more personal and wonderful.  I would draw a parallel to the awesome "GOOGLE" logo designs that pertain to special holidays and historical events of significance. 

In an internet overloaded with images, javascript, flash, advertising banners, click-throughs that are 3 and 4 levels deep, Google has maintained a home page that tens of millions of people appreciate and the background image is just one more perk to keep it up as default.  With Chrome's feature to accept search queries in the URL field, there's little other reason to keep the home page.  Might as well use about:blank.

(unknown) 11/13/12 5:28 PM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: More Spring Cleaning hopefulghost 11/13/12 8:51 PM
Terrible business decision. I'm a business student and I could outline 20 reasons why (seriously) but I won't. You won't care or listen.

Suffice it to say, this really irks me. Not since you randomly moved the bookmark star in Google Chrome and didn't allow for the option to have it in either place have I been this dissatisfied with a customization issue in Google's products. This marks a trend of not caring about what I prefer as a user, and I promise, I notice.
Re: More Spring Cleaning Wizzerzak 11/13/12 11:45 PM
Another reminder to sign the petition:

Approaching 500 signatures now!
Re: More Spring Cleaning Andy_P 11/14/12 5:58 AM
It's all been said by everyone else, but I felt the need to express my disappointment and anger at this arbitrary decision to remove a tiny bit of user customisation. What was the harm of it? No-one has actually explained WHY you want to get rid of it.

It actually just sounds like corporate heavy-handedness, which can REALLY annoy your customers/users.

Why this obsession with everything being the same? Humans NEED things to feel personal to them.

Please reverse this STUPID decision.
Re: More Spring Cleaning sbobrick 11/14/12 7:20 AM
Frustrating, it was a nice thing to have.  Why did they get rid of it without even asking people? 
Re: More Spring Cleaning Mr Glen Smith 11/14/12 8:16 AM
I just spent 20 minutes googling this and reading up about it.

I spent 10 more reading this thread and registering so I could make this reply.

Finally, I spent 20 seconds going to Tools - Options - General and changing google to bing in my list of home pages.

I hope google realizes what a mistake this is and reverts.

Re: More Spring Cleaning sdfgsdfgsfdgfsdg 11/14/12 8:21 AM
I keep asking this, but no one responds. Bing doesn't allow customized homepage images. Does it?
Re: More Spring Cleaning stri 11/14/12 8:29 AM
Agreed...I'm doing the same.

Re: More Spring Cleaning Mr Glen Smith 11/14/12 8:52 AM
Snarky answer: Well I don't know, I only just started using it.

Longer answer: I don't see anything right off, it will let you choose from several different "Currently popular" ones.

The fact of the matter is that the only way google will return to the good old Don't Be Evil Google is for a bunch of users to leave. Signing petitions is nice, but a reduction in the amount of traffic will actually make people who talk like "We are streamlining our user experience..." and  "We want people to have a beautifully simple experience when using Google." pay attention.

Re: More Spring Cleaning WalkaboutTigger 11/14/12 9:16 AM
In addition to being a long-time user of Google, I am also a shareholder.  This type of change, with seemingly little to no concern for the impact it has to user experience, is of great concern.  This cessation of service, following along behind the cessation of many other useful, Google customization and usability services, causes me to speculate the recent management changes are causing Google to lose sight of its mission and vision.
When I received the news there were changes coming, this is neither the level nor the type of change I was led to believe would be occurring.
Re: More Spring Cleaning Islandsnowz 11/14/12 9:21 AM

I'd like for you to reconsider and keep background images for us. My home page is set to you at home and at work and I remain logged in so I can see my background whenever I search or even when I just launch my browser and need to put something in the address bar its there.

I recall using this feature for about 2 years now if not more, I have gotten accustomed to seeing my image fade in each time i return to my home page at home and at work which makes me comfortable just like changing your own desktop background on your computer. It also helps remind me which google account I am logged into before I check my mail or go to youtube.

If you are going to do away with background images, replace it with something as good.  The plain white screen with just Google in the middle feels naked.

Although I'm not a Bing fan or their commercials, I do like the images on their search engine and beginning to use my Live and Outlook accounts more often anyway. 

The only thing your search is good for now is torrent/pirating & porn searches. I can do the rest elsewhere.


You may as well remove the Gmail backgrounds while you're at it.

Re: More Spring Cleaning sdfgsdfgsfdgfsdg 11/14/12 9:39 AM
Why does everyone think Bing allows this? It doesn't we need another alternative. Screw Google. 
Re: More Spring Cleaning Islandsnowz 11/14/12 9:53 AM
Why do you keep saying the same thing over and over.

Ive used bing before, I was referring to their background images that changes daily.
Re: More Spring Cleaning Rob Digital 11/14/12 11:47 AM
News Flash!!!  Yossi Matias (Senior Engineering Director at Google) wants to create a more streamlined experience for his team, not you, dude.  Google does not care what you think.  I'm sorry.  Anyone that has complained to Google about anything should know by now... not only do they not give a crap about what you want, or think, but they usually don't even ACT like they do.  And I'm pretty sure they are adopting Apple's policy of... "if we don't fix it, we can deny we were wrong, or that it was ever even broken!"  Or Microsoft's policy of "if we ignore our users long enough, they will forget what they really wanted."

I have checked the "Email updates to me" box on several bug/issue reports.  It is disheartening to now know how naive I was when I thought that there was some kind of "end-user advocate" at Google that would read my concerns, get back to me, and do something about it.  Do yourself a favor, guys.  Just give up.

Now that it is obvious that Google would have their best interest at heart (and not yours), there are some things I can suggest you do.

You can either find a comparable start page that has a Google search box, but doesn't look as bland (try []) -- or you can make your own.

If I wasn't used to being disappointed by Google, I would probably care enough to do something like this  -- just learn enough HTML to figure out what you are looking at when you "view source" on the Google search page, then move on from there.

The beauty of Google's page being so simple is that is is relatively easy to replicate (this used to be really awesome back when Window$ had Active Desktop, but they have been "improving products" by removing features and options long before it became popular).

No matter how you choose to spend your time working around the fact that Google just made your experience more streamlined (bwahahahahaha), just try to remember that besides slowly stealing your identity to capitalize on invading your privacy and making it a little tough to discern search results from ads, Google Search *is* primarily free.  If you only get what you pay for... you've been making out like a bandit:)  I did notice that if they think that your complaint means they will lose you as a Google Play Store customer... they will treat you like royalty.  I should mention that if Google is getting money out of your wallet --- Play Store, etc... I think they change their attitude.
Re: More Spring Cleaning paul.fennell01 11/14/12 2:23 PM
Likewise, there is ten minutes of my life gone just to say to Google, "Oh Please keep the background customizations". I use many different computer  terminals and the background is the same on all thanks to Google, it is my trademark, my calling card, please don't take that away for "streamlining" purposes.... btw what the heck, that's a lame excuse for their removal.
Re: More Spring Cleaning BatAnole 11/14/12 6:43 PM
I assume this is all about saving bandwidth (=$$$) and not really anything to do with simplicity?  Am I wrong?
Re: More Spring Cleaning Chicago Reviews 11/15/12 1:20 AM
"Ok fine, I'm just much more accustomed to threads where people reply to others to build up points"
You didn't come close to doing that, Mr. Sun. You spent almost your entire post insulting the other users, and then a few lines trying to wheedle Google into giving a real explanation, without asking it to change its position.
"And I'm trying to convey that google is not necessarily doing this out of complete selfishness and lack of concern for their customers."
And we're trying to convey to you the fact that you're a complete idiot. The lack of concern is on display. Anybody who has ever coded a webpage knows just how very easy it is to give a page a background. All one needs is this little bit of code:
background="image url"
That's all that it takes, and that's more than mighty, brilliant Google claims that it can do.
"There is no reason for them to randomly anger the users."
Oh, G-d, that idiocy again? "So and so couldn't have done such and such, because that wouldn't have made sense". How did you manage to get past the age of five without learning that what people do doesn't always make sense? How do you get past the fact that you've offered a self-refuting argument?
You're saying that people are being irrational, because they're focusing on irrelevant things like the facts, when what they should see is that Google couldn't disregard its users, because doing so would be irrational. So, which is it? Is irrationality possible, or is it not? If you say that it is possible, then your argument falls apart at the tail end of that sentence, because the irrationality of Google's actions becomes irrelevant, leaving you without your desired conclusion. If you say that it is not, then you nullify your own conclusion, again, leaving you without the conclusion that you desire. Fairly simple, is it not?
Yet you act as if you didn't get that, perhaps in the hope of blustering those who are a little asleep as they're reading this and not paying attention, yet, into not getting that, either. You still want to know why you got a hostile response?
Re: More Spring Cleaning Chicago Reviews 11/15/12 1:29 AM
"This seems to be everyone's biggest problem of the year ..."
* Shrug * Their "biggest problem" - as you put it, not as they did - is the elimination of the backgrounds, and your biggest problem is that they expressed their unhappiness about that. See anything ironic in the act of posting a complaint about the fact that people are posting complaints?
"They are still pumping sewage out of the NYC subway for God's sake.
And eliminating backgrounds will help with that, how? Thank you for freshening up the non sequitur - usually we hear about the starving children in wherever it is that children are starving - but it's still a non sequitur.
"Grow up."
Right back at you.
Re: More Spring Cleaning ScottInInd 11/15/12 2:41 AM
Why Google has decided to fix what is not broken or in my opinion "break" what is not broken is a mystery to me.  Seems if the new "streamlined" Google is that much better or useful users will naturally migrate to it much like I migrated completely to Gmail over time from using several non-web based email accounts.  Google apparently has decided willing migration is just too slow and cumbersome for them so has decided to use forced migration instead. Fine. Go ahead and force users like me to give a Bing a try.  I am sure Microsoft couldn't be happier. 
Re: More Spring Cleaning Katie Cunningham 11/15/12 4:04 AM
What about keyboard navigation? That's gone with the newest search interface. I rely on that, heavily, as do many people who have issues navigating with a mouse. Was an accessibility feature removed in order to 'streamline'?
Re: More Spring Cleaning swbruce21 11/15/12 1:25 PM
Make your own Google search page with background by copying mine.

Just made my own Google search page with my own background image.
image expands with window at any size etc.
can put code on web server or use locally on your PC.
If you use it locally must permit script to run in IE.
Just save this web page to use on your PC with your image file
Re: More Spring Cleaning nickmoline 11/15/12 1:44 PM

On Wednesday, November 14, 2012 6:43:14 PM UTC-8, BatAnole wrote:
I assume this is all about saving bandwidth (=$$$) and not really anything to do with simplicity?  Am I wrong?

The bandwidth savings are minimal and the money costs are even more minimal.  After all google runs picasa and google+ so they are pumping out images constantly.

My suspicion is that they simply don't want to keep maintaining this customization aspect of the code when it is used by a very small group of people overall.  Also, one thing about the custom background version of the home page is that it does not show Google Doodles (as they can't guarantee how the doodle will look on every possible photo background) and they seem to be doing doodles a lot more frequently (there were like 3 last week when it used to be like once a month).  

Google has also taken lately to making statements with their doodles ("Go vote", "Stop SOPA") so they want those doodles seen.
Re: More Spring Cleaning Mr Glen Smith 11/15/12 2:02 PM
Can anyone independently verify that the above christmas lake solution; A - works and B - has no malware?
Re: More Spring Cleaning swbruce21 11/15/12 2:15 PM
Mr. Glen Smith.  I am not independent but I can assure you their is no problem with the page. You can view the source code on  to see it is basic html code plus the links that google publishes for adding their search boxes to a web page.  Just right click and select "View Source"  I borrowed the style sheet settings you will see in the code that cause your background image to dynamically scale to the browser window.
Make sure you use an image file that is as large as your computer screen to preserve image quality when your browser windows is full screen. 
To get the whole page to your desktop just select file / save as.  It will put the logo and my image file in a separate folder.  You then need to use your image file for background.
Re: More Spring Cleaning shilohcat 11/15/12 2:18 PM
swbruce21 ... Thanks so much for the source page and also to those who have provided scripts in previous posts. Mr Glen Smith paste the source code into a text editor ie;notepad++ and run. Works great.

Re: More Spring Cleaning COREnick 11/15/12 3:37 PM
I found this script:

And it worked for me. It should be working in any browser (use Greasemonkey in Firefox, for example).
Re: More Spring Cleaning COREnick 11/15/12 4:12 PM

Kiss my ass, google.

Re: More Spring Cleaning HakanEr 11/15/12 4:26 PM
Thanks COREnick. What a shame for Google!!!
Re: More Spring Cleaning Shutzie27 11/15/12 4:45 PM
I don't see why a "streamlined" suggestion doesn't mean that those who do not want a background image can simply choose not to have one. 

I also use Google a lot and, quite frankly, find the stark white to hurt my eyes. I do make it a point to share Google Doodles on Facebook (I use my own portmanteau word, "Goodle"), but even then I usually revert to my chosen theme. 

More explication, if nothing else out of common courtesy to your users, is necessary. Using euphemistic phrases like "more streamlined" does have a bit of an Orwellian connotation to it, and I love Google and everything it does. The videos you created explaining Chrome were brilliant; surely you can explain this decision in a similar manner? 
Re: More Spring Cleaning jbauer22 11/15/12 5:03 PM
I love my custom background.  It makes me happy to open Google search.
Re: More Spring Cleaning SpeedStriker 11/15/12 5:56 PM
I am at a lost a lost for words regarding this change. Surely Google understands that the users who are concerned about this feature, one that humanizes Google by giving the user the ability to set their own background images, will be the same ones who use Google most frequently and care the most about Google's development? Surely Google realizes that the people who bother to take the time to notice this imminent change of service, search out threads like this and post comments are also some of Google's most loyal customers? If all that is true, I cannot for the life of me understand why there is so little explanation given for why this change is being made at all. Please, don't just leave your most informed and concerned customers out of a change that affects them in such a personal manner. Don't make the same mistake you did with Google Notebook twice! 
Re: More Spring Cleaning swbruce21 11/16/12 4:01 AM
how do you use the script ?   Is it an html file saved locally to load google page ?  or what  ?
Re: More Spring Cleaning COREnick 11/16/12 5:23 AM
I don't know how exacly it works on all browsers, but in firefox, you must download Greasemonkey ( ), then to te script source page ( ) and copy all the script to your clipboard. Then you click arrow near Greasemonkey icon and choose "New script..." from menu. Notepad window will appear. Delete everything in that window and paste script from clipboard. Then just save it, it should work after refreshing Google. You change background by clicking new button - "Background" on top bar.
Re: More Spring Cleaning Joey Brooks 11/16/12 6:03 AM
Ya this is really annoying, I wish we could still keep the backgrounds but they are getting rid of them today, I'm contemplating on moving to Bing or Yahoo because Google is being just plain stupid. I already moved from to Google because they got rid of Jeeves, now Google is messing up with anti-personalizing! Clearly the CEO needs to smarten up.
Re: More Spring Cleaning BVIrors 11/16/12 6:37 AM

Using Ross Walkers script on about page 9 of this thread, and because of the bad taste left in my mouth for this idiotic decision by the Google Moogles I present:

Cheynne-Stoking 11/16/12 7:33 AM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: More Spring Cleaning Enig. 11/16/12 11:03 AM
Google is a massive robot hellbent on doing nothing to fix YouTube's sync issues and more on "STREEMLINEN", more at 1-

What's your opinion on squirrels?
Re: More Spring Cleaning SenaCelestia 11/16/12 11:52 AM
Today its the day.

I wanted to say Google THANKS for removing my favorite images from my browser's EX-Homepage.

Im so happy, I can't wait to have a life-less white background, I can't wait to have a "streamlined" experience, WTF its streamlined anyway?
Re: More Spring Cleaning Fuzzybat23 11/16/12 12:03 PM
I think it's like.. a socialism/communism ttype of thing.  There can be no individuality, it must all be the same everywhere and at all times!
Re: More Spring Cleaning XhargenblargenX 11/16/12 12:23 PM
Quit taking away's personalization just for the sake of pushing people to use Google Chrome!
Re: More Spring Cleaning Bookmarker5 11/16/12 12:28 PM
I still have my image so far.... viva la google resistance!!   maybe they will forget about me?
Re: More Spring Cleaning Fuzzybat23 11/16/12 1:21 PM
I proudly use Internet Explorer.  Every time some program installs Chrome, I make it a point to hunt down that program and kill it.  Chrome has no place on my computer and never will.  Hell, since this started, I've actually considered switching from Android to, heaven forbid, i Phone.
Re: More Spring Cleaning shilohcat 11/16/12 1:50 PM
My Parrot is gone. My GOOG stock is down. The suits think they have won. Just bummed.
Re: More Spring Cleaning Waldorf 11/16/12 2:03 PM
Well I'm usually the calm type customer who respectfully speaks with any company or employee in most of the situation with overdose serenity and understanding. 
But not this time. 

Fuck you guys... just fuck you. now you have you precious streamlined google you can just google it up your ass as you so desired. Just streamline it all the way up to your throat.
Not respecting customer ideas will be your downfall... well according to news lately looks like samsung will be buying you guys. cya google.
Gary Gornbein 11/16/12 2:50 PM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: More Spring Cleaning remotextpc 11/16/12 2:54 PM
  Screw you guys. I refuse to use google as my home page anymore.
Re: More Spring Cleaning Gary Gornbein 11/16/12 2:57 PM
I have not seen where you have explained the reason for why Google has taken this route? Streamlined? As in how, if you would please? 

Having my Fight Club background art was something I looked forward to when opening up Google Chrome and my Google search page loaded up, now it is this drab, uniform page. There is nothing nice about that, it doesn't speak about my persona, the art that I like, who I am. There isn't even any random pictures for a background collage, sort of similar to Bing. Now, I'm not going to go as far as to threaten that I'll switch over to Bing, merely because their search engine just doesn't cut it. I have used Google for a long time. I made an account about over a year ago and found a very particular piece of art that has to do with Fight Club. My favorite film. It was refreshing to express who I was with my own account. Most people who would use my computer often commented on how amazing that background looked and where could they find that photo. 

So, as someone who loves Google, I ask that Google reconsider this recent change. To allow us, as users to have our own backgrounds once again. 
Unless, of course you can explain in intricate detail for the reasoning behind this change other than "streamlined".

Thank-you for your time
Re: More Spring Cleaning Ticarus 11/16/12 3:16 PM
Cannot believe you actualy did this, now I get eye ache from looking at google. Why can't you guys see that customisation had far more importance than plain user vanity.  Google plus is failing just because of this reason. This is just a huge three steps back to try and move one step forward. (you claim that it will be improved somehow but doesnt say why or how anywhere???)

Badly Done Google. Badly Done Indeed!
Re: More Spring Cleaning Ticarus 11/16/12 3:43 PM
To quote your  'Ten things that we know to be true'

1.  Focus on the user and all else will follow.
Since the beginning, we’ve focused on providing the best user experience possible. Whether we’re designing a new Internet browser or a new tweak to the look of the homepage, we take great care to ensure that they will ultimately serve you, rather than our own internal goal or bottom line.

This is now untrue

4. Democracy on the web works.
I didnt see any democracy

8. The need for information crosses all borders.
One border you forget about is your own, between you and your users

10.Great just isn’t good enough.
Sounds big-headed now.

Re: More Spring Cleaning Fuzzybat23 11/16/12 4:02 PM
Good job Google and all of your highly paid, highly informed executives.  You've just managed to piss off your entire user base.  That's right, I haven't seen a single person post in favor of this change.  Well, I guess you did stay true, for the time being, to your claim of streamlining the google home page.  The only thing you could do now, to streamline it even further, is to get rid of that rediculous random search button.  Not like any of us will use it anyway, you're succeeded in running away most of your user base.  Pay very close attention to your stock market value.
Re: More Spring Cleaning easy1355 11/16/12 4:18 PM
ridiculous reply!

Pathetic disregard for your customers! what was a cool forward thinking, exciting company is now being run by idiots!

So, Bing is the way forward, because according to your reply, we are too stupid to have a personalised picture! and it needs to be simple.

Better start thinking Google, because idiotic decision makers like the idiot that made this decision, will mean, Bing will be having a field day..

So, now back to my Boring white page! or maybe not.... so Bing...

Simon, once a proud googler....
Re: More Spring Cleaning Mike___ 11/16/12 4:35 PM
Man, I'm so glad that I can now have the truly streamlined Google experience--the option of changing the background image was such a burden and really interfered with my ability to use Google search efficiently, even though it was hidden away in a preferences menu. Besides, now I don't have to stare at that ugly thing by Jacques-Louis David that's been my background for over a year:

Thanks Google! It's nice to know that you're still "focused on providing the best user experience possible" and taking "great care to ensure that they will ultimately serve [me], rather than [your] own internal goal or bottom line".

Re: More Spring Cleaning Apexs 11/16/12 4:40 PM
give us our backgrounds back! or we stop using google! simple
Re: More Spring Cleaning John Corsino 11/16/12 5:18 PM

Re: More Spring Cleaning John Corsino 11/16/12 5:26 PM
 Everyone in my art department has officially switched to bing...this blank white background is bogus! you just lost 47 clients :((
Re: More Spring Cleaning John Corsino 11/16/12 5:39 PM

  I plan on expressing this discontent in every internet forum. guess its Yahoo or guys were cool too. A customized home page was the only reason I used Google ( Gmail is way too vague if you arent computer savvy
Re: More Spring Cleaning Pyro Power 11/16/12 6:08 PM
John, It could be possible to your art department to make some art that ilustrates this situation? It would be nice to share our opinion about Google's decition with art. If not, can anyone make a youtube video about this? I have not found a video about this, the only results I get is "how to remove the custom background" or "how to put a google background". I think that should make it easier for us to be heard, and linking the petition to that video will also help in some way. For now I'm sharing the petition with every person I can, but we need other ways to let people know about this.
Re: More Spring Cleaning John Corsino 11/16/12 6:48 PM
nobody has a solution...i dont know how to make a video for utube.
Re: More Spring Cleaning John Corsino 11/16/12 6:49 PM
Re: More Spring Cleaning Chompey 11/16/12 9:09 PM
You have no idea how disheartening it was to see my background image just now replaced by a blank white background. Now I'm going to have to find an extension for Firefox that can actually do that sort of job, because I actually like using Google as my main homepage and search engine. Still though, this is really disappointing to see.
Re: More Spring Cleaning gavinstubbs09 11/16/12 9:13 PM
It is lame. I want the background images back. It was something that I thought was cool. Maybe Bing or Yahoo will win someone new over soon.
Re: More Spring Cleaning Wyldfae 11/16/12 10:23 PM
Sigh,  I went to Google search today, and it was sooooooooo boring.  My beautiful fairy in her deep green mist filled wood was gone, to be replaced by a blank, white, page with Google in the middle.   How in seven hells is this better?  I know this travesty was not stopped because enough people didn't complain or leave your service behind.   The only petition I found had 540 some signers.  We just weren't loud enough, guys.  Not enough users protested, and Google figured they could afford to lose some customers.  I'm not sure if I will keep this stupid white search engine or not.  I use Chrome and have loved it for some time.  But this was just a slap in the face by Google to it's customers.  I am very saddened and angered by this, but Google clearly doesn't give a damn.
Re: More Spring Cleaning Chris Rapcewicz 11/17/12 1:21 AM
I am leaving Google, the g-men are welcome to let us all know if they ever change their hive mind.

(unknown) 11/17/12 3:00 AM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: More Spring Cleaning Ben Shingler 11/17/12 3:04 AM
Please can Google explain why they have removed the option of a background image? I cannot see any technical reason why it should be removed, most of the images are already being hosted by Google and the code for implementing a personal background image is far from complex, surely the benefit of happier customers and more people using Google is better than annoying these users and marginally reducing the load on your servers?

yours sincerely
from a confused user
Re: More Spring Cleaning Jack Breach 11/17/12 3:38 AM
switching to bing, at lest they have images instead of this boring dull white. who knows maby bing will let us upload our own backgrounds if they see how pissed off people are here.
Re: More Spring Cleaning G MANN731 11/17/12 4:51 AM
I can appreciate Google wanting to keep things simple. That is one of the things I love about Google and G+. With that being said I do not believe for you to move forward it was necessary to remove the customizable page from Google  I hate the white background pages, allowing us to customize the background is also such a simple way for Google to show it's loyal fans that it appreciates us. G+ is such a great social network what is next removing our ability to post pictures from there as well? Ok so maybe that is a little extreme and dramatic but now that I have your attention... please put the customized pictures back. I am not leaving Google I have been a fan to long. I would, however like to have my loved ones to look at when I get to the page or the picture I choose as opposed to the white background. At very least go to a daily background of some kind. Just don't stay with the white one. It is kind of like a hospital to antiseptic and sterile. 
Re: More Spring Cleaning swbruce21 11/17/12 6:31 AM
Make your own Google search page . .  just copy source code (right-click > view source) from this page and then add your own background image.  The web page you make can run locally on your computer. Don't need a web server. You might want to also save the Google Logo from this web page.
Re: More Spring Cleaning Random8042 11/17/12 7:26 AM
How do you edit the script?
I can't find anywhere that says"press this button to view/edit scripts".
Sorry if I'm just being stupid.
Re: More Spring Cleaning BVIrors 11/17/12 7:59 AM
@Random8042  What @swbruce21 is saying is copy the source from the page his link opens.  Create a text file and paste that into your new file, changing the URL links to images you prefer.  Save the file as index.html (or any other .HTML) file.  Then place that file on your own website or even in your google drive and open the file.  Using that URL as your home page and your done.


Get the better of the worlds (yes, a little more effort) and follow these instructions  Couple this with AdBlockerPlus in Firefox and you have a shining new, and personal browser.
Re: More Spring Cleaning sagefemme 11/17/12 8:42 AM
Yes, please reconsider customization.  It creates loyalty and a sense of happiness at landing on the google homepage.  Sounds silly but it's true.
Re: More Spring Cleaning unhappy89 11/17/12 8:45 AM
I agree; my interest in using google products just went to zero after losing my personal wallpaper. I have gotten too invested in google and now see the danger of doing so; consequently, I am working to disassociate my activities from the google website. Thank goodness I didn't get rid of my original email address!

No need to complain; just separate...
Re: More Spring Cleaning Suzanne Scott 11/17/12 9:00 AM
I too am V E R Y unhappy about losing my background image.  It was "my" screen reflective of me.  Not glaring white, not someone elses interests.  Booooo
Re: More Spring Cleaning jaykay96 11/17/12 9:08 AM
Google is clearly in the class of companies that don't listen and make up their own approaches, rules and how to use the product.  This is within their rights - it is also my right and option to exercise to stop using google search which I have done as of today.  Google, you guys never learn
swbruce21 11/17/12 11:38 AM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: More Spring Cleaning Tiger seven 11/17/12 12:37 PM
I agree, Fuzzybat. Removing the background image is a BIG mistake by Google. What's really dissappointing is that this is a backward step for Google. The whole point of real customer service is to give them a service they actually want. I am sure that the vast majority of Google customers did NOT want the personal background image to dissappear!  Google really does look pathetic and stupid when it abandons one of its best loved and most groundbreaking features and replaces it with a boring, bland, flintstone, fluorescent,nearly blank screen!! It's such a shame. The choice of background images was breathtaking and worthy of the 21st century.
                               I have a suggestion for Google. Why don't you offer the background image service for a small reasonable charge, giving us that choice? This would rescue the situation. But you need to act quickly, for I fear Google's lack of care is creating is a lot of bad feeling. Come on Google, your members deserve better than this!
Re: More Spring Cleaning Fuzzybat23 11/17/12 12:43 PM
Even offering it for a small resonable charge isn't an option.  The code for allowing the background images already exists, it's not something that requires constant upkeep.  The picasa (spelling? ;P )  online storage still exists, so the pictures are still there to be used.  The actual file size that the additional code to allow background images is miniscule, and I'm talking barely any kilobytes.  All those things factored in makes this decision make less and less sense.
athomedad 11/17/12 12:53 PM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: More Spring Cleaning athomedad 11/17/12 12:58 PM
Even easier!! Use this Chrome extension. Works perfect!

Re: More Spring Cleaning Tiger seven 11/17/12 1:35 PM
Yep, Fuzzybat, that is a crucial point. Thanks for the detail. As you say, Google's decision is a PR disaster, whichever way you look at it! They need to act very quick, or Google may well become a dinosaur!
(unknown) 11/17/12 1:38 PM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: More Spring Cleaning Tiger seven 11/17/12 1:45 PM
Yep, Fuzzybat, that is a crucial point. Thanks for the detail.  Your right, this is a PR disaster for Google, whichever way you look at it. They need to act very quick, or Google may become a dinosaur!
Re: More Spring Cleaning gymnastix 11/17/12 6:27 PM
I agree. I was very satisfied having my  own image-of-choice on Google's web search engine, which I also designated as my homepage, the very first thing I saw when beginning Internet activities. If Google will not bring back this feature or some manner by which Google users may regain the feature, at the very least Google should provide some instructions for how and where Google users may associate some other background images application with the Google web search feature. Either that, or Google should direct Google users to other search engines which still allow customization with background images.
I have trouble enough maneuvering around the complex web of features maintained by Google. But this was one feature I knew how to use and truly enjoyed. Change for the sake of change is not always necessarily a good thing. And that applies to websites beyond Google, who seem fixated on frequent and repeated updates to applications and features beyond mere technical safeguards. is another website which seems to have an interior decirating fixation. This malady may satisfy geek fetishes, but is also a great way to lose longstanding and loyal customers. Google should heed its users' wishes on this one, else it may find itself losing them to Bing, Yahoo!, Alta Vista, and the like.
Re: More Spring Cleaning Ryan D G 11/17/12 10:49 PM

I have been using Google as my search engine since 1999.  I first heard about Google on the now defunct ZDTV/TECHTV.  Needless to say, really, but I have been around here for a while.  I have supported most of your changes and updates.  If Google removed certain features I usually went along with it because those features were normally something I didn't use often enough anyways.  With the background image, on the other hand, I have been using for years and I will sorely miss this feature.  I use a very dark image because the white background is so damn blinding.  I would ask Google to reinstate this feature or at least make several different Google "modes" such as a night mode.  Thanks.
Re: More Spring Cleaning Seriously mad 11/17/12 11:15 PM
And google falls to realize that although in there eyes this is a small change, We have had the option for us for a long time, Used it and grown accustom to it..
For me, Its like coming home to a couch that has been sitting in my living room for years then one day you come home only to find your girlfriend, wife, or A-hole room mate got rid of it....  AND DIDNT BOTHER TO PUT ANYTHING NEW IN....


(unknown) 11/18/12 8:00 AM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: More Spring Cleaning ravenred 11/18/12 8:07 AM
The way I understood it was we would stll be able to have our old backround's if we wished to and now it's no?
Re: More Spring Cleaning swbruce21 11/18/12 8:31 AM
That right.    But you can use your background in Chrome by adding the extension from the app store.
Its interesting that when you use your background in Chrome your image is hosted somewhere else (you must provided a URL to your images . . google does not store your image).  This means the bandwidth for loading your background is no longer hitting google.  The bandwidth is burnening the host with your image. For example this Chrome Extension suggests pointing to your picture on Flickr.
Re: More Spring Cleaning swbruce21 11/18/12 8:33 AM
This the url to get the extension for Chrome.
Re: More Spring Cleaning Nicolás Santángelo 11/18/12 10:51 AM
I wanted to download the image I was using but I can't find it. I used a pic from Editor Picks (a landscape with two straw dolls).

If someone could help me donwload the image (or point me to those images) I would really appreciate it.

I really dissapointed with this decision. I really liked my background image and was the reason I kept the google hompage open at all times.

Re: More Spring Cleaning swbruce21 11/18/12 11:28 AM
If you are talking about Internet Explorer background for Google search, your photos are still in Picasa.   Log into Google and go to this link.  If you are talking about Chrome backgrounds for Google Search, then the photo is somewhere else.
Re: More Spring Cleaning katt6 11/18/12 2:20 PM
I just want my background back!!! Is that to much to ask, now there is not a happy screen waiting for me to search things but a bland boring white one. And I really like google I dont want to change but... I want my background!
Re: More Spring Cleaning Nicolás Santángelo 11/18/12 3:02 PM
@swbruce21 thanks for the reply, I meant the backgrounds for a google search (in other words, the ones that appeared here: )

Thanks again
Re: More Spring Cleaning somegalfromcan 11/18/12 3:55 PM
Dear Google, 

I miss my background pictures - please consider returning this feature. It would be a really nice early Christmas gift for us all!


Re: More Spring Cleaning john xash 11/18/12 4:26 PM
I'd like to have a new post but I can't because the button seems to be hidden somewhere so I am forced to reply using this convoluted mess of an interface.

Yeah seriously, take away our background images? So I can blind myself with these horrid white backgrounds? I don't want to be homogenized and the lack of response in explain why this was done if there were any solutions to solve this sums up google's attitude towards their users, shut up and don't ask questions.

Bing, here I come.
Re: More Spring Cleaning audi4444player 11/18/12 8:25 PM
I found this.

There's probably something similar for other browsers.
Re: More Spring Cleaning LIFE LINE 11/19/12 12:12 AM
I wish I knew this ahead of time.
Re: More Spring Cleaning Rsheppard30 11/19/12 1:14 AM
It doesn't but it does have daily backgrounds you can choose from. 
Re: More Spring Cleaning swbruce21 11/19/12 2:08 AM
Make your own Google search page - - running it from your PC -- Just unpack this .zip file and click on "default.htm"
This is what it looks like, but it would running straight from your PC. Then change it to your picture. or this one
The attached .zip file is the entire "sunset" web page completely setup. The files in the .zip file are safe.
If you unzip it to your desktop, then double-click on default.htm.
With IE you get a "Allow Blocked Content " warning at the bottom when you run the page locally. Chrome and Firefox will not give you this warning when you run the web page locally.
You can fix this permanently in the IE security zone settings. If you put this folder on a web site, you don't get the warning.
You can put this folder in your C:\program files folder and then open it with your browser, then set it as your home page.
You can use your own picture, just match the image file name to the name in the .htm file. To edit the .htm file, right-click and open in notepad.
Re: More Spring Cleaning M4TRIXed 11/19/12 2:52 AM
Jezus Chirst, are you 10 years old? Google is one of the best and non greedy companies around! 
I would like to see how you would do being a programmer. And no. You can't hack people with Paint. 

Anyways, it is pretty sad to see Gooogle Backgrounds go... Hope it'll return ASAP!!
(unknown) 11/19/12 6:58 AM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: More Spring Cleaning chefgiovanni 11/19/12 9:27 AM
for people who arent geeks this is like speaking CHINESE .
I dont have a clue how to do this, sorry....when I right click  on it notebook doesn't open
besides INTERNET EXPLORER  is slow

Re: More Spring Cleaning chefgiovanni 11/19/12 9:33 AM
Re: More Spring Cleaning lpkitty 11/19/12 11:52 AM
Please bring back background images on Google search. And while yu are at it, please do not discontinue iGoogle.
Re: More Spring Cleaning yiweitech 11/19/12 7:26 PM
first motorola, than sketchup, the finest 3d modeling program for non-bloated ordinary people, having fat coporate bloats take so much out of it, then movin google search's main dev to ios, then taking voice search away. and now the background image - i like to see MY picture when I open my browser, and have it FUNCTION like a search engine, now I wake up and see your boring, starking, eye-killing white and your billion dollar piece of cr@p which NOBODY takes seriously, seriously, GET RID OF THE FRAGGING RAINBOW!!! I do not think that there is ONE sane person who isn't stupid in this thread who doesn't think this is a ridiculous, coporate influenced decision, oh, and I forgot to mention, igoogle is also going away, google, you just hoped to sneak that one out and pretend that nothing happened, didn't you, now here it is, see if your marble of a brain gets this,
...really thought you were different, google...
Re: More Spring Cleaning Robin Linares 11/19/12 7:42 PM
Why do they have time to "This message has been deleted." and not answer the calls of so many people. I gave up on google just in time. 
Re: More Spring Cleaning Fuzzybat23 11/19/12 8:19 PM
It's quite simple and sad, really.  They only delete a message if that person has hit too close to the truth and they don't want us to have a record of it.  They don't care about us at all.  The fact that they take the time to go on the forum and delete people's posts and not address what is obviously a pretty big concern to their user base is proof of that. 
Re: More Spring Cleaning Kilvoctu 11/19/12 8:21 PM
I assume you're referring to the fixes offered here by other users. Doesn't take a geek to apply them properly, just some common sense and the ability to follow instructions (then again, I know most people are lacking in both). 98% of the work there is already done for you. I doubt you spent really any considerable time trying to figure it out. If you actually had spent a lot of time, like days or whatever, I think Google Backgrounds should be the least of your worries, as you may have some mental disorder.

@Robin Linares
Because it takes less work and brainpower to delete posts than provide actual, constructive help.
Re: More Spring Cleaning Ramsey H 11/19/12 11:46 PM
The saddest part of all of this, I always thought of google as a company who actually cares. I guess this is part of the inevitable cycle of greed. Since it seems that google doesn't even care that people are annoyed or agitated.

I consider myself rather computer savvy so I worked past this crap in under 10min. My problem here is the fact that I had to go out of my way to get a feature back that should have never been taken away.
Also what kind of excuse is: "to build a more streamlined Google Search page". To rephrase that, your suggesting that we remove all additional feature that are non-essential? lol, why stop there? why don't we reduce it to basic level coding, lets cut out search functions like quotations, nullification's, etc... and this super user friendly search bar, get rid of that too. It's completely non-essential. Lets reduce the user interface to a basic gui where certain commands should be used to initiate certain search's.
So good luck google, I hope my advice can help you streamline the shit out of your search engine. While you do that im gonna go check out bing, the tv commercials say that 2/3 of people choose bing over google in the "bing it on" challenge.

Re: More Spring Cleaning chefgiovanni 11/19/12 11:53 PM

Re: More Spring Cleaning athomedad 11/20/12 7:08 AM
Google Background is back (it never really went away it's on the google app store for free.... you just have to re-install it)  - simple to install here it is:

no worries.
Re: More Spring Cleaning swbruce21 11/20/12 9:31 AM
Online 10 of the default.htm file, there is currently a BACKGOUNDS  file name sunset1.jpg.      Put your image file name instead of sunset1.jpg.   Then copy your  image file in the BACKGROUNDS folder.
Re: More Spring Cleaning swbruce21 11/20/12 10:21 AM
Thats an extension for chrome, It does not work with other browsers.  Also if you want to use your own picture, you must host in another service like Flicker or your own web service. 
Re: More Spring Cleaning Iris-Chan 11/20/12 10:56 AM
Hey Google techies, heres a wonderful idea! DONT fix what is NOT broken. Removing the ability to customize the Google home page, is a step BACKWARDS, NOT a step forwards! Gives us back out freedom to customize out pages
Re: More Spring Cleaning TPR Shadow 11/20/12 11:52 AM
I agree, they also removed a whole host of advanced search tools from the image search that I used on a daily basis. For no reason. Luckily, Bing did not. Goodbye Google, it was fun, I suppose you just had to give Microsoft something to lord over you about.
Re: More Spring Cleaning Stephen Edwards 11/20/12 3:30 PM
I appreciate the ability to customize the theme of Google Chrome, but I also like the ability to customize my Google homepage with a background image which the option to no longer exists. Google feels less exciting now that I am looking at a boring white homepage. I have always enjoyed background images, but once I read that message that they are going away, I lost the feeling of enjoying my custom background image. Custom background images makes the Google home page feel like my own, but now I feel as if I have been whited out just like everyone else. Please, bring back the custom background images.
Re: More Spring Cleaning x52_BETA 11/20/12 5:18 PM
Why? just why? looks so bland and i keep thinking my internet is messed up because my wife and daughter's picture isnt showing up...... WHY?!?!
Re: More Spring Cleaning x52_BETA 11/20/12 5:19 PM
Actively looking for another search page... iGoogle is now dead so who will it be?
Re: More Spring Cleaning Sharyl Gilles 11/20/12 7:18 PM
Please do not get rid of my igoogle page which has been personalized for my own needs.
That is the biggest reason I use igoogle.  Otherwise, there are other searches which can probably do just as well.  The fact it keeps changing is totally disgusting.  If anyone else would allow us to create our own usable home page, I'd probably change over today.  Don't fix something that isn't broken, please. 
Re: More Spring Cleaning ukviewer 11/21/12 6:12 AM
I for one will be changing to another search site after 20 years of using Google, I will also be changing sites on all the computers that I work on, as I find Bright White pages hurt my eyes.
Re: More Spring Cleaning BVIrors 11/21/12 6:37 AM
Re: More Spring Cleaning JDidster 11/21/12 8:03 AM
I too miss the background image.  As a user who logs in and out of different account (helping parents, friends etc) it was incredibly helpful to see their background image as a reassurance that I was in the right place.  Going back to the plain white page is like going back a decade!  Why were they removed?  I don't see the logic?
Re: More Spring Cleaning x52_BETA 11/21/12 7:33 PM

Do as rors1968 says and go to and do the following:

Re: More Spring Cleaning The Mantis 11/22/12 12:34 PM
Bing now has 360 degree panoramic views.My personal images can be uploaded as well.So here I come Microsoft.C-ya Foolgle.
Re: More Spring Cleaning Britton Wooton 11/23/12 12:49 PM
I don't have a clue on what google was thinking. quite frankly i thought my background image looked for better than your pretentious "all white" approach to decoration.
Re: More Spring Cleaning John Mood 11/25/12 4:14 PM
Oddly, your major search engine competition BING,  not only HAS background images, but quite a library, and MANY FANS... I WAS a fan of Google's search engine, and the backgrounds, but UNILATERALLY REMOVING BACKGROUND IMAGES,  WITHOUT ASKING THOSE WHO ENJOYED THE IMAGES, has driven me away.

It's the sort of thing Google HAD  been known for. Being user considerate. The  'BATON' is now in Microsoft's hands, for me at least. You will lose advert revenue from alll of us who USED TO  use Google's search engine. It's not even listed as an alternate. This move, if you haven't already gathered, has angered me ROYALLY!

Re: More Spring Cleaning John Mood 11/25/12 4:23 PM
For some who use Chrome, it IS  a solution. Why are you being a 'wet blanket' about this? It's supposed to be fun& when that stops, I do something else ...
Re: More Spring Cleaning shilohcat 11/26/12 3:13 PM
Disappointed Google! Maybe you thought we would just go away. No background image is screwing up my work pattern. As others have stated the images were a great way to identify accounts. Google Adword accounts for different businesses may suffer. I'm a stock holder Google. I expect nothing less than the courtesy of a reply.
Re: More Spring Cleaning Wyldfae 11/26/12 4:22 PM
I use Chrome, so the extension posted here by Storms and others worked for me.  It's called Background Image for Google Home by Albert Chol.  I don't use the homepage, but I really like having my Google search NOT be glaring white.  You can upload any image from your computer, so my search page is in gorgeous fractal colors once again.  HOWEVER, this fix should not have been necessary in the first place.  I fail to see the upside of turning our pages white and boring.  Google was not listening to it's customers, and that is never good.  

I also wish my background image wouldn't go away when I switch from general search to images, but that was also the case when Google supported the background images.  The extension said something about monitoring my browsing activity, which did make me a bit nervous.  Hope this extension isn't spyware in disguise.
Re: More Spring Cleaning Dom Wronowski 11/26/12 6:14 PM
More streamlined? Hardly. In google images everything on the top just makes the whole process longer and harder to use as first you go on one category, to go to another, and on and on, while many annoyances are still there. I would like an explanation why the backgrounds can't be supported. 
 Maybe like google would be too taxing to run or we can't support so many features at one time instead of this blank silence.
Bing seems attractive, and I'm getting accustomed to its interesting themes, questions, and features. Maybe I might go back to using my hotmail account.
Re: More Spring Cleaning ChrisBmo 11/26/12 8:14 PM
Wow, there are a lot of negative comments here about losing the personally chosen background image on the main Google search page in Chrome. Let me first say this, I used an iGoogle home page in IE for quite a while, until it was discontinued with no real reason. I imagine it was because Google was tired of saying 'Please at least try Chrome as a browser.'

Well, they forced the issue, so I went ahead and tried it. Chrome was not at all hard to learn, as I had imagined that it would be. In fact, I like it.

So, then what happens next? I learn that the background image option on the main search page will be going away to be replaced by 'themes' that don't allow any changes to that main search page.

Really? You are trying my patience. What is it this time - some consultant told you not to let anyone interfere with your 'branding' or 'image' of the plain white page with the colorful logo? The white background is hard on the eyes, and I don't like it.

Plus, your alerts said that the image currently in use would still be available to us after the change. It is not.

Again, I say, you are trying my patience. In this technology driven world, I find it hard to believe that you've forgotten the importance of keeping your users happy, so that they don't go elsewhere.
Re: More Spring Cleaning stagecam 11/28/12 8:39 AM
I agree. I'm a Google fan, from my Android phone to my desktop PC. 

I used background images to display samples of my own photographs, and always keep the Google home page open in Chrome to search when needed. I also keep Bing open, and sometimes do the same search using both to make sure I'm not missing a result that might be helpful. 

Bing has a new background each day and although it's not one of my choosing, it is always a quality image (sometimes video) of subjects from around the globe. Now, I get the blank white stare from the Google screen, just like in the old days. So, the Bing tab stays on top and is now my search of choice - because it doesn't glare at me.

If they removed it because they were afraid we miss out on the periodic "Doodle", they are wrong. There was always the little animated icon showing when there was a doodle to see. Clicking it brought up the home page with the doodle. Kinda cool. Not anymore.

I recently came across this on the Google site:

#1: Focus on the user and all else will follow.

Since the beginning, we’ve focused on providing the best user experience possible. Whether we’re designing a new Internet browser or a new tweak to the look of the homepage, we take great care to ensure that they will ultimately serve you, rather than our own internal goal or bottom line.

This seems quite ironic to me, in light of the removal of customizable background images. Have they read their own policies? Oh well. Just another of life's little annoyances I had to share!

Re: More Spring Cleaning treehugger1 11/28/12 6:13 PM
I see I'm not the only one who wants their background image back?
Theft is unacceptable in a civilised society, please return our image,
I loved my little elephant, I chose it specially and now, in your contempt for your users, you've decided that you can't manage background images with your new programme, why ever not?
I want my elephant back!
Re: More Spring Cleaning BVIrors 11/29/12 6:30 AM

 I must say, BING has a wonderful image up today. I'm rather enjoying their daily slide show:

Re: More Spring Cleaning katt6 11/29/12 12:51 PM
Really truly I do not know what to do google has been so great, I love crome but I felt like google cared about me and other people who did not now about backgrounds always saw my computer and then started using google for the BACKGROUND of their CHOICE!!!!! I do not understand the positive in taking background away!
(unknown) 11/30/12 7:11 AM <This message has been deleted.>
(unknown) 11/30/12 7:13 AM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: More Spring Cleaning annabodhi38 11/30/12 12:31 PM
Google is a multinational corporation and does not give two cents about how we feel about losing our background pictures.  They have NEVER been for what the public want... sort of reminiscent of government, don't you think? 
Re: More Spring Cleaning Mr Glen Smith 11/30/12 12:49 PM
[QUOTE]Google is a multinational corporation and does not give two cents about how we feel about losing our background pictures. [/QUOTE]

No. Google does not care one whit about how I feel about losing my background. They are however, a business, and they do care about losing customers / users. So the only hope there is to bring this feature that I, you and others like is to stop using the product. So - post a note telling google that you are switching to another product, and actually DO IT. If it make you fell better tell them how you feel. But don't expect your feelings to account for anything. A drop in traffic, now THAT will make a bean counter take notice.

Re: More Spring Cleaning x52_BETA 11/30/12 1:00 PM
Thought about maybe getting a chrome book laptop or an android phone for Christmas but now I see how they operate. Sudden closure of certain features without reason or cause, staying away from ANY GOOGLE products now.

Seriously google, may be in your best interests to return this favored feature. Because what will it take after all, a few clicks of the mouse from some intern? Either way doesn't matter to me... IM GONE!!

Re: More Spring Cleaning Dan.musicman 11/30/12 2:43 PM
I, too, have moved to Bing.  So far the results for searching have been great and the background is pleasant.  I might not ever go back to google.
Re: More Spring Cleaning Stephen Edwards 11/30/12 4:12 PM
I recommend an iPhone 5.
Re: More Spring Cleaning cac1031 12/2/12 3:54 AM
This is really disappointing.  Of course, I won´t stop using Google search and all of Google´s terrific services, but I don´t see why they can´t give a fuller explanation as to what they think this accomplishes--faster results? Is it preparation for some other major improvement? Is there some plan to make a customizable Chrome homepage that is akin to the OS features of Chromebooks?

Google, please do your users the courtesy of  explaining the benefits of this change.
Re: More Spring Cleaning Fuzzybat23 12/2/12 6:11 AM
Saddly, they already have.  Their silence speaks volumes.  They simply don't care about us.  If they did, they would have recognized their collosal mistake for the nonsense that it is, or they would have put out some kind of statement in regards to the public outcry to their decision.
Re: More Spring Cleaning Iris-Chan 12/3/12 5:53 AM
Personally, i dont care about the Google logos random designs i never pay much attention to em anyways, i want the images back. and as long as we keep this topic alive, we can hold out on our hopes Google will bring it back.
(unknown) 12/3/12 6:29 AM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: More Spring Cleaning JDidster 12/3/12 7:18 AM
I too have unsubscribed many times, but still the emails come...  
Re: More Spring Cleaning Giovanni Corsino 12/3/12 9:36 AM
  Me too !!
I think either everyone at Google is asleep or they just dont care anymore

If i told you the lengths I have gone to unsubscribe from this thread you would be astonished
Re: More Spring Cleaning cac1031 12/3/12 9:46 AM
Guys, just filter out messages with the words Re: More Spring Cleaning using the drop down menu by the reply button.  It's an apparent glitch that unsubscribing doesn't work but there is an easy fix to keep them out of your inbox .
Re: More Spring Cleaning Jessica S. 12/3/12 10:58 AM
Hi all,

Thanks for the workaround, CAC1031.  That's a good one!  For those who have unsubscribed and are still receiving emails, how long ago did you unsubscribe?  Please let me know the specific time period (three days ago, three hours ago, etc.)

(unknown) 12/3/12 11:01 AM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: More Spring Cleaning cac1031 12/3/12 11:09 AM
Calm down, leetut.  Just access your gmail from a desktop somewhere and apply filter to delete these messages.  You'll never see them again on any of your devices.
(unknown) 12/3/12 11:29 AM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: More Spring Cleaning cac1031 12/3/12 12:05 PM
Gee, I would think you'd be more chill after so many years of weed. :p

But I do think you've gotten Jessica's attention so maybe she can help you.
Re: More Spring Cleaning shilohcat 12/3/12 2:29 PM
Jessica, Wow a response from a G person. Unrelated to the thread, but encouraging none the less. I really miss my backgrounds but  I have thoroughly enjoyed my Spanish beechwood forest, Scottish village, Yosemite, Catalonia, and even the Green Lacewing insect Bing has served up. No need to unsubscribe me from the thread in fact I prefer to stay and keep reading until a response to this thread has been has Google also ditched the doodles, pretty cranky if so.
(unknown) 12/3/12 2:54 PM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: More Spring Cleaning Mark Webzell 12/4/12 9:09 AM
It would appear that I, like the myriad of others out there in cyberworld LOVE their backgrounds.
What the heck are Google playing at? are they trying to drive people back to yahoo! and Microsoft?
The one reason I had Google as my home page was the happy personal feeling it gave to have my own background.
C'mon guys heads up and outta your bottoms! Please realize what a humungous error you've made.
Lets make Google a fun place to be once more.

(unknown) 12/4/12 11:02 AM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: More Spring Cleaning Fuzzybat23 12/4/12 12:25 PM
Even when complaining about what, to us anyway, is an important issue, most of us can act like the respectable adults that I assume we all are.  Acting like a child having a tantrum is one sure way to have them overlook you.
pfft2 12/4/12 9:35 PM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: More Spring Cleaning pfft2 12/4/12 9:45 PM
Define simplicity. Maximize marginal utility? Or less is always more? In this case you've gone for the latter. Appears to have been a poor design choice.
Re: More Spring Cleaning katt6 12/5/12 2:51 PM
When was the last time a google rep. replied about our google background needs??? it seems that google is just sending us all here to a page full of no use, PLEASE LISTEN GOOGLE WE WANT BACKGROUNDS BACK!!! is this really to much to ask for??? I hope not...
(unknown) 12/5/12 3:23 PM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: More Spring Cleaning cac1031 12/6/12 2:05 AM
Just because they are not responding to this thread, doesn´t mean they aren´t reading it and gauging reaction to the change.  Google will react depending on statistics that represent the reaction to the change--so the more people that post their disagreement, the better.
Re: More Spring Cleaning BVIrors 12/6/12 6:03 AM
Clearly Google couldn't give a rip.  246 complainers doesn't even register. Bing is a great alternative, but if you take the time to follow Ross Walker's steps to tweak Firefox and/or Chrome, you will have your images back. There are a couple of side affects.  If you are not logged into Goggle+, you background appears in your results pages, but other than that, it's as good or better than the original.

Google, if you are in fact reading this thread, and I'm sure you are quite amused at your handiwork, can you explain one thing to me?  Why on earth does one of your minions respond to an unrelated issue buried deep in the thread?  That just shows total disrespect to our concerns.  Your team needs to grow up and act like adults.
Re: More Spring Cleaning BVIrors 12/6/12 8:00 AM

LOOK HERE if you would like a very good work around for Firefox & Chrome. Locate Posts By Ross Walker around pages 3 and 4 (messages are between #'s 50 and 100].  I can attest that his solution is brilliant, and if you just follow the simple instructions it works. Do not be alarmed that you need to GreaseMonkey, it's been around forever and makes little tweaks like this possible.  It isn't really that techie, but you must follow the instructions Ross has kindly provided. Example of finished product provided.

(unknown) 12/6/12 1:27 PM <This message has been deleted.>
(unknown) 12/6/12 1:43 PM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: More Spring Cleaning shilohcat 12/6/12 2:01 PM

20 days with no background image and I and am respectfully requesting Google reconsider its decision.  Google has removed a tool from my toolbox.  The work a rounds (Ross Walker, Rors1968, …) have been very helpful, thank you for your suggestions and they work great. However, while working on the fly and doing presentations for clients; you have removed a customization tool. It is awesome to boot your computer and have the home page pop up with customized images geared to the presentation. I know Google has more important things to worry about, cars that don’t need people, glasses that make Superman’s x-ray vision look pale, under the ocean maps… but this simple little feature makes a difference to me in my work.  The 246 of us according to marketing research statistically represent 1968 using normal customer reference data. Due to the fact that this thread is so hard to find, named “More Spring Cleaning”, is about a “fall” event Nov 16, and has no reference to Background Images, my guess is that this 246 actually represent something like 1,968,000.  
They say we eventually become our mothers, if leetut has not been unsubscribed “go wash your mouth out with soap” before responding.  LOL  OHHHHH and UKviewer  you too.

Re: More Spring Cleaning Austin Ferrie 12/6/12 4:52 PM
Look at all these people they have angered in the comments section!
Re: More Spring Cleaning harrisonpowers 12/7/12 11:54 AM
Adding another "please bring back my background" post. This stark move is quite lame. I used to love logging into my Google and having the search transform, almost magically; it made me feel at home on any computer. That's all. Thanks in advance.
Ice God64 12/7/12 3:13 PM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: More Spring Cleaning Ice God64 12/7/12 3:32 PM
Bring. Them. Back. BRING THEM BACK.

I loved being able to have m own custom background, in made Google feel like a proper home page, not just another dumb search engine. Now that they're gone, there's one stage of personalization you just threw out the window. I'm upset at everyone that let this happen. It was a fully implemented feature, it worked just fine, why take it out? To get a rise out of people? Well good job.

I don't like the recent feature removal at all. Somebody needs to fire this new CEO.

If Custom backgrounds do not come back, I'm going to quit using Google services until it does come back.
Re: More Spring Cleaning BVIrors 12/8/12 6:16 PM
We have Robert Alan Eustace to thank for spoiling the Google homepage.  What I wonder is how he spends his annual 12 Million US$ (citation:  Must feel nice to earn a half million dollars a year and jerk your loyal populace around.  Mr. Eustace, please don't forget who got you into that cushy $500,000.00 per year job.  Without your adoring fans, you'd be singing a different tune. Thanks for absolutely nothing.  You are totally out of touch. At least Larry and Sergey got the concept.  It was their forward thinking that got you where you are.  The really sad part is, you've all turned into suits. The little people don't matter.  You have built an empire that can't pay it's way.  It will be interesting to see how you fare now that you're starting to charge for Google Apps, and other "fringe benefits" of your users.  Get rich pal...just not on our nickle.
(unknown) 12/9/12 2:30 AM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: More Spring Cleaning cac1031 12/9/12 7:25 AM
Based on your last reply,  it sounds like you probably originally subscribed to the thread with a different email from the one you used to unsubscribe    Do you have emails forwarded to your current address from other old accounts?  If this is not the case, could you please just use the filter system to prevent the undesired emails from going to your inbox, instead of annoying everybody else who is subscribed with expletive-filled rants.
Re: More Spring Cleaning lth2h 12/9/12 7:44 AM
Look dude, we all came here because we want our background images restored.  Your little outbursts, like a petulant 13 year old who has just learned a few 4-letter words, isn't helping. Strong and bitter words indicate a weak cause. If the unsubscribe button isn't working, then figure out how to set up a filter and send them to trash.  Gmail makes setting up filters pretty simple.

To google, I want to make it clear I do not support the behaviour of the "lee tut" person.  I hope everyone who has posted in this thread will post again to condemn him.  This behaviour should not be supported by any mature civilized adult.

Re: More Spring Cleaning Fuzzybat23 12/9/12 7:48 AM
Agreed.  This is a discussion, or was, in regards to Google's... well informed(?) decision to remove the background image option from the google home page.  This isn't a blasting ground for petulant little children.  Act your age, and if you are a child, grow up.
Re: More Spring Cleaning katt6 12/9/12 8:03 AM
20 pages later... GOOGLE LISTEN TO US!!!!! 
Re: More Spring Cleaning Iris-Chan 12/9/12 10:28 AM
I dont think Google even understands the concept of listening to its users. Google is just doing what they want, but keep these forums around just to make it LOOK like they care about their users thoughts and ideas. And if they see a Users idea they like they lay it off as if it was in the works all along. Another recent colossal screw up (and since i cannot find a thread for it ill reference this issue here) is the total(excuse my language here)  fuck up of youtubes laoyut.  again i say unto GOOGLE GIVE us back out back ground options! AND DON'T FIX WHATS NOT BROKEN
(unknown) 12/9/12 3:34 PM <This message has been deleted.>
This message has been hidden because it was flagged for abuse.
(unknown) 12/12/12 10:26 AM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: More Spring Cleaning oridan82 12/13/12 9:24 AM
I regularly update this chrome extension to re-enable custom backgrounds.
Re: More Spring Cleaning cac1031 12/13/12 7:46 PM
Hey, that works really well. Thanks!  It would be nice if it were a Google option, but at least people can have what they want this way. Has this extension always been available?  If so, maybe all the fuss has been overblown.
Re: More Spring Cleaning oridan82 12/13/12 10:09 PM
Thanks! I wrote it 3/4 days before the feature was removed because I knew I would miss it. I figured others might too, but never thought to post about it until I saw this thread and how heated it's got! I appreciate the kind words :)
Re: More Spring Cleaning cac1031 12/14/12 3:38 AM
When I quickly read your first post, I didn't realize you were the developer--thought you posted the link as a user.  Great job!  This really solves the problem and makes the complaint null.  I just wish someone from Google would have pointed to this extension earlier in the thread--maybe they are barred from promoting specific 3rd-party add-ons?  In any case, thank you again.
Re: More Spring Cleaning DavidCox200 12/20/12 3:06 PM
Hi Kousha,
Sorry for saying this but your response is not a solution.
I now notice there are appearing different graphics which often feature some form of a google logo.
I would like to have a photo I was using for the background. I do not know how to do it. Do you know and can you please help me with this?
Thank you sincerely,
David Cox
Re: More Spring Cleaning DavidCox200 12/21/12 4:55 AM
I agree google does not seem to be the forward, young, great intentioned company I thought it was.
I can not help but wonder what is their problem with restoring a simple tool for use by millions? I am amazed. The thread is so obscure that unless one is at their computer all day every day it is doubtful they would find it.
Thank you google. From a once loyal fan,
David Cox
Re: More Spring Cleaning cac1031 12/21/12 8:55 AM
David, have you read the last few posts?  There is an extension that allows you to customize your background with any picture you want.  Google has obviously "outsourced" this option, and I suppose it has it's reasons.  But really, I think this solution is even more flexible that the original Google feature.
Re: More Spring Cleaning Fuzzybat23 12/21/12 9:03 AM
There in lies the true problem.  An extension for google chrome us only a solution for.those who cave in to google's bullying and use chrome.  For thos of us that refuse to cave, and use other browsers, we're s-o-l.  The only reason google did this was to force us, who liked the.feature, to have to download and use chrome.  
Re: More Spring Cleaning stri 12/21/12 9:29 AM
Okay that's fine and dandy if you like a garbage browser like Chrome...
Is there an alternative dl that works with other browsers?

Re: More Spring Cleaning oridan82 12/21/12 10:03 AM
Thanks for reposting my link CAC1031, its much appreciated!

I did read that there was a Firefox extension that does similar, but I don't have a link to it I'm afraid.   I personally have no plans to write an extension for other browsers.
Re: More Spring Cleaning cac1031 12/21/12 1:50 PM
"The only reason Google did this was to force us, who liked the.feature, to have to download and use chrome."

Wow, conspiracy theorist much?  There's nothing to stop any of FF's many developers from doing the same type of extension.  Google doesn't control that.  I think the more likely reason they dropped it in the first place is that it slows the loading of their flagship page. Even if it's by just a fraction of a second, they would rather just offer the purest speed experience and let individuals choose to add on and take responsibility for any slight delay. Speed is a huge priority for Google,
Re: More Spring Cleaning Fuzzybat23 12/21/12 1:55 PM
Well if that's the case, let me offer a counter theory.  I haven't noticed a single change in loading speed.  If the users were that concerned about how fast Google loaded, why haven't we been praising google for this decision instead of condemning them for taking it away?
Re: More Spring Cleaning Kousha N. 12/22/12 6:01 AM
Hi David,

I'd be happy to help. When you mention the different graphics, are you referring to the Doodles? Here's the most recent global Doodle so you can see if it's the graphic you're referring to.

Unfortunately, you won't be able to customize your background image through Google. However, I've seen a few Chrome extensions mentioned in this thread that some say work. Which browser are you using? If it's Chrome, it might be worth checking out. Let me know if you have any more questions.
Re: More Spring Cleaning ellmoe2000 12/28/12 1:45 PM
Thx for the link for the extension. I am an avid Chrome user and don't mind using extensions. I was very upset when Google took down the personalized background image. I totally agree with a lot of you. It is total BS. Thx again.
Re: More Spring Cleaning DavidCox200 1/2/13 8:18 AM
Yes, Joshua I agree with you totally. 
Why take it away because some team of twenty somethings likes things clear? I truly enjoyed my photo as the google search/home page came up. It was also nice to see other peoples when you happened to be using a different computer, before you signed in. 
Thanks google for nothing. As my great granddad was fond of saying: If it is not broken do not fix it! Best to all this morning.

David Cox

Re: More Spring Cleaning DavidCox200 1/2/13 8:21 AM
Hi Kousha,

thanks for the response although I still have no solution. If is is not broke why fix it? Best,

David C
Re: More Spring Cleaning Michael Sun 1/4/13 10:37 AM
The Chrome tool works, but is only linked to a single computer. I am often on the computer away from home, and like to have my background or even share it with friends. 

Also as another user stated it is limited to chrome. I personally use chrome but of course I am only one out of the bunch. Not to be cynical, but this feature removal seems to have no purpose but as a ploy to force some to switch over to their browser...of course I don't completely understand and perhaps there is some greater reason. I only hope that Google actually tells us what that reason is, and not so vaguely as they have so far.
Re: More Spring Cleaning oridan82 1/4/13 12:42 PM
Hi Michael,
If you are referring to my chrome extension for restoring the custom Google backgrounds (, then you should know that it is actually synced to your Google account.

To enable this, your browser must be logged in and set to sync to your account.  You can do this via the Settings page (chrome://chrome/settings/).  Your custom background settings will then be applied to any computer your Chrome is logged into.

I hope this helps, please let me know if you have any problems.
Re: More Spring Cleaning Kaylie_Gymnast 1/4/13 1:03 PM
You are annoyed with google just because they took away background images? They will probably be back soon, have Patience.You cant be mad just because of this one thing.They had to update google, You think that you are all smart with your argument but your not.If you are not happy with google then use another search engine.
Re: More Spring Cleaning shilohcat 1/4/13 1:27 PM
Kousha please give us the courtesy of a reply.
Kaylie_Gymnast I am more annoyed at the lack of response from Google to respectful requests than I am to the removal of background images. I waited 30 days for a reply then sold my Google stock.(no lie)

Re: More Spring Cleaning Wizzerzak 1/4/13 2:06 PM
How the hell do I remove myself from this group!? These email notifications are getting annoying.
Re: More Spring Cleaning Kousha N. 1/4/13 2:14 PM
Hey Wizzerzak, you can follow these directions to manage your email settings:
- Go to the groups' topic page (this is the landing page that lists the categories)
- Click on "My Membership" towards the top of the page
- Click on "email"
- Adjust your email settings

DavidCox2000, thanks for your reply -- I'll follow up with you offline for more info.
Re: More Spring Cleaning Mr Soup 1/4/13 5:43 PM
Google is really dropping the ball in many ways. Customized background set my page apart from the rest of the world. I also have no idea why you're killing iGoogle. The start page fro Chrome is OK, but I like that my mail, calendar, news items etc. are all in one place. Why the constant need to remove features that had made Google #1? Now I could care less what my start page is as they're all the same.
Re: More Spring Cleaning Beatrice Corti 1/5/13 2:05 AM
ooommmgg thankss!!!

always loved my bg image had it for like.... an agee!!

It is really sad how they got rid of it, but it seems its only really to promote their own product, i.e Google Chrome, as demonstrated by storms. If you use google chrome then you can use the feature of the background image, but otherwise its not available.

SO, why don't we all change to google chrome? It's not a bad browser, and you can keep the background image feature!! yay.... But really, google chrome is prettyyy good. 
Re: More Spring Cleaning Wizzerzak 1/5/13 4:27 AM
Thank you very much! :)
Re: More Spring Cleaning Kousha N. 1/5/13 12:03 PM
Certainly -- Happy it worked for you.
Re: More Spring Cleaning BVIrors 1/7/13 1:02 PM
Really Koshua?  You are nothing more than a common Troll.  You shutdown multiple, similar threads, and point them all to this so called "More Spring Cleaning".  Yet in all the many polite and respectful requests for better information, you elect to take on completely un-related topics to answer. It's certainly a good thing this is a civilized group, because in many discussion boards these days you'd be roasted at the stake.  I peek in here occasionally knowing that Google's decision is now cast, but your little escapades simply make your organization even more pathetic than the original issue.  Congrats Silocat, I did to, and it turns out, Bing seems to be making headway against the childish behavior of the Googleites.  Good luck to you Kousha, you just might become a statistic of the growing ranks of unemployed.

Re: More Spring Cleaning Bookmarker5 1/7/13 1:18 PM
I agree with the others.... Google has done a very good job of burying this conversation on this obscure board... (good job with that by the way) .. but still... as a former super loyal google user, can you please tell me why they got rid of the back ground images ... I really liked the feature... I understand doing things to improve business, but why this?  .... It's a really simple feature.   I can handle an honest answer .. just some answer... an acknowledgement that we care about it. Something.  .. I mean... Google has thousands of employees ... Surely the Public Relations department has come up with an answer by now.  It's really annoying.  ... Why ignore this?   I don't think it's a hard question. 
Re: More Spring Cleaning Kralo Shiruno 1/8/13 12:07 PM
                   Hello. I'm not really a person who gets online much, but I'd like to voice my concerns regarding this topic. I put up a picture on another email account a while back and loved how I did't have to look at the same old bland Google homepage every time I got online. I have changed accounts do to a loss of my password (or possible hacking) and was shocked to see that custom backgrounds were no longer available. I understand that Google is quite the money maker considering that your search engine is used by virtually everyone, but why have you taken the customization down? I believe that personalization is the key to making an individual feel more like an individual, not just a dollar in somebody else's pocket. I would be most thankful if you would please restore Google backgrounds. 

Thank you.
Re: More Spring Cleaning Dom Wronowski 1/15/13 4:09 PM
More streamlined? hardly.. None of you extra search options on Google Images work properly, and bugs are constant. At least Bing Images actually does what you tell it to.
Re: More Spring Cleaning Jaime Gutierrez SV 1/15/13 5:24 PM
Hey Koshua,

Is there a chance to built my own THEME with lets say, my old background picture? I did surf around the available themes you have, but i guess me like millions other people wont be able to find a theme of their own kid scoring a sweet ass goal! ;)

Just throwing the idea out there, hopefully is something Google would let us do in the future...

Hope to hear back from you.


Re: More Spring Cleaning Kousha N. 1/15/13 9:47 PM
Hi Jaime - when you say theme, are you referring to the theme for your Chrome browser? If so, I don't think that will give you the functionality you want. But if you are using Chrome and want to get that picture up of your son, there was an extension mentioned in this thread that lets you do what you're asking for (one of our TCs, Storms, posted it here). Take a look; I hope it works for you!
Re: More Spring Cleaning cac1031 1/16/13 2:36 AM
Jaime, This is a link to the extension for Chrome, which is very flexible in allowing you to customize your Google page with one or several pictures:

If by any chance you are talking about themes on a Chromebook desktop, then you can customize you background pic by choosing your Wallpaper in Settings/Appearance.
Re: More Spring Cleaning HakanEr 1/16/13 6:40 AM
What about the best browser Firefox? THIS IS NOT A SOLUTION! Therefore, you have to stop recommending like it's a solution...
Re: More Spring Cleaning cac1031 1/16/13 9:01 AM
But it IS a solution for Chrome users. I'm sorry if there is no extension yet available for Firefox, but maybe you should go over to that browser's app development forum and encourage someone to create it there.

Re: More Spring Cleaning Guy wanting Google Backgrounds back 1/16/13 10:43 PM
Please bring background customization!
Re: More Spring Cleaning cac1031 1/17/13 2:28 PM
I've realized that Jaime is talking about the themes for the Chrome browser in general, and what covers the page when you open a new tab.  I had forgotten about these as I haven't used one in a while.  There seems to be no possibility of customization but I have found a couple I think are really cool and have now started using one again.
Re: More Spring Cleaning mrsc kokor 2/1/13 7:21 PM
hi handsome please remove google and replace with duckduckgo. Unlink google
Re: More Spring Cleaning jscher2000 2/1/13 9:01 PM
Hi HakanEr, could you describe what you want in the way of theming for Google? The Stylish extension for Firefox can apply style rules to Google pages, although external background images might be subject to security restrictions.

You could check the following site to see whether anyone has already created a userstyle you can tweak.
Re: More Spring Cleaning lth2h 2/2/13 3:03 AM
I won't speak for HakanEr, but the Stylish extension doesn't work in all browsers.  Sometimes you can't use Firefox.  Therefore this isn't an actual solution. 
Re: More Spring Cleaning HakanEr 2/2/13 7:48 AM
I agree with lth2h and personally I don't use any third-party apps or plugins..
(unknown) 2/2/13 2:25 PM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: More Spring Cleaning katt6 2/17/13 8:32 AM
Let us have our backgrounds back that is ALL I want no complicated installing of stuff just the opportunity to keep my background, if the problem was people could not get rid of the background than put in something to get rid of the background,
Thanks ahead of time for giving me a background of MY choice.
Re: More Spring Cleaning katt6 2/17/13 8:36 AM
go to
Re: More Spring Cleaning Daniel Blume 2/21/13 4:45 PM
Kousha you should be a politician you robot douche. <3
Re: More Spring Cleaning Louis Lopilato 2/27/13 6:03 PM
We can hope google's new CEO is soon fired from his job and in the meantime follow me to Yahoo.
Re: More Spring Cleaning Larelie Leuellen 3/1/13 11:06 AM
Themes were done away with yesterday - 2/28/2013... Now, I'm blinded by the white...
Re: More Spring Cleaning Skitt!ez 3/8/13 7:10 AM
you know at first i was like... meh no big deal... but as time has gone on... i'm really missing this feature.  and the more time i spend on sites owned by google (which is just about everywhere I turn nowadays) i find i'm increasingly becoming frustrated with the lack of control offered and the constant changes.  youre just as bad as facebook.  Sometimes its best to leave a sleeping dog lie than trying to teach it new tricks.  Sometimes "improvements" don't actually improve something that already works well... it just screws it up and causes an uproar.  So, can we have our images back now? Please?  How hard is that, really?
Re: More Spring Cleaning asia simons 3/16/13 12:05 PM
i still like g backrounds betta soooo ya
Re: More Spring Cleaning Lumpy4 3/16/13 3:32 PM
I don't want to use Chrome, freedom of choice is an indispensable part of our democracy. Google is fast becoming a dictatorship, but all dictators fall - eventually. Regards, KH
Re: More Spring Cleaning MrSickboy Greaser 5/6/13 6:30 PM
You should let people change their Google background again! It let people have some creativity to their computer and Google! Give it back to us! We liked customizing our background! It looks better than a Regulus white background.
Re: More Spring Cleaning Sp Chakraborty 5/6/13 8:29 PM
Re: More Spring Cleaning please, give me a straight answer 5/15/13 6:38 PM
kousha, give us a straight answer.
 So--there will be no customization at all?  What exactly does "more streamlined" mean?  It would really help to have more of an explanation....  Do not enough people use this function?  
and can this not be rethought?
Re: More Spring Cleaning charlesrhice 5/25/13 8:45 AM
elgoog is the antichrist 666 they sabotaged you tube and now they are going after the eye LOOK OUT eye will never be doodled not famous as the Easter BUnny Egg Jesus LOLL noh they did not use HIM neaither ahahaha
Re: More Spring Cleaning skyler heise 6/23/13 12:27 PM
Go cram it up your ass
Re: More Spring Cleaning alyssa lugo 7/13/13 5:49 PM
they should really put the google backround back it makes it look better just saying!
Re: More Spring Cleaning Kaden Jessop 8/2/13 11:06 PM
Why did Google delete this? probably worst idea to delete something fun for people to do.  Probably made alot of people mad by deleting this type of service. I dont like a big fat White Google search page, I want some themes here.  PUT IT BACK!!!!
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