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Montessori Google Doodle 8/31

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Montessori Google Doodle 8/31 Google Doodle 8/31 8/30/12 6:16 PM
I was just notified that Google will be doing a Maria Montessori Doodle on 8/31/12 in honor of her birthday. Is this Doodle going to be run in the United States or just India?   Google founders, Sergey Brin and Larry Page both attended Montessori school. So did Jeff Bezos over at Amazon.  The global Montessori Congress is going to be held in Portland, Oregon in July of 2013. The Congresses have been held every three years since 1929 in places like France, Australia, India, China, etc. Countries from all over the world attend the congress. Is there anything you can do to get this Doodle up and running in the United States tomorrow?
Re: Montessori Google Doodle 8/31 Lysis 8/30/12 6:19 PM
It's not 8/31 here yet. You have 3 hours.