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Mobile sitemqap shows zero index

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Mobile sitemqap shows zero index suzukik. 4/26/12 12:02 AM
None of URLs in my mobile sitemaps are indexed. But many of them appear on search results. Is this a matter only in Webmaster Tools or normal behavior?

Mobile sitemqap shows zero index cristina 4/26/12 7:10 AM
It is difficult to know what is happening without the URLs.
Can you have a look at your server access logs to see if bots of Google mobile are visiting your site?
Check that you do not block in robots.txt Google mobile or Googlebot.
Check if the mobile URLs are indexed in search results with a different type than in the sitemap, for example if they are in search results without www, and in the sitemap with www.

Re: Mobile sitemqap shows zero index suzukik. 4/26/12 1:29 PM
I'm sorry I couldn't let you know the URLs.

I've found this problem on all of my sites. Index counts show zero now even in sites that once showed them. Can you see indexed Mobile URLs in your Webmaster Tools account?
Re: Mobile sitemqap shows zero index JohnMu 4/27/12 7:42 AM
Hi Kenichi

Is it possible that the URLs in there are not traditional mobile URLs, but rather smartphone URLs? Given that we treat smartphone URLs as being equivalent to "normal" web-URLs, they wouldn't be counted separately as mobile ones (where we'd only include those specifically for traditional mobile devices using WAP/WML,etc). If these are smartphone URLs, I'd just include them in a normal Sitemap file and submit them like that. 

Hope it helps!
Re: Mobile sitemqap shows zero index suzukik. 4/27/12 12:09 PM
Hi John.
Yes, it's possible. The sites are not mine but my clients'. One of them actually is serving the same contents to both smart phones and feature phones. I'll ask the webmaster what format of sitemap he has submitted.

Pierre also pointed out the problem on Google+ and let me know the help center article.

I appreciate your and his help. Thank you.
Re: Mobile sitemqap shows zero index Jens+ 5/16/12 2:06 AM
I am a little confused about this statement. To me this is not up-to-date anymore in connection with the new Smartphone Googlebot-Mobile introduced here:
Consequentially, submitted smartphone URLs in mobile sitemaps should be indexed in the mobile Google index (and the normal web index) and show up in Webmaster Tools Mobile statistics.
Or am I missing something?