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Can't receive SMS on my phone!

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Can't receive SMS on my phone! Esente 3/16/09 10:28 PM
Here is my situation:

I sent a friend an SMS through Google Voice. She replied to me, and I could receive her SMS on Google Voice. We sent back and forth a few SMS, but none of them arrived at my phone. Actually, there are two times when my friend's reply was long, and it was cut in half. I then received the second part of the SMS on my phone, but not the first part.

Also, I sent an SMS to another friend. He didn't reply right away, so I turned off my computer. Later on, I chatted with him, and he said he had received my SMS, and tried to reply but couldn't. I then logged into Google Voice, and indeed didn't see his reply. With Google Voice opened, I sent another SMS to him telling him to reply, and this time, he could and I got the reply in Google Voice. BUT not to my phone.

My assumption at that time was that in order to send and receive SMS through my GC#, I have to log into Google Voice, and thus the reply are only delivered to Google Voice.

But after reading some of the topics regarding the SMS feature, I see that others are receiving SMS on their phones alright. So what is wrong with my account?
Re: Can't receive SMS on my phone! hmby 3/17/09 12:04 AM
i have mixed exp. rcvd txts from some folks. others jst showed up online but were never frwd to my c#.
Re: Can't receive SMS on my phone! Sakibomb222 4/5/09 2:22 AM
I have had the same problem.  I sent a text message to a friend via the Google Voice in-browser interface and she replied and I received her reply only on Google Voice and not on my cell phone.  She had never texted me before on my Google Voice number (she didn't have a 406 number), which I'm thinking might be the main factor here.  This is because I have sent other text messages (to someone who has a 406 number) by the in-browser interface and when the reply was sent I received the reply in both my Google Voice inbox AND on my cell phone, which is what I would expect to happen.  Is this a bug or is this how it is intended to work at this point?  An answer from a google employee would be greatly appreciated.
Re: Can't receive SMS on my phone! JayNick 4/5/09 11:28 PM
Make sure that you have the "Receive SMS on this phone (mobile phones only)" option chosen on your phone setup.  Click on Settings in the upper right corner and then click on the Phones tab.  Click on the Edit button for your mobile phone and make sure that box is checked.

I have not had any of these problems you all are experiencing.
Re: Can't receive SMS on my phone! adamy 4/8/09 1:53 PM
I  am having the same problem.
Re: Can't receive SMS on my phone! Tenkely 4/8/09 3:22 PM
No SMS show on my phone. I have do not disturb on though...
Re: Can't receive SMS on my phone! Sakibomb222 4/8/09 3:57 PM
The problem has been fixed for me.  The original text message had come from an Alltel phone, but it is working now.
Re: Can't receive SMS on my phone! Matt Suda 7/18/09 3:46 PM
When you have do not disturb on all calls go to voicemail and the text messages don't forward to your phone. There should be an option so when you enable do not disturb you can make it so the text messages still forward to the phone while all calls go to voicemail, or vice versa.
Re: Can't receive SMS on my phone! الله أكبر 10/22/09 12:31 PM
dont complain. at least you have sms on your gv. i cant even get an sms on my gv, let alone phone.
Re: Can't receive SMS on my phone! jk5739 12/25/09 8:41 PM
I am having this problem now. Only some text messages are getting to my phone. I see some on google voice but they are not getting to my phone. I have "Receive SMS on this phone" enabled, and DND is not enabled. Has anyone found a solution to this problem?
Re: Can't receive SMS on my phone! laf 5/20/10 8:44 PM
Modify or Delete your CUSTOM RING SCHEDULES
If you have it activated, and your outside of the ring time, you won't get text SMS either.  FYI
Re: Can't receive SMS on my phone! jk5739 5/21/10 5:36 PM
Thanks for the post but I don't use custom ring schedules.