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Do Trust Seals positively affect rankings?

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Do Trust Seals positively affect rankings? treadall 7/2/12 12:01 PM

The link here:

Gives more guidance on how to build a quality website and specifically mentions the Panda updates. One of the bullets reads: "Would you be comfortable giving your credit card information to this site?"

This refers to site trust and i'm wondering if Google now takes into consideration trust seals when it comes to ranking? If so, are some trust seals be better than others?

Thank you in advance for your input on this topic.
Re: Do Trust Seals positively affect rankings? Lysis 7/2/12 12:19 PM
No, but you should provide https for cc info. I think the point here is to look professional if you are taking private data. We've seen some shoddy, shady jokers here trying to grab CC data from users with 0 undertstanding of their site and security. For instance, there was a dude on here who accidentally indexed credit card data, because he was saving cc info to a file and thought the robots.txt file would block it. WELL DUH.

So, Google wants to consider the protection of its users. If you look shady, then don't be surprised if Google drop kicks you into oblivion.
Re: Do Trust Seals positively affect rankings? Brian Ussery 7/2/12 1:43 PM

Like Lysis said, low marks and doing things that look shady could be harmful but I would not expect simply adding trust icons to improve rankings.

Re: Do Trust Seals positively affect rankings? StevieD_Web 7/2/12 2:14 PM

The real problem with trust seals is that they indicate what?

A)  The company is good/excellent/wonderful.
B)  The site hasn't been hacked this week, or at least it has been reported to the trust verification company as of yet.
C)  The trust company financially backs the vendor and will refund the buyer any lost $.
Re: Do Trust Seals positively affect rankings? zihara 7/2/12 6:26 PM
If I remember correctly, both Goldman-Sachs and Bernie Maddof had trust seals on their websites... and Wachovia, even as most of their C-level managers were under Federal indictment for complicity in a telemarketing scheme that was ripping off millions from the bank's senior citizen depositors. How did they know they were senior citizens? Social Security Direct Deposit. Doesn't get much more "eTrust" or "Verisign" than that does it?

While I'm here, thanks for the good laugh! Enjoyed it.