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Index Status Feature Request

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Index Status Feature Request jqf 7/25/12 4:10 AM
I like the new index status feature, but it would be really useful to be able to download a list of all the URLs from my site in the index.

I have a site showing 208,000 URLs indexed, which should only have about half that.  If I had a list of indexed URLs, that information would be actionable - I could use canonical tags and robots.txt to help "clean up" the indexing of my site - but as things stand I'm only guessing what might be in the index that shouldn't be.
Re: Index Status Feature Request g1smd 7/25/12 6:40 AM
Your site logs on your server will show you what has been requested.

Alternatively, you could hang a simple PHP logging script off your 404 page to record all the 404 errors being served. This would rapidly show you the requests arriving at your server that remain unfulfilled.

Re: Index Status Feature Request giuliopons 10/19/12 6:20 AM
why? Not selected urls are 404 errors? I don't think so (read here). I'd like to know the urls that are no selected.