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Daily Variety site is blocked by Google

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Daily Variety site is blocked by Google mikeboy 12/6/08 2:08 PM
I cannot stay on the show business very important site for very long, as a page appears saying it is and appears to be supported by Google.  It refuses to let me go back to the Variety site for more than a few seconds.  When I click on "ignore" it starts checking for viruses, which seems very suspicious.  When I click on "Why are we doing this -- that sort of thing, don't remember exactly what it said," it said that the site was suspicious, but then had "zero" next to anything it found.

Curiously, this only happens with Mozilla.  When I go to on Internet Explorer I am allowed to stay.

Is Google responsible for this and how can I stop it from interrupting me from visiting a very important site, which is clearly not a spam site?

Thanks for anyone (including Google -- if it's reading this) who helps me.
Re: Daily Variety site is blocked by Google seo101 12/6/08 2:29 PM
Nothing to do with Google.
Re: Daily Variety site is blocked by Google webado 12/6/08 2:40 PM
That's a strong indication that particular site has been hacked. The hack redirects elsewhere when the referrer is Google.
Might be javascript that redirects you, or server-side.
Actually I am unable to even load that site now at all. I see it's been indexed as https for the homepage, and otherwise for other pages. There are no cached pages.
So it's in fact impossible to troubleshoot easily.
Re: Daily Variety site is blocked by Google JevStar 12/6/08 2:44 PM
I would suggest the site has been hacked. The hack is probably in the sites .htaccess file as I cannot see hacked code in the home page code.

Mind you if this site is "important" one wonders why is has 785 code errors and 519 warnings in the home page code, one wonders that it works at all.  Go to and enter the URL.

The owners of the site obviously pay no attention to any detail of any kind including site security.


Re: Daily Variety site is blocked by Google webado 12/6/08 2:53 PM
I cannot  load it at all.
Re: Daily Variety site is blocked by Google mikeboy 12/6/08 3:18 PM
You're not able to go on, which is, of course:  ?   Or are you having trouble with the proweb-info site?  It is the Daily Variety site that is being shifted to the page I mentioned, whose link is

To the person saying that it has nothing to do with Google, I would then wonder why, when I click on "Why was this site blocked?" (which is one of the choices on the above proweb link) it links to: -- a Google advisory site.

And on this page it says a lot of "what ifs" but in any event I cannot ignore the proweb warning (one of the other so-called options on the proweb link I provided again."  When I click on "ignore this warning," I get a pop-up that asks me to install antivirus 2009.  If I choose "cancel" instead of "ok" I get the original proweb page again.  If I choose "Get me out of here" -- the third option, it gets me to a Firefox start page:

...with a google search engine.  So, the idea that Google has nothing to do with this seems absurd.

Plus, when I use Internet Explorer (which I don't normally use), I have no problem getting onto and staying onto the Variety site.  I must also add that, as yet, no other of my bookmarked sites get this "treatment" when I go to them using Mozilla Firefox.

Any other answers?  I appreciate your time.

Re: Daily Variety site is blocked by Google mikeboy 12/6/08 3:24 PM
To JevStar, thanks, and I went to the validating site you indicated and inserted and and it is still "loading" even as I write this.  Wait, it just stopped "loading" but directed me to a blank page.  Yet, when I go to the URL directly it gets on immediately (and then, of course is redirected).
Re: Daily Variety site is blocked by Google mikeboy 12/6/08 3:55 PM
Strangely, I just went onto the variety site and it held firm at the home page and also clicking on Film News.  But when I went to TV News:       and then on one of the stories,

the proweb thing happened.  It seems to happen when I click on the stories.

Also when I clicked on International page:  Seems to pick and choose.  Can't figure it out.
Re: Daily Variety site is blocked by Google webado 12/6/08 4:02 PM
The page at does not load for me at all. I get the message Internet Explorer cannot load that page.
I cannot laod any of the pages when I do a site: query for it either.
Same thing with and without www, withou http or with https.
gives me :
Connect to on port 80 ... failed
Error 110: Connection timed out

Error while fetching URL

So zip.

Re: Daily Variety site is blocked by Google JevStar 12/6/08 4:07 PM
This behaviour is not strange at all, it is easy to put code in an unprotected .htaccess file to redirect a user to anywhere. One can also send people you come from different places (referrers) to different places, so someone who comes to the site from Google goes to A, someone who comes from Yahoo to B, and so on.

Re: Daily Variety site is blocked by Google mikeboy 12/6/08 4:19 PM
Thanks, but did you both also click on the proweb site I URL'd that would at least show you what I am seeing every so often on that site -- and on the Variety site alone:

It is a mystery and makes little sense.  It may well be the fault of the web site, even though it really is a very important industry newspaper.  Variety has been around since the turn of the century (first in NYC for theatre and later when movies appeared they put out a west coast journal called Daily Variety.)   It is not a "what's this?" web site, which such a browser should be concerned about.

One thing you might be able to help me with (and I appreciate it) is that part of what the proweb warning says it has "been reported as an attack site and has been blocked based on your security preferences." .  Are these security settings on Mozilla or everywhere on my computer?  And if only on Mozilla (since this problem doesn't happen when I use Explorer) how do I change the settings so that I can get rid of this?

Thanks much again.
Re: Daily Variety site is blocked by Google JevStar 12/6/08 5:19 PM
As far as I am aware the "warnings" are from Mozilla/Firefox. I only use the other to check my own site design and very rarely on the public internet so I do not know if they do it too (I think not).

Re: Daily Variety site is blocked by Google mikeboy 12/6/08 5:46 PM
Yes, but isn't it odd that you can't ignore the warnings?  It is impossible to stay on the Variety web site without this redirected warning that won't go away.  You go back to the Variety web site and after you are there for a few seconds this pesky "warning" reappears that you can' t rid of.  Is there a "security thing" under Mozilla that I can dismantle so that this won't keep popping up?

Re: Daily Variety site is blocked by Google webado 12/6/08 9:40 PM
Firefox gets iformation about malware sites from Google Safe Browsing.
So if you ar ebeing redirected to a different site when visiting (which I canto see as I can't even load that site at all let alone get redirected anywhere), and if the site you get redirected to is already known to be distributing malware, then you'd get that warning. I'd make sure to have a very strong anti-virus.
So here's the Googel malware report on
But there's no malware report on the primary site you were tryign to visit:
It only means Google hasn't found it yet.  Since you are getting redirected to, that in itself means has been hacked and is now tied into the malware thing. Matter of time until Google flags that site as well.
Re: Daily Variety site is blocked by Google webado 12/6/08 9:48 PM
Maybe take a look at your hosts file to make sure you don't have anythign there that redirects to a different IP address.
Re: Daily Variety site is blocked by Google webado 12/6/08 9:50 PM
I did succeed in loading and I see nothing out of the ordinary. It's nto on an Apache server so there' no quesiton of any .htaccess being used by hackers. Sure, there could be other ways the site can be hacked, but it's not showing any of that to me.
Re: Daily Variety site is blocked by Google Kaleh 12/7/08 5:08 AM
I think webado is right and that just because using IE is not causing a problem for you doesn't mean the site is safe.

Reputable sites can and do get hacked.  CheckFree (online bill payment service) was recently compromised and redirecting visitors to fake login pages.  

As webado mentioned, it is not unheard of for one browser to flag a site when another one doesn't ... at least not initially.  Maybe Oliver will stumble upon this thread and provide some clarification about how and why this happens.

While it does appear that the site may be hacked (and still a problem if it is redirecting to I am concerned that in your repeated efforts to continue using the site that your computer may have become infected.  Is your computer fully patched and updated with the latest MS updates as well as the security updates for any other software that can cause your computer to become vulnerable to exploits?  Not knowing what is really wrong here, I'm not comfortable visiting the site for fear that I will live to regret it.

Please consider running a full scan with your updated antivirus program, as well as a reputable anti-malware product.  There are several suggested programs in the following Help Center article.

Strange Behavior and Malicious Software: Strange pop-ups, toolbars, redirects, or results
Re: Daily Variety site is blocked by Google webado 12/7/08 8:28 AM
If the site has been hacked (and has remained hacked), I'm not seeing it. I accessed both using IE7 and FF, and nothing malicious is happening, no weird redirection. If there were anything, AVG would be getting very antsy indeed, hasn't missed any so far and I've seen a lot of hacked sites that were infested with malware. AVG would always  pop up and warn of and kill whatever virus or trojan would be trying to get downloaded.

All I can say is that that site has tons of javascript ads and maybe at times some of them may be spyware infested.
Maybe the hack is there but it's geo-targeted which would explain why I am not experiencing it.
Yesterday I saw the homepage had been  indexed as https:// - not seeing this today. Maybe they have fixed the site and straightened out the way it was indexed.
Re: Daily Variety site is blocked by Google jwp_var 12/7/08 10:04 AM
This behavior is being caused by a 3rd party ad that displays on the page.  The reason some people see it and other people don't is because the ads are set to run to meet an impression goal and therefore cycles through inventory.  The site hasn't been hacked....the 3rd party ad servers might have been compromised.
Re: Daily Variety site is blocked by Google webado 12/7/08 10:57 AM
The distinction is minimal, and only in the intent. Having a script which distributes malware (even if only sometimes) is the crux of the matter. If I were webmaster of that site I'd get rid of all those scripts that serve ads pending verification of just what is happening with them.
Re: Daily Variety site is blocked by Google mikeboy 12/7/08 1:47 PM
So, what you're saying is that I should not go to anymore -- even though it's one of the top journals for entertainment news in the world?

How do I report this sort of thing to them -- i.e. for them to take me seriously?  Also, am I to understand that none of you, while visiting, has been redirected to the proweb-info site?  I might suggest clicking on some of the sub-features of the site, such as TV News or International News and then, perhaps, clicking on an article.  Sometimes I get the redirect, and sometimes I don't.

In any event, thanks to one and all for taking the time -- but it's very frustrating.  If I do have viruses (otherwise my computer seems to be functioning fine and gets to other sites easily without any trouble), is there a quick, easy and inexpensive fix?

All best,

Re: Daily Variety site is blocked by Google webado 12/7/08 4:51 PM
Ok, turn off javascript and go visit the site again. or use an ad-blocker.
Or block in the hosts file.
See what happens then.
You should scan the pc with a good antivirus. Free AVG is very good.
I was not redirected at all. Must be geo-targeted.
Re: Daily Variety site is blocked by Google mikeboy 12/14/08 7:27 PM
Thanks so much.  I did various spy scanning and ad block things, plus had the Windows program (free one) clean my drive --- took a few hours and now I can see Variety again.

Re AVG, I downloaded it, but it said it couldn't (or shouldn't) work with another anti-virus program.  I'm wondering if the Windows thing I have (also a Yahoo-AT&T DSL service) has anti-virus stuff, but I can't figure out where the anti-virus stuff is within their folder.  Is there a way to localize anti-virus programs on your computer and get rid of them so that you can use others?  It's quite confusing when you have no idea if you even have current anti-virus programs.  I did an update of the Yahoo-AT&T thing, but the Windows security system says my anti-virus is still out of date.

Re: Daily Variety site is blocked by Google webado 12/14/08 7:41 PM
Right-click in the task bar and open Task manager. Go to processes and see what is running. One or more may be whatever anti-virus you have.
You should maybe call support and ask how you can disable that so you can install a different program. It doesn't seem to be adequate. You should always be able to find it and even run  a scan on demand.
ANother thing you can do is download and install Belarc Advisor ( ) . It will tell whatever is insatlled and running on your pc.
Re: Daily Variety site is blocked by Google mikeboy 12/15/08 1:33 AM
Thanks, Webado.  I just downloaded belarc and it put out a complete report (with a sales pitch, natch) and said my virus thing was up-to-date (SBC-YAHOO Online protection version 7.0 7.4).  However, when I click on the shield in the Task Manager (which has an "x" in the middle of it) it tells me that Firewall is on, Automatic updates is on but that my virus protection is out of date.  It then says below that warning that the anti virus SBC Yahoo online virus protection "may be out of date."  Because of this, I updated it the other day, but this "shield" announcement from Windows hasn't changed.

May I assume that Belarc is right, i.e. that my anti-virus is up to date, and, if so, would such an anti-virus protection be as good as or superior to the AVG, which I downloaded (but didn't "run" at its suggestion when it detected another virus program).  If you feel AVG is better to have, I still don't know how to get the SBC Yahoo protection deleted, becausethe Yahoo folder, which has a sub-folder titled "anti-virus" has lots of files, some of which have dates from last month ( though most are from 2006).  However, the biggest related new file is vete.dll and the description says inoculate IT anti-virus (1.5 MB).  Do you think that's the main file of this group?  In any event, would it be appropriate if I decide to dump this anti-virus program to dump the entire anti-virus folder that includes all of the myriad files (txt. dll, etc), some with scant kb, some with larger, most with old dates, some with dates of last week?  Or just the vete.dll "inoculate IT anti-virus file?

BTW, there are some other bigger files in the sub-folder, but they refer to NeroMedia player files (Boot.dat and vet.dat (latter with 15MB) and I don't know what they're doing in this sub-folder or how they got there, but they are listed with the same date (8 November of this year).  Plus, I did the update a few days ago and none of the files indicate such a current date.  God only knows where they went if in fact they went anywhere relevant.  There are a few in the "browser" sub folder with dates of 13 December, but they are small and seem unrelated to virus protection.

Very confusing, I must say, but you seem to be quite informed, so.....I await with thanks.


Re: Daily Variety site is blocked by Google mikeboy 12/15/08 1:41 AM
Another quick question (and I'm so grateful).  In the "processes" area of Task Manager, it shows quite a number of files, some under the user name of my name and some under "system."  Some I recognize such as AOL or Mozilla, which take up a lot of memory.  But there are others of which I don't have a clue and I'm wondering if I should just leave them alone or "end process."  If they're not necessary, perhaps they're slowing me down (I do find that my system is slow to start -- Mozilla takes forever to load, though once it does it browses to URLs quickly).  Some refer to, e.g., AppleMobileDevic under "system" with 2 MB of memory usage.  Other big ones are isafe.exe with 24 MB, svchost.exe (system) of 27 MB, explorer. exe (under my name as user) of 16.4 MB (even though I don't have Explorer running nor is it geared to start up when I log on -- I use msconfig and only allow a few to automatically start).

In short, while the CPU is listed as 00 for most, there is quite a bit of memory being used, making me wonder if a lot of programs take up memory even when not running.

Re: Daily Variety site is blocked by Google Phil Payne 12/15/08 3:27 AM
Re: Daily Variety site is blocked by Google Phil Payne 12/15/08 3:33 AM
> In short, while the CPU is listed as 00 for most, there is quite a bit of memory being used, making me wonder if a lot of programs take up memory even when not running.

> Strange?

No - quite normal in all virtual memory operating systems.

You can reduce the storage overhead.  By default, Windows will sometimes pre-load applications so they appear to start quickly should you ever use them.  If you don't, of course, it's just wasted memory.  ISTR an Ausralian company once offering a tool that went round and found bits of Office, Adobe, etc., that had been loaded without the user's explicit consent.

Do some Googling on the subject.  E.g.:
Re: Daily Variety site is blocked by Google webado 12/15/08 4:24 AM
I am not aware of any anti-virus that is better and yest less restrictive than AVG. I am not familair with whatever you have from SBC Yahoo.
I have seen what trouble people can get into with programs like Kaspersky  and Norton Suite. And even though they will prevent you from accessing many sites swhose only "fault" is requiring cookies, they don't do as godo a job catching viruses and trojans on the fly like I've seen AVG do. Ever since I've installed the latest AVG it has saved my hide numerous times, what with all the hacked malware infested sites I visit day in, day out.
No idea where Windows takes the information about the state of virus protection. Maybe it's only complaining that you may have disabled or not updated  Bit Defender (that comes with some Windows installations) and is not aware of any other program you have. Are you using Vista or XP?
The AppleMobileDevice.exe program apaprently is something that gets installed whenever you install/update Quicktime or any Quicktime plugins. It comes along for the ride as does iTunes (whether you take it or not apparently). I also have it resident and it must be after updating Firefox which required updating the Quicktime plugin which beought that other bit along for the ride. Most infuriating, to be sure. I need to clean that up too.
Re: Daily Variety site is blocked by Google mikeboy 12/15/08 1:47 PM
Thanks all, and I am using XP Home Edition.

My question re the various devices running in memory that may not be so important (sometimes it's hard to figure out which really are -- I don't want to get rid of something that will crash my system and that Windows really needs to operate) is whether it's affecting my speed.  My indicator says that a bit over 500 MB of memory are being used (out of 2 Gigs that I have), so is it just a case of what does it really matter?  Or will getting rid of anything extraneous -- such as the devices and plug-ins that "come along for the ride" be helpful?  I'm fascinated that, even though I may have updated something (Mozilla) or downloaded something (Quicktime) that it somehow runs in the background, even though I have instructed the start-up options (under msconfig) not to start them until I actually start them.

Re replacing the anti-virus stuff that comes with SBC Yahoo (DSL program and part of the AT&T DSL service), would I be safe getting rid of the entire "anti-virus" folder and everything inside -- as I have no clue as to whether anything inside pertains to something else?  For example, I mentioned in my message above that there are two Nero files inside this anti-virus sub-directory folder, and I don't know why they're there.  I have Nero in my system, but it's a separate folder entirely.  The Nero folders in the anti-virus folder again are:  NeroMedia player files (Boot.dat and vet.dat (latter with 15MB).

I'm willing to take the chance to go with AVG, but I can't have it "run" without excising the SBC Yahoo anti-virus stuff and wanted to know whether to get rid of the entire SBC Yahoo anti-virus sub-directory folder or just the file that says: vete.dll, the description of which says "inoculate IT anti-virus" (1.5 MB).  Interestingly, the AVG .exe file is over 50 MBs, which makes me wonder why?

Thanks again.
Re: Daily Variety site is blocked by Google webado 12/15/08 3:48 PM
You don't need to delete that folder. Just uninstall that anti-virus program from Control Panel > Add/Remove programs.
When I bought my latest PC it came with a 30-day copy of Norton pre-installed.  I uninstalled it and installed AVG instead.
Re: Daily Variety site is blocked by Google webado 12/15/08 7:04 PM
AVG is a lot more complex, it doesn't compare really with most basic anti-virus programs.
But even if it's free, don't get fooled, it's a very powerful program and it's not any less effective than any of the top of the line programs. What you lack in the free edition vs the paid up one is a little flexibility in how often you want to check for updates and scans automatically. Automatic updates are once a day (you set the time) and automatic scans are either daily or weekly (you set the day and time). Both will start when the computer gets booted if it was off at the scheduled time.
I run AVG on all my computers (desktops and laptops). An older PC I have, due to a rather slow processor and low ram, takes very long to complete a full scan (10 hours or more) so for that one I only run it weekly, because otherwise the system becomes very sluggish. The others, being newer and faster, run daily and the scan is done in 1-2 hours generally and you don't feel it.
Re: Daily Variety site is blocked by Google mikeboy 12/15/08 7:17 PM
Thanks very much. I successfully got rid of the Yahoo SBC anti-virus program.  I had to click on the whole SBC Yahoo thing in Add/Delete Programs to find it among many of which I could select or ignore.

Then, I loaded AVG and did a scan, which took just under an hour.  It found 14 dangerous things and 4 spyware problems, which were then deleted.

Hopefully, this will solve some of my problems and I so much appreciate your help.

BTW, do you or anyone else have any thoughts as to why many people are having problems with the Move Media Player that, and use to present recently aired shows?  I used to never have problems watching episodes I missed, e.g. last week's Ugly Betty, but now I launch their new program and either it doesn't launch all the way and freezes or it does launch, I can see the commercials, but when it's time to play the actual show it stalls.

Curiously, I never had a problem with prior to this new "upgrade."  And I currently DO NOT have a problem viewing shows that are available on or  Obviously, they must use a different player.

On various web sites that deal with such complaints, there have been many who share the same problems.  A few others have said they solved it, but their fixes have not been helpful to me or others.

Any clues from anyone out there?

Re: Daily Variety site is blocked by Google webado 12/15/08 8:41 PM
I am not familiar with those sites and the media fiels you have problems with.
But I can tell you from experience that there have been updates to browsers (both IE7 and FF) which have resulted in the need to upgrae the Windows Media Player plugins and the Flash player plugins as well. Perhaps this is what you are seeing.
Maybe if you give an example I can see first hand what it is about.
Re: Daily Variety site is blocked by Google webado 12/15/08 8:44 PM
I see on they all require Flash Player. Upgrade yours to the latest version and maybe it will then work.
Re: Daily Variety site is blocked by Google mikeboy 12/16/08 2:00 AM
Thanks again, but it's definitely the Move Media Player that they force you to download.  I've done it fifteen or more times (download, then delete).  Re your suggestion about Flash Player, I also upgraded my Adobe Flash Player to 10, but the Move Media Player (which they insist you use -- also the CW and Fox) still does not work.  It crashes the browser.

Whereas when I go to or, which don't use the Move Media Player, I see the episodes perfectly.  The odd thing is that the faulty Move Media Player doesn't affect the commercials on ABC, CW or Fox.  They appear fine, and then it says the show is loading, but it doesn't, and then the browser crashes.

I don't mean to nudge you, because you may not be aware of this television network web site nor be interested in using it to see recent episodes or movies, but it's clearly a problem that others have experienced, based on other forums and similar complaints.

Perhaps others who read this are familiar with Move Media and its problems.

In any event, I thank you all for your past help, especially Webado.  I mean it sincerely.

Re: Daily Variety site is blocked by Google webado 12/16/08 5:04 AM
Sorry I have no idea what Move Media Player is. And I didn't see any reference to it and nothing insisted I download it either.
Maybe I'm not  looking at the same stuff as you. I went to and clicked to see Free Episodes of whatever. I see all video is played through Flash Player.
I don't know is the videos themselves are  are swf, flv, fla or mpg .
But I cannot watch New Episodes Online - because it says only viewers within the US may watch them. I am in Canada. So there I don't know what is served and how.
And strangely today it's not letting me view the free episodes either - it's now decided I am nto in the US, whereas yesterday it had not checked that.
Re: Daily Variety site is blocked by Google webado 12/16/08 5:11 AM
All of those websites are now, as of today, not serving any of the videos to me, because I don't live in the US.
So they changed something since last night.
Re: Daily Variety site is blocked by Google mikeboy 12/16/08 1:23 PM
Yes, I understand that, re watching episodes from outside the US.  They somehow figure your residence out by the IP (?) number of your computer.  The reason is that those shows will eventually be sold to foreign countries (although Canadians can often watch the broadcast/cable US versions if they're close enough to the border).

Anyway, they seem to change their situation each time.  It always says that Move Media is this terrific new thing they're using to enhance the playing ability, and it makes you download it and install it.  Then, when you click on free episodes it sometimes goes all the way through and sometimes it only gets to 90% of the "launch" when a message says there's a problem and to contact them.  Of course, contacting them never yields anything, neither on, or

The odd thing is that even when the "launch" does go through and it starts the program, you only get to see the commercial.  Then, it starts "loading" the actual episode the icon goes round and round and round....well, you get the drift.  Same for all three networks.

However, as indicated earlier, whatever system is used on and works absolutely fine (I'm assuming you wouldn't get those shows either because of the "foreign" situation explained above.

Thanks for trying, and happy holidays.

All best,

Re: Daily Variety site is blocked by Google webado 12/16/08 1:59 PM
I saw videao yesterday OK, it's today they've blocked my IP as not being US. Probably not a very fancy detection method if it took them overnight to figure out my IP is in Canada.
But all seems to only require Flash Player. So I can't see what you see. I also searched their website for that "move media player" and I found no reference to that at all.
I suggest you uninstall whatever "move media player" is that you installed. You ran Belarc Advisor, right? Does it mention it anywhere?
Then upgrade your Windows Media Player to the latest available.
Re: Daily Variety site is blocked by Google mikeboy 12/16/08 5:52 PM
I uninstalled Move Media Player for the umpteenth time and checked with Belarc Advisor, which indicates that I currently have various Window Media Players: I have Windows Media Format 11 SDK, Windows Media Player 11, Windows Media Player  9, Windows Media Player 6.4 and Plain old Windows Media Player with no number at all.  There are varying dates, with the Format SDK having the most recent (this month).  I don't know if these conflict.  I would have thought that when something was updating it would remove the earlier one, unless these others do different things.

When I clicked on "Details" for each it would remove the Belarc Advisory and I'd have to start all over and do another scan, so I stopped doing so.

 I also Googled "Latest Windows Media Player" and number 11 seemed to be the most recent, which I apparently have. (11.0.5721.5145)

One of my Google searches indicated what appeared to be a slightly updated version of 11, because the last four numbers were  higher in value, (11.0.5721.5230), but when I clicked on it, it switched me to a free video switching program (where I could transfer from different formats).  

This program was called AVS Video Converter.  As it was something entirely different, I did not download it until I learn more about it.  There was another list in the same search that offered me essentially the same Window Media Player that I had, with one number different.  The last four were 5146, rather than 5145 -- could have been a typo, I imagine.

In another search, I found news about Windows Media Player 12, which is apparently shipped with Windows 7, and as no one from Windows ships me anything I don't know if it's possible to get this on line yet.

In any event, I seem to have an up-to-date Window Media Player (with the others already mentioned, which I hope don't conflict) and the site that I view (the exact page of which sadly you don't) specifically refers to Move Media Player and doesn't give me the choice to stay with any other Flash Player or Windows Media Player.

This is unfortunate, because until recently I had no problem seeing programs on, using whatever player they were offering at the time.

I am stumped and will unfortunately wait for them to fix it or simply do without seeing these reruns.  Just too frustrating.

Thanks much again.
Re: Daily Variety site is blocked by Google webado 12/16/08 8:44 PM
Well some of those WMP instances are plugins.  The embedded WMP in based on 6.4 in Firefox I believe, a higher version in IE.
The Standalone player you use yourself would be the highest version 11.   V12 probbaly won't work with XP, nor even with Vista.
Another is probably Windows Media Encoder, or part of it.
If you haven't noticed, Belar Advisor produces the report as a web page. It's will remain there, just use the back button to get back to it. Or, when you click on other items, open them in a new window or tab. You can also save it, as you would any web page (File > Save as). Or print it.
I recommend you upgrade Windows components like WMP only  from Microsoft. Scan for needed updates/upgrades and use those, rather than thrid parties, where you may end up getting nasties as well if not careful.
Re: Daily Variety site is blocked by Google mikeboy 12/20/08 5:32 PM
A question about AVG.  I have successfully loaded this program and noticed that my system seems to slowing down.  Is this normal (it has more MBs than the anti-virus program provided by SBC-Yahoo).

Also, I'd scheduled scans daily, thinking they were not total computer scans, but apparently they were and each took 2 hours.  So, I did a search about when to do them and the consensus seemed to be that, for average Internet surfers such as myself, a weekly scan would do.  Is this about right?

Finally, at the end of each scan, it refers to warnings (though doesn't delete them -- usually cookies, etc.) and "threats" which it either heals or puts into something called the virus vault.  I clicked on this vault and saw quite a few files, wondering whether the mere fact that they were still on the computer would be harmful.  Other such searches for clarification said that once in the vault it could no longer harm the computer and that they were put there because some viruses are not terrible and that if I noticed some necessary or valuable program was not working I could reinhabit those "infected" files back into the "C" drive.  Is this true?  Plus, there were some files that, upon telling the AVG program to "heal" or get rid of, I was told were too large and then the program directed me to the file itself (perhaps 10 MBs, e.g.) and I deleted them on the spot.  Was this the correct thing to do?  I kept them in my "Trash" area just in case I needed to reinstate them.

So, a lot of questions and I appreciate any and all responses.

With thanks in advance and happy holidays, my best wishes.

Re: Daily Variety site is blocked by Google webado 12/20/08 8:21 PM
There's one new feature in AVG which may be slowing your  system a fair bit, and that's the link scanner. It will scan every single page whose link is present on a page you are viewing, in order to see if anything nasty is found on any of those pages were you to click the links. I find this pretty useless especially on a slow system or slow connection, so I disabled it.
If your full scan takes only 2 hours, keep it as daily. Schedule it at some time where you are sure not to need your computer and you'll be fine.
It won't remove cookies (and that's fine). It will remove viruses and trojans as much as possible. Once they are in the virus vault they are removed so don't worry about them any more.
Occasionally something needs to be removed but it's in an active process and so it cannot be removed. This is true of all anti-virus programs.
I haven't run into a case where I had to delete big files manually as directed by AVG, but I suppose it's possible. I'd say get rid of them completely, don't keep them in the trash can either. you aren't likely to need them if they've been identified as malicious. Well, at least it's doubtful.
I suppose once in a while some old files you've had since forever suddenly get picked as containing viruses. It's possible that may be a false positive. Or not. It's hap pend to me a few times and I have simply bitten the bullet and told AVG to get rid of it. I haven't regretted it yet.
Re: Daily Variety site is blocked by Google webado 12/20/08 8:23 PM
I have never had to get into the vault and reinstate any file from there.
Re: Daily Variety site is blocked by Google mikeboy 12/21/08 12:57 AM
But I presume scheduling it at an odd hour (such as the middle of the night) means I have to keep the computer on all the time, right?  Normally, I shut it off for 8-12 hours when I go to bed.  I used to hibernate it a lot, but found that hibernation often corrupted things, so I only hibernate for relatively brief periods during the day.  Would a weekly scan be dangerous?

Plus, I notice that for the past several months my AOL 9.0 is immediately pulled off every third or fourth time I log on.  It just vanishes after saying "Welcome" and then after a minute or so it reinstates itself back on to the home page.  I removed and then reloaded the program, but it still happens.  I then tried the new 9.1, but although the aforementioned never happened, it takes forever to switch between email accounts -- a key feature of later AOL versions -- whereas the "afflicted" AOL program 9.0 switches immediately.  Oh, the silly trade-offs of life.  BTW, I also tried their Beta, supposedly even bette,r AOL -- I think it's AOL 10 -- but it didn't save email and do other things I was used to.  Of course, this may not even interest you if you don't or have never used AOL.

Thanks again for your great help.  I'll look for the way to disable that link scanner to which you referred.
Re: Daily Variety site is blocked by Google webado 12/21/08 9:03 AM
You get to sleep for 8-12 hours? You lucky guy ;) LOL
A weekly scan is of course not dangerous, but daily is better, considering what you have experienced lately. I think you can set it to start when you want to shut down and it will scan and then shut down the computer when it's over. Never tried it and it may not even be true .
I don't switch off my computers. They  go to sleep whenever they want to. I would only turn off laptops, as they don't take kindly to being kept on all the time, even if they go to sleep eventually.
No idea what the AOL bit is about, LOL! The only time I've used AOL as an ISP is to get free dial-up internet (those cd's you find all over the place), and I use that when I'm traveling if the hotel doesn't have free internet. Sign up , get one month free internet and then cancel the account. Works a treat ;) Never used the AOL browser, only to connect and then switch to IE or whatever browser I want to use. Other than that I occasionally use AIM as a messenger.
Re: Daily Variety site is blocked by Google mikeboy 12/21/08 1:34 PM
Thanks again.  No, I don't necessarily sleep 12 hours, but it may be that long between the time I turn the computer off and then turn it back on.

BTW, I use Mozilla and lately it has taken two or more minutes just to get it going once I've clicked on the icon.  Wonder what's happening with them?

Regarding AOL, it used to be my Internet connection, before I went to DSL.  I initially canceled it (why pay for 2 Internet connections?) and then learned from them that they offered AIM even to old customers.  The odd thing about AIM was that you still kept your email address for receiving purposes, (if someone hadn't heard that you switched to AIM you still got the mail) but when you sent messages they all had the AIM tag.  Nonetheless, I stopped using it for the most part and switched to the DSL email account (plus I also have Yahoo and Hotmail), but then AOL suddenly became free to use as an email service, and advertised to one and all to get a free account with the tag (just like Yahoo and Hotmail and Gmail).

I contacted them (not an easy thing to do, because when you weren't a customer there were no longer support systems), but I got a friendly customer service agent in the "sign me up" department (they still offered dial-up to the few who wanted it) and explained I didn't need new service, but since they were now offering AOL email to anyone for free, and since my address wasn't given away (since it was tied to my AIM account), could I have my address back and, shockingly, he immediately did so without a problem.

The reason I preferred the AOL account (with address) is that many, many people have it around the world and it has a feature that I've never seen in other email services -- you have the ability to track receipt of your email messages to those who also have AOL addresses.  For example, if I wrote to you at your AOL address (if you had one), I could tell if you had read it, which is helpful if you had not yet answered me.  I can also tell when it has been deleted without having been read (not having been clicked on at all -- just deleted from the mailbox).  In those instances it is often a mistake and I can then contact people to give them another chance if it was in fact a mistake.

Anyway, some useless (perhaps) information which you might find helpful, considering how much you have helped me.

All best,

Re: Daily Variety site is blocked by Google mikeboy 12/21/08 3:42 PM
Just started to disable Link Scanner (the only available thing to disable was AVG Active Search Shield (for Google and Yahoo pages -- I wondered where those green check points suddenly came from). The other -- Enable AVG Active Search-Shield -- supposedly for download, was grayed out and I guess did not come with the free version.

When I clicked on the check mark to disable AVG Active Search Shield, there was a warning that suddenly appeared: "You may not be protected.  Some components report an error."  What components are they talking about and is this a real danger?

I found a "setting" that would allow me have the computer shut off after the end of the scan, so I wonder if I should just keep this "protection" and also be able to have the daily scan you suggest.  My connection is pretty fast -- ATT  DSL 6.0 Mbs and a 2.8 Gig processor, and you'd previously said 2 hours was not so long.

So...shall we do it daily and keep the "link" in the case described above?

Re: Daily Variety site is blocked by Google webado 12/21/08 4:06 PM
Nah don't worry about it. they warn you anout not being 'realy" protected but you are OK. Sure you don't know in advance that some link may lead to malware, but on he other hadn you may not have clicked that either in any acase. And if you do click it you will know then that it may be bad - and be protected when you find out. All in all no real loss, and in fact quite a gain in performance.
if you cmputer is fast enough then keep the link scna.
I woudl defintiely do daly scans if all it takse is 2 hours. As I said on my old pc it takes 10 hours for only an 80GB HD (but nearly all full).
It takes only about 2 hours on my new pc (Vista, dual core) - no idea how much I'm using of the HD, but must be 60GB at least. So this one runs daily and also has the link scanner enabled - it doesn't slow me down perceptively.
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