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Call not going through MacWilder 6/18/10 2:26 PM
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Half the time when I call my wife on her Google Voice number, the call doesn't go through.  It just rings and rings and rings (2 1/2 min) and sometimes-but not always-terminates with a double-pace busy signal.  The other half the time it goes through as expected.  This is, of course, totally unacceptable.
Re: Call not going through NoGoodDeed 6/18/10 8:42 PM
@ MacWilder,

...when I call my wife on her Google Voice number... Are you using the same phone type (i.e., cellphone, landline or VoIP) each time you call?  

If not, does your failure to connect happen more with a certain phone type. 
Re: Call not going through MacWilder 6/22/10 2:01 PM
It happens with multiple phones, both mobile and landline.
Re: Call not going through MacWilder 6/22/10 2:27 PM
I just checked again.  There is no change.  Calls to that number from a variety of phones ring for a long while, pause for a couple of seconds, ring for a long while, pause for a couple of seconds, etc.  The call never goes to voice mail.  Occasionally (rarely) calls are handled properly.

This has been going on now for close to a week and needs to be addressed promptly by Google's engineers.
Re: Call not going through rrconant 6/23/10 10:35 AM
I'm getting a little frustrated here. I get the sensation that the responsible engineers are diddling around while I have lost my ability to communicate by phone or SMS. 

It's time to pick up the pace on resolving this, folks!
Re: Call not going through rrconant 6/28/10 1:44 PM
We are now 10 days into this problem.  I have posted every place I can think of.  I have also faxed Google's headquarters.  No answer.  No help. No nothing.  Only one action taken.  I posted a strong note in all caps noting that Google is doing absolutely nothing to help.  That post was deleted. 
Re: Call not going through Thomas Campbell 6/28/10 4:25 PM
I've had this happen as well.  A friend of mine tried to call me last Saturday night and she said that the phone just rang and rang and rang.  She's reported this before.

Not of any help - just wanted to point out that it's happening to others as well.
Re: Call not going through notdarkyet 6/28/10 5:18 PM
My problem is similar, but it does end up reaching voicemail.  It would be nice ifthere was something to try to resolve it at least.
Re: Call not going through uheenada 6/28/10 8:17 PM
I too having this issue since 6/26. If I try 10times, I may get connected once. Funny thing is, only 2 numbers are affected. One is my fiance's cellphone number and the other one is 877 number I call frequently. I've tried to call other numbers and so far I tried about 25 different numbers and all worked perfectly. Just 2 numbers are not......

I already filled out the form several times so we'll see......
Re: Call not going through uheenada 6/28/10 8:18 PM
Forgot to add, I also tried via initiate the call from the web to my landline, cellphone as well as tried to call my google voice number then selected to call as well.
Re: Call not going through Thomas Campbell 6/29/10 10:50 AM
uheenada are you calling out (from your Google Voice number) or calling in (to your Google Voice number).  It sounds like the former which is different from this issue.

Sorry if I've just read your post incorrectly.

FYI: My friend call this morning, no problem.  My guess is that this only happens during high call volume times.  Like a Fri or Sat night (assuming those are high call volume times).
Re: Call not going through rrconant 6/29/10 3:26 PM
For my wife, anyway, it now happens 24/7.  (At first it happened only rarely, but it started happening more and more to the point that, now, it always happens.  It's nice to learn, though, that Google is completely indifferent to the fact it's service is falling apart.  It quite likely has to do with the service opening up to all, but that is, of course, no excuse at all.
Re: Call not going through rrconant 6/29/10 3:51 PM
Well, there has been a development, at least in one instance.  If you let it ring and ring, finally GV answers itself.  In other words, it answers the incoming call with...the incoming call.  So, after the call is answered, if you say something, you hear your own delayed voice through the earpiece.  Not that it matters.  Google doesn't give a s....!
Re: Call not going through rrconant 6/30/10 10:23 AM
I finally got a message yesterday from a GV technician saying the problem had been fixed.  One problem, though, it hadn't been fixed.  I so informed them by responding emails.  So far, I've heard nothing.  We are now approaching two weeks with the problem unresolved.
Re: Call not going through rrconant 7/1/10 10:43 AM
After two weeks, some the wrong direction.  The calls are being forwarded to two phones: a cell and a landline phone.  The landline phone rings, and if not answered, a voicemail kicks in with the operator indicating that it's for a totally unrelated telephone number.  Naturally, except for the one message referenced above incorrectly the problem had been solved no word of any sort from Google.
Re: Call not going through rrconant 7/1/10 1:05 PM
Got another message saying it's been fixed.  It's now.  It's worse.  Now, the caller doesn't here the ringing tone.  The caller ID says the call is from the United Kingdom ("+44") and the voicemail answers without identifying itself.  It's a nightmare.  I'm planning on alerting the Press to the fact there is something very wrong at Google.
Re: Call not going through notdarkyet 7/1/10 4:53 PM
Also got a message it was fixed.  Also not fixed.
Re: Call not going through rrconant 7/1/10 5:14 PM
Happened again.  They suggested I remove and then readd each of the forwarded phones.   Did that.  Didn't help.
Re: Call not going through rrconant 7/2/10 6:57 AM
Seems to be working now after more than 2 weeks without service.  Hint to those experiencing similar problems: repeatedly initiate new trouble reports to Google.  They seem to get a response.  Ignore the suggestions to respond by reply email to their responses, as they clearly don't read them.  Instead, initiate a new trouble report.  Google clearly isn't scanning the forums.  It is only responding to new trouble reports.
Re: Call not going through notdarkyet 7/2/10 7:35 AM
I seem to be working, save not seeing caller id.  I agree they seem to address the issues on a case by case basis.  My wife has the exact same issue I was experiencing.
Re: Call not going through rrconant 7/7/10 12:17 PM
The problem has returned!!  Can you believe it?  It's just as bad as ever!  Unbelievable.  Google's stock price is down 30% over the past few months.  My guess is that the market is beginning to grasp that the company is in the early stages of falling apart, witness this experience.
Re: Call not going through Thomas Campbell 7/7/10 1:52 PM
I'd be willing to bet it has to do with call volume.
Re: Call not going through rrconant 7/7/10 1:56 PM
You may be right, because I tried it again, and this time the call did go through.  I suppose having the system work sporadically is better than not having it work at all...but just barely.
Re: Call not going through atlantonius 7/7/10 1:59 PM
I love how when one person has a problem with a free service that it must automatically mean the company which is offering the service is "falling apart".  Because of their one experience, the entire google company is crumbling.....

Then looking at how quickly they post the same thing over and over again, how much do you want to bet they are from somewhere in the North East states?

Calm down, wait it out.  Just because google voice is not working perfectly for you and your wife doesnt mean that the world is coming to an end.  It's a free service, be thankful that they are even offering it.
Re: Call not going through Lukanite 7/7/10 2:27 PM
Yeah atlantonius is right, a few calls for free is a lot better than nothing. You're not losing anything, and they're giving this service to you for free. Be happy, and don't exaggerate too much
Re: Call not going through rrconant 7/7/10 2:34 PM
You are, I'm afraid, totally wrong.  First of all, Google Voice is a service, and an important one in the sense that, once you have given out the GV number, it becomes an integral part of your telephone service.  Therefore, for Google to let it simply disappear for more almost 4 weeks is simple unconscionable as it means that one is deprived of all telephone service for that period.  If Google didn't want to get into a business where reliability is a prerequisite, it should have found something else to do.

Secondly, Google simply ignores pleas for help.  It doesn't respond to emails.  There are no listed telephone numbers one can call.  It doesn't respond to faxes to hits headquarters.  It doesn't monitor the help forums.  It usually doesn't respond to submitted help tickets, and on the seldom occasions it does respond, it incorrectly claims to have corrected the problem.  It doesn't respond to or act upon the replies to its emails (although it invites such replies).

In short, there is no way that it's customer service could conceivably be worse.  As noted, the same thing happened with Dell (although not as bad) and Dell did lose much of its stock value partially as a result.

A couple of smaller points. Although GV is not expensive, it's calling service is not free.

Finally, I'm from the Upper Midwest, an area noted for it stoicism.
Re: Call not going through aero2000 7/7/10 3:43 PM
Same problem here - i will be reverting back to carrier number and voicemail for the time being. Hopefully the problem is due to the increase in call volume since non-beta Voice has become available.
Re: Call not going through atlantonius 7/7/10 9:18 PM
wow.  stoicism.  had to look that one up and judging by how you had previously posted, you completely mis-used it to describe you.


I cant believe that someone would immediately snatch up a GV phone number and then start giving it out as their only method of contact assuming that this 100% free (within the US) brand new service is going to work flawlessly for everyone. Who looks more foolish there? 
the company creating a free service for the general population of the US (300+ million....) and is still working out the kinks that i'm sure thousands, if not tens of thousands of users are experiencing at some point in time, 
the individual who put all their "eggs in one basket" and relied on this new free service for their daily lives and potentially financial stability.

Look, although you are frustrated, millions have created a GV account and are (for the most part) using it just fine.  I currently have it setup on my blackberry and save the lack of a dialing option, it works flawlessly.

Although it's not part of the "google issued required info", why dont you try this:
1) post up HOW you are trying to use the service.  
2) post up HOW you setup the service
3) post up WHAT kind of hardware you are using with the service.

for example:
1) I'm trying to make a call by using the online gv account.  I type in the phone number, it calls my phone and then trys to connect me to the phone i'm calling.
2) I setup the service by simply going online, creating a new gmail or google account, applying for a GV number, it called my phone and I typed in the 2 digit whatever.
3) I'm using a dell inspirion 810 to connect to the internet and a regular old landline phone for calls.

Start at the basics and work your way up from there.  Sounds childish, but when you are one of the seemingly few people that cant get GV to work reliably, common sense dictates that you need to start at the most basic of levels and work your way up from there.  Tedious, yes.  guaranteed to work, no.  will it accomplish more for you than complaining on how poor google CS is over a matter of 2 or more weeks?  yes.
Re: Call not going through rrconant 7/8/10 6:27 AM
Google Voice is not a brand new service, and I personally have been using it without material problems starting perhaps three years ago, when it was independent and was called Grand Central.  The account in question was recently established for my wife soon after the product left beta.

Since Google Voice is not in beta, it is presented as a fully functioning product.  Therefore, it was not unreasonable to expect it to function adequately.  It is also not unreasonable to expect Google to fix it promptly if it is broken, irrespective of the number of people impacted.

Nobody knows how many people were impacted.  For all you know, it could have been 10's of thousands or more.  Google isn't saying.  It was certainly more than a handful.

However, that is irrelevant.  The basic problem is that Google simply wouldn't respond in any way to repeated pleas for help.  It didn't do anything, it didn't say anything.  Yes, I became increasing strident, but only in the cause of trying to get some sort of response out of the company.  It had lots of options available to it including saying "yes, it's broken and it'll take four weeks to fix."  But instead it did nothing and said nothing.

That's what's inexcusable.  Virtually all responsible organizations when faced with a broken product do announce the nature of the break and give some idea of when it'll be fixed.

But Google's policy is a continuous and complete total silence. 

It seems hard to believe that there are some who find commendable such a total disregard for a company's customers.  Takes all kinds, one supposes.

Re: Call not going through Thomas Campbell 7/8/10 2:53 PM
Well this took a while to become an argument.. :)

Anyway, I agree, Google Voice is not new.  I was on Grand Central as well and have only recently started having problems (which again makes me think it's the call volume as it gets more popular).  I'm in the same boat, I use this for my main number and have for nearly 4 years actually.

However, it is free (why I'll never know as when it works its great - except the lack of MMS) with the exception of international calling.  So, you really can't be complaining about that.

I agree with the poor customer service but that's not really all that unusual for ANY company these days.  (Yes, there are exceptions but they are few and far between).

Anyway, there ARE alternatives to Google Voice by - heh - doing a search in Google for them. 

Re: Call not going through atlantonius 7/9/10 3:25 PM
wow, rrconant, you completely focused on the negative and did nothing to help yourself.  You were asked for information so that the "help forum" that you posted on could help you and you just ignored that completely and went on another little rant about how bad and poor google's CS is.  Fine, by that account, you really dont want any help, nor do you want to provide any information so that anyone (probably google included) can help you and would rather just complain. I understand completely.

and I completely agree with Mr. Campbell, to be surprised at the lack of care or response from a large corporation's customer service/ technical service department is not anything to be surprised about.    You also make the claim that when most responsible companys are faced with a broken product, they own up to it.  To that, let me ask you one last question, exactly what planet do you live on?  I honestly cannot think of a single large corporation or company that is responsible.  Not one.
Re: Call not going through RogerSoloman 8/25/10 9:18 PM
I have the same problem making international calls, rings and disconnects. Google Voice support team needs to address this issue. A portion of the subscribers of GV use it for international calls and this is the same as buying a calling card that will mysteriously expire way before the date stated.
Re: Call not going through rrconant 8/26/10 4:58 AM
Although in my case, ultimately the problem was solved, although I never heard a helpful or supportive word from Google techs..
Re: Call not going through rolfen 9/19/10 6:57 AM
Google are having a hard time with their voice service. It looks more alpha then beta, yet I don't see the traditional "Beta" logo they like so much. Makes you wonder what the hell is happening there.
BTW VOIP apps over mobile internet are pretty good, if you have this option, but keep in mind battery life is a major concern.
Re: Call not going through Thomas Campbell 9/20/10 1:14 PM
Sadly I believe they consider Google Voice to no longer be a Beta application
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