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Discontinuing authorship for former employees

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Discontinuing authorship for former employees Mike Mo 4/9/13 4:52 AM
I've read the FAQs and searched the help center. 

We are in the midst of setting up authorship for our site. 

In order to keep it as accurate as possible, we are connecting each author's personal google+ profile page to the content that they have created.  

My question related to what the possibilities are if a current employee leaves the company? What if they suddenly demand that we remove articles that they wrote for us while employed? Is there a way to prevent this situation or will we then be forced to changing author byline?


Re: Discontinuing authorship for former employees Brian Ussery 4/10/13 6:44 PM
Mike Mo,

Technically changing the "by line" is not removing content.  As a result, I'm not sure authorship applies to this question.

Discontinuing authorship for former employees Mark Traphagen 4/11/13 2:21 AM
If this is a concern, you should set a policy in writing now on who owns the content on your site and what happens to it if the content creator leaves your employment. Ideally, if you part under good circumstances, the author would want to have his or her content remain as it continues to benefit you both. But should it become necessary to remove content produced by a departing author (or she demands it), or you want to reserve the right to change the authorship, these things should be spelled out and agreed to by all your employees in advance. I'm not a lawyer so I can't advise you on the legal implications, but it seems to me that deleting content or changing authorship without policy in place could open you up to legal action.
Re: Discontinuing authorship for former employees Mike Mo 4/11/13 2:41 AM
Thanks for the idea.

It seems that it's more a legal question, and that we should have all content created by author legally obliged to stay on site.

The only problem is that author can easily delete their G+ profile, effectively ending authorship, and then only pursuing legal route (which I assume would take awhile) will be the only way to prevent this (and I'm not sure how possible it would be to prevent someone from deleting a social network profile).
Re: Discontinuing authorship for former employees Mark Traphagen 4/11/13 3:44 AM
Mike, once again, perhaps something to build into your policy. And BTW, the author doesn't even have to delete her Google+ profile; all she has to do to disconnect her authorship is remove your site from the Contributor To section of the links on her profile.

If this is a huge concern, and you have the resources, I would talk to an attorney familiar with intellectual property law.

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