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Unnatural Links Found - What can I do Google?

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Unnatural Links Found - What can I do Google? iNET SEO 7/20/12 2:48 AM
Hi all,

I know others have had problems with this before and need to know how to address this.

Background is that I am helping a company who had a bad SEO agency create a lot of very questionable links with just about every one of them being a random site with no hope of every contacting anyone to get them removed.

So I completed the reconsideration request along with a load of links, but there wasn't enough room for me to add more - we are talking probably 500+ bad links.

Today I see exactly the same notice, that there are lots of bad links, despite my asking Google what I can do in terms of getting these links removed, or at least dis-associated with the website.

So Google says "Include the websites if you can't get links removed" then they do nothing to help when you do?

Come on guys - throw us a bone here and help us all out a little.

Has anyone succeeded at getting this done?

Re: Unnatural Links Found - What can I do Google? TracyJPM 7/20/12 4:35 AM

I also received the same message from Google today. I have 2 SEO companies working on my site at the moment both of which provide me reports on their natural link building campaigns. I am now in a position where I do not know how to the remove the bad links or how to identify them. Surely if Google spots bad links it should tell you the URL's then I would be able to resolve the problem, does anyone know how to find the list of bad links?

What's to stop me from investing in a bad link campaign for my competitors? How do I know my competitors have not built bad links to my site?



Re: Unnatural Links Found - What can I do Google? TracyJPM 7/20/12 5:29 AM
Seen as though it is out of my hands other sites linking to me, I believe the site that is the source of the un-natural links should be black listed. This will eradicate all link farms from Google, penalising peoples company websites which they rely on for a living is not the answer...