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Forward calls to Skype?

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Forward calls to Skype? BITTULboy 3/21/09 8:25 PM
I'm in AUS for the year - I've got the SkypePhone -  is there any way to answer my GoogleVoice calls through Skype?  (without paying monthly bills) 

OpenSky for 1 Year
US$ 20
Re: Forward calls to Skype? Randy A 3/21/09 10:40 PM
You can if you have a US Skype In number, assuming your GrandCentral/Google Voice account is already set up. Skype In has a monthly charge.
Re: Forward calls to Skype? slowcheetah 3/21/09 10:58 PM
Yes. Google Voice > Gizmo > Skype. Gizmo has an option to forward calls to your Skype account. Choose that option and calls will be connected directly without a need for Skype IN. Presto... no monthly bills.
Re: Forward calls to Skype? Royal2000H 3/22/09 12:10 AM
Gizmo to skype is actually a feature called "OpenSky" through Gizmo.

Your calls can only be 1-5 minutes (if the server is busy - 1 minute, if it's free - 5 minutes, and everything in between)

If you want longer calls (upto 2 hours per call) it's $20 a year (not monthly bill haha) still costs money though :(
Re: Forward calls to Skype? BITTULboy 3/22/09 4:52 AM
Re: Forward calls to Skype? Randy A 3/22/09 8:35 AM
Not to mention that forwarding from Gizmo uses Call Out credits. Has anyone checked to see if that also applies to OpenSky calls? I can't imagine that Gizmo would pass on charging the extra fees. 

Your best bet is to simply set up a US Skype in number. It is like $60 a year if my memory serves me right and it then becomes a direct forward for your GV number. Easy. OpenSky for 1 year and then Call Out credits on top of that would add up to $60 in no time. Skype has vastly superior call quality and reliability to Gizmo. I would go to Skype, but that's just me.
Re: Forward calls to Skype? kashmirix 3/22/09 2:58 PM
1. Get a (free) phone number from and set up forwarding to skype (free).
2. Forward your GV calls to the groovytel number (free).
Re: Forward calls to Skype? danielo 3/22/09 5:58 PM
According to Groovytel website, they don't forward to Skype. Plus, it looks like it requires an application install in Facebook (a FB account is required to use Groovytel).
Re: Forward calls to Skype? cubaninfla 10/31/09 6:45 AM
Gizmo no longer offers OpenSky
Re: Forward calls to Skype? Taylor O 1/7/10 8:02 AM
Where is your source?

Logging in to there is a Call Forwarding tab and an option to forward to a Skype User Name.  There is no mention of charges, etc.?  So many of the pages are dead links now just to the acquisition page, I can't find any info.
Re: Forward calls to Skype? Box7184 1/7/10 8:16 AM
@Taylor O

Gizmo5 is not open to new users.  All of the information that you're reading here is obsolete.  Google now owns Gizmo5 and it has very limited functionality at the moment.
Re: Forward calls to Skype? lovingj 5/4/10 8:26 AM
You can now set your GV number as your outbound caller ID in Skype.  GV now accepts text verification from Skype.
Re: Forward calls to Skype? Emagin 7/3/10 10:31 AM
I set up my Gizmo account to forward calls to my skype account, but nothing happens.
Inbound calls do not ring My Skype account, which is active and functional.
I have $ on skype but no SkypeIN #
I have 0$ on Gizmo

Has this been disabled by Google or is it still working for some people
Re: Forward calls to Skype? RocketToMars2042 7/24/10 10:35 PM
I've had Gizmo for a few years with two accounts and GV as well.  As everyone knows, since Google's purchase of G5 it has slowed to a crawl and very little is functioning.  I too was trying to ring GV->Gizmo5->forward to Skype username.  Like you Emagin, no go.  If I had forwarding set on Gizmo5 nothing would happen, no ring into G5 or forward to Skype ~ would just go to Google Voice mailbox after some rings.  If I had it ring straight into Gizmo5 it would ring into my Gizmo5 client (I have for Mac, Nokia n800 and a SIP phone on my Nokia).  I decided to put 10 USD credit on Gizmo5 to see if that was the problem (on Nokia n800 client it still says that it costs to forward no matter if to another phone number or to Skype etc).  Still nothing.  In effect therefore, Gizmo5 is dead for all practical purposes for the time being in terms of forwarding to other numbers ~ it simply does not work.  Google has pretty much closed down entirely the functionality of Gizmo5 ~ yes, I will be asking for my 10 USD back from Gizmo5, processed through Google Payments to use with my Google Voice account...hmmmmm.
Re: Forward calls to Skype? earonesty 7/29/10 9:48 AM
i agree, skype forwarding doesn't work.  

A while ago, i sold a DNS company to a larger firm that did nothing with it except slowly erode all the best features one at a time.   I feel a bit sorry for the Gizmo5 guys.   The money only feels good for about a year or 2.   Watching the company you built get mismanaged and abused isn't worth it.

You'd think that Google would be the best buyer.   But the problem is that they are not open to alternate development paradigms.   Google has a certain culture of software and business development that didn't mesh with Gismo5 - probably because Gizmo5 was strong on the desktop - something that Google's weak at.

Rather than learn from Gizmo5, Google developers have provided excuses and justifications.

It's precisely what happened to my company, and it sucks.
Re: Forward calls to Skype? funnyboy240 7/29/10 10:15 PM
Just get a Ribbit Mobile account, get a Ribbit number,  add your Skype name as a forwarding device then add your Ribbit number as one of your forwarding phones in Google Voice.
Re: Forward calls to Skype? Neal Young 10/13/10 2:10 PM
I tried forwarding to and from there to skype.  It sort of worked,
but I gave it up due to the following issues.

1) I couldn't figure out how to disable ribbit voice mail, so ribbit was picking up 
and sending to ribbit voicemail, preempting google voice mail.

2) I tried several times, but had only intermittent success at reaching my skype
client.  About half the time I called my google voice number, the skype client 
would not be contacted, and the call would go directly to ribbit voicemail.

3) I couldn't figure out how to allow me to just answer the call in skype without
having to press a key (which is odd thing to have to do in skype, as the keyboard
is a few clicks away).  For other numbers, I could set "pick up" as the answer
option, but for skype there was no such option.  So to take the call in skype,
I had to answer it and then press a key.