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bypassing verification

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bypassing verification n24usa 7/20/09 8:35 AM
I would like to know if someone knows of and if there is a way to bypass the phone verification? I want to add phones that are not withing my reach and I can not add them because they have to be verified.
Any feedback is appreciated!
Thank you
Re: bypassing verification SnerdlyBosco 7/20/09 10:15 AM

No way to avoid phone verification at present.

Google wants to make certain you DO have control of the device you're forwarding to.
Re: bypassing verification ochsnermr 9/8/09 7:30 AM
I too would like to be able to bypass the phone verification piece.  We are using Google Docs in our school district and this is NOT a feature that will work with our students. There are several problems with this: (1) Many of our schools do not allow cell phones in the classroom, (2) not all students even have a cell phone, (3) even if they do have a cell phone, not all parents enable texting or they have to pay per text message. 
Re: bypassing verification desertratteaccher 9/23/09 11:01 AM
I am also having the same issues at my school. Gdocs is a fantastic tool that I use extensively with my middle school students. But I am not about to ask them to enter their cell numbers. A work around is definitely needed.