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Office-hours for ecommerce sites / web-shops this Friday

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Office-hours for ecommerce sites / web-shops this Friday JohnMu 11/6/12 12:40 PM
Hi everyone

For this Friday's Google Webmaster Central office-hours hangouts we'll be focusing on web-shops & smaller ecommerce websites -- essentially anyone selling their products online on a shop-like website. 

I'd love to show some examples from real websites, so if you'd like me to take a look at your site and give specific suggestions, please post your URL here or in the thread on Google+: 

Your questions are welcome on the Google Moderator pages at:

.. and of course, if the time works out for you, you're welcome to join the hangout itself as well (or just watch the live-stream or the recording afterwards). 

I hope this kind of theme for our office-hours is useful & look forward to covering other kinds of websites in the future (or, if there's enough demand, doing another session on this topic at more US-friendly times). You can find out more about our office-hours hangouts at

Looking forward to seeing your sites, questions & to seeing you there!