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Authorship photo missing.

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Authorship photo missing. Declan Conroy 12/28/13 11:56 AM
I'm in  the same boat as most people I guess, I went to a bit of effort to get this working, and it seemed to work for a few weeks, then stopped.

The Structured data testing tool shows my author profile picture, but it no longer shows up in search results.
An example search is for "error id 1002 (source id 243)" where my post is second from the top, and the "by Declan Conroy" displays, but not the photo any more.
My profile ID is 114782331102235866701 and the testing tool shows everything nice and green.
Is this just the way things work now.
If authorship is set up correctly, and simply isn't going to display any more because of changes in qualification criteria I'll cut my losses, but if there is anything I can do to get my smiling face back in the search results I'd be happy to try.
Many thanks

Re: Authorship photo missing. Grace Massa Langlois 1/2/14 7:33 AM
Good Morning Declan,

First, I want to apologize that your concern wasn't addressed earlier.

I took a look at your setup and everything looks good except that I noticed you've placed the tag on certain pages that are not acceptable authorship pages, for example, the Contact Us page. I encourage you to take a look through your site and remove the tag from any pages that are not considered appropriate pages. Aside from following Webmaster Quality Guidelines and continuing to write good, quality content there's not much more you can do. Google uses a variety of quality guidelines to determine when to show rich snippets, having properly marked up data and all other elements of authorship in place doesn't guarantee that author information will appear in search. Also, please note, with respect to missing image, Google is currently experimenting with the display of author information.

Hope this helps.

Re: Authorship photo missing. Declan Conroy 1/2/14 9:37 AM
Grace, thanks for the reply, and no apology required.
I'll work my way thru the site and remove where I can, I used a wordpress plugin to set authorship so I guess it's made some sweeping changes.
Thanks for having a look.
Re: Authorship photo missing. Grace Massa Langlois 1/2/14 1:09 PM
Good Evening Declan,

Did you use Yoast's SEO Plugin? If yes, I don't recall seeing publisher markup but if you ever do implement it, please keep in mind, I believe the Yoast plugin sets rel="publisher" site-wide you're far better off to manually code for the tag. If you do set up in the future come back and start a thread and I can provide some tips for implementing code so it only appears on the home page.

Also, this tutorial might be useful for setting up authorship with Yoast so that the tag only appears on appropriate pages, How To Set Up Authorship with WordPress SEO.

All the best in 2014!