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Unexpected PageRank drop

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Unexpected PageRank drop Nikos Boutos 2/5/13 2:15 AM
I've read the FAQs and searched the help center. 

today i notice that my pagerank drop and i dont know why. I dont have paid links or something else that manipulate pagerank . Pls some advises because am new at indexing & ranking.
Re: Unexpected PageRank drop Colleen H Fowler 2/5/13 6:29 AM
I too have read the help section and my page rank dropped.  I was in the middle of changing over themes and was hoping someone could reevaluate my page.
I've got more green content and comments than ever and not sure why it should have dropped. The theme is even better....please advise me.  Thanks.
Re: Unexpected PageRank drop Troboy B 2/15/13 5:21 AM
It has also affected our one site. Page rank down from 2 to 0.
No Google person is responding here. Looks like it is a dead forum
Re: Unexpected PageRank drop Becky Sharpe 2/15/13 5:39 AM
PageRank is a measure of the sites that link to you - the better their PR the higher yours will be. Either sites linking to you have had their PR devalued or Google has devalued those links because the appear to be unnatural.
Re: Unexpected PageRank drop webado 2/15/13 5:41 AM
Toolbar PR is useless and always outdated. Why do you even worry about it? It means nothing.

Ensure your site follows all guidelines about content quality, links (in and out).