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Sueing an SEO companty

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Sueing an SEO companty elmersgreen 3/2/13 10:48 AM
I've read the FAQs and searched the help center. 
My URL is:
For 4 years we have used an SEO company last April we lost all our rankings and no longer appera in SERPs. We have paid over £75000 to this SEO company had I statrted giving them a hard time last Month Jan 2013 as they still had not resolved the matter. A report on the links to this site has revealed link farms and so on. The problem I have is that it is an Irish company so I have to take the case to Cork in Ireland as I want to claim loss of revenue. the money I paid. The Company also wrote a case study using my site as an example of balck hat techniques even though I was paying them at the time. Does anyone have experience on how I can present this case in a clear manner to a judge so it is easilt understood. I have a report a all the unatural links and can screen shot link farms in India and so on but I am also aware that the MD of said SEO is very knowlegable and can talk his way out of most things. However the company uses an Indian company to carry out the work and as they work with no supervision this is where the problem is. When I brought the subject up the SEO sent an email stating that they no longer wanted me as a client. Thius is no surprise as the "shambles" they have made has caused a minimum of over £1,000,000 in lost revenue and I have also paid them over £7500 over the past 3 years.  Has anyone got any advice?

Re: Sueing an SEO companty Lysis 3/2/13 11:12 AM
You're gonna try to sue someone in another country? Good luck. You probably paid some guy in his mom's basement and fell for the "we only do white hat links" thing.

Cut your losses and start a new domain.
Re: Sueing an SEO companty seo101 3/2/13 11:30 AM
How can you sue them? Did they not deliver on what the contract you had with them?
Re: Sueing an SEO companty StevieD_Web 3/2/13 11:33 AM
>Does anyone have experience on how I can present this case in a clear manner to a judge so it is easilt understood.

your lawyer/solicitor should be experienced in properly preparing the documents for the court..... if not then it is time to find a new lawyer/solicitor.

IF you are representing yourself in this matter, then remember the old adage of a Lawyer representing himself has a fool for a client.
Re: Sueing an SEO companty Niall Diamond 3/5/13 5:58 AM
As a local web development company in Ireland, I am sorry that you had this experience. Would you kindly PM the company name, as it is good to have a bit of background on other Local avoid

Advice: This is a tough one...The only thing I can see is if the company has broken a contractual agreement (e.g. if they stated they did not use black hat SEO methods and then you clearly show they did in fact use them. This would seem to me (Not being a solicitor) to be a clear indication of a breach of contract . 

Wish you all the best, as these types of cowboys make the whole industry look bad. I regularly encounter companies still selling tactics that are explicitly banned by Google...yet their clients don't realise this and eventually get burned.