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We had an error??

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We had an error?? cwalsh01 3/25/09 9:30 AM
I just migrated from GrandCentral to Voice today. 

Going into Settings/General/Recorded Name and clicking "Record New".  When I select any of my phones to have it call me to record the message, or even when I type in a new number, a red box comes up that says "We had an error".  That's it, nothing else.  Same thing happens when I try to add a Voicemail Greeting.  Never connects to my numbers, never allows me to record.  Anyone else having this or know what I can do to fix it?  Tried both Firefox and IE.  Using only US numbers.
Re: We had an error?? TakT 3/25/09 9:34 AM
Same for me, including international numbers...
Re: We had an error?? Francis Orphe 3/25/09 9:34 AM
I'm having the same problem too. I've been using Google Voice for about a week and this is the first problem I've encountered. I can't call new numbers and I can't call existing numbers in my contacts.
Re: We had an error?? meka72 3/25/09 9:35 AM
I keep getting the same error message when I try to make a call from Google Voice.
Re: We had an error?? otiswiley 3/25/09 9:36 AM
I am having same problem.Google Voice worked great yesterday.This morning it will not make calls and continues to give me the red box with we had an error.
Re: We had an error?? rintell 3/25/09 9:50 AM
I had the same error while trying to make a call via contacts.  I tried it with grand central and it mentioned something about not having enough credit. Wanted me to add free minutes....something is going on.
It would be nice for Google voice to have a status page for these types of issues.
Re: We had an error?? otiswiley 3/25/09 9:53 AM
My Google Voice states that I have active credit.Will access and see what happens.
Re: We had an error?? cwalsh01 3/25/09 9:55 AM
Shouldn't need credit to update my own recorded name or Voicemail Greeting.
Re: We had an error?? BarbHNY 3/25/09 10:02 AM
I am having the same problem.  Thought it was because the "1" preface keeps coming back even though I keep taking it out.  Still having the same problem no matter what I do.  Hope its on their part and they fix it soon!
Re: We had an error?? cwalsh01 3/25/09 10:07 AM
I've read a couple of other post threads and people do have work-arounds such as dialing your own Voice number, hitting *, and then your pin.  This will allow you to update your name and voicemail greeting, but it does not fix the problem of being able to do it from the web interface and it doesn't fix the similar problem some people are having of just being able to make regular calls from the web interface.
Re: We had an error?? SethL 3/25/09 11:55 AM
This is so frustrating... how can we put so much trust in a company if their products don't work as they are supposed to?  I just had my entire office switch to Google Voice and now we can't do anything!
Re: We had an error?? otiswiley 3/25/09 12:31 PM
Thanks Google Voice for restoring service.It is great to be connected again.
Re: We had an error?? Hannie 3/25/09 12:47 PM
Hi all,

This error reported on this thread is related to these posts:

As I mentioned on the other post, we looked into this issue and believe the error you're seeing should be resolved now. If you're still getting the 'We had an error' message when trying to make a call from Google Voice, or trying to record voicemail greetings or your name, please let us know.

Thanks for your patience while we worked on this problem,
Re: We had an error?? SEBBYnSARAH 7/20/09 3:22 PM
Ummm, Were Now July 20th, 6:20 (Eastern Time) And Google Voice Has Been Down For Me Since Noon Yesterday.  I Log On The Site, Go Into My Contact List & Click The Number I Want to Call, Then When I Click "Connect" A Red Box Apprears Next To It & Says "We Had An Error"  Any Ideas To WHEN It Should Be Fixed?
Re: We had an error?? trk9 7/21/09 7:51 AM
I've had no luck using GV since Sunday.  (past 3 days).
I get the same "We had an error." message.  I wish it was more detailed....
When will it be fixed?
Re: We had an error?? shipingli 7/21/09 2:46 PM
I can not make a call right now 07/21/2009. 14:46 Pacific time, do not know since when. 
Re: We had an error?? hpsan 8/6/09 4:54 AM
I have had the same problem since I signed on to Google Voice. I suspect the difficulty is related to the fact that the telephone number assigned by Google is "dead". When I dial the number a recording comes on after several minutes, saying that the connection can not be made, and that I should call the operator for assistance. This is becomng more trouble than it is worth!
Re: We had an error?? GeniaStevens 8/6/09 4:03 PM
I tried recording a call today and it didn't work.  I followed the exact instructions provided (you have to press 4 to record an incoming call, then press 4 to end recording or hang up).  I'm really bothered because that was an important interview I THOUGHT was getting recorded and it didn't.  Now I have to ask my guest to re-record the interview. 
Re: We had an error?? KinnyNewman 10/15/09 8:28 AM
I still get "we had an error" and my voicemail has never worked...July 27 and counting...can i pay (google) to have this fixed?
Re: We had an error?? GlobalOfficePhone 11/19/09 11:08 PM
I started getting this error since yesterday. Tried rebooting,,,no luck.
Google Voice...can you please update the status?
Re: We had an error?? jonwzee 12/7/09 7:29 AM
I just started getting "we had an error" on we originated calling today.  Calls still come into my number. 
Re: We had an error?? gwhongbo 12/14/09 1:06 PM
the same to me. I just got an account of Google Voice. But I cannot make any phone call. Because it always shows the red box that we had an error. Please help me to resolve it.
Re: We had an error?? crzyindianbro 12/29/09 6:43 PM
I'm having the same error, but only when im calling my own phone, which is peculiar. Please help us Google! We're trying to use your wonderful products!
Re: We had an error?? ashish05 1/4/10 7:16 PM
wow!! still getting this..
Re: We had an error?? Oriana 1/12/10 9:47 AM
Windows 7, Google Chrome: error on connecting from the internet.

Firefox works though. Haven't checked Linux boot yet.
Re: We had an error?? jbalazer 2/2/10 12:04 PM
I'm getting the "we had an error" message when I try to record my name.
Re: We had an error?? RevTucher 2/2/10 1:50 PM
Balazer, I just got the same thing.  I was able to record my voicemail greeting, but unable to change my recorded name.  
Re: We had an error?? lvnliph 2/25/10 4:36 PM
I'm getting this message for a day now and have changed nothing on my account.  I also have a $7.70 credit on my account so I don't think that it is about the money.  Any fix yet??
Re: We had an error?? lvnliph 2/25/10 5:06 PM
I reset all of my features back to the default: deleted all but primary forwarding address, deleted all widgets, etc, without deleting any phone numbers or contacts.  The service is now restored.  I think there may be a problem with the code for multiple forwarding addresses or the verification software for confirmation with the problem presenting itself within the individual users reconfigured profile.  Hence, not a global outage but multiple, sporatic individual outages.  I'm just happy to be back up and running:)  Thanks for all your posts!!  It made troubleshooting a whole lot easier.  BTW, I'm using Vista Ultimate/IE7 and XP Pro/IE7.
Re: We had an error?? Oriana 2/25/10 9:35 PM
So, time for a bug report. Have you already filed one?
Re: We had an error?? mekirkpa 5/28/10 3:28 PM
I'm having this problem and have no idea what to do next or if there is some way I should be contact Google.  I appreciate any ideas.
Re: We had an error?? forbetaorworse 7/5/10 12:30 PM
same here. google voice is as awesome as buzz and wave. great work.
Re: We had an error?? hexag1 8/25/10 8:57 PM
I'm getting this problem when I try to make a call. "we had an error. please try again later"
Re: We had an error?? bHill13 9/1/10 2:53 PM
I am getting the same error. This used to work seemlessly. I'd place a call from Google voice (US/Inter) and my phone would ring and would automatically get connected to my party. I thought I was doing something wrong. Good to know I;m not the only one facing this issue. Please Google, we loved this feature. Please get it fixed. Thanks.
Re: We had an error?? stephenisakeeper 11/22/10 3:13 PM
I am still getting that "We had a error message"
Re: We had an error?? cicero10004 11/22/10 3:18 PM
My frustration with Google voice has left me no option to post in every forum until Google helps:

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