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How to stop part of page being indexed // Tell Google not to index some content ::: Auto-Response :::

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How to stop part of page being indexed // Tell Google not to index some content ::: Auto-Response ::: Autocrat 3/6/10 10:48 AM
This is an Auto-Response for the (increasingly) frequent question regarding stopping Google from crawl/indexing part of a page.
This is an attempt to compile information for questions/issues such as;

Q: How do I hide some parts of my page from Google
Q: How do I hide some of my content from Google
Q: How to stop Google from crawling part of my page
Q: How to stop Google from indexing part of my page
Q: How to stop Google basing rankings on part of my page
Q: How to tell Google to not rank based on some of my content
Q: How to tell Google not to rank some of the words I use
Q: How to tell Goolge to ignore some parts of my page/content
Q: How to stop Google from referencing/counting/including things like "Cart", "Login" or "Report" etc.
Q: My keywords are messed up because Google is looking at some of my content, and I want to tell it to ignore it.

=============   Google will Crawl what it finds   =============

That's how this stuff works.
If it is in the file/page, or on/at that URL - then Google will Crawl it.

=============   Google will Index what it finds   =============

As with the Crawling - Google will index what it finds on a page ... all of it.

=============   Google will Rank what it finds   =============

And again - if it is Crawled and included in the Index, then it will be Ranked.

=============   How to tell Google not to?   =============

You don't!
If it is content,
If it is part of that page,
then it Will be Crawled, and may be Indexed and Ranked

You cannot use a Meta-Tag, or a HTML tag to tell Google to ignore, discount, not use, refer or touch part of your content.

=============   So what can I do?   =============

Well - you have 2 potential options.
You can use JavaScript, or you can use Frames.

Google tends to ignore most JavaScript.
That means you could load up the content you want hidden/ignored/discounted in JS.
The problem is - Google "may" still understand it/read it/reference it.
The only really safe way is to include the content in an external JS file, and block that file in robots.txt.
(Alternatively - you could use the x-ref header of NoIndex for .JS files etc.)
Otherwise - if oyu have the JS in your file, as inline/embedded content - it may still be used (unlikely, but possible).

You could place the content you want hidden/ignored/discounted in a separate file.
You set the robot-meta for that file as NoIndex (or you could block it with robots.txt or use the x-ref header of NoIndex).
You then load that content into your page using a Frame.
Google will crawl your page, see the frame, look to the framed file - se it is blocked (noindex/disallowed),
and not touch it.

There may be some Downsides;
* You may end up with pages that are not particularly Accessible - some users may missout on some functionality content.
* Your pages may end up with less content on than previously, and this may result in little/no content on such pages.
You may alter how Google see's your site/pages in regards to relation/relevance if you block out links.  This may impact the PR Flow between your pages (blocking with noindex is preferable to robots.txt disallow - at least with noindex the page is crawled and links may be followed), and thus alter your ranking for some pages/keyterms.

=============   Are you sure you want to do it?   =============

After reading the text immediately about (There may be some Downsides),
are you 100% sure you want to do it?

At the end of the day - if you don't want it indexed, then maybe it shouldn't be on the page?
If you are happy that a % of users may not benefit from that content - are you sure that the remaining % really need it?
Does that content really do your Users any favours/benefit?



This is a "general auto-response" post.
This is not a Topic for discussion - it is a point of reference to save having to type the same answer repeatedly due to the sheer number of times this question is asked and is meant as an aid for people that don't seem search/read the various other posts regarding this topic.
Thank you for taking the time to read this Auto-Response.

... and as there is a trend for some of you to post your question any way ...

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