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Google Ranking Dropped off since Friday

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Google Ranking Dropped off since Friday Leisurescape Spas 7/28/13 6:58 PM
We have been making updates to which increased our ranking but now it seems that the website isn't appearing at all in the organic listings when we search for spas. Before the website was appearing on page 2/3 when we searched for spas. Please advise of any assistance you might be able to offer.

With Thanks,
Leisurescape Spas

Re: Google Ranking Dropped off since Friday Shannon... 7/28/13 10:05 PM
Hey Leisurescape Spas,
Since your question is about your website's ranking I will go ahead and teleport you directly to the "Crawling, indexing and ranking" category of Webmaster Central Help Forum.
Enjoy the ride,
Re: Google Ranking Dropped off since Friday Paul Newham 7/28/13 11:52 PM
Please can you specify and explain the updates you made prior to losing your rankings.
Re: Google Ranking Dropped off since Friday Leisurescape Spas 7/29/13 12:06 AM
Hello Paul,
We had changed the content on the home page and added extra gallery's to the website but Google had re-indexed the website after we made the changes. The only change we made on Friday when the listing seemed to disappear from the google search for spas was when we added our Disable spa range link: and which are both accessed from the bottom of our main spa range 

Thanks for your reply,
Leisurescape Spas
Re: Google Ranking Dropped off since Friday Paul Newham 7/29/13 12:34 AM
Well, first up, if I search for "saunas in Geelong, Adelaide, Melbourne", you come up first.
So you are ranking, but clearly not for keywords that you ranked for a while back.
This is not unusual - especially currently, as Google make a concerted effort to improve search results.

The first thing I would suggest is that you use a free tool to see whether and where you rank for keywords.
I have provided a couple of links below.
I have no connection with these tools, I just use them from time to time.

Without knowing exactly the search phrase that you once ranked for but now do not, it is hard to investigate further.
Do you mean, for example, that you were ranking top for 'spas australia'? or 'spas melbourn'? or what.

And secondly, who IS ranking for your search term now?

We need this information.

Your product is a pretty competitive market, and staying high in rankings for a key word like 'spas', or even 'spas australia' will not be easy.

More info please, so we can go deeper and investigate.

Re: Google Ranking Dropped off since Friday Paul Newham 7/29/13 12:35 AM
Sorry, forgot links:

Re: Google Ranking Dropped off since Friday Leisurescape Spas 7/29/13 2:13 AM
Hi Paul,
When we searched for 'spas' in we used to rank 16-19 but now we're not even in the top 300 using the (Attached). is and always was ranking first in the search term 'spas' they are also ranked fourth using 
I have also used the website and I get mixed results; I don't know how reliable the website is.

Thanks again for your help.
Re: Google Ranking Dropped off since Friday Paul Newham 7/29/13 3:31 AM
You are number one on for "leisurescape spas".

This indicates that Google have decided that your site does not merit ranking for 'spas'.

A few things to do in the meantime.

Go through your site and replace your titles with genuinely meaningful titles that describe the page.
Currently you have titles like this:
<title>Spa | Spas | Swim Spa | Swim Spas | Hot Tubs | Spa Tub | Bath</title>

To Google this looks Spammy.

You should Title your pages in the same way you would title a Magazine Article, or Book Chapter.

The same with your description:

content="Leisurescape Spas stock a wide range of spas Australia wide, including swim spas, spa baths and spa pools. Give us a call on 03 5221 8501 to find out more." />

="Leisurescape Spas sells a wide range of Geelong and Melbourne indoor spa baths at wholesale prices! Visit our showroom to peruse our great range. " />

The two descriptions above, from two different pages on your site, do not adequately differentiate and describe the content of the respective page.

Also, some of your pages have too little content on them. They are mainly pictures. You need quality text articles.

I COULD BE WRONG, but at the moment, it looks to me, as though you have simply been outranked fro your keyword due to being re-interpreted by Google's ever changing and ever improving assessment as lacking in sufficient quality content to deserve ranking high for something as competitive as 'spas' in Australia.

Your backlink profile is also weak, perhaps because there is not much to link back to, for the same reasons cited above: little attention grabbing literary content.

Even if we do find something else, the above points need ot be addressed if you want to keep your presence in your niche.

Does that make sense?

Re: Google Ranking Dropped off since Friday Leisurescape Spas 7/29/13 4:07 AM
Yes Paul thank you; that does make sense and thank you for your advice and I will take it on board. Is it worth adding more content to our blog or the web pages as well? I am just a little worried now with the drop of internet traffic; Even though previously we weren't ranked no1 I still believe people do search just for 'spas' and not being ranked for spas in is going to hurt us a bit. Is this also normal to be completely wiped from a search when you had previously ranked on the first couple of pages? Also do you think Google AD words is a good option to do with 'spas' being a keyword? But I do believe this method could be costly.
I am still a little confused when has a very similar home page title to us and yet they are still ranked one if Google has classed our title as 'spammy' and that they don't have much content on the home page. But I guess it's all got to do with the way Google searches work.

Thanks again for your help and sorry for all the questions,
Leisurescape Spas
Re: Google Ranking Dropped off since Friday Paul Newham 7/29/13 4:45 AM
1. AdWords and Search results are completely independent. So, adding AdWords will not at all improve your ranking for organic search results. Whether or not AdWords will bring you customers, I cannot say, it is beyond my experience.
2. When considering what pages to add (whether you class them as Blog pages or not), remember that the only content worth adding is content that answers to the kinds of queries people are searching.
There are almost 600 distinct phrases that contain the word 'spas' that people search for on, from 'spas' at 720 searches last month, through 'jacuzzi spas' at 270 last month, down to 'Melbourne spas' at 73 searches last month.
Adding loads of Blog pages on subjects that do not match the things people actually want information on will not necessarily improve your rankings.
3. I understand what you mean about your competitor's home page. But the home page is only one part of it all.

Also, you may well appear again. It happens that sites come and go. Don;t be disheartened. You have a good honest site, offering a good honest product and service.

My advice: hold fire on spending money on Adwords until you have evolved your site and waited a bit to see results.

No apologies necessary.
Post whatever questions you need answered, and people will help you out.
Re: Google Ranking Dropped off since Friday Jazz2903 7/29/13 4:57 AM
Hi there,
sounds like you could of also been affected by an algorithm update. Id be happy to take a look through your analytics to diagnose?

Re: Google Ranking Dropped off since Friday Leisurescape Spas 7/29/13 5:01 AM
Thank you once again for your help; In the meantime it looks like we'll have to just improve the content of our website and go through the page titles to make them more meaningful as such.

With Thanks,
Leisurescape Spas
Leisurescape Spas 7/29/13 5:05 AM <This message has been deleted.>