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PayPal: Cannot Confirm Google Voice Number

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PayPal: Cannot Confirm Google Voice Number NewsFace 10/8/11 8:06 PM
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I have added my Google Voice  phone number to my PayPal account.  I cannot link it to my account, to get money, send money, check your balance, or manage my account from my phone using simple text messages. To link my Google Voice number requires PayPal to send an SMS message to my Google Voice account. I cannot receive an SMS text from PayPal.
Re: PayPal: Cannot Confirm Google Voice Number Hillsborough 10/9/11 6:08 AM
Google Voice does not support short codes (send/receive from a number that is not formatted like  regular phone number) at this time unless they come from Google.  Use your regular cell phone number.
Re: PayPal: Cannot Confirm Google Voice Number NewsFace 10/9/11 7:01 AM
I believe the answer from Hillsborough is correct. When I was trying to resolve the problem with PayPal the customer representative suggested I contact my mobile provider because "I do know you need to have Premium Txt Messaging set up with your phone company to receive texts from 6-digit numbers. I know I had
to call my phone provider to enable this for me".

Thank you Hillsborough for corroborating the information I received from PayPal.