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Services To Stop Hacking Remember When 9/13/11 12:48 AM
I have been hacked so many times and its not funny. Here are the two ways I got hacked. First it add some file that added a whole bunch of pages to my website. It was ludicrous, I found RedLegs post and deleted them and they were ok after that. Next I started seeing where I was getting the imgddd being added to the foot of the HTML - I deleted that.

Now Im seeing some kind of freaking post 2 of them infact just appearing out of the blue. So I contacted host gator and they are saying that it could have been a plugin but when I tried to login to WP Login the password had been changed. I rescanned my computer and found this Trojan.Zip.Bredozp.b (v)
 and deleted it. Using VIPRE. So now I know that my PC was compromised and Im just hoping it still isnt.

However here is my thing I have about 30 sites. Is there any service that I can use that can email me if anything at all on my website has been changed, and I mean anything. Even if an image goes up or if new code is added or if new webpages appear, even if I do it myself. That seems the only way I can get rid of this disaster!

Someone help here please...
Re: Services To Stop Hacking redleg 9/14/11 7:40 PM
Google has some pretty strict rules about what they term "commercial activity" on this forum so I am guessing that is why none of the vendors have responded.  There are a number of vendors that specialize in malware removal and website monitoring.  A search in Google should turn up several.  Another option might be to post over on the Stopbadware forum at  Stopbadware has a little more relaxed policy on vendors and many of them participate there. 

I also suspect there are a number of vendors who have read this post and would love to deliver their sales pitch but have no way to contact you.  I would discourage posting an email address here (unless you really enjoy getting spam in your inbox) but you could set up your Google profile to allow someone to contact you while protecting your email address.