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Problem with Google Search - redirect problem

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Problem with Google Search - redirect problem buyahomeatauction 6/24/09 6:58 AM
I have a problem with the google search. Search is finding the correct sites but when a link is clicked, it takes you to another website that is under a different name than what was listed for that site. I feel that someone has compromised my google search to register clicks. If I click back and click it again, it will take me to the correct site. I have read on the net of others having the same issue but I can not find anything that google has posted to fix it. I have ran AVG both in standard mode and safe mode and some issues were found and removed. Then I tried to reinstall my IE8 and still there is a problem. Any help you can give to fix this problem will be greatly appreciated.
Re: Problem with Google Search - redirect problem Kaleh 6/24/09 7:22 AM
>but I can not find anything that google has posted to fix it

The behavior you are seeing is consistent with malware being on your computer.  Since you have already run your AVG scans (I assume you updated the definitions before you started), you will need to follow-up with supplementary anti-malware scans. There are three products listed in the following article that are free for non-commercial use, but there are certainly many others you may try.  No one will be able to tell you exactly which product will be the one to work for you, as there are so many variants of malware that produce the same symptoms, it is a trial and error process.    Be certain that you update any definitions for any products you use, immediately prior to scanning.  You will need the latest updates the vendor has available.

Suspicious results and strange behavior >>> Anti-malware product list

Because of the polymorphic nature of various forms of malware (it is created on the fly), and the fact that anti-malware vendors simply can't produce products that can detect everything before you experience it, a good defense against future infection is to make certain that your operating system is fully patched and all software applications are updated with their latest security updates. Operating System, browser and other application vulnerabilities, especially out-dated versions of Adobe Reader, Adobe Flash, Quicktime, WinZip, AOL SuperBuddy and Java, are often the reason your machine was infected in the first place.
Re: Problem with Google Search - redirect problem PapoWI 9/18/09 2:54 AM
If your computer is having issues with google search redirect, chances are you get what many refer to as the google redirect virus. Symptoms of the google search redirects include being redirected to a different website when you select a link from the google search result.

Because many google redirect malware infected computers  land in the website, the google redirect problem is also described as the redirect virus. (Please do not visit this website, WOT (Web of Trust) categorizes this site as risky). Some internet searchers are also experiencing similar yahoo search redirect problems.
How to Remove Google Redirects

GooRedFix is a google redirect virus removal tool used to fix google redirects and is often recommended in different forums. It is also described as as a program used to fix FireFox browser redirection problems. Download google redirect fix:

For details on how to use gooredfixas a google redirect virus fix, visit the forum for instructions on how to use gooredfix to get rid of google search redirect virus:
Re: Problem with Google Search - redirect problem SearchFix 6/20/10 1:56 PM
I successfully resolved google search redirect problems on my Windows XP home edition with SP3 by the following procedures:

1. I installed Microsoft Security Essentials and scan the whole computer.
2. I installed AVG antivirus and scan the whole computer.
3. I edited infected file C:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts. This is the file which cause all searchings to a very different web site. Delete all content in this file.

Restart computer and now google search becomes normal.