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MMS support gphan 3/13/09 12:17 AM
I know you can do SMS, coming and going, with Google Voice, but MMS does not seem to work. What about sending and receiving pictures/audio/etc.? This still requires me to give out my cell phone number and say "use this for sending MMS only"?
Re: MMS support brontide 3/13/09 7:01 AM
Google's SMS does not support "short codes" either so many TXT'ing services like Twitter, Facebook, and even Google's own SMS service can not be used without specifying the actual phone number.
Re: MMS support Dexter 3/13/09 8:35 AM
I am not getting SMS messages when someone send a message to my GV number on my ATT IPHONE NUMBER, does anyone know what I should do ?
Re: MMS support Randy A 3/13/09 8:38 AM
I hope they don't enable MMS. It is a battery killer and totally useless to me. Just sayin.
Re: MMS support gphan 3/13/09 12:27 PM
I don't know why MMS would kill your batteries, unless you get a LOT of MMSs, which I guess means you have a lot of friends that send you useless things. You can set your phone to only download the graphical content of the MMS if you choose. Regardless, this is not the case for most people, and hopefully it would still give you the option of sending or not sending MMSs, just like you get the option with SMS. I'd rather make this decision myself than not have the option in the first place.
Re: MMS support miceandice 3/14/09 6:26 AM
I've got no answer for you...just chiming in to say this is a VERY important capability that needs to be offered. For those of us who use cell phones as our primary phone (that is a whole lot of us) this is essential. At the very least GV should work like Sprint picture mail does (not that I actually like it), send us a notification that an MMS has been received and we than have to go to the GV website or modal portal to view it.
Re: MMS support Robert H. 3/17/09 10:52 PM
I agree, why was this feature not considered when adding text support!!!
Re: MMS support mac800 3/18/09 12:23 AM
Sound like a cool idea, especially if you could send an image via the google voice website. If it ever happens I think it'll be a very long time from now. We had to wait 2 years just to get sms, it might take another 2 to get mms.
Re: MMS support miceandice 4/7/09 7:41 PM
For those of us who use our cell phone as our primary phone, the lack of MMS support really limits the usefulness of Google Voice. As is I only give my Google Voice number to companies I don't want to call me or other business type transactions. There's no way I'm going to try and explain to family and friends you can text and call me at XXX number, but you have to send picture or video messages to YYY number.
Re: MMS support VCI_Cell 4/11/09 1:44 PM
Just chiming in to agree with everyone on the desirability of some kind of MMS support.  I think we should all suggest it using the "Suggest" feature.
Re: MMS support Guttertrash 4/29/09 3:42 PM
I am glad Google did not do MMS, they are working on creating a stable product first, with the bare bones features, and then branch out to add the goodie bag later. Its like building a house. later on you can add the swimming pool, or sauna or hot tub or all 3.
Re: MMS support Zandramas 4/30/09 11:28 AM
MMS is so outdated just use e-mail
Re: MMS support sideffects 6/18/09 1:29 PM
isn't email more outdated than MMS?
Re: MMS support mikeserv 7/11/09 4:27 AM
Isn't MMS just email?
Re: MMS support Shinrah 7/15/09 7:56 AM
for everyone that keeps saying how outdated mms is and how email is much better is simply missing the point.  Apple tried the same crap with the iphone and it didnt fly there either.  The fact is while a lot of tech savvy people have smart phones with data plans or have a laptop tethered to their hip the grand majority of people out there still buy regular feature if not outright dumb phones and are oly just now getting around basic stuff like picture messaging and dont want to get a "fancy"  smartphone that they have to pay an extra 20-30 bucks a month just to email a picture.  I agree iron out the basics before jumping into the more advanced features that mobile phones support as long as they eventually add this in. Like mikeandice said earlier cant make this my one number if I still need to give people another number to something as basic as mms.
Re: MMS support fventura03 7/17/09 6:19 PM
i wish they would offer Picture/Video Messaging (MMS), all (90%) my friends have smartphones and we send text messages back and forth all day, some of them being useless pictures of where we are, what are we doing, or just things... it would be a really useful add-on, athough i already pay for it through my cell phone service, it's something i'd pay for through Google. until then, i can't have my friends Call/SMS me at XXX and send MMS to YYY. :(
Re: MMS support Weston 7/21/09 11:43 AM
I agree - without MMS I still have to keep 2 numbers and explain that one is for MMS and the other is for everything else
Re: MMS support stubbs 7/24/09 1:37 AM
I'm sure they will eventually include MMS into Google Voice... but, as stated earlier - this is a new service, let's nail down the MAIN stuff first. In all reality, it should be easy for them to integrate it; MMS basically is just email - they could use gmail to handle the whole shebang. as it is, I'm routing any MMS's i send thru my gmail account, straight to my phone. it's a bit of a hassle, but it's a smidge classier than giving people two different numbers.
Re: MMS support Max DD 7/24/09 10:38 AM
@stubbs - Agreed. Good idea with g-mail.

I have looked around a little and I can't find anything that suggest google is planning to address this at all. Before I can completely adopt this system I need to KNOW that this is going to happen. Everyone says its going to happen, but I would like something a little more concrete.
Re: MMS support ttabbal 7/27/09 12:22 PM
I really wish Google would add MMS. Even if it were inbound only and just translated them into emails with attachments and put them into the GMail inbox for the user in question. I don't mind having to send them with my normal number, but getting my parents to remember that they have to use a different number to send them to is just not possible.
Re: MMS support tbone77 8/2/09 8:16 PM
agreed no mms support is the only thing holding me back from using GV to the fullest.. When Sprint gets an andriod phone I will switch to the andriod device from winmo because i like google voice...
Re: MMS support scullen 8/2/09 8:25 PM
For those of you that think MMS is a feature you would like to see integrated into Google Voice, please feel free to submit it as a feature request on GV's suggestions page:
Re: MMS support Brandon5699 8/5/09 7:46 PM
I just wanted to chime in as well and say that until MMS is added I really couldn't consider switching everything to Google Voice, which I would really LOVE to do. I am glad I found out about it early so I can stop telling people my new number is X. I am very sad. I'll still play with it, but it's not going to be nearly as useful as I thought. I had someone send me a picture today to my GV Number and nothing at all happened. Didn't even let me know that one couldn't be sent. Just nothing at all. So that sucks a lot. For people saying use e-mail, I am sorry but you really need to get a clue. 80% of the people I know can't or don't know how to send a pic on their phone through e-mail. Why would you make people go through that hassle when everyone else is taking a pic and sending it to a cell number? Google, please add MMS support and I will totally go over to GV. 
Re: MMS support clintcronin 8/7/09 1:55 PM
Apple and AT&T are both on crack. MMS is huge worldwide and just because AT&T doesn't know how to properly roll out a single feature  does not mean the rest of the world does not use it or that it isn't important. MMS is not new technology --the problem is that AT&T is not that great of a carrier and the iPhone isn't that great of a phone.
Re: MMS support JMANTN 8/31/09 6:59 PM
Still hoping they support MMS soon!  So far I've got four people to sign up and are not embracing fully until they know they won't miss anything.
Re: MMS support myz06vette 9/10/09 10:13 AM
I'm chimin in for this too.. Already sent my suggestion to google for MMS..
I'm a bit of a techy and getting this up and going with the existing SMS infrastructure shouldn't take an unreasonable amount of time, especially considering the value most people place on MMS. Cost/benefit says DO IT!
Re: MMS support DaveSin 9/22/09 11:21 AM
Cost/benefit?  How much are you paying google voice for their service?  I love GV, and really appreciate the availability of the all their current feature set, but I think it pushing it a to be make all the demand for full feature set for something you are not paying a dime for!!  Let's throw some thank you to Google for making a very useable service to a lot of people for free.  A large number of people do not use MMS or SMS and do not rely on GV as their primary phone was not design to be the user's primary means of communication.  Just my 2 cents!  BTW, thank you Google for a GREAT service (as it is!!!).  I use it in conjunction with my T-mobile wireless service and it has save ME a lot of money using MyFavs.
Re: MMS support Spoken Word 9/26/09 7:42 AM
Get over it. I'm always amazed at how people that are getting something for free are always complaining and demanding. Why should Google provide a free MMS service. Isn't it enough that they've made GV capable of sending and receiving SMS? Enjoy the "free" service you're receiving because they didn't have to bother to add SMS functionality!
Re: MMS support STV0726 9/27/09 12:04 PM
@Spoken Word: That's besides the point.

Google, implement MMS please.

Thank you.
Re: MMS support lovingj 9/27/09 1:51 PM
@Spoken Word

I do not think it is a demand, it is a request.  It would be a great feature to have but I agree with your argument that it is a free service and users are in no position to demand a feature.  However, the flip side to the argument is that at some point Google intends to make money off this service, whether its charging a periodic fee (unlikely) or mining the data for advertising (gasp awful but the price you pay for the internet era of free).  The reason Google adds features and attempts to respond to the request of its users because it is a great way to retain loyalty and build up a base for what is their ultimate goal . . . . ad revenue.

So I will now add my two cents . . . GOOGLE PLEASE ADD MMS (already suggested using Google's suggest a feature).
Re: MMS support lovingj 9/27/09 2:05 PM
I do agree with Spoken Word and DaveSin to the users who threaten to leave or bribe to join because of the lack of MMS.  I am certain Google is already aware of the number of people who use MMS so just pulling arbitrary statistics to further your argument is probably not going to help.  A simple I would like to see Google add MMS without I am going to leave to somebody else (who?) or not join (free country) type round about arguments.


Quote:  "Cost/benefit?  How much are you paying google voice for their service?  I love GV, and really appreciate the availability of the all their current feature set, but I think it pushing it a to be make all the demand for full feature set"

Demand?  No, but a full feature set yes.  If you are talking cost/benefit then in either scenario it would be smart business to add a full feature set.  If Google opts to charge for the service then they would stand to benefit from users signing up because they offer the same and/or more features for less as compared to the Telcoms.  The same argument could be made for the "Ad get as many users as possible" model.  If you want users providing as much data as possible to your service for Ad revenue (i.e. Data mining) then you are going to want them to use your service exclusively or as much as possible or there will be some users who opt not to use the service because they cannot send MMS to their contacts.
Re: MMS support Jravana 9/27/09 4:37 PM
w/ mms, google could send much more ad'd be win win for all of us, i guess
Re: MMS support DaveSin 9/29/09 3:58 AM
..."A simple I would like to see Google add MMS without I am going to leave to somebody else (who?) or not join (free country) type round about arguments"....

My comments were specifically geared to the above statement!  Sure, I would love a full feature set, but you have to admit, up to a few months ago, GV was only available to a few who had GC, now hundreds of thousands of users are able to use the basic function to make unlimited long distance calls.  I can also send text messages for FREE to one specific international destination.


I just hate to see individuals saying the service is useless for them because they cannot send MMS...give me a break!  If the service doesn't meet your needs then go elsewhere and paid for it.  You are then in a position to DEMAND exceptional/feature rich services. 


The point here is that many of us are taking advantage of the service as is using our PBX, Sipsorcery, Myfavs and the likes to make and receive calls for free.  If anything, I would recommend that Google perfect/expand the basic functions before adding more esoteric features that are not widely used.  At any rate, just the basic is good enough....Thanks again Google, I not that greedy!!!!!!!

Re: MMS support bahudspeth 10/4/09 10:28 AM
"The point here is that many of us are taking advantage of the service as is using our PBX, Sipsorcery, Myfavs and the likes to make and receive calls for free. " 
I looked into doing something like this, but at least for the MyFavs and MyCircle it violates the user contract with the phone company - there is a line in the contract about not using those features for calls into another service provider...
Re: MMS support Gees 10/9/09 12:13 PM
Re: MMS support surfingblondie 10/13/09 4:33 PM
Why doesn't Google Voice just have any MMS messages forwarded to our Gmail accounts?  Text messages already work on an email-esque system with email addresses, so this wouldn't be much different.  And it would eliminate the need for GV to support MMS, it would just "forward" it to email, like how it forwards GV calls to our cell phones.
Re: MMS support VipSphinx 10/19/09 11:20 AM
The fact is that alot of people don't have fancy phones or are tech savvy. I use a smart phone but my entire family uses a regular phone with just the basic plans that includes phone and txt messaging (mms / sms), no emails, gps, etc...
This is your people who we are directing the discussion, my sister sent me a mms of her baby girl and she was upset cause I never got it.
Guess what? I had to tell her that every time she wants to send me mms to use my regular number. Do you know how annoying that is? Telling that to everybody.

"Make sure you do your part at the suggestion box"
Re: MMS support stevetauber 10/20/09 1:29 PM
So I think the main reason it's not included initially is because of how the technology works.

MMS (picture messaging) is sent over the data link between the cell tower and the cell phone.  This allows for your teenage daughter to sext her boyfriend with a full color picture (isn't technology awesome!)

SMS (text messaging), however, is sent over the VOICE channel.  So know you are saying "How can text be sent over a voice only channel?  This is crazy talk!"  Well it turns out cell phones already used the voice channel for things like setup and tear down of calls, delivering voicemail, and other house cleaning necessities.  So so smart dudes thought "Hey, wouldn't it be cool if I could send you a message saying that you are a jerk since you didn't answer my phone call.  I mean, I just want to talk =D."

So how does this all apply to Google Voice?  Well Google Voice is concerned with the voice channel (shocking!).  So MMS got left out.  What would be nice is if they would simply forward any MMS comms ahead to my numbers as I request.  I don't really need a copy of my picture messages showing up in my gmail inbox.  Hopefully if enough people request (a few links up) then we can get that added at least.
Re: MMS support evsp341995 11/2/09 6:28 AM
When someone sends a MMS to my GV number, I recieve it.  I cant view it online, but I do recieve it on my cell phone (the same one that recieves my SMS).  Though I cannot send them I do recieve them.
Re: MMS support JonnyDollar77 11/9/09 8:20 AM
Please add MMS support in some form or another. If GV is supposed to be "One Number for Life" then we need this capability.
Re: MMS support cyberkid81 11/10/09 11:35 AM
agreed: Please add MMS support in some form or another. If GV is supposed to be "One Number for Life" then we need this capability.... even MMS to e-mail instead of cell forwarding would be fine for now
Re: MMS support kingoftowns 11/16/09 9:28 AM
dont care about MMS. people have asked before if i got a picture they sent me and i just say no i dont have mms. easy enough. if you really need to show me something email it. most mms pictures are my moron friends or family thinking something is funny and passing it along anyway, it is NOT an essential feature, dont care who you are.
Re: MMS support lovingj 11/16/09 10:30 AM

To each his own.  One man's trash is another man's gold.
Re: MMS support undressingHER 11/25/09 11:34 AM
We definitely need the ability to send picture mail. I use this number to give out to "random" women I deal with and when I want them to send me half naked pics, I have to give out my real cell phone number or have them email it to me. Just like someone said above, even if it just sends the picture mail to my email.
Re: MMS support KJinthe417 12/14/09 2:28 PM
I agree with 'miceandice'.  "There's no way I'm going to try and explain to family and friends you can text and call me at XXX number, but you have to send picture or video messages to YYY number."  Plus, most people don't realize they could send it to an email just as easy as your phone.  I would have to explain that to them as well...  Most of what I get via MMS are jokes and goofy stuff, but I would rather have "one number" for everything...would also rather have options to turn off than not at all...

If MMS was available, GV would be a complete solution.
Re: MMS support CheeseKing 1/9/10 11:01 PM
Seeing as Google Voice is a free service, I can't in all good conscience suggest demanding MMS as I see a few of you have, however it would be a nice feature to be added.
Re: MMS support pete6364 1/10/10 7:13 AM
It surely isn't a storage issue as I already put some of my MMS onto Picasaweb. So the MMS through Picasaweb would probably be something they are already experimenting with.  I would think their delay on launching this is that MMS would have to work well in 3 products, GV, Picasaweb, and GMail and not swamp them by moving around data they already keep. 
Re: MMS support hitjim 1/17/10 10:49 AM
I don't need to be able to send MMS from my GV number.  I had all my contacts KEEP my carrier number as a secondary.  I also do not need my GV account online to manage my picture mail.  Simply forwarding MMS to my carrier number would suffice.
Re: MMS support brianbri6 1/31/10 10:48 AM
i have an email address that i use only 4 mms that i can check from my smartphone and i have all the mms email address for most carriers n thats how i do it right now.
Re: MMS support lovingj 2/1/10 5:47 AM

Email address only for MMS?  How does this work?  Is this a free or paid service?
Re: MMS support lovingj 2/1/10 5:48 AM

I reread your post and now I understand what you did.  Not the most elegant solution but gets the job done.
Re: MMS support IamEddieLee 2/8/10 9:45 AM
My two cents:  I kinda' wish Google would start putting ads somewhere on the GV website.  By generating revenue, it'll remain free.  Once it's established that there can be a revenue stream, we can start to expect things like MMS.

I love GV, but I kinda' hate having to tell folks, "Use this number to send texts, but use this number to send pics."
Re: MMS support DJKMan 2/8/10 2:31 PM
Technically MMS support works. On my iPod Touch I have a friend send me an image via email from their cell phone. From there I am able to send them images directly to their phones (using my GV number so that means your real cell number is never exposed).
Re: MMS support AdamHasaVoice 2/8/10 2:48 PM
@DJKMan, I'm not sure what you're describing, but it's not the MMS support that GV users are looking for. Perhaps you're using some kind of app on your non-phone iPod touch that spoofs the message sender?

MMS support means that anyone can send an MMS message to a GV number, and that message and its content will either be forwarded through to a cell phone, viewable on the GV website, or both. No email addresses involved, just your GV phone number.

Re: MMS support Robert H. 2/9/10 2:13 PM
Google, why hasn't this issue already been addressed?  Look at the responses I've received since my original post!
-Robert H.
Re: MMS support Papa Bear 2/9/10 2:48 PM
I'd like to see Google Voice interfaced with Google Buzz which is MMS like.
Re: MMS support jdeslip 2/10/10 9:14 PM
I would also like to see MMS come to google voice.
Re: MMS support DJKMan 2/16/10 8:57 PM
@AdamHasaVoice, I'm simply using the that comes with any ordinary iPod/iPhone. It is viewable on the computer (viewing GMail) as well.

What I have described is a workaround. By asking a friend to email you any image via their cell phone you can find out their MMS email. It is something along the lines of (where X is the number). This allows a GV user to send an image from their device to the said friend. However, this is not true MMS support but rather a workaround.
Re: MMS support nullwerk 2/18/10 4:11 PM
MMS AT LEAST should be supported inbound by GV.  You should have the ability for an MMS to be routed to your cellphone device.  That would take care of probably 90% of the issues related to MMS and GV.  If Google doesn't want to expand the GV functionality outbound, fine.  But for F*cks sake you'd think the genuis's over there in the GV Labs would at least forward on the transmission to a device that supports it.

Of course, I NEED MMS on my GV Account, regardless of how that happens.

Re: MMS support Sabre307 2/19/10 12:11 PM
I completely agree with everyone. I just got a Droid and LOVE using it with GV, but the problem is that if I leave notifications on for the built in messaging, I get two alerts for every SMS message that comes in via GV, so I turned off the alerts on the built in messaging. Now, if someone does send me an MMS via my cell number, I don't get a notification and have no idea that it came in. It's very frustrating and the only thing that I haven't been able to figure out yet. Please get some support for it Google!
Re: MMS support ibjames 2/22/10 1:47 PM
I don't care if I can create mms messages within google voice, but if they could just forward them that would be great
Re: MMS support ETMegabyte 2/22/10 7:23 PM
I think one of my biggest concerns about this MMS issue is not necessarily that GV doesn't "support" MMS, but rather that there's no notification of any kind, no logging of the MMS attempt, nothing...  As an IT Admin, I get really irked (is that even a real word?) when there's a failure of some kind with no notification...  Someone sending a picture to my GVoice number and it being lost into the ether is not a good thing IMO...

My understanding of the intention of GVoice is basically a single number I'll have forever.  I give this number out to everyone, and when they call me, I can determine what phones I want it to ring.  I change my home phone number?  no prob.  Change it in GV.  New cell phone with new number?  again no prob.  Staying at a friend's house for a week?  No prob.  Ring that phone while I'm there...  Bill collector?  Don't bother me and drop 'em right into Voicemail :)

I'm not "demanding" anything, however, my thought process is that my GVoice should, in some fashion, do whatever the phones that it's attempting to reproduce can do.  Voice calls, Text Messages, MMS, Fax reception, Voicemail, etc...  It seems to me that those things should be GV's primary concerns...

That's my $.02
Re: MMS support JonnyDollar77 2/22/10 8:52 PM
I have been following this thread for quite a while now in hopes that we may hear something from Google on this matter, but to to no avail.

I will say this, ETMegabyte just summed up my sentiments rather nicely. Very well worded.
Re: MMS support Banggugyangu 2/23/10 11:53 AM
ETMegabyte,  your post is pretty much the same way I feel.  One thing you said that I didn't even think about, however, is the Fax reception. *Which could be taken a step further and become a full fax emulation through the web app quite easily.*

I have a feeling we'll see MMS before too long.  Nexus One comes w/ the google voice app pre-installed, and Google isn't going to let their flagship phone sit out in the parking lot with its pants down by its ankles. so to speak.
Re: MMS support skidoo 4/13/10 12:43 AM
GV is great, and I can ALMOST recommend it to the unwashed masses. But for one problem, I personally would be happy to call it "feature complete." 

But the lack of inbound MMS is a genuine deal-killer, even for us middle-aged dads. When our kids "text" us pictures, we want to get them. The workarounds are unacceptable. 

When I look at the suggestions page, I see not one item listed that is even close to being as important as MMS for me and most people I know. The bottom line is: Google Voice should support every form of communication users have come to expect over land-lines, mobile carriers, and IP telephony; at the very least commonly-used features should be supported first. These days, MMS certainly falls into that category.

(FYI: Forwarding calls to numbers with extensions works fine for me on a Moto Droid w/Android 2.1)
Re: MMS support doublethrow 4/16/10 3:03 PM
Re: MMS support bdot.02 4/27/10 11:47 PM
@ Dexter
IDK if someone has already answered your question or if you have already figured it out but, if you go into google voice, then settings, then phones(you should start there by default) edit your number you want to be sms'd and check the box for "Receive SMS on this phone"
Re: MMS support bdot.02 4/27/10 11:51 PM
& @ anyone who is wondering how to explain that there is no mms on the number, just explain that you cant receive pix/flix messages on your number. then, in the situation where they want to send you something tell them your cell number and have them send it there.
Re: MMS support JonnyDollar77 4/28/10 10:13 PM
@ bdot.02: Yes, we could do that, but the supposed point of GV is to have one number. Therefore, we'd like to avoid having to give out two numbers if at all possible.
Re: MMS support bdot.02 4/28/10 10:57 PM
true. I was just recommending that if a need ever arises that someone needs to mms you, you can simply give them your cell phone number at that moment.  
Re: MMS support cseverson 5/6/10 1:46 PM
I am somewhat new to the Google Voice world, but am LOVING it.  However, I cannot go "full forward" as this is my new number because of the lack of support for MMS.  I cannot stop using my carrier supplied number that does support something to move to a different number that does not support the same feature set. 

If/when MMS support is there, I am sure I will move everyone I know over to Google Voice - the other features with this service are awesome!  If someone from Google could provide some form of ETA for this, it would be great!

Just my $0.02 worth.

Re: MMS support clubtech 5/19/10 12:31 PM
The only thing that is keeping me from using GV as a complete solution is the lack of MMS support.
This is over a year old now, when is a fix coming, Google?
Re: MMS support ckolling 5/20/10 5:09 AM
Re: MMS support tpatru 6/1/10 11:07 AM
I agree...this is a must-have feature for google voice
Re: MMS support Oppman29 6/7/10 4:46 PM
i believe eventually this will be a paid service and things like MMS will be included... for now all we can do is to add it to wish list like it has been suggested,.
Re: MMS support drtechy 6/8/10 1:08 PM
I hope its a sign of it being around the corner since it is no longer listed in the suggested feature section of Google Voice Help. Just hoping!
Re: MMS support Cheeseman 6/14/10 11:53 AM
I would also love to have MMS.  I keep getting the "I sent you a picture a few hours ago.  Did you get it?".  Then having to explain to them to resend to my e-mail if they have that capability on their phone.  So MMS would round out GV nicely and help me disconnect from the cell provider and be able to really have a number for life that does everything.
Re: MMS support extra_medium 6/14/10 3:19 PM
The whole idea of "it's free so shut up" is missing the point entirely.

Google WANTS people to use this service.  True, it is free of charge  (apart from int'l calls) but Google obviously sees a value in getting people to use GV or it wouldn't exist.  Suggesting features that you want is a main point of this beta process we are participating in.  For anyone who sends and receives a lot of MMS messages, not having this feature does make GV nearly pointless (not useless- there is a difference) since those people will need to hand out two phone numbers and instruct their friends to only use the one number if they send a pic or video.  If enough people find that no MMS support is a deal breaker for them, then google will add the feature somehow.  Whether it be through gmail somehow, or forwarding the MMS to your other phone number, or even integrating it perfectly with your GV #, they can and will do it.


Re: MMS support ckolling 6/15/10 4:57 AM
I have stopped using GV for this reason.  I got tired of people asking me if I got their message, or got their picture they texted.  I did not realize that GV doesn't allow MMS until a few months ago, now I am angry knowing that I have missed a bunch of messages.
  Switched back to my personal number, and will monitor this thread until MMS is added.
Re: MMS support kriffer 6/18/10 10:47 AM
Yes MMS support would be awesome, definitely a needed feature!
Re: MMS support shadroe 6/20/10 8:02 PM
Everyone that wants MMS to be part of Google Voice should go to the following link, select "Other" under "I have another idea", type "Support MMS" and click "Suggest it" 

Re: MMS support Sylraen 6/24/10 6:40 AM
For those of you who apparently think "The user is in no position to demand additional features from a free service,"

um. What? We are the users, WE decide what features are important to us. Google's job (and goal) is to make a successful product. In order to do that, they need to support the features that are important to US.

Besides, no Google service is free, and none ever will be. You can't make money on a free product, and Google is making loads of money. No, we aren't paying with a credit card - we're paying by looking at all their ads, and providing personal information so they can target those ads. Don't tell me I'm not paying through the nose for this service, and don't tell me I have no right to demand value for value.
Re: MMS support Oppman29 6/27/10 2:13 PM
Hi Hope MMS is added soon... now that international sms was removed =)
Re: MMS support mr.mylanman 7/10/10 7:01 AM
Yeah I hope MMS gets added.  That is literally the only thing I don't like about Google Voice.  Having to hand out two numbers is kind of retarded if Google is trying to make it to where we only have to have one number for everything.

Even if it is hosted on their server and not pushed out to the phone and we just click a link that would be better than it just getting lost in the interwebs somewhere like what happens now.

MMS these days is a huge feature and a lot of my friends were actually kinda pissed that I started using Google Voice because now they have to have two phone numbers and remember which one to use for MMS (or email) and which one I want to use for everything else.

Judging by how long people have been begging for MMS I'm going to assume it's probably not going to happen, but I really hope it does.
(unknown) 7/15/10 12:00 PM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: MMS support anotherforest 7/16/10 7:09 PM
Just signed up for my google voice account, but will not be using it until it has MMS. It's too much of a hassle to tell people about the separate numbers.
Re: MMS support BiGMERF 7/19/10 8:20 AM
please allow MMS! please, i would love to cancel texting on my cell phone bill and just use GV
Re: MMS support torchedguitar 7/19/10 6:20 PM
I have a suggestion for a stop-gap solution:  If an MMS message is received, just forward it on to a specified mobile phone number.  In the GV configuration for mobile numbers, you can choose whether or not incoming SMS messages are forwarded to the mobile number or not.  I disable this specifically because I use GV to get free SMS service.  But, dropping MMS messages into the void is unacceptable, so I'd like the option to forward MMS messages only.  I consider that an acceptable temporary solution for MMS support since I only receive MMS messages very infrequently, and I consider paying for the occasional MMS message to be better than (a) having to tell people a different phone number for MMS, or (b) silently dropping the message so neither the sender nor receiver know that it failed.
Re: MMS support N.M.E. 7/22/10 12:32 PM
Please add MMS! That would rock! 

No one wants to give out two numbers and tell people, "Call me or text me at this one, but send me pictures at this one." Most people look at you and turn their heads to the side in that confused puppy way. Right now I just tell people I can't get MMS on my phone. Google Voice is a great service. (Thank you!) I don't think people should get mad or greedy, but doesn't Google LIKE to know what it's users want so they can continue to make improvements? The lack of MMS is a deal breaker for a lot of people. And let's face it, Google is a BUSINESS not a charity. Just because you aren't directly paying for Google Voice doesn't mean that they aren't making money off of it.

Also, It would be awesome if the caller ID out came up your Google Voice like the texts do. But I see in settings they've noted that it is coming soon!
Re: MMS support spawnz 7/23/10 6:29 PM
Do NOT become Apple and try to cheat us out of features for any reason. In fact, there are no valid reasons to not implement MMS. Make it happen, thank you.
Re: MMS support Frank Z 7/26/10 9:59 PM
The main reason Google will NEVER become Apple is precisely because they DON'T listen to what users want.  People are under the misguided assumption that Apple "dictates" what users want.  No, Apple "knows" what users want and is right MOST of the time.  You don't sell 50 million units of something by being wrong.  Google is TRYING to be Apple in the sense it thinks that not listening to users is getting there when in reality it's Apples attentiveness to users' needs that got them where they are.  And I am referring to USERS not GEEKS so don't bring up the nerd features that Apple doesn't support because MOST users don't care.
Re: MMS support jdeslip 7/27/10 8:44 AM
@Frank-Z Why do you write rubbish like that in a Google forum?  Presumably you are here because you at least use Google Voice and don't have a better Apple alternative.  Every new product comes with some limitations - if they had waited to complete everything, we'd have never seen Google Voice.  

And... give me a break, if Apple really knew what people wanted, they wouldn't have to advertise all-over-the-place-and-all-the-time to brainwash twits into believing they do.  What I really want from technology is the flexibility to use it for my own ideas and purposes - giving users flexibility is something Google isn't perfect at, but Apple is abysmal.  The iPhone took over 3 years just to allow people to change the background or run more than one app at once... 
Re: MMS support RuisuOne 8/2/10 5:03 AM
I would like to see MMS as well.
Re: MMS support mac800 8/2/10 9:58 AM
With the integration of GV with Droid there really is a need for MMS. If people solely use their GV number, they would be none the wiser if someone were to send them a picture or photo message.
Re: MMS support JonnyDollar77 8/2/10 10:22 AM
Absolutely, mac800, I have a Droid as well and I really want to see MMS support.
By the way, I love the GV integration with android. Just need that MMS.
Re: MMS support btate0121 8/5/10 8:41 AM
I've recently switched over to GV as my main number and the lack of MMS is glaring.  I LOVE telling all of my friends about GV but then when some of them do sign up... they love it.. then they ask "does it do MMS?"... uh.... NO>.. but press 4 on an incoming call and you can record the call!! neat huh? LOL.  Please add MMS.
Re: MMS support jentax 8/5/10 10:02 AM
At the very least I think I should get an SMS message saying "Someone sent you a picture message" so that I know to get back in touch with them and tell them I don't have the capacity to receive them. People think I'm ignoring them.
Re: MMS support bradley32 8/8/10 12:52 PM
PLEASE PLEASE MMS...I am shocked its not part of the system already.  Google used to OWN stuff...slippin. Oh well.
Re: MMS support JustSomeDude 8/10/10 3:45 PM
18 months since first post and still no MMS.  

Sadsauce.   :(
Re: MMS support Hhotelconsult 8/10/10 5:59 PM
Question - if someone sends an MMS / pic to my google voice number, what happens?  Where does it go?  IE wifey sent me a pic, and I obviously don't get it.

Does it just go into the ether?
Re: MMS support my123456 8/14/10 7:46 PM
@Hhotelconsult let hope so because if not there is someone out there with a lot a lot of umm picture from my lady friends :). let me get picture mms via google number its freaking 2010 i mean DAMNit a pain when i say on you have to send to to LAME , get with the program beezies!
Re: MMS support bockwai 8/15/10 3:52 PM
What's ridiculous about this entire subject is that Google doesn't provide any kind of update on the status of MMS availability in GV.  Its as if they have other higher priorities than this and maybe they'll get around to offering it down the road when enough GV users bail and provide their #1 reason as no MMS.
Re: MMS support FreddyG 8/19/10 7:19 AM
I actually quit using GV entirely due to lack of MMS capability.  I don't even give out the number anymore.
Re: MMS support dan.thomas 8/20/10 2:37 PM
I'm with you guys -- I am going to wait on giving out my GV number until MMS is added.  Come on Google!
Re: MMS support Sylraen 8/26/10 5:08 AM
I'm just glad I have smart friends who can handle two numbers. My dad still hasn't figured it out, but he's not sending me pictures anyway.
Re: MMS support Freight77 8/31/10 3:08 PM
MMS is required in order to fully use our Google voice number for life! Come on Google, here our cries.
(unknown) 9/5/10 4:14 PM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: MMS support brianbotkiller 9/9/10 11:47 AM
All I want to know is if MMS will ever be a possibility at all.  If it won't, I need to ditch GV before I'm too deep into it (I already am pretty deep as it is). 

Re: MMS support davemosher 9/26/10 5:11 PM
Please, please, please add support for MMS. I'd be willing to pay a premium for this service on Google Voice, and I'm certain others would, too.
Re: MMS support onlyrob 9/26/10 10:14 PM
Conversation just had today:  "I just took the most amazing photo with my phone!" "Sorry, my phone doesn't accept photos, can you e-mail me it?"  "E-mail?  How do I do that?" "Well, check your current provider's options on setting it and..."  "Well why doesn't your phone let you get photos?"  "Well, it is a Android phone, but...(I'm not giving you or anyone else my real number so I may one day block you, sooo...)" "Didn't you spend $300 on a Google phone with Google Voice and all these awesome Google things you keep talking about?!  And my phone can do more than yours?!"  "Well..."
Re: MMS support vewatson 10/4/10 10:44 PM
I need MMS please
Re: MMS support jennifer9 10/10/10 7:06 AM
I added MMS as a suggestion here:

Google has not posted the suggestion yet. Suggest it again yourself in the "I have another idea" section, or when they finally post it, hit the "Suggest it" button next to it.
(unknown) 10/24/10 1:58 AM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: MMS support Park S. 10/25/10 9:02 PM
Yeah, it's pretty ridiculous for google to promote google voice as the one-and-only number you'll need to use when it doesn't even support MMS.
Re: MMS support Heidi H 11/1/10 12:03 PM
Agree! We need MMS support if GV is supposed to be "One Number for Life."
Along with my complaint, I urge the rest of you to formally request here:
Re: MMS support geeksandcomputers 11/5/10 6:08 AM
Google - Just wanted to say thank you for offering all the services you have so far for FREE!!! 

I know in time you will add additional features. I am sorry for all those out there that are not just saying. MMS would be great, but are out there demanding things and wanting it free. ; ) 

You have simplified my life in so many ways and I have been with you since the beginning. 

What is this world coming to when people get angry because their "free" service doesn't do enough. 
What is this world coming to when people get angry because a "free" service isn't free enough? 
Sure its one number for life. BUT...
What happened to the days when a phone was used for talking to people? 
What happened to the days when the phone was used for texting people? 
What happened to the days where when you got something "free" you said... THANKS Sir!!!

I was raised like this: 
If someone gave you a free lollipop, you didn't say... Oh can I have a different flavor!
You said Thank you. 

People its Free!
Make your requests I know they appreciate it. But seriously... 

Google knows that the second you get MMS you are going to want something like facetime.
Second they give you that you will want your phone teleporting you to your friends house!

Frankly if your not happy with "free" and awesome service, will you ever be happy? 

Re: MMS support Heidi H 11/9/10 2:24 PM
I'm happy, but it would be nice if I could actually use this service like they intended. One number.. get it !?
Re: MMS support avatarr 11/16/10 1:50 PM
By the way, AT&T lets you email photos that will come across as mms. I know that doesn't help us but it could help Google with a workaround using email as an intermediary step. Then again, if they rely on that capability and then AT&T pulls it, Google could be left with their pants down.

In order to MMS a photo to someone on AT&T, it's (obviously with the numbers replaced by the person's actual 10-digit mobile number). There is a limit of roughly 3MB for a photo though.
Re: MMS support Kyle Alcobas 11/20/10 10:08 AM
MMS to email, absolutely
Re: MMS support bostongeek21 11/30/10 6:05 PM
i also would like to ask that mms support be added.
Re: MMS support Aaron Ogle 12/2/10 11:11 AM
I say they integrate MMS but not MMS forwarding... If a pic comes in we should have the option to have the pic delievered to our email. Would be an amazing feature. I would use it for all my texts if it supported this.
Re: MMS support madhartigan 12/4/10 7:16 AM
it's been said, but I'll just add my $0.02.

GET MMS!!!  how is this not enough of a demand for it to be implemented?
Re: MMS support XDS 12/4/10 1:23 PM
lets keep this on top through out the holidays , maybe santa will bring us some color for christmas !
Re: MMS support Heidi H 12/8/10 12:09 PM
@XDS-- it would be a Christmas miracle if they did.
I'm sure MMS is at the top of the things to add, right google? AtLEAST send it to our email address...
Re: MMS support donnyb 12/9/10 5:37 AM
One thing holds me back from making google voice my primary number is "MMS". Please add this feature!
Re: MMS support cdd543 12/9/10 7:17 AM
how about some mms--then I could really use my gv number.  Of course that's if I could get it to verify on my stupid iphone.  MMS!
Re: MMS support mgstoreacct 12/9/10 11:23 AM
Like the other THOUSANDS of people before me have stated.  Google Voice is kind of useless without having a MMS feature.  By my count, these same thousands have been begging for well over a year now.  I don't understand what the problem is.  The technology is already in place with GMail itself...just turn it on already!
Re: MMS support drtechy 12/19/10 2:22 PM
Yup without MMS I'm not willing to make the full switch over, even though I love the idea of it and use parts of it daily.
Re: MMS support Arkayz 12/23/10 2:28 PM
Yes please add MMS, it would be very convenient as I have people say to me all the time did you get the picture and I always have to tell them to send it to my real cell number. Big hassle.
Re: MMS support BigMcGuire 12/23/10 3:48 PM
Welcome to Google Voice. The home of "We're working on it" but nothing being done after 6+ months and ignoring some of the most requested features. Whoever is running GV is wasting its potential imo.
Re: MMS support Jim Bob 1/8/11 10:42 AM
You know, it's 2011 Google. It would be nice to hear about product developments !
Re: MMS support Jon Indie 1/8/11 8:31 PM
well this was kind of disappointing.. the original post was made in march 2009, saw there was 4 pages worth of replies and figured when i clicked to goto the last page people would be saying it works now. but almost 2 years later and still nothing.
Re: MMS support BigMcGuire 1/9/11 8:23 AM
Get used to it. Some of the International SMS pages are much longer than this yet nothing was done even though stuff was promised "soon." At least we have free SMS domestically. 
Re: MMS support Torish 1/15/11 11:14 PM
My instincts tell me that the carriers are probably responsible. Even if Google implemented an MMS solution then the carriers would likely refuse to recognize Google Voice numbers as valid for MMS. If they did then MILLIONS of customers would drop their $20/mo unlimited messaging service. It would be nice for Google to let us know if this was the case, but blaming the carriers is probably bad for business. 
Re: MMS support KSMBahamas 1/16/11 11:36 AM
Please add MMS.  At the very least, the pass thru of MMS pictues and videos to email would be appreciated.
Re: MMS support scoutconnor 1/19/11 6:26 PM
MMS is a much needed feature. A pass through to email is the perfect solution.
Re: MMS support DC MIKE 1/19/11 7:16 PM
How about having MMS messages sent to a GV number by being rerouted to your gmail account. That would be the golden ticket!
Re: MMS support Pozzi 1/19/11 11:58 PM
Now that porting a number seems to be almost completely supported, MMS must be on the way.
It is 2011 after all, the year of video calls on mobile!
Re: MMS support groundandpound 1/20/11 5:45 AM
After  all this time and still no MMS.  This is sad
Re: MMS support XDS 1/20/11 6:53 AM
DC MIKE thats the general idea.
Re: MMS support Slates 1/20/11 7:02 AM
I can put up with the constant re-allocation of numbers to my contacts (406 to all the new ones), but the lack of MMS is crippling GV.  I have to use my mobile number most of the time because it isn't very effective telling people "Use this number for calls and texts, but use this one for picture messages".   So I either miss all MMS or relent and have them use my cell number.  I hate having 2 numbers now.   
Re: MMS support XDS 1/20/11 9:04 AM
I agree , we need a solution NOW.
Re: MMS support BigMcGuire 1/20/11 9:05 AM
I agree - MMS is probably the biggest handicap that Google Voice has right now for most users.
Re: MMS support AdamHasaVoice 1/20/11 10:18 AM
How, after all this time, is MMS not a choice available on the "Suggest a feature" page?
Re: MMS support XDS 1/21/11 7:45 PM
I'd like to know this as well!
Re: MMS support ryanrworrell 1/22/11 5:20 PM
Please, please, please!  With MMS support and number porting there will be no downside to going with Google Voice.  Please!
Re: MMS support ryanrworrell 1/22/11 5:20 PM
Re: MMS support BigMcGuire 1/22/11 8:49 PM
If enough of us speak out maybe they (google) will listen?
(unknown) 1/24/11 9:24 PM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: MMS support Matt Clark 1/26/11 6:02 AM
Hooray number porting.  MMS next please.
Re: MMS support M.D.M. 1/26/11 7:56 AM
I completed porting my number on 1/25/2011. Though my SMS messages don't work yet, I understand that I get to wait another 1-2 days. That is all fine and well. I love the integration with Android.... but I was dismayed when I learned that it doesn't support MMS.

I know Google doesn't discuss in-development projects, and that technically almost everything Google has ever done is still in Beta... but this feature really needs to rise to the forefront of the Google-Voice project list.

A separate SMS (with MMS) application for android ala Handcent will also go a long way to fleshing out GV SMS usage.

I didn't port for free SMS (I have unlimited on my plan), but it really defeats the idea of having One Number to rule them all.
Re: MMS support ernest.shahbazian 1/28/11 11:29 AM
+1 for MMS support in Google Voice -- even if it means an alternate solution like converting the MMS message to email.  This would complete my transition to GV as my primary phone number.
Re: MMS support James Recht 1/30/11 11:51 AM
+1 for MMS.
Re: MMS support thelanj 1/30/11 6:22 PM
+1 for google voice MMS support
Re: MMS support michaeljdennis 1/31/11 12:38 AM
+1 for MMS
Re: MMS support rpatterson35 2/3/11 1:32 PM
Would like to have MMS support, it's preventing me from porting my number over.
Re: MMS support ronnoc 2/4/11 12:18 PM
Ok well, I just had to add my 2 cents. Please???
Re: MMS support melvin82 2/6/11 9:33 PM
Let me, once again, add my support to this request. Please allow MMS on Google Voice. I know the things Google is capable of and this is small potatoes for Google. It'd make for a lot more satisfied users. 

The more Google can make GV work like a normal cell number works, the more people will subscribe to Google's 1 number for life idea.
Re: MMS support pvolante 2/7/11 9:33 AM
MMS support please!!
Re: MMS support Eunitron 2/9/11 7:36 PM
 PEOPLE please stop posting "Add MMS" or clicking "Yes I found this answer helpful" when someone else posts it.  This isnt giving the Google Voice team a very accurate measurement of interest in MMS.  Please follow the link below, select other, and submit a feature request so its easier for google to keep track of interest in MMS.

Re: MMS support Windowman.mwm 2/12/11 9:32 PM
Google, let me be a beta tester for mms!
please :)
Re: MMS support nyc_derek 2/15/11 6:00 AM
I did add a suggestion for this feature through the link but would also like to add a myself to this list in support. Mms would make gv perfect. I'd also consider paying for a premium version of gv if it got included with google apps.
Re: MMS support Jeepha 2/16/11 12:43 PM
Please enable mms on google voice. That is the only reason I dont use it.
Re: MMS support XDS 2/20/11 11:36 AM
please add mms or atleast some kind of notification to people we cant receive it!

i have suggested this but its not even added to the list of needed features yet
Re: MMS support zps 2/22/11 10:13 PM
For the love of god, please ADD THIS FEATURE IMMEDIATELY!
Re: MMS support jkettinger 2/25/11 9:58 AM
I agree. MMS and I'm sold. I'd even pay if it was bundled with other 'premium' features. 
Re: MMS support NewtonNewton 3/2/11 5:20 AM
Please add MMS support
Re: MMS support BigMcGuire 3/2/11 7:03 AM
I don't know about you all but this, at least according to the forums, has to be one of the most requested features.... lol. And how long has it been "requested" without anything being done? <cough>
Re: MMS support Arr0gant 3/3/11 9:40 AM
Why won't Google add MMS?
Re: MMS support Radhelper 3/4/11 5:54 AM
i've been using gv religiously and now i have to stop due to lack of mms messaging.  i've missed important group mms messages and i can't believe that gv can't deliver.
Re: MMS support michaelbrinkley 3/4/11 11:48 AM

Why is it still not here.  Bare minimum would be forward mms to gmail.

Google voice cant be a one number for all if I have to still give out cell phone numbers to receive mms.
Re: MMS support tigerhawkvok 3/4/11 2:21 PM
Routing an MMS message to gmail shouldn't be that hard ... if MMS headers are recieved, strip those headers, replace them with email headers, some generic subject ("MMS message from +11235555555"), no body, and the MMS content as an attachment.  Google does something similar with SMS to email, so it shouldn't be that hard...
Re: MMS support cl14 3/8/11 5:55 PM
My 10 year old's starter feature phone can do MMS, but I can't with Google Voice.  We need MMS support.
Re: MMS support SwaGGeReR 3/12/11 11:53 AM
MMS is the most requested and most necessary feature! It could easily be done by using email attachments. Google, I own .0001% of you! And I demand that you deliver!!!!!!!
Re: MMS support DjMoFunk 3/13/11 12:40 PM
I payed to port my number to GV not thinking that I would never again be able to get MMS. Most of my family and friends send me pictures that way. It didn't even occur to me that MMS wouldn't be supported. This is a basic feature of messaging that has been around for years and will be around for years. And although this might break Google's heart, not every single one of my contacts has a google smart phone or use Gmail. And even if they did, they shouldn't have to make me a special case when sending pictures just because I am using a GV number now. I did suggest, but also wanted to rant here a bit for all it's worth.

Re: MMS support mjw1964 3/13/11 6:34 PM
Has Google even commented on this issue? Are they even trying? Have we ever gotten a "we're working on it" message from Google? Or how about a "we're never going to do this" message?

Re: MMS support BigMcGuire 3/14/11 7:42 AM
No, welcome to the way Google works. They are in control and they'll do what they want. I appreciate the overall "goodness" of Google and how great some of their products are but listening to their consumers is not something that they do well. Either way, I imagine MMS has some huge barrier that would require more than the current resources Google is throwing at it...
Re: MMS support Nexus Matty 3/14/11 11:41 AM
I am waiting to Port my number to Google Voice until MMS is supported. 
Re: MMS support Nightowl4272 3/15/11 12:29 PM
+1 for MMS. But let's be realistic, There's no way the carriers are going to let this happen. 

SMS/MMS is a huge cash cow for carriers (AT&T, Verizon) who charge for it. If GV adds MMS, EVERYONE will ditch their carriers' (insanely overpriced) SMS/MMS packages which means the carriers will have no choice but to find a way to remove all of the GV clients from their smart phones. GV doesn't want that so it would seem to me that their hands are probably tied.

Still I hope it happens...

Re: MMS support Nightowl4272 3/15/11 12:36 PM
** At the very least, there must be a notification that an MMS was sent!!! **  

As of now, when someone sends an MMS to your GV number, nothing happens at all. You have no idea a message was sent and the sender has no idea that you didn't receive it. 

I am waiting to switch fully to Google Voice until MMS, MMS forwarding, or an MMS notification is supported.

iTim is NOT a solution.
Re: MMS support GoldenTequila 3/18/11 9:12 PM
Can I just say one thing?
I'm just taken back by the comments some of you made here. I mean, google made this awesome service "FOR FREE." And yet, you just throw nasty criticism at them left to right? Really? Maybe it's time for some of you to look at your own issues like behemoth sense of entitlement and attitude rather than focusing on how nothing is ever good enough for you.
It's not the world that's a problem. It's the way you live in it. You made a decision to use google voice. Google didn't force you to use it. If you don't like it, don't use it.
Re: MMS support Torish 3/18/11 9:41 PM

You've obviously never taken an economics class before. There is no such thing as free. Google is not wasting money by making Voice free of charge. They are smarter than that. They make Voice free of charge and in return they get millions of users to invest their time and effort to provide Google with valuable information. Users provide information such as voice mails and recordings which google is able to analyse to improve its voice recognition engine(which can be sold to businesses for big bucks). They get to analyze text messages and calling records to improve their ad targeting algorithms. They even get people to advertise for free that they are a Google user when their voice mail says "The Google Voice subscriber you have called is unavailable". There are probably even more valuable uses that we can't even think of.  Basically Google gives voice away for free and users pay them back with a gold mine. That being said, it is totally fair for users to demand that their product be improved. Though, I do agree that their services are awesome and users are a bit harsh sometimes with their criticisms.
Re: MMS support AdamHasaVoice 3/18/11 9:42 PM
@GoldenTequila: funny how you criticize people's attitudes, considering how yours comes across.

And not everyone got this service "FOR FREE". Some people have paid, and others likely will too, to port their cell number to GV, only to find that MMS doesn't work anymore. Hopefully Google's working on making MMS via GV numbers a reality for those people and others. If that were an added-fee service, I'd pay for it.
Re: MMS support timkalee 3/19/11 10:21 AM
I agree with some of the posts above, I understand implementing MMS must be a PITA otherwise it would be in there.  All I need at this point is a notification that someone is sending me an MMS so I can contact them to have them email the pic/video.  Not a sexy solution, but I'll take it.
Re: MMS support chris.jones 3/21/11 12:01 PM
Saw the Sprint announcement today. Would love to port my cell number over but not until Google launches MMS support. 
Re: MMS support D-a-v-i-d 3/21/11 6:28 PM
just want to echo EXACTLY what chris said

I saw the Sprint announcement today & would love to port my cell number over but not until Google launches MMS support.
Re: MMS support Torish 3/21/11 9:33 PM
I suspect that this Sprint partnership may allow Google to finally implement this badly needed feature. Hopefully Verizon and AT&T follow suit.
Re: MMS support Randy A 3/21/11 9:42 PM
Google may not want to pay for MMS. I can't recall the provider of the SMS service for Google, but free to you doesn't mean that nobody is getting paid.
Re: MMS support SnerdlyBosco 3/22/11 5:37 AM
As it relates to the newly announced Sprint/Google Voice integration:

From the Sprint/Google FAQ 

MMS is currently not supported by the Google Voice integration, so MMS sent from your Sprint phone will always display your Sprint number and will not display in your Google Voice inbox.

Re: MMS support Papa Bear 3/22/11 2:28 PM
Google Voice can’t handle MMS messages (text messages with photos), and any sent to a true Google Voice number will be lost without any notification to you or the sender. It’s not clear whether this will hold true for Sprint customers who choose to use their current number as their Google Voice number but one assumes MMS messages will get through to them. If you send an MMS from your phone, your underlying number will be used to send them.
Read more about Sprint integration with Google Voice at
Re: MMS support Cheeseman 3/24/11 2:57 PM
They added the option to suggest MMS to the "Suggest a feature for Google Voice".  I'm clicking on this bad boy every day!!!

Re: MMS support TPnolan 3/25/11 6:07 AM
we think it has a lot to do with the v# provider and what they offer.

However, why doesn't google voice just integrate their chat service with gv? , it has attachment support, all they need is to develop a "go between mechanism" to forward the media processed through it to a proxy that would take over the actions.

most phones have codes that you can input that will change their apn proxy address.
All in all im pretty sure that if google just used 8.8.8.x as one of those proxies it would be very easy to input for a average user.

if anything they could atleast put this mechanism all into android phones atleast.
(inside the googlevoice android app perhaps ?)

Someone correct me if im wrong, but their must be a solution to this issue we are just not thinking of it
Re: MMS support TPnolan 3/25/11 6:10 AM
Seems like google just doesn't want to be bothered with the "problem",and thats really sad.
God forbid they would actually try to give people actual piece of mind.
Re: MMS support gene.arnold 3/28/11 6:23 PM
No problem paying at all once mms is added. I'd make gv my main phone in a heart beat.
Re: MMS support Talderon 3/30/11 2:07 PM
I would also like to see 3rd party SMS/MMS apps be allowed to interface through Google Voice.

I am happy for the feature, but, personally, on Android, I would MUCH prefer to use HandCent SMS.

Yes, I already suggested this via the Suggested Feature. :)
Re: MMS support shicks01 3/31/11 10:49 AM
So I click on suggest a feature and it brings me back here. Therefore I'd like to suggest that we include MMS into Google Voice as I'd really like to be able to say to my friends.. "Yes it has MMS, Just use my phone number for MMS I'll receive it." Until then I can't say that and I really really can't stand the idea of having to give them a second phone number for MMS they get very very confused. Most of the people I know in this world don't understand SIP or VoIP, they just understand it's a phone number. It'd be great if all the MMS had the option to be received at my GMail account. I guess the only option I have until then is if that person has a MMS Gateway on their service provider of adding that to their contact card in my address book and using that to send file attachments to via email and hold my conversation threads that way. Which is Exactly why no MMS flopped on the original iPhone's setup before iOS 3.1/AT&T Carrier 5.5 came out. Google it's time to get this right, it's been years, now show us a new and fantastic way that MMS can work that nobody ever thought about before.
Re: MMS support Ochoaje 4/1/11 11:19 AM
Sprint + Google voice users now have MMS. I just tested it on my EVO. The MMS is received as an email. :) FINALLY! Thank you google. 

To sign up:

Took about a week for me to get the option. When the option is live you'll receive notification as you sign into google voice (PC).

Re: MMS support chrislee100 4/2/11 8:16 AM
This would save me so much money. Please add mms. I love google voice. !!!!! 
Re: MMS support zps 4/6/11 9:32 PM
Where is MMS support?   Jesus.  At least notify us when we miss an MMS b/c of google voice's limitation.  This is absurd.
Re: MMS support XDS 4/7/11 4:33 PM
Ochoaje can you elaborate on how exactly that works ?

Is it to a google voice number directly ?

What options do you have enabled ?

What rom are you using , anything special ?
Re: MMS support GoldenTequila 4/8/11 10:26 AM
I don't think many of you get my point. I'm not dumb enough to not know how marketing works, but thanks for giving me some elementary lecture.
My point is, "YOU MADE A DECISION TO USE A SERVICE." And, "UNLESS YOU DON'T KNOW HOW TO READ ENGLISH, YOU KNEW WHAT IT CAME WITH." So, you don't call it a problem and bash the service just because something "MORE YOU WANT" isn't there. You should know better.
If someone had a car for sale, and he told you that the car doesn't have satellite radio, but you still buy it anyway, you don't go back to the seller and start complaining, "Hey, this car doesn't have satellite radio. This is a problem. Fix it." And, if they don't, you certainly don't start blaming them by saying, "Ah, you only do what you want. That's your nasty marketting scheme."
I'm talking about some of your illogical and self-centered reasoning and attitude. If you want a feature added, which google never promised in the first place, ask nicely rather than being so demanding and acting like you are entitled to it.
Re: MMS support GoldenTequila 4/8/11 10:31 AM
And, specifically to Torish
If you think you are paying for it with your personal information, and if you are so unhappy that your personal information outweighs the features you get from google voice, STOP USING IT. Or, stop being so cheap, and pay for real text msg with MMS.
Re: MMS support Terminus Est 4/10/11 8:40 AM
thank god google has golden tequila here to teach us all how to be properly appreciative...
Re: MMS support Torish 4/10/11 2:57 PM

You know that weird strange feeling in your bowels like a slight uncomfortable pressure? Yeah, that's a stick up your ass. would you please do us all a favor and kindly remove it. Thanks. Now to address your point directly. Signing up for voice is not like buying a car. When you buy a car you know what you are getting with no expectation of any improvements later on. Voice is more like buying cell phone service. You pay so much each month and part of that money goes to pay for infrastructure and shareholder profit. The other part goes to invest in improvements to infrastructure and features. This is why plans stay somewhat the same price even though technology becomes cheaper. Everyone expects Verizon and AT&T to improve their products and services why not Google Voice?
Re: MMS support C Grimes 4/11/11 12:31 PM
I hope to see MMS support soon.
Re: MMS support quicknight 4/12/11 10:04 AM
Google also owns Picasa, right? I'm not a programmer/developer, but how difficult would it actually be to link your Picasa and Google Voice account similiar to what Sprint does as miceandice mentioned?

In the meantime, stubbs, I'd be interested if you can explain how you are linking your MMS to your gmail account.  Would you be willing to explain or post a link to a tutorial that does?

I recently got an iPhone on Verizon and am still in the 14-day period trying to determine if I can survive on GV only. I'm adding on to a friend's family plan, so at $40, the costs ($9.99 for voice and $29.99 for data) are going to save me a lot of money while providing UL voice and texts with the GV app.  No, I'm not DEMANDING the service.  Quite frankly, I could live without it. Most of my friends and family also have smart phones and could just as easily email the photo to me. 

The problem with emailing photos comes when people don't upload them to services like Flickr and Picasa and end up flooding your inbox. MMS (at least for Sprint) does that automatically. While I'm on Sprint, the other thing that folks with feature (or dumb) phones can do is just MMS the photo directly to your email (gmail?) address instead of the phone number.  I agree, most people I've asked are too confused/lazy/ignorant to do this, but I'm just sayin'....
Re: MMS support quicknight 4/12/11 10:15 AM
for those who care, here is the list of SMS and MMS "gateways."  It's a long list, but I've checked and it includes TMo, ATT, VZW & Sprint, among other. Here is the link:
Re: MMS support quicknight 4/12/11 10:22 AM
@ Ochoaje, should i interpret the fact that you decided to post on April Fools day? Are you BSing me??
Re: MMS support XDS 4/12/11 10:55 AM
all i know is it isnt right that sprint users get that functionality and we (who have been using googlevoice for so long) cant
Re: MMS support cobrabkex 4/14/11 6:08 PM
Hey everybody I just noticed that on the Google Voice suggestion page they FINALLY added an option to click on to "Send and receive MMS".

Before you had to manually request it, but finally they made it a clickable option.  This may finally mean they are in the verge of either working on it or maybe already doing so?

Please go click this option with all of your Gmail accounts!  The more the better!

Re: MMS support GoldenTequila 4/15/11 12:01 PM
You know. For someone who thinks of himself so smart, I'm amazed that you fail to see what a fool you are making yourself.
First, google voice is not like siging up for a cell phone service. There is nowhere in their terms and conditions about you paying for infrastructure. So, stop your nonsense.
And, let's say you are 100% right about everything you are saying for the sake of arguement. That actually makes you a bigger fool. You knew all that and still decided to sign up for it? Huh? Very smart. LOL.
By the way, I've never used any cussing toward anyone here, and if you believe you are as sophisticated as you think, learn to have a conversation like an adult. Your childish name calling is really immature.
Re: MMS support Torish 4/15/11 7:53 PM

First let me remind you that I agree with you that many of the criticisms in this forum are too harsh. I agree with you that the blinding sense of entitlement displayed in those posts is nauseating. However, there is a difference between a sense of entitlement (e.g. douches) and an expectation of improvement (e.g. me). Please keep this in mind before you go off on me again.

Secondly, I wasn't talking about terms and conditions. I was talking about reality. The terms could say that you're paying for protection from the Great Pink Unicorn, but the fact is that the company uses the money they get from customers to improve service so that they can keep prices the same.

Thirdly, of course I still signed up for Voice. I am one of the biggest Google fanboys out there. I love Google. Google Voice is awesome despite this small shortcoming. I don't stop using it because I think it is worth the investment of time and personal information and I fully expect Google to implement this feature soon. That in no way means that I should just shut up and accept the status quo. That is an Apple mindset. Google would be ashamed to know it has users that subscribe to it.

Lastly, name calling? Wow, your ability to believe something that you made up is amazing. The truth is I haven't called you any names. You, on the other hand, called me a fool and childish in the very post in which you accuse me. Who is being immature now?
Re: MMS support GoldenTequila 4/16/11 2:03 AM
A fool and childish are not name calling, especially when they are true, buddy. A fool and childish are normal English vocabulary that do not innately carry insultive elements. They are used in many literature and contexts appropriately, like I did. You, on the other hand, making a derogatory comment such as, "You know that weird strange feeling in your bowels like a slight uncomfortable pressure? Yeah, that's a stick up your ass," is an offensive statement no matter how anyone looks at it. And, yea, I guess it's not really a name calling (pardon me). It's actually worse because it's more childish and offensive. So, before you go off with your narcissism again, please take some English literature class and social communication training or something.
And, by the way, I never told you to "shut up and accept the status quo." In fact, I never even said anything to "you" in the first place. It was "you" who began this whole thing by taking offense from "my general post," taking it personal, and began making some unsolicited lectures all over. Have you ever heard of a saying, "Shallow brooks are noisy?"
Anyway, I really can care less what you are unhappy about or what you end up doing with google voice. You can keep going with all your big talks, but in the end, it still doesn't change the fact that it was you who signed up for it and it is you who keep using it. In my very first post in this thread, I only spoke to those who were making unfair or even mean comments at/about Google. I never said we should not ask for improvements. And, if you were not one of those people, It was your mistake to respond to it. If you like google, good for you. I don't even like google (nor do I dislike them). I simply pointed out how "some" users in this thread were making nasty comments about google, which reflected their sense of entitlement. Again, if you were not one of those people, you had no business sending me any messages. I'll repeat myself one more time. Please take some English literature class and maybe read more carefully before you jump on someone, no matter how hard it is to hold back your big ego and desire to show off how knowledgeable you think you are.
I hate to be rude, but I've got no more time to waste on someone like you, so I will not read or respond to your future posts. Take good care of yourself.   ;)
Re: MMS support Torish 4/16/11 5:29 PM
It's too bad that you wont read this because I have had somewhat of a change of heart. After re-reading our back and forth it is clear to me that your initial post was directed solely at those with a "behemoth sense of entitlement". In my initial response my only issue was your use of the word "Free". Considering the following escalation I now regret the rude remark about taking an economic class. Then, in your next posts, one of which you address me personally, I took offense to the attitude of "you chose to use it so you should know better" and "you don't like it, don't use it". Then the rest is purely unnecessary escalation on both our parts. I hope now you see that my ego isn't so big and that I am willing to see my mistakes. I place primary blame on my initial rude remark as the cause of the escalation. This is followed closely by our mutual unwillingness to try to see each other's points and our desire to one up each other. For this I offer an apology. I honestly believe that perhaps we could have come to an agreement had we not set up such a hostile environment. Hopefully we both can learn from this and maybe even continue a discussion civilly. Thank you for your final post which made me take a step back and review our behavior to change my mind a bit. 

P.S. You have to admit, my "stick up your ass" comment was pretty clever. ;-)
Re: MMS support cobrabkex 4/16/11 5:31 PM
Both users have been reported for abuse.  This is a forum for users that are requesting MMS to have their constructive input, not for two people to battle their own personal problems.  Leave this forum and take it somewhere else.
Re: MMS support Torish 4/17/11 2:01 PM

Personally, I think it is constructive for people to know why it is okay for them to expect improvements to Google Voice especially for such a desired feature as MMS. If you review our exchange you will see that our posts (well, mine at least) focused primarily on that subject. Sure it was heated, but most debates are. Just because you don't like the words we use doesn't make it abuse. Just for curiosity's sake may I ask which abuse type you selected because I don't see which one our posts would apply to.
Re: MMS support Scootincivic 4/17/11 3:29 PM
Put it this way..
SMS and MMS go hand to hand..
Its like peanut butter & jelly..
Peanut Butter on bread is good by it self & so is a plain old jelly sandwich..
However put them both together and you have one damn good snack..

The same goes with MMS..
Its great to have the option to add a picture or an audio message through a text message..
With out it all you get is either a PB sandwich or a Jelly sandwich but not both at the same time..

Sure hope Google can add MMS as it would help out a great deal for everyone~
Re: MMS support BigMcGuire 4/18/11 7:56 AM
Ditto, it's been long enough. You'd think putting a simple if statement in there would solve things... If (textmsg == MMS) {ForwardMsgtoUsrEmail();} else {SendTxtMsg();) .... lol 
Re: MMS support Torish 4/21/11 11:33 AM
After hearing that MMS works with Sprint users who integrate their service it seems clear that the problem is with the carriers. It makes sense considering that Voice is a huge threat to their unlimited SMS plans. I think it would be best for everyone to call or write to their carrier to encourage them to support Google Voice. Hopefully this Sprint partnership will make the other carriers realize that people want this.
Re: MMS support Jasperwill 4/23/11 1:26 PM
If google implements MMS messaging then 2 of my friends will be able to stop paying for txt messaging! it would save them each 10-20$ per month.
as soon as this is implemented i will switch to using my GV number for everything as my primary number, and it will solidify me buying android devices (not that i wasnt already planning that)
Re: MMS support daboodah2 4/28/11 11:39 AM
Just to be clear, for those that use Sprint and integrate it with Voice, MMS only works because your Voice and Sprint numbers essentially are identical once you integrate them.  You still will not see MMS messages through the Google Voice interface (in full-blown web browser or mobile app), but you will receive MMS in your standard Sprint messages app.
Re: MMS support cesierra 4/28/11 12:52 PM
same as with mms,  does international sms keep working as usual?
Re: MMS support TPnolan 4/30/11 9:19 AM
i just got word i cant believe mms isnt available SCREW THIS!
Re: MMS support mikeinsf 5/10/11 5:59 PM
I'm a user of many Google services, but not Voice. Lack of MMS support is a deal breaker. As others have already stated, I'm not going to maintain two separate numbers and have to explain to people "yeah but use this one if you want to send me photos". Yeah right, like that's gonna work. I like the other features of GVoice a lot, but not enough to sacrifice something as central as MMS.
Re: MMS support BigMcGuire 5/11/11 8:07 AM
Sad... 6 pages and no word from Google. All the International SMS threads were closed too and they were pretty big. I'm kinda done with this. Sad to see such potential wasted. 
Re: MMS support scooter217217 5/11/11 8:10 AM
It would be nice to at least have your friends get a bounce back stating the mms did not go through or even at least receiving the text but striping the image.  For the mms to just vanish isn't good.  If they did this at least for now, I would port my sprint number over but I cant afford to miss mms at work to my cell.
Re: MMS support jakegnyc2 5/11/11 5:58 PM
Agreed: MMS is so important!
Re: MMS support ssims 5/20/11 6:10 PM
If they can't offer forwarding of MMS maybe they can explore accepting the MMS message and sending it to us via GMail as an attachment?
Re: MMS support vlcmpunk 5/24/11 11:35 AM
MMS would be a great feature!!!! Please integrate into GV 
Re: MMS support cobrabkex 5/24/11 1:46 PM
I just wanted to advise again since it got lost into the unnecessary comments earlier, Google has finally added "send and receive MMS" as one of the clickable options on the requests page.  So maybe if enough people click it they will make it a priority.  Please click on it at:

Re: MMS support Brian B. 5/25/11 8:19 AM
Please Google - we need MMS support.  At the VERY least - forward my inbound MMS to my Gmail so they aren't lost in the abyss.
Re: MMS support BigMcGuire 5/27/11 6:28 AM
@ cobrabkex - Nice catch. Agreed. Everyone go to - and vote for MMS.
Re: MMS support Jake Agrees 6/3/11 10:12 AM
I was not aware of the MMS limitation.  I recently spent $10 on a GV number and I would not have bothered if I had known this.  At the very least, a notification to either me or the sender would have been nice (I admit, I don't know the technical limitations to providing this).

Unfortunately, have to leave GV because of this.  Now I have to tell everybody to update my phone number a second time within a week, and I lose all my account synchronization with Gmail.  What a shame.
Re: MMS support TheGayBooSC 6/4/11 5:13 PM
As for the battery drain comment, it could have the option to only deliver the MMS messages to the desktop instead of the phone.  Allowing you to have MMS for desktop and for phone.
Re: MMS support Cheeseman 6/6/11 2:46 PM
It would be nice if Google can post an update on where they are with MMS.  Come on Google, drop us a lifeline!
(unknown) 6/11/11 4:45 PM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: MMS support bigbadunix 6/14/11 4:48 PM
It's too bad that good threads get polluted by opinion.  Most folks are looking for facts.  If everyone worked *together* to achieve solutions, we'd have tomorrow's problems solved today.
Re: MMS support rainwater 6/15/11 10:18 PM
@bigbadunix: There really isn't much to discuss since only Google can provide this feature and they have not provided any details on if/when MMS will ever be available on GV.  
Re: MMS support zps 6/16/11 11:19 AM
It is so infuriating that we do not have this feature on Google Voice, and not even notices of missed MMS.  What a pure, utter product fail.   Everyone go to - and vote for MMS.
Re: MMS support zirc 6/21/11 7:56 PM
wow I just ported my # to google voice, have loved it so far but I should have done my homework!! No MMS?!? Ahh! I guess I can send them with the GV Mobile app but I can't receive :(
Re: MMS support 210neo 6/22/11 8:41 AM
I wanted to post and let everyone know that according to the google help thread.. that this post is answered.
Re: MMS support ac_k 6/23/11 4:51 AM
Anyone who wants to port their Google Voice number out to another provider, you can do so using the information located here:
I quote:
Port your number out of Google Voice

Your Google Voice number is automatically locked to prevent it from being ported out without your consent. Before you can port your Google Voice number to another service provider you must first unlock it.

There is a one time $3 fee to port your number away from Google Voice. For users who ported their mobile numbers into Google Voice, the fee is waived.

To unlock your number simply:

  1. Go to and sign into your Google Voice account.
  2. If you only have one Google Voice number click Unlock my number underneath your Google Voice number. If you have more than one number, select the number you wish to port away from the drop down menu and then click Unlock my number.
  3. Click Continue to confirm that you wish to unlock your number.
  4. Sign into Google Checkout to complete your port out process.

Once you're done your Google Voice number is ready to be ported out.

You can then initiate the port with your new service provider (you can use your Google Voice number as your account number).

If you initiate the port before unlocking your number, the port will be blocked and we will email you with the unlocking instructions.
----End Quote----
Re: MMS support zps 7/3/11 10:42 PM
just missed 3 more MMS messages in google voice.  so lame.  
Re: MMS support j_r_nay 7/6/11 7:21 PM
Just give me MMS forwarding to the e-mail address on file with Google Voice and that would work perfectly enough. I am a former GrandCentral user so I have my Hotmail address linked to everything on Google, including Google Voice, so MMS to my Hotmail would be more than sufficient and wouldn't be hard for Google to implement I believe.
Re: MMS support August29of73 7/8/11 10:12 AM
At the very least, Google Voice should allow you to send and receive pics from gmail, using your GV #
Re: MMS support matthewkgee 7/15/11 12:16 PM
Not only does Google Voice not accept MMS but neither the sender or myself gets an error message...??? So they think i got the pic and i did not.  This has caused some issues for me.  I would prefer not to use my cell number at all but this one little thing is holding me back from escaping my cell number forever ! ! !
Re: MMS support breinicke 7/17/11 12:17 AM
I just went through hell porting my number from Verizon to GV.  It did not even cross my mind that something like MMS was not supported, as I've been spoiled into taking it for granted for about eight years now.
With a baby on the way, I know I'll be wanting to pix message like crazy to my family and now I can't help but regret the WWIII that I had with customer service getting my number ported.
I'm kind of pissed that with all the amazing features available already, this isn't supported.
Re: MMS support JonIndie 7/17/11 6:50 AM
Just give me MMS forwarding to the e-mail address on file with Google Voice and that would work perfectly enough. (2)

I think this would be awesome.. I'd almost prefer it over MMS
Re: MMS support cobrabkex 7/17/11 7:50 AM
I don't think it would make any difference as to the way it is distributed.  Simple fact is that Google needs to get this in gear and get MMS to be accepted to receive.

I don't know if it would be possible to have MMS forward to a cell phone if you have "receive text messages on this phone" turned on for your mobile phone (but I hope it would be possible!).  But it definitely should be able to be received directly to the Google Voice client.  This would include the web browser version, Android, iPhone, and Blackberry apps.  There should also be an option to forward it to Gmail, just like the text forwarding option (this should be a separate option from text forwarding because I may want MMS to forward to Gmail but not text, mainly for backup purposes).

If it is not possible to forward to phones via the "receive text messages on this phone" option or if there is troubles doing it with certain providers, then it should either just hold it in the Google Voice web site or also accessible via email if the forward to Gmail option is turned on.  If that is the case, then the user should receive a text stating that a certain user sent you an MMS picture so you know to go check the website/Gmail through your mobile browser or computer at that time or later.  This should hopefully be accessible through a non-smartphone browser too (note that those users will need a data plan on the phone otherwise the cell phone carrier will gouge you with data fees).

Also as mentioned you should be able to send MMS too, through the website or Android/iPhone/BB apps.  If it is possible to send using the phone's internal messaging program just as stated above to receive, then hopefully the same thing would be possible for the user sending MMS using the phone's internal messaging program.

But all users should still go and click on the "Send and Receive MMS" suggestion at the below link.  It used to not be on there, so since they now put it there, this makes me think they are working on some sort of solution now anyway.  Hopefully they get it working!

Suggest it at:

Re: MMS support breinicke 7/17/11 2:38 PM
I think having them populate a private Picasa album would also be a reasonable product integration, too.
Would be cool if there would be a send option out of Picasa.  This is the pie-in-the-sky solution, though.  I'd be happy with the gmail too!  Just having SOMETHING to at least receive them.  I'd be willing to take on the work of slowly collecting the "email addresses" for my contacts phones to send them, too.
Re: MMS support gkao 7/19/11 1:54 PM
Are you kidding me?  2 years, and GV still doesn't support MMS?  Why is everyone still waiting for this to happen?  With all the resources Google has, if it's not done in 2 years, it's probably not going to happen at all.  I haven't seen any official words from Google either about this feature.  Come on, people.  Accept that GV doesn't support MMS, and move on.

Re: MMS support AdamHasaVoice 7/19/11 1:59 PM
gkao, the fact that GV doesn't support MMS is a problem, but it's compounded by the fact that any MMS sent to a GV number falls into a black hole, with no notification to the sender that it fails, and no way for the intended receiver to know an MMS was attempted. 
Re: MMS support breinicke 7/19/11 4:54 PM
It has been added on the board entry where you can officially enter it as a feature request.
That is at least a step in the direction of Google acknowledging that it is a hot requested item.
I agree that it is a shock that with Google's resources it is not available yet, but I can't see how they can never do it and want to be taken seriously as a phone service.
Just be sure to cast your vote here:
Re: MMS support gkao 7/19/11 9:18 PM
I completely agree with you guys. Trust me, I was one of the early adopters of GV. And yes, I submitted my vote back in 2009 for this feature. I'm just being realistic. With a company like Google, and a feature like MMS, if it's not done by now, it's not because they don't know how. It's because of other reasons, be it political, strategic, or otherwise. I want MMS to be integrated into GV as much as anyone. But seriously, there are reasons why it's not implemented yet, and there isn't much we can do about those obstacles they face internally.

What would be great is to find a work-around. You'd think some people much smarter than us (or at least me) would have discovered a work-around by now.

Re: MMS support BigMcGuire 7/23/11 7:05 AM
You guys are right.... it doesn't take a lot of effort programming wise to do these modifications that at least prevent MMS from "falling into a black hole." I know a bit of programming and trust me, I know someone at Google could easily add this feature. I think major cellular carriers are <blank>ing their pants over the fact that they are charging $20/month for MMS when Google could be offering it for free. They have to have something to do with Google not offering this feature. Just like VOIP. Google could EASILY offer Google Voice Voip if they wanted to, but then that would make Verizon Wireless charging $60/month for X minutes pointless, again making wireless carriers <cough> their pants.

Wireless carriers are making INSANE amounts of money off you people in terms of SMS, international SMS, MMS, and voice minutes on a wireless system that was designed back in the 80s. Sure 4G is coming out but come on.... charging $.20 for a text message that doesn't even use any data? Just the fact that Google offers SMS for free has to be affecting wireless carriers. They know they are the old landline telephone of 2011.... it's just a matter of time before they lose their monopoly.

I'm just disappointed at Google for holding back. Is Google getting $$$ from wireless carriers to prevent MMS features? What else would be stopping Google from doing this? Google makes $$$ off of us using their services so why not offer MMS and double (probably) their userbase? It doens't make sense.....
Re: MMS support luke87gt 7/28/11 11:01 AM
Hi Folks, just signed up for GV and think it's a great service for the most part! Like almost everyone is saying above, I am extremely dissappointed that MMS is not supported. Furthermore, it's one thing to not support it, but it's another to not even notify the user than anything came in! Talk about a compromise! Nobody wants their family/friends/co-workers to think they are being ignored! Here is how I see it and I bet I am not alone:
1.) GV does not support MMS (ok, fine)
2.) GV does not notify that receiver that an MMS was attempted (NOT GOOD!)
3.) GV does not notify the sender that the MMS attempt failed (UNACCEPTABLE!!!)
Other than that, thanks for a great service :-)
Re: MMS support AdamHasaVoice 7/28/11 11:05 AM
luke87gt, That list describes exactly how I feel about the situation!
Re: MMS support jshatch 7/28/11 3:06 PM
Who MMS's anymore?   Just email it.  then the recipient isn't tied to getting it on their phone anyway.  Nowadays, most phones that can MMS can get / send email.
Re: MMS support Brian B. 7/28/11 3:17 PM
I agree, but it would be nice if Google Voice would just forward MMS that people send us to our email.  I don't need to send MMS.  The issue is MMS people send us die in the black hole with no NDR's.
Re: MMS support Brian B. 7/28/11 3:17 PM
At the absolute minimum, send a reply SMS to the sender letting them know that MMS is not supported and to send the multimedia via email.
Re: MMS support Linuxcrap 8/9/11 1:52 PM
Just like every freaking linux community that I have ever been a part of or witnessed, has tried to rise above. With the exception of Apple... Linux (which is what google android is built off of) has once again failed. Whether it be drivers, services that EVERYONE ONE USES or whatever it has failed. I have to tell you when google attached itself to linux I was excited and thought OK if anyone can do it GOOGLE can. FAIL. Personally I am done. I am done with droid, red hat, etc. I am sick of chasing my tail with all this &&%^ and now have become a user that just likes for things to WORK with out me have to customize it to do so. Yes it is nice the option is there to customize anything app and change it to what we want but are we protected from ourselves (everyday user)..NOPE.. Apple you will see me soon, windows maybe(blasphemy I know), blackberry you were solid as a rock and not sure why I ever left you. ANDROID FAIL... droid doesn't
Re: MMS support B.Kuhn 8/11/11 7:46 AM
It's baffling to me how GV could not have this feature yet or some type of workaround with e-mail.  I've had this since before it was Google.  Years and still no MMS?   Come on guys, get your act together.
Re: MMS support breinicke 8/11/11 8:11 AM
I do agree about the Linux comment.  Consumer focused Linux, like Ubuntu, has consistently been about 90% of the way there to being a viable option, but has always fallen short.  I use my cell phone for both business and personal use, and I'm torn between staying with GV for the filtering capability, but the lacking of MMS is a severe blow.  I made the mistake of porting my phone number from Verizon, so now everyone calls me at GV.

Re: MMS support dyinman 8/15/11 11:44 AM

Quit trolling.

@breinicke - GV really has nothing to do with Linux at all, and Linux has nothing to do with the discussion at hand. GV is not tied to Android. That aside, nobody's forcing you to use GV. You can always port your number back to Verizon if you want to keep that number but drop GV. Just a suggestion.

Or you can wait and see if Verizon will fully integrate GV like Sprint did. That way you get the best of both worlds.

As for people suggesting to use email instead: not everybody can afford or want data plans, so the email option is out for those people. It's a workaround for people with data plans, but it leaves everyone else stranded. GV really does need this feature to be more appetizing to the greater audience.
Re: MMS support avatarr 8/15/11 11:47 AM
I wonder how, if at all, the Motorola Mobility acquisition will affect this frustration. It doesn't eliminate the carriers from the equation; but it could give Google some leverage that it didn't have beforehand.
Re: MMS support breinicke 8/15/11 11:53 AM
Actually, most feature phones can send and receive emails for free.  You just need to know your phone's email address.  It sends/receives no different than a text message.  try typing an email address into a recipient line for a text.  No data plan required.  I'm a feature phone GV user and send emails all the time.
Re: MMS support dyinman 8/15/11 12:27 PM

Yes, but attachments won't work AFAIK, which defeats the entire purpose. Even if that did work for images, you'd have to tell everybody to send you emails for images instead to
Re: MMS support rainwater 8/15/11 2:48 PM
I really don't understand all this talk about forwarding MMS to email.  I highly doubt the issue is with Google being able to forward a MMS to a GV number (especially to a GV client which Google could do anyway it wanted, not forwarded SMSs though).  Most likely, the issue with receiving is with the carriers supporting sending to the GV number itself.
Re: MMS support breinicke 8/15/11 3:50 PM
Attachments to a phone email do work.
I've never been a fan of that suggestion for a solution, but I that some suggest it as a solution since google already has an email client, that they could just set it up to forward such items to our gmail account, and then if we wanted, we could create a gmail filter to forward such items to our phone email.

I think it is a bit of a hack job, I'm a bigger fan of using a GV/Picasa cross product link where we could send images from our Picasa albums, and store MMS images into albums.  This could also lead to an intuitive way to send MMS images to Google+, considering there is already a Google+/Picasa bridge in place.
Re: MMS support dyinman 8/15/11 3:59 PM
I guess you learn something new every day! Is that every carrier or just some?

I agree about the linking thing, with smart phones being able to handle the link more intelligently so it doesn't appear as one and just shows you the image (as normal). I'm under Sprint and that's how I had to view MMS messages for a long time before I finally upgraded from a dumb phone.
Re: MMS support TOMWALKS 8/16/11 12:31 AM
This would be a wonderful feature to add (as would fax support). To those who insist that Google is providing this service to the consumer without any benefit to their company are just fooling themselves. Google is an advertising revenue-based company that profits from the sale and trade of information. They do not provide the multitude of useful services they offer to the public out of the goodness of their hearts. That being said, *anyone's* personal information can be found online. So I have no problem with Google providing such great products if that's the only fee they require. This company has changed the world we live in, and I am grateful for it.
Re: MMS support gzrecoil 8/16/11 9:49 AM
Seriously... This post started two years ago almost and still no SMS... Is this some kind of lame joke google? For a company always ahead of the curve you are really s*itting the bed on this one... Oh wait, let me guess, you are going to roll it out as a paid version of google voice any day now...
Re: MMS support gzrecoil 8/16/11 9:50 AM
AT LEAST send us a link at the very minimum like the old dumbphones so you could view the MMS on your computer, in our case, we can click the link and view in browser on our smartphones.. PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Re: MMS support gzrecoil 8/17/11 8:28 AM
Re: MMS support jmayo71 8/21/11 6:11 PM
I have Sprint with GV integration so I get my MMS's but it would be nice if they went to my GV inbox so I could have 1 place that kept my pictures and texts. Right now I have to log into Sprint picturemail and save them or they get deleted.
Re: MMS support thomas666 8/22/11 7:50 PM
I'm simply amazed that Google of all companies, doesn't offer MMS (at least for photos). 

This in more pathetic than when the Apple didn't support it for the 1st year or so of the iPhone. I mean, it's not like google is going to run out of server space.
Re: MMS support XDS 9/17/11 2:48 AM
Someone should just setup a 3rd party mms gateway that smaller carriers can add to their distribution lists.
atleast with SMIL based MMS support.  (very basic compressed pic messaging)

Maybe in the end atleast it would get googles attention.
Re: MMS support mmsFORgv 9/18/11 7:58 AM
O can't believe I have to switch back to AT&T txt message plan.  I really wanted gv to work but the lack of mms does not justify keeping an app that crashes 40% of the time.  Il come back when mms is here :-/
Re: MMS support XDS 9/19/11 9:05 AM
same here mmsFORgv , I've gone to pageplus and using 3JAM/ribbit mobile until google gets their act together.
So atleast I can send other 3JAM users pics/video/audio.
I'm also using skype which DOES have mms support.

I mean, A simple SMIL server wouldn't be hard to setup at all. Even if all the carriers didn't pickup its mmsc:// , Who gives a hoot! atleast then we could send other gv users MMS messages and i bet most of the smaller carriers and a few mvno's with their own MMSC gateway would pick it up as well.
Re: MMS support bigdanfoley 9/19/11 5:06 PM
So far, I'm pretty OK with GV, for a free service, it does great.  The MMS thing could be fine if it would let the sender and reciever know that a message was unsuccessfully sent.  I think I'll probably just switch back to a regular carrier unless this issue gets a bit more attention ASAP.  I really wanted GV to be something that I recommended to people.
Re: MMS support XDS 9/28/11 9:29 AM
yea right now mms's sent to most GV numbers just get sucked into a black hole.
Re: MMS support XDS 9/29/11 12:46 PM
Alas this hole thing just kills gv for me
Re: MMS support cesierra 9/30/11 5:29 PM
Watch out Google,  AT&T has got web based MMS now,  it's called AT&T Messages App for Android.  But I guess that doesn't worry you.
Re: MMS support aliasjmac 10/6/11 8:01 AM
Awesome, totally missed the birth announcement/picture of my niece born last night.

If you knowingly don't/won't support something so widely used/expected, the least you could do is send an auto-reply to the sender that the message has been rejected (on purpose).  Please, something is better than nothing!
Re: MMS support Cheeseman 10/6/11 6:02 PM
Interesting.  It seems they are starting to slim down the suggestion page.  They removed the suggestion of sending and receiving faxes.  Are they going to remove suggesting MMS next?
Re: MMS support khruntpig 10/7/11 8:19 AM
aliasjmac I just had the same thing happen! I found about my new niece on my sister's sister-in-law's facebook! It was only a few hours but still, so disappointing.
Re: MMS support Tabor2 10/7/11 8:30 AM
I can't believe that two and a half years later google voice still doesn't support MMS. I would switch tomorrow if it did.
Re: MMS support XfedupX 10/10/11 10:15 AM
I think it's possible. I started receiving MMS from Sprint numbers only. I'm on Verizon and use the Iphone app. In the app, I get the text that says "New Subject" and then whatever text they wrote, but then got the image sent to my email as a text. I couldn't believe it! So it's definitely possible, I just hope it's something in the works for all carriers
Re: MMS support BigMcGuire 10/11/11 8:09 AM
@ XfedupX - are you saying the iPhone Google Voice App is accepting MMS from Sprint numbers? Very cool. That sounds like progress. Sad that the iPhone app would get that before the Android app. I'm so close to ditching Android for the iPhone.
Re: MMS support dyinman 10/11/11 8:46 AM
@BigMcGuire What XfedupX experienced has nothing to do with what type of phone they have or the app. That's not the issue. The issue has to do with the service itself and carriers (mostly the carriers). Switching to a different phone will have no effect on whether or not you can receive MMS via Google Voice. XfedupX said they received an image in their email after all. That has nothing to do with MMS and for all they know the person could have sent them the image separately. At the very best though it was a Sprint+Google partnership pulling off some voodoo matching GV #'s with email accounts.
Re: MMS support hunterdg 10/11/11 9:04 AM
dyinman's suggestion about Sprint+Google voodoo is highly likely, as Sprint has partnered with Google to allow Sprint users to seamlessly use Google Voice as a replacement for the standard voicemail service.
Re: MMS support XfedupX 10/11/11 9:51 AM
@dyinman, not sure if this makes a difference, but I have all of my texts sent to email (since at my job, gmail isn't blocked, but voice is). At first I thought they might have sent me the image to my email, but in my voice inbox (on the web and the app), I get the message with no image. I asked the person who sent the first one if they even had my email and they didn't. The voodoo makes sense, it's pretty exciting and hopefully it means mms is around the corner for everyone!
Re: MMS support dyinman 10/11/11 1:46 PM
 Which network are you on? Does the person who sent it have GV? I am on Sprint myself and have GV fully integrated with Sprint. I just tried sending an MMS to someone else's GV #, but they didn't get any part of it. Text, email, or otherwise. So I'm not sure what you experienced there.
Re: MMS support XfedupX 10/11/11 3:45 PM
I'm on Verizon and the people who have sent me pictures (I tested with 3 different people) do not have/use google voice. I did try to reply to one of the text emails with a picture of my own and it didn't go though. And when you sent the picture, did you use the Sprint # or GV (I'm not familiar with the integration..are they one in the same #)?
Re: MMS support manausa 10/11/11 4:37 PM
Holy Crap! I got an MMS Message from Google Voice.  My Brother sent it from his Virgin Mobile phone, which uses Sprint's network.
Re: MMS support dyinman 10/11/11 4:53 PM
@XfedupX OK, so I got the wife to send her own GV # an MMS using her Sprint phone since hers isn't deeply integrated. That actually worked! They not only forwarded the image to her gmail inbox, they also forwarded it to her Sprint #'s MMS! And the text portion came through to her GV inbox like you described. And to answer your question, with the deep integration with Sprint, my GV # and Sprint # are one and the same. With this all my MMS goes through Sprint so it skips the whole GV part of it, which is why I went for the deep integration. So it still must not work when sending from Sprint/GV to GV. I'm having someone send her an MMS now using Verizon. I'll post back results...
Re: MMS support matthewkgee 10/11/11 5:11 PM
I also sent a pic from my sprint number to my gv number and the text went to my gv with a new message note tagged on it, the pic was forwarded back to my sprint number but not to my gmail... I wonder what happens if I have my friend with Verizon send me an mms, I will ask him to and will report back..
Re: MMS support dyinman 10/11/11 5:15 PM
Tested from an AT&T number and nothing came through. It appears this only works from non-GV Sprint numbers for now (pending mathewkgee's report back). Maybe they're just testing it then? I know that while it's not a full MMS implementation, it'd make a lot of GV people very happy.
Re: MMS support dyinman 10/11/11 5:22 PM
Sorry for spamming this board, but I tested sending audio in the same fashion. The audio did not work. So I guess right now it's only non-GV Sprint numbers that contain images only. Quite the requirement, haha. At least there's some progress though.
Re: MMS support dyinman 10/11/11 5:42 PM
Scratch that last update, the audio just came through! 20 minutes late but hey, at least it got through!
Re: MMS support forrealee 10/13/11 9:14 PM
GV is finally rolling out MMS support! first to Sprint users, then the rest! FINALLY

Re: MMS support rainwater 10/14/11 8:10 AM
MMS has always worked with the Sprint integration as long as you used the native sms app and not the GV app.
Re: MMS support breinicke 10/14/11 11:38 AM
This article was featured today on Lifehacker.  It seems that MMS sent to email support is slowly rolling out to Sprint, and notifications are rolling out to carriers elsewhere.  It is encouraging to hear that in some way they are working on it, I just hope it is not a Sprint exclusive.
Re: MMS support SnerdlyBosco 10/14/11 1:16 PM
From the Official Google Voice blog:

MMS has been one of the constant feature requests since we launched Google Voice and we’ve been hard at work trying to make this happen.

Today, we're happy to announce that we've made the first step in our efforts to bring this feature to our users. Google Voice users are now able to receive pictures and other multimedia messages from Sprint subscribers. The multimedia attachments will display on their mobile forwarding phone and in their email inbox when they enable text to email forwarding in their Google Voice settings. We are also planning on making them display in the Google Voice inbox.

We are working with other mobile operators to make this work across all mobile phones and will update our users as more and more operators offer support for this
Re: MMS support dyinman 10/14/11 1:26 PM
And that's one thing I love so much more about Sprint over the others. They add cool stuff before everyone else.
Re: MMS support AdamHasaVoice 10/14/11 1:50 PM
"The multimedia attachments will display on their mobile forwarding phone and in their email inbox when they enable text to email forwarding in their Google Voice settings".

Well I hope they can re-kajigger things so that text-to-email forwarding isn't a requirement, or add just a "mms to email forwarding" option. I'd rather not have all my text messages go to my email inbox and to my phone. 

But this is certainly promising, hopefully they can work it out with the rest of the carriers.
Re: MMS support rainwater 10/14/11 1:57 PM
Yeah, it seems strange and confusing the way they are implementing it.  There should at least be options.  If users are getting it forwarded to their phone (if they use text forwarding), it doesn't make sense to email it.  And why are they even forwarding it to the email address?  Show it in the GV inbox in the GV app and the GV website.  That part isn't even carrier specific.
Re: MMS support dyinman 10/14/11 3:05 PM
The way I read it is that they forward the attachments to whatever you have it set to forward to. So, if you don't have GV set to forward to your email, it won't forward to your email. The wife only has it set to forward to her phone, and so far (she says) that's the only place she's been getting these.

In their blog, they tell you to set up something to forward to so you can at least view these for now. Once they allow you to view it right in your GV inbox (like they said is coming), then you won't need to have it forwarded to anything at all.
Re: MMS support XDS 10/14/11 7:23 PM
ITS FINALLY HERE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Re: MMS support XDS 10/14/11 7:25 PM
Now thats how you do that! :P

Can someone just say it please.

Thank you XDS for all the hard work you put into all the threads and light you shed on this subject.

Someone please just f*cking say it already!!!
Re: MMS support JonnyDollar77 10/14/11 7:37 PM
I am so stinking excited that this is finally becoming a reality!

Thanks Google!
Re: MMS support rainwater 10/14/11 8:34 PM
To be clear it only works when a MMS comes FROM a sprint user.  It doesn't seem to matter what service the GV recipient is using.  I will not be excited until Google gets this working with the GV mobile apps and it works with all the major carriers.
Re: MMS support XDS 10/14/11 10:58 PM
@rainwater , rainwater see my MVNO thread and the official announcement thread!!
Re: MMS support XDS 10/14/11 11:02 PM
Re: MMS support cesierra 10/15/11 7:22 AM
Now that you are almost done with mms implementation, bring back int'l sms. Thanks
Re: MMS support rainwater 10/15/11 8:12 AM
cesierra: They are not even close to done with MMS.  It only works when sent from Sprint and it doesn't work in the GV app.  Plus, you can't send MMS.  So to be fair, MMS support is just beginning.  I'm afraid that we may not see real MMS support with other carriers anytime soon.  It may be we are only seeing it with Sprint as that is the only carrier Google has a relationship with for GV.
Re: MMS support XDS 10/15/11 8:35 AM
Being able to recieve MMS from about 100 million people as apposed to not being able to receive mms from 200 million people is better than nothing!

I wonder why google removed the Suggestion for fax support however :(
Fax support for googlevoice is also something that I would want.
My biggest gripe with googlevoice however has always been the damn audio delay.

Anyways, atleast we have something now, something is better than nothing. 

Question is now,  What do small carriers (yes their are a few left believe it or not), have to do in order to join the part ?
Who do we have to contact ?
Re: MMS support CobraBK 10/15/11 8:39 AM
As a side note, I had my friend on Virgin Mobile send me an MMS and I did get it.  Virgin Mobile uses Sprint's network so it looks like it would work as long as it gets sent through Sprint's network.

Hopefully they get this up and running soon for everything.  I am most interested in getting MMS in my GV inbox since I use the data program anyway on my Android.  The email forwarding is a pain.  But for now, just set up email forwarding then create a filter with the subject "SMS from" and have it auto archive, mark as read, and maybe give it a label.  If you get an MMS from a Sprint customer, it will send you a text to your GV inbox saying "MMS Received".  From there, you then just go find the forwarded email in your archive.

Unfortunately you have to go and find it and such.  Plus it'll spam your email but that's what the filter is for so you never see it.  So until then, it's what we got.
Re: MMS support XDS 10/15/11 12:26 PM
I think eventually more carriers will jump on board. Its not in their best interests not to.
The issue is more with the smaller carriers that where never bought up by the big three that are in the middle of the country.

How and who do they contact at google to get MMS to GoogleVoice working ?
Re: MMS support rainwater 10/15/11 8:14 PM
@XDS: Google already had a partnership with Sprint so this was easy to accomplish.  Google hasn't had the support of any other carrier for any feature of Google Voice, so no one knows if/when they will ever support other major carriers.  I think they need to really push to get a deal done because this partial implementation is going to cause a lot of confusion.
Re: MMS support XDS 10/16/11 7:57 AM

I disagree.  The way I look at it is, AT&T and T-Mobile need GV not the other way around.

****Sprint has _ALWAYS_ had the best call quality of any of the other carriers**** and now that they will be carrying the iPhone i see everyone who has a iPhone plan |now| with AT&T & half a brain -switching to them. Even with future conjestion, sprint will continue to have the best call quality.

And even WITH the coverage difference, sprint still covers all major populated areas.

Bottom line:

If you are paying for a smartphone plan now with AT&T/Tmobile, and can get 4-5 bars with sprint where you live/work, there is no reason why you should keep AT&T or T-Mobile .

It makes sense economically.
It makes sense logistically.
It makes sense practically.
Re: MMS support XDS 10/16/11 8:13 AM
Let me repeat what I said above (since we are on a new page).

Sprint has and WILL ALWAYS have the best call quality of any carrier. PERIOD.

By the way, those thinking that they need a GSM antenna to use their iphone 4S anywhere(globaly), the i4S will have a Dual mode antenna for GSM roaming even with sprint.

@GPHan if the other user is from sprint you should be able to use iTim or some other service that will mask your callerID and make it show your GoogleVoice number when sending a MMS from their apps.

I don't recommend iTim , im just using that as a example.

Back to what I was saying...... (continued from above)


The ONLY reason i could think of to keep AT&T or T-Mobile is if you rely on access to one (or better two or more) of their hotspots.
But that will be a VERY rare situation.
Re: MMS support XDS 10/16/11 8:18 AM
Now we just need to worry about some of the tiny carriers in the midwest.

@Google , @Google Employee - Who do they contact to get in on the party?
Re: MMS support XDS 10/16/11 8:22 AM
..... Sprints exclusivity with the iPhone 5 will only strengthen my point :o)

Goodluck to all of you, and you're welcome.
Re: MMS support rainwater 10/16/11 7:26 PM
XDS: Why are you spamming this thread advertising Sprint?  That has nothing to do with this.  The whole world isn't switching to Sprint.  Please keep this on topic.
Re: MMS support XDS 10/16/11 8:26 PM
@Rainwater , Im not spamming ANYTHING, if you search the forums you will see where i posted time and time again I have always had t-mobile as my provider for the longest time. And still plan to keep them (for personal reasons).
And frankly to suggest im trying to spam sprints service here is completely irresponsible.

Let me make this clear.
I have no affiliation with sprint whatsoever. I simply know for a fact because of many different factors that they have the best voice quality. Unless something changes with the way codecs are handled on sprint or they take on some massive network re-integration that wont change.

People will and ARE going to be migrating like crazy to sprint. Especially when the iPhone5 comes out.
Hell, If anything just to get away from AT&T.
It simply wouldn't make sense for anyone living in their coverage area not to.

By the way, don't forget, sprint runs both boost and virgin mobile too.  (In case you forgot)
Re: MMS support rainwater 10/17/11 9:15 AM
XDS: Again, that has nothing to do with this thread.  
Re: MMS support breinicke 10/17/11 9:25 AM
It saddens me that there has been zero mention of anything Verizon.
(please do not open the floodgates of reasons why I should switch.  Bottom line, I'm with Verizon and would love it if Google could manage to send some love toward that network.)
Re: MMS support XDS 10/17/11 9:54 AM
@Rainwater , It has EVERYTHING to do with it. If users start flocking to sprint/virgin/boost eventually we wont have to worry about getting MMS from AT&T/TMobile because there wont be anyone even using them.


If you search around you will see that the beginning of this year verizon started also testing interoperability of MMS with google. And there is actually now kick back messages that users will be receiving in some markets!


To the rest of you.
This is the way I look at it.

100 million down 100 million to go!

For crying out loud be THANKFUL! that google has actually taken our screams seriously !!!!!

My g0d!
Re: MMS support rainwater 10/17/11 11:27 AM
@XDS: That's nice but AT&T and Verizon aren't going away.  

Now back on topic.  When can we expect GV Inbox support? Most people using smartphones aren't using forwarding so this feature will not even be known by most users.  And until you get the major carriers on board, people are going to be more upset when they don't realize why it only works part of the time.  And no sending?  
Re: MMS support breinicke 10/17/11 11:38 AM
The official article reads "We are also planning on making them display in the Google Voice inbox."
Re: MMS support rainwater 10/17/11 12:36 PM
@breinicke: Yes, but it isn't clear if that means only on the website or for mobile apps too.  If it is only for the website, then it would be pointless except for archival purposes.  And there was no indication of a time frame.  Google has been severely lacking in updates to it's mobile apps on Android and iOS, so that statement is meaningless until they actually implement it.
Re: MMS support XDS 10/17/11 3:03 PM
What I don't understand is why google has released some contact info/XML form or something for the smaller carriers to get a message through so they TOO can join the party. If google is truly serious about all of this why hasn't that been done yet?

This should have been the very first thing done.
Re: MMS support CobraBK 10/17/11 3:11 PM
I think it is safe to assume by getting them to display in the inbox will be both website and Android/iOS apps.  However I am surprised why they didn't do this first since they actively control that end of things easily.  Hell, working with text forwarding or email forwarding shouldn't even be necessary regardless of carrier for those using the data-only version of GV like I and many others do.  The only technical drawback is the users that forward their sms, but they are working on that now starting with Sprint.  But it should have already been in the inbox long before now. 

Next thing we still need to worry about however... the "shorthand sms" feature, sending texts to short codes such as 32665 (Facebook), 40404 (Twitter), etc.  This is another hurdle I'm surprised they haven't taken care of.  I know it is totally possible because Google has it working with their own services.  When you enter your Google Voice number for certain Google to text services, it will convert the short sms number to one of those Google-assigned phone numbers.  So there should be a way for GV to convert a short-sms number for everything else into a long phone#, or be able to send/receive them directly in the inbox.
Re: MMS support XDS 10/17/11 4:50 PM
@CobraBK and @all  frankly the idea that messages could be sent to me right now in the form of a MMS and never get to my phone scares the crap out of me!

So im in the same boat as the rest of you guys.  I'd like to know exactly where the breakdown in communication is actually occuring when a non-sprint mms gets sent through and then falls on the floor.

What exactly is the problem and why ? , Is it google simply not allowing those messages to be parsed ?

Or is it the carrier that isn't setup to forward the message to the googlevoice system ?

Frankly I could care less about sending, its the receiving end of things that is the liability for most.

In other words.

Google, wtf ?
Re: MMS support ncjb1 10/17/11 11:40 PM
Hello.. without having to read through 334 posts( at current count) .. is MMS supported now through Google Voice?. When I send a picture via MMS to another mobile number, it sends from my mobile number and not my Google Voice number.

I'm on Sprint, Galaxy S2. Full GV integration but using the option to keep my GV number rather than replace it with my sprint mobile number.

There is a press release today that says GV now supports MMS for Sprint users via forwarding to email and that they are working on full MMS support in GV...

Re: MMS support Vincent Paquet 10/18/11 8:39 AM
@ncjb1 For Sprint integrated users (options 1 and 2), MMS are still currently sent from the Sprint # and don't yet show in the GV inbox. We are working on this. Thx
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