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Responsive design and hidden links

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Responsive design and hidden links Stepan Sypachev 7/16/13 12:02 AM
I've changed design of website and made it responsive.
But, it was very useful for me make 2 menus with different layouts. So one menu I show on wide screen (it's wide, by the way), and other menu I show for phones (it is accordeon). Content is the same.
Beside that, there are some links which I make invisible on phones, because I don't want mobile users to go to some pages (this pages are useless for mobile phones) and other links (for example, <a href="tel:???">) are visible only on mobile phones. I use media queries to hide and show parts of page, so every users download same html, and css, and js, but some parts of html is invisible. So, for text browsers some content is duplicated.
How does googlebot recognize, that this is not a cloacking or hiding links?  Can I change links' urls on pages using javascript for the same purpose? Is it bad, or good, or it doesn't matter?
Re: Responsive design and hidden links ets 7/16/13 12:18 AM
Hi.... It's best to give us a URL then we can check. Disguise with or if you wish.

I build "semi-responsive" pages with PHP (there are slight differences between platforms): I "include" or "echo" things for one platform or the other and/or leave them out. This way nothing is ever "hidden" and there is no risk.

Are you doing all this in CSS but using display:none... visibility:hidden and so on?