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Images not getting indexed in Google

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Images not getting indexed in Google printez 5/27/13 11:50 AM
My URL is:


I was wondering if you can help me on this.

I am seeing in webmaster tools that our images are not being indexed. I have setup our sitemap to index our image, however Google is not picking it up.  This is the link to our sitemap: Please do let me know if the structure is setup right and if there is anything else I need to do to get our images indexed.

Attached see copy of our webmaster tools screenshot so you can understand. I need this for my site.


Re: Images not getting indexed in Google travler. 5/27/13 11:54 AM
I don't know why they are not yet showing in your WMtools,  but there are a lot of images indexed for an image search site:yourdomain.