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suspicious behaviour

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suspicious behaviour crashoverrride 11/28/12 3:26 AM
i've received yesterday a message:
New user has been verified as the owner of
email @
To manage site owners, visit verification of webmaster tools for
For more information, see Verification Help Center webmasters.

now i go to see the site owners and i see no one but me
i see a long log from yesterday and today of users that has been verified and removed (including myself!)

what is this ? 
Re: suspicious behaviour JohnMu 11/28/12 7:19 AM
Hi crashoverride

It looks like there was an issue on our side there -- for several hours yesterday a small set of Webmaster Tools accounts were incorrectly re-verified for people who previously had access. We've reverted these accounts and are investigating ways to prevent this issue from recurring. Sorry for the confusion!

Re: suspicious behaviour crashoverrride 11/29/12 12:11 AM
perhaps this issues effect my website for 8 months and causing me to be on some black list because "unnatural links" ?