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Panda Refresh August 19th (3.9.1)

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Panda Refresh August 19th (3.9.1) Suzanneh 8/22/12 10:17 AM
So, it's been confirmed there was a Panda refresh on August 19th, 2012 (Panda 3.9.1)

Googler Tweet:

Search Engine Land article:

Re: Panda Refresh August 19th (3.9.1) Lysis 8/22/12 10:36 AM
Yeah, I experience the increase of traffic everyone talks about, so I'm not surprised. 

You can also identify when they've done something by the posts here. If you notice, a lot of people posting here have been low quality blogs. When they did the ad layout, it was MFAs. Penguin was all about the spammers.