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LEGAL NOTICE to GOOGLE Marcel Lambert 10/3/12 5:21 AM
Google Inc.
1600 Amphitheatre Parkway
Mountain View, CA 94043
telephone: +1 650 253 0000      
fax:       +1 650 253 0001


I am running a small business ( This site has NEVER distributed any form of malware, viruses etc.
All software from the site is certified, for example:

However you ( installed a warning message that defamate with suspision of FISHING.

I repeat again this site has never distributed malware or any kind of such things. You already done a substantial damage 
to my business without having any ground. YOU ARE EGOISTICALLY destroying my small business since almost no one 
would download software from the site you libeled with suspision for FISHING. You EVEN did not notice
that you installed this message!!?? and I could not act in timely manner. SHAME ON YOU GOOGLE!!

Therefore, as LEGAL NOTICE, you must immediately:

STOP DEFAMATE site!!! REMOVE this fishing mesage while downloading:

and all other software from the site that WAS and IS absolutely malware-free.

Marcel Lambert, owner
Re: LEGAL NOTICE to GOOGLE Matt Storms 10/3/12 10:11 AM
So maybe Google should stop the site from being indexed since Google is a free service? Would that be okay if you did not get that warning then? You are indexed, I do not get a warning. I could see reasons to drop your site for lack of content, red font on green background. When I do go look at every page on the site there is no flow, almost all different. Your site needs work.but the malware warning is not there as of this second.
Re: LEGAL NOTICE to GOOGLE Marcel Lambert 10/3/12 11:00 AM
You are not Google's representative as far as I can see. Thank you are for your arrogant and cynical remarks. You even did not try to read my message because I provided the links (,, and at the end o download google prompts that these MALWARE-FREE files are suspicious. Mind your own business because you are not Google's representative. If you do, you should respond providing your NAME.

I repeat: I am loosing customers because Google makes defamation of private small business without any grounds. This correspondence will be faxed to the Google headquarters.

I repeat YOU MUST remove this message. This is DEFAMATION, and ILLEGAL.
Re: LEGAL NOTICE to GOOGLE Matt Storms 10/3/12 1:47 PM
Okay once again the message that you said is there is not there. It is gone. Let's use some common sense. You are using a free service, Google does not have to index you at all. Your site does lack content, I can see if your site was dropped for SEO reasons. So what is your issue if the warning is now gone? Are you just angry that your site ever got that warning, if so it is okay because it is gone. My remarks are not arrogant or cynical, they are the truth, I work on sites all day long, I fix sites like yours. I report sites like your for thin content. So I do have a clue.

Now if you want to have Google never give your site any issues again just let Googlebot know via your robots.txt file to stop crawling but you do not have a robots.txt file. Nor do you have a sitemap.xml file. So please before you start throwing rocks you might want to clean up your own house.
Re: LEGAL NOTICE to GOOGLE Marcel Lambert 10/3/12 2:17 PM
This message was indended for Google's representative, not for someone who listen to himself only, 
does not read messages, or needs brain implant. Mind your own business, even if you don't have
it now, may be in the future you will have and google throw at you the same defamation out the thin air. 

I do count your voice regardless of IQ as more than 100,000 voices who downloaded software from the 
site, you petty arrorant guy.

Message is THERE where I wrote 2 times. You are either not intellegent enough or wasting my time. Again it is 
only my business what is on the site, which I own and pay for, provided that it does not make any harm for
anybody. It seems you do not agree even with that, full of disrespect. 

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Re: LEGAL NOTICE to GOOGLE Matt Storms 10/3/12 3:01 PM
How about we make this really simple and get a full blown analysis of your site? I am moving this thread to Google Webmaster Central.!forum/webmasters
Re: LEGAL NOTICE to GOOGLE Lysis 10/3/12 7:09 PM

Re: LEGAL NOTICE to GOOGLE JohnMu 10/4/12 12:11 AM
Hi Marcel
Can you elaborate on where you're seeing this message, perhaps with a screenshot?

Re: LEGAL NOTICE to GOOGLE Marcel777 10/4/12 3:19 AM
Warning message shows up when downloading mentioned files with Chrome, not with Firefox.
Re: LEGAL NOTICE to GOOGLE luzie 10/4/12 4:25 AM
OK, this is most likely your local browser security settings and has got nothing at all to do with Google.
Re: LEGAL NOTICE to GOOGLE Ashley 10/4/12 8:20 AM
I just downloaded one of your files fine, in Chrome. 

Furthermore, I have additional security because I'm on my company's network at the moment. It's usually pretty sensitive.

But I see nothing. No warnings.

Can you provide a screen and maybe we can help? Like Luzie, I suspect that it's Chrome and not Google (the search engine) that is displaying the warning. 
Honestly, we want to help so please provide a pinch more info. 
Re: LEGAL NOTICE to GOOGLE Matt Storms 10/4/12 8:22 AM
I have dug on this site and I cannot get a warning at all. I tried it on every browser with Google as the search engine. I cannot get a warning at all. 
Re: LEGAL NOTICE to GOOGLE Redleg x3 10/4/12 8:31 AM
?? is the warning

"[your download file name] is not commonly downloaded and could be dangerous."  
Re: LEGAL NOTICE to GOOGLE informa_dev 11/12/12 11:04 AM

How have you solved? I am in the same issue in my small business :( and no help from google nor any way to report these false positives
Re: LEGAL NOTICE to GOOGLE Ashley 11/12/12 11:26 AM
Informa - have you started a thread? With screens? That's probably the best way to get help. Each case is different.