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Re: Site Gone?!?

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madfish1 2/12/13 5:15 AM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: Site Gone?!? GoldieBolx 2/12/13 5:52 AM
for what keywords ?

The site is not gone ... it's still indexed ..

Mind you your 'irish cottages' keyword phrase is overly optimised in my opinion ..
madfish1 2/12/13 5:55 AM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: Site Gone?!? MoldySock 2/12/13 5:55 AM

We desperately need more information before drawing any conclusions.

Can you tell us when you experienced the drop?
Have you got any notifications in WMT?

For what it's worth, your site IS currently indexed, (you can check by searching site:

madfish1 2/12/13 6:04 AM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: Site Gone?!? clayts 2/12/13 6:08 AM
When did you start redirecting the mini sites and were those sites under any penalty?
Re: Site Gone?!? madfish1 2/12/13 6:10 AM
sorry make that 301 redirects
madfish1 2/12/13 6:14 AM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: Site Gone?!? GoldieBolx 2/12/13 8:15 AM
sorry madfish . .but all these minisites are a nightmare these days when your trying to link them up to the main website .. either direct them somewhere else or nofollow any links that are in any way connected to your main site
I have said this many times . .ONE large site is more effective than a load of mini satellites pointing their way back to the mother ship ..

There are also many other things you should be looking at ... such as titles, headings and definitely the number of timescertain keyword phrases are found on your page .. even hidden ones in images etc. can be a problem ..

As you have it set up right now, your artificially manipulating the search results ..
Re: Site Gone?!? MoldySock 2/12/13 9:47 AM

There should be no problem with 301-redirecting existing sites to another site if the pages that are being redirected are showing the same content. The problem comes when you are 301-redirecting domains that are not relevant at your site.

Re: Site Gone?!? madfish1 2/12/13 10:26 AM
that is what we are trying to do move sites to the one mothership ... are you saying we are being penalised because we are trying to to adhere to better practices? what is the best strategy going forward? redirect these other site to the main one or not? If you say we artificially manipulating search results then is that the reason and how do we not?
Re: Site Gone?!? madfish1 2/13/13 7:43 AM
thanks for your replies, guys ... we didnt think it would be so complicated putting everything together as seems to be the trend these days. Will have to go more cautiously.