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font-size SEO !?

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font-size SEO !? junglesnail 7/20/09 5:47 AM
Some time ago, there was a rumour about Google didn't like websites which used small font-size. It was a time when a lot of websites had keyword lines in the page almost invisible to the users.
  I have to use in some sections of a website a smaller font ( like 8-9 pt Arial ). Is this too small ?
Re: font-size SEO !? Robbo 7/20/09 6:24 AM

If the font size and style and color (incl. contrast with background) that you propose to use is readable easily by a typical/average user you should have no problem with a particular size in terms of pt size as such.

On the other hand, if it appears that the text is being presented in such a way that it was intended for search engine indexing rather than human reading, you should expect google to treat it accordingly.

Google always seeks to index sites fairly and to act as a "pre-visitor", like an advance scouting party.   Anything that is, or appears to be, manipulative is likely to be seen negatively by google indexing.   Anything which seems appropriate for human visitors is likely to be acceptable to google, although (as in all fields) there are better and worse ways of achieving that.

Re: font-size SEO !? mark.axis 7/20/09 6:25 AM
Firstly, specifying font size in pt for screen is not a good idea, this unit should be reserved for print.

But referring to font size in general, I would say that as long it is readable then you will not have any trouble from Google. Google dose not like hidden text, and if it thinks you are trying to hide the text then you'll have issues.

Now some browsers enlarge small text anyway - so I would not recommend going below this limit for usability and consistency issues (10px for Firefox I think).