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Doodle Canada Natalia Romas 3/7/13 12:22 PM
Just wondering why is not showing todays doodle.  Makes me sad... Love the artist!
Re: Doodle Canada Kousha N. 3/7/13 4:54 PM
Hi Natalia Romas, are you referring to the International Women's Day Doodle? If you'd like, you can view it at any time at And thanks for the compliments -- I'll be sure to pass them along to the rest of the team!
Take care,
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Natalia Romas 3/8/13 5:31 AM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: Doodle Canada Natalia Romas 3/8/13 5:33 AM
Thanks...but I actually meant the one celebrating the artist - Volodymyr Dakhno's 81st Birthday!
But, just out of curiousity... why doesn't google canada get any of the doodles?  We always just see the typical google logo in multi colour!