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Google Web Preview Images

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Google Web Preview Images AustinKottke 4/6/12 6:42 PM
I have read the FAQs and checked for similar issues: 

My site's URL (web address) is: and subsections.

The preview images render incorrectly for our flash site by only showing a logo instead of the entire site. Please correct this as soon as you can.

Best Regards,

Re: Google Web Preview Images webado 4/6/12 7:16 PM

Web Preview does not support flash. You need to provide a flash alternative such as an image. How you'd fix your script I couldn't tell you, as you don't seem to use any of the usual methods of presenting flash. 

You have to make corrections on your site and wait until they are reflected in the index.

Your site also responds poorly. While urls like and are in the index, I get 302 redirected to for every one of the urls appearing in the index. I'd work on these issues rather than web preview.

Re: Google Web Preview Images AustinKo 4/9/12 9:24 AM

Actually if you read in the FAQ:

Q: Do Instant Previews support Flash, Silverlight, and/or Java applets?
 Flash is supported.  

If google states its supported, then it should be supported. The problem is google does not wait long enough to show the content.
Re: Google Web Preview Images webado 4/9/12 9:57 AM
It's "supported" if you do it right ;)

That means providing alternate image or content for flash disabled user-agents.
Re: Google Web Preview Images AustinKo 4/30/12 10:59 AM
Webado, My point is ... the google preview image bot actually RENDERS flash content. Thus you dont need to provide alternate content if the google bot did it correctly. Its a matter of having the bot wait long enough to load. It's just like other sites, if there is too much javascript on the site then the bot doesnt wait long enough to load. 

Re: Google Web Preview Images Matt Storms 4/30/12 11:10 AM
Your site does not render on the ipad too well. You might want to step into HTML5.
Re: Google Web Preview Images webado 4/30/12 5:31 PM
For it to render on an iphone or ipad you must have alternate content available, because Apple does not support flash.
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Re: Google Web Preview Images Pelagic 5/2/12 8:17 AM

Webado, alternative mobile non-flash version> 
Re: Google Web Preview Images JohnMu 5/2/12 11:12 PM
Hi Austin

We usually render the preview image after a short period of time (I believe it's generally 5 seconds, though that may vary slightly). If your Flash content takes longer to display the final image, then it's possible that we will render the loading-interstitial instead. Apart from displaying the content faster (which is always great), you might consider having the loading page display a placeholder image from the start (instead of just the logo). Some changes may be more involved on your end, so it's hard for me to make specific suggestions. At any rate, I hope this information helps you to make a decision!

Re: Google Web Preview Images RPquest 5/2/12 11:34 PM
I just went to review a couple of my image/motion ads that have been running fine in preview (no messages or anything).
Just now I went to the same preview and I'm also receiving the same "install flash required error message".
Please keep in mind that they preview links have never shown this before.
Re: Google Web Preview Images JohnMu 5/3/12 8:57 AM
Hi RPquest
That sounds like a different issue. Keep in mind that we have two ways that we render preview images - on the fly & based on cached content. My guess is that you're just seeing a temporary difference between the two ways, something that will generally settle down over time.