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I cannot validate my H2O phone (Resells AT&T).

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I cannot validate my H2O phone (Resells AT&T). leo07663 12/5/11 10:48 AM
Do you already have Google Voice (Y/N)? Y
If so, do you have a Google number (Y/N)? Y

For Mobile apps, what device and carrier are you using? iphone H2O wireless (AT&T)

Post your question or report below (please include specific details and error messages, if applicable):

I recently bought a number from google. The number is under email
I am trying to add my new cell number to the list or forwarded devices in google voice. When I get the call it prompts for my 2 digit number. I dial it but it keeps saying "I did not get that, try again". and It never makes it. I am using H2O wireless which uses AT&T's network. I have an iphone. Could you manually add it or tell me what the deal is with the phone, or the service?
Re: I cannot validate my H2O phone (Resells AT&T). Papa Bear 12/5/11 12:44 PM
Call forward to another non-forwarded GV number to verify.

Make sure your mobile phone is not set to vibrate or silent, microphone volume turned down.

Make sure your phone you are forwarding to is in the lower 48 states.

Do not try to add a number that is already forwarded on another GV account.

Make sure you are verifying via a computer, not on a mobile phone browser.

Try going to turn on your external PC speakers, enter the two-digit code in the field, and click on DIAL button to play the generated tone over your speakers toward your phone microphone.

Try verifying from another PC using a different internet service provider and where your mobile phone is using a different cell tower

Some prepaid plans do not support changing voicemail providers, and, as such Google voicemail cannot be setup on these phones. Please contact your phone carrier for more information about making "conditional call forwarding" work for you.

Re: I cannot validate my H2O phone (Resells AT&T). leo07663 12/5/11 1:29 PM
I am already forwarding to my land line and it worked right away.
I can hear and receive phones with sound If I call my sims number directly. Without dialing google voice first.
This number is brand new. Not being forwarded anywhere.
I am using a computer for the validation.
If my provider doesn't support conditial call forwarding and I definitely can't forward calls, how could I claim the number back from google and have my provider use it on my new phone. In another words, I would like to transfer the 803 295 number from google back to H2O, how would that work?
Re: I cannot validate my H2O phone (Resells AT&T). Papa Bear 12/5/11 1:49 PM