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Can't make calls from google voice

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Can't make calls from google voice tahoeman 9/1/10 6:04 PM
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I can no longer make calls from Google Voice. When I enter a phone number or call from my address book, nothing happens. It does not ring my phone. It worked until a week ago, then just quit.
Re: Can't make calls from google voice NoGoodDeed 9/1/10 7:20 PM
@ tahoeman,

I can no longer make calls from Google Voice... Are you located within the U.S.?

If not, that could be the problem. Google Voice (GV) and Google Chat's Call phone (Chat) are only for the U.S.

If so, report it by going to [1] fill out the form and submit a trouble ticket.

Re: Can't make calls from google voice buckeye91 12/1/10 1:59 PM
I have a google voice and I've been trying to make a local call and it doesn't work.  All it would say is "calling you...." and that's it.......a few seconds later, I see hangup and nothing happens.  I don't hear anything.  I could receive voice mail (oh, by the way, I set it to forward to a land line and when it rings, not matter what I do, like clicking #1 or any other key would do nothing - it goes directly to google voice mail - in other words I was never able to answer any phone calls - just return calls after listening to them on the voice mail).  I installed the plugins and I'm using dell laptop, XP and Chrome 9.0.587.0 version.  How do I get google voice mail to work? Also is  there any way to setup to control the number of rings before it goes to voice mail? How do I pick up calls from callers on google voice that's forwarded to my land line? I thought this is a convenience; it turns out to be more of a headache then I imagined.  I'm thinking that I'm better off with a VoIP providers that provides alternate numbers and can forward calls and I wouldn't have any problems.  ANY HELP? Are there any google voice gurus out there?

Re: Can't make calls from google voice Hemite 1/30/11 11:30 AM
Same problem as @buckeye91