Retiring our Symbian Search App

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Retiring our Symbian Search App Jacqueline N 7/3/12 1:11 PM
Hi Symbian searchers!

We’ll soon be retiring our Symbian Search App to focus our efforts on our mobile web search experience. We encourage you to use your browser to go to and make it your homepage or bookmark it. Switching from the app to the web experience will help you take advantage of the web-wide improvements we’re continuously making for our search experience.

Please let us know if you encounter any problems with the web experience on your phone, and we’ll address those as quickly as possible!

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Re: Retiring our Symbian Search App kurtkaufman 7/4/12 6:55 PM
For those whose Nokia phones support it, I highly recommend using Vlingo  ( You can use your voice to search Google (as well as do other things), and at this point it works better than the Google Symbian Search app. The Nokia store ( has it available. I hope that Vlingo will continue to keep its app updated and in sync with Google search requirements.
Retiring our Symbian Search App Mark Mattingly 12/17/12 12:55 AM
Hi Jacqueline,

I might be  a bit late to reply but after a hard reset I see my self confronted by the fact that my beloved Google maps can't be brought back to life on my Nokia E63.
The download fails from every website I've tried.

The phone lacks gps so gmaps was the only way to have some sort of onboard navigating.

Was the Google maps app terminated together with the search app?

Thanks in advance,