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Google Voice App problems on Android

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Google Voice App problems on Android prioret 7/22/09 10:10 AM
I'm having a few issues with google voice on android (T-mobile g1)

The first one is when ever I make a call, the screen comes up and says it is using voice, and the person I am calling. The problem is, no matter who I am calling, it lists the same person over and over again, but the call goes to who I intended.

Also, I am frequenly not having calls go through saying I don't have a data service, when I do, and it is working.
Re: Google Voice App problems on Android ratnikh 7/22/09 12:20 PM
Log into your Google Voice account, and in the settings, make sure you have your mobile device entered properly. On your G1, make sure you have Google Voice set up properly to dial all outgoing calls. If this is already set properly, try shutting off your G1 completely (press and hold the hang up button until it presents the menu, and select the option to turn off your device). 

Reboot and try placing your calls again. If the problem persists, check your "Data synchronization" settings from your G1 settings options. From the Home screen, press Menu, and select "Settings" then select "Data synchronization." Make sure Background data, Auto-sync and Contacts are selected. Your phone may be having trouble synchronizing contact information, and Google Voice may be unable to gather the necessary information to display (the call goes through because the number is directly entered into the dialer regardless).

Regarding the data issue, I receive the same error message, often. I do not have 3G (nor is it available within a 50 mile radius of me). I only occassionally have EDGE (E) and most often only have a GPRS (G) data connection. I suspect that, at minimum!, a very strong EDGE connection is required to place GV calls. As far as I can tell, when you "dial out" with GV, it uses the data connection to make the forwarding connection "transparently" and that a weak, or slow, data connection times out. This is probably to minimize "waiting" time between initiating the call and the call connecting, and to place minimal strain on the GV servers. I would imagine that slow mobile data connections would tie-up server time, which would potentially decrease call-placement reliability (and voicemail service) overall.

I could be TOTALLY wrong about that! That is just my "best guess" scenario, based on my own level of service and experience. I would suggest, if you have 2G and 3G, try seeing if the calls are placed more reliably when you have 3G or strong EDGE (aka "2.5G" data) connections. 
Re: Google Voice App problems on Android prioret 7/22/09 12:38 PM
Thanks for the reply. I checked all of that out, and everything looks good. I'm still getting the wrong person listed in the call, and oddly enough, in the call log too.

I agree with you about the failed calls, from what I can tell the GV on the mobile is using SIP to set up the call. I have something similar on my PC for. vonage.  I think the data connection is timing out.
Re: Google Voice App problems on Android moldy 7/22/09 1:03 PM
I am having a completely different problem.  I get a "Network error" when I try to view my Inbox.

I've reinstalled, even wiped my phone all the way back to RC29 and reproduced this issue on every official Android build up to CRC1.

I can view my Inbox fine via the mobile and desktop web interfaces, but the Android app is failing horribly.  I ran Log Collector and there are a ton of errors.  I forwarded the log to the developer address on the Market, but no reply as of yet.
Re: Google Voice App problems on Android Vinc Duran 7/30/09 7:57 PM
Hi Moldy, I have much the same experience. I'm hoping someone will post a fix or an explantion. I've tried changing network types (wifi, edge, 3g) and makes no difference. 
Re: Google Voice App problems on Android prioret 7/31/09 6:46 AM
Well I got the google voice update yesterday and its still not fixed.
Re: Google Voice App problems on Android Vinc Duran 7/31/09 8:43 PM
Hi moldy, everyone, I got mine to work again by:
logged into the web site
added new temporary number via Settings, Phones
removed my g1 from Phones
On the G1 removed the GV application, restarted phone
Back on the web site re-added the G1 (gave it a different name just in case)
On the G1 downloaded the GV application from Market, set it up normally 
All is Well.

My hunch is it was a problem on the back-end, google-side. I don't know a lot about how this works so it's just a hunch.
Re: Google Voice App problems on Android Eknraw 10/14/09 11:25 AM
@Vinc Duran  I have the same issue, just tried the steps you took and I wasn't able to resolve my issue.

I'm getting the "Network Error" after sign in.
Re: Google Voice App problems on Android Radar Rivera 10/15/09 9:38 AM
@ Vince Duran @ Eknraw - Same here.  the steps didn't help me either.  I did just change my sd card this morning.  Any ideas?

Device: HTC My Touch
Carrier: T-mobile
Country / Language: US/English
Firmware version : 1.6

Re: Google Voice App problems on Android sauceten 10/25/09 7:01 AM
Same issue here... been that way for the past week or so... just sticks on "Downloading"...