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Can't get a meta tag verification

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Can't get a meta tag verification Nicabu 12/28/09 1:05 AM
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I have registered my domain about a month ago and used shopify to create my website. my url has been redirected to to show my site. typing directly my url gets me to my site without a hitch, but if i try to google my site no matter how specific the search i get no results. i tried the meta tag search to no avail. can't be verified. obviously i am in a bit of a pickle here since i would be relying mostly on searches to get people to my site. what is my problem. any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. cheers.
Re: Can't get a meta tag verification yasir 12/28/09 7:10 AM
I tried to open your site but it show a login page.

"Please Login In......"

If users have to login in order to see your site, so Google Bot can also not see the homepage. If you want Google bot to see the verification meta tag, then you will need to remove the password protection.

Also, if you site is not completed yet, then it is suggested that you do not submit it to Google. First complete the site and then submit it to Google.
Re: Can't get a meta tag verification Nicabu 12/28/09 11:35 PM
Hi there,

thanks for the reply. I realize that as of yet my site is with a log in set up since it is not ready yet, but for the purposes of the test I had eliminated the log in and the site though not ready has already enough info as to be pick up with a more specific search and yet nothing. Given that I did the meta tag search whereas I input the specific tag in my index and yet there was still no pick up from google it is kind of concerning so... just confused.