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Home page penalised?

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Home page penalised? Call Happy 2/12/13 5:15 AM
My home page was ranked at no.4 on Google last night for keyword "cheap calls" (, this morning it was no longer there (page 2 of my website was in spot number 8 instead). I checked some other terms and they were no longer listed or a lot further down the rankings. The other pages on my site appear unaffected. The only thing I can put it down was putting a link in a forum signature which then gave me 230 backlinks almost overnight, it this likely to be the cause? I have removed the link, do I need to take any further action to get my home page ranked again? Thanks Andy
Re: Home page penalised? Lysis 2/12/13 5:19 AM
Thin MFA. Totally frustrating for the user. So, I can get prices but can't actually do anything from the site. Not something I want in my SERPs.
Re: Home page penalised? Zack Williamson 2/12/13 5:35 AM
Your site has been algorithmically held back because of Webmaster Guidelines violations. The first violation I see is called Keyword Stuffing.

The best way to optimize the keywords on a page is to mention the keywords in the title, description, tags and just once or twice on the page. Other than that "Google Loves Synonyms" so use semantic variations in your copy.

The wrong way to optimize your page for keywords is to try to stuff them in many times all over the page like you have done here. Ten years ago this use to work, then the standard was 4% then 2% keyword density. Nowadays, 1% is plenty and if you go above that you could put your site in risk of the over optimization penalty.

In the end, any attempt you try to make to influence the way Google attributes keywords on your site could get you a penalty so REALLY best thing is to do is just write your content for the reader and not for the search engines.

Another violation is your backlinks. Your link profile looks kinda spammy. Especially, your anchor text as you can see in the attached chart. Make sure to have more anchor text diversity and stay away from link scheming.

You have a handful of other issues that could your site at risk of being penalized by the Panda or Over Optimization penalty. My advice to you is to just try to build a high quality website that is user friendly with unique, relevant content and stop trying to tweak it for SEO. If you insist on continuing to do SEO then please start here
Re: Home page penalised? Call Happy 2/12/13 7:14 AM
Thank you for your replies.