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SafeSearch filtering out >2 million safe images

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SafeSearch filtering out >2 million safe images rm345 6/19/12 8:23 AM
Hi there,
A site I'm working on is showing ~4k images with Moderate SafeSearch on, and over 2 million when it's switched off.  Although the site is in the celebrity news niche, very few, if any at all, of the images behind SafeSearch are explicit.
We think it was triggered by a front-end redesign in which there was a certain amount of language in the page's template such as words like "hottest" etc.  We have removed these but have seen no improvement.  We've also submitted a request through the safesearch team contact form, but to no avail either.
Any ideas how we can recover this situation?  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Re: SafeSearch filtering out >2 million safe images Gary Illyes 6/22/12 3:19 AM

I took a look on your site and I see some things that may result in images being filtered when SafeSearch is turned on.
The SafeSearch algorithms look at a variety of signals to decide what's potentially unsafe, and one of them is the filenames of the images. If the filenames contain words that may be offensive, generally the image is also potentially offensive. The same applies to the textual content of your HTML pages.
I realize identifying the images and/or the pages that may be filtered can be a challenging task; what I usually do is to turn off SafeSearch and do searches for [ naked] and similar keywords to find them. The results that show up are typically related to the searched keyword.

To fix the issue, you will want to remove the potentially offensive words from the image filenames and the text of the landing pages.

Hope this helps
Re: SafeSearch filtering out >2 million safe images rm345 6/25/12 3:55 AM
Thanks for your help Gary - we've made some changes along these lines and seen some improvements.
Much appreciated.