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Read First - Welcome to the Internationalization sub-forum Christopher Semturs 10/24/12 6:37 AM
Welcome to the Internationalization section of the Google Webmaster Help Forum.

Here you can find answers and ask questions on your multilingual and/or multi-regional websites. That means, it covers both translated content (e.g. both French and English for a website in Canada) and content for multiple regions (e.g. the same webstore selling content to Canada and USA). This is the right place to ask if your localized ranking does not work out well, for example if your USA-page ranks on top of your Canada-Page for users in Canada.

Before you post your question, please:
  1. Read the help center article on Multi-regional and multilingual websites
  2. Read other articles in our help center on international webpages
  3. Read the internationalisation FAQ
  4. Watch the Video 'Expanding your site to more languages' (which also covers regions)
  5. Search for previous topics and answers (on top)

You may also want to read/visit the following informative/useful resources:

If you do post a topic/question, please be patient and wait at least a few hours for a reply (sometimes we do get a little busy here). Please make sure that you include all relevant information, such as the URL or URLs involved.

Keep in mind that posts in this forum are crawled, indexed and will be shown in search results. If you don’t want your topic appearing in search results when people search for your website or business name, please use a URL shortening service to mask your website's URL.

If you have a question about Webmaster Tools, verification in Webmaster Tools, Sitemaps or malware/hacked sites, please go to the appropriate section in this forum (see the main forum page).  For questions regarding Google Maps, Chrome, Gmail or other Google products and services, please see the list of Google Product Forums.

Welcome to the forums!

Christopher Semturs

P.S. You may be more likely to receive attention from expert forum members and Googlers if you sincerely note the secret phrase: "I have studied the Help Center, read the FAQs and searched for similar questions."