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Google ranks Page Y above Page X / How to make Google show my X page instead of Y page ::: Auto-Response :::

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Google ranks Page Y above Page X / How to make Google show my X page instead of Y page ::: Auto-Response ::: Autocrat 1/16/10 7:17 AM
This is an Auto-Response for the (fairly) common question regarding Google Searches showing a page other than the one you want it too.
This is an attempt to compile information for scenarios/questions such as;

* Why does Google show "Page X" instead of my Homepage
* Why does Googles show my Homepage instead of "Page X"
* Why does "URL X" show up instead of "URL Y" when I search for "XYZ"
* "PageX" ranks above "PageY", but I want "PageY" to show first
* Searches for "XYZ" show "PageX", but it should show "PageY"
* Google shows the wrong page of in Searches for "XYZ"

=============   Does Google Know About It?   =============

Get this one done first ... Does Google actually know about the page you would prefer to appear?
(I know it may seem silly my asking - but you'd be suprised!)

Make sure that G knows about the URL/Page you would prefer to rank.
Do some searches for the <title> in quotes, for the full URL, using hte site: operator, the inurl:operator (possibly even a search with both site: and inurl: operators).

Additionally, make sure you are not Blocking it (robots.txt, meta robots, x-robots header etc.).

If G doesn't know about it, or isn't permitted to access/index it - it won't be showing it.

=============   Is it pointing elsewhere?   =============

Following it being known about/permitted to show - we have whether it is actually letting telling G to look elsewhere.

If you are sending a 302 Redirect to a different URL, you may be showing the same content (see Duplication sections below).
If you are using teh Canonical Link element, then you are telling Google to ignore this URL/Page, and instead use the one your point to.

Make sure that you are not telling G to do something other than what you want.

=============   Popularity and Relevancy   =============

Google has 2 broad sets of criteria for Ranking calculations;
Popularity : The Quality and Quantity of links to a specific URL
Relevancy: Whether the Page/URL has content/values/links with link text that matches/relates to the Search Term

So - look at the Page that shows, and the Page that doesn't.
Which is more Popular - which has the most links, gets the most traffic etc.?
Which contains relevant terms - and if both do, which is more Relevant?
And - unfortunate to say - but in some cases, the link score will outweigh the relevancy score.

Note: If you don't know how to check your links, do Not use Google, go and use Yahoos site Explorer!
Alternative, if you really feel the need to use Google, and then want to complain about the Link Information you get, please do these Searches here (Top of Page) first;
- Google Link count is wrong
- Missing Backlinks
- Google + InBoundLinks incorrect
- Google + Backlinks

=============   Internal Duplication   =============

Google does Not want to show it's searchers SERPs filled with the same stuff.
If Google looks and see's multiple URLs (2+) with the same content, or mostly similar, then it may/can/does Filter the SERPs to remove Duplicates.

If your PageX and PageY are the same/very similar, it may randomly pick 1.
The one selected may not be the one your desire.
(It may also not be the Stronger/Better one, and may result in poorer rankings.)

It is a fairly common problem on some sites (esp. Blogs/News sites/sections), to publish the Full Article/Post in numerous locations.  This often includes shoving the Full item on the Homepage, it's own Post page and possibly in 1+ Categories and 1+ Tags.  It may even include it appearing, in Full, in 1+ itnernal Search pages!
I use the term "Blogitist" for this (Completely made up, doesn't really exist, jsut a silly word for a stupid problem). 
Do Not go around creating Duplicates.  Set your site/script/system so that only Summaries/Introductions/Snippets are shown - Not the full Item.  The only time the Full item should be shown is on the Items Unqiue URL.

Note: If you have Duplication Issues (be it Multiple DomainNames, URL Format, URL Variants etc.), then please do some reading of the FAQs (Duplication/Canonicalization) or some Searches here (Top of Page) for the below terms, and read some of the 2,000+ topics!
- Multiple Domain Names
- Multiple URL Formats
- www vs non www
- Multiple Homepage URLs
- Canonical Issues
- 301 Redirects + Canonical
- Canonical Link element + Duplication

=============   External Duplication   =============

As per above - but content appears on other sites (this may include the Multiple DomainName issue).

If you are slapping up content that appears on other sites - or - you are providing content to other sites,
then you are likely to encounter Duplication Issues.
- Do Not supply your full content to other sites if it is Identical to what you have on your site!
- Do Not repost/republish content legitimately supplied by other sources, not without adding additional Content and Value to help make it more Unqiue/Original and better.
- Do Not go around copying (Stealing!) other peoples content either!



This is a "general auto-response" post.

This is not a Topic for discussion - it is a point of reference to save having to type the same answer repeatedly due to the sheer number of times this question is asked and is meant as an aid for people that don't seem search/read the various other posts regarding this topic.

Thank you for taking the time to read this Auto-Response.


And as we seem to get people that really Cannot Read/Understand ...


Create your own Topic, provide All relevant details, and ask your question there.