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Inappropriate Google Homepage Ad BrianTheEpic 5/28/12 10:38 AM
This is not a search result, but more properly an inappropriate ad that showed up on Google's homepage when I opened it up. I was using Google Chrome and I went to and underneath the search bar and there was a ad showing naked women that led to some dating page in french. I cannot post a link to it because directly after it I deleted my History, Cookies, and all other browsing data. I think it was some cookie that i got somewhere, but it should not be showing up on Google's Homepage. After going to Firefox and Safrai to view the page, there was no ad. So it must be a cookie given out that affects Google Chrome. Thanks for looking this over

Re: Inappropriate Google Homepage Ad BrianTheEpic 5/28/12 10:39 AM
Then i went back to it and it was back.

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Re: Inappropriate Google Homepage Ad BrianTheEpic 5/29/12 3:45 AM
Thanks! I found out that it was, oddly enough, a Mario Game...
Re: Inappropriate Google Homepage Ad Jessica S. 5/29/12 10:31 AM
Hi everyone,

It looks like the advertisement is being caused by extensions related to Super Mario Brothers while using Chrome.  To remove the ad, please disable any related extensions by clicking on the wrench icon in the top right corner, click Settings from the menu, and then click Extensions.  Here, you can disable any Super Mario Brothers extensions.  Please let me know if this doesn't work for you and I'll check it out.

Re: Inappropriate Google Homepage Ad BrianTheEpic 5/29/12 10:50 AM
Yes, I found it and removed it.
Re: Inappropriate Google Homepage Ad Pleiro 5/30/12 6:08 AM
I have noticed it in connection to an Angry Birds Space chrome extension.
Re: Inappropriate Google Homepage Ad Jessica S. 6/4/12 12:09 PM
Hi Everyone,

It seems there are a variety of extensions causing this issue, so we'd like your help in pinning down which exact extensions are causing this issue for you--there are a lot of extensions called Super Mario Bros and Super Mario World! In order to help us, please follow the following steps:
  1. Please visit  chrome://chrome/extensions/ and then click on "Visit website"; please post the link for the extension on this thread.
  2. Some of you have also reported apps causing this issue. Please confirm if the app you are referring to is in fact an app and not an extension; do you see it on chrome://chrome/extensions/?  If so, than it is an extension and not an app. 
  3. In addition, if you'd like to report abuse for the extensions causing this issue, you can do so by following this path: The url for the extension/app in the Chrome Web Store>Details>Report Abuse
  4. You can also leave comments and reviews about the extensions in the "Reviews" section of the extension's page. 
Thanks for your help as we work to resolve this issue!