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Make calls but cannot be heard!! : ( H.H.H 10/20/11 3:09 PM
Do you already have Google Voice (Y/N)? Y
If so, do you have a Google number (Y/N)?
For Mobile apps, what device and carrier are you using?

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I live in the state and I've seen so many people who are using Google Voice Call for awhile. But, it never worked with me as I cannot be heard.  It doesn't matter who I call. Cellphone, landline, it doesn't make a difference. I can hear who I am calling but they cannot hear me. I tried other google gmail accounts and still it doesn't work. My call goes through, my microphone works because I make calls on Skype. I'm using my computers built-in microphone. I still do not understand what's happening.  I never got the chance to use this feature and really need your help! 
Thank you!
Re: Make calls but cannot be heard!! : ( SnerdlyBosco 10/20/11 4:13 PM

In Gmail | Settings | Mail settings | Chat | Voice and Video Chat | Verify your settings

Also, troubleshoot Google Chat, here:

Re: Make calls but cannot be heard!! : ( Papa Bear 10/20/11 6:07 PM
Headset suggestions:
I have my Microphone settings at set to my PC settings and PC Speakers set to Default. Does not matter if I use my PC mic/speakers or my USB headset
Don't forget to scroll down to and click on Save Changes.
Use a USB microphone headset instead of the two-prong variety since many of the two-prongs do not provide full Duplexing