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Google Voice Gadget

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Google Voice Gadget Zypher 3/20/09 11:17 AM

I've made a very quick and dirty Google Voice gadget for iGoogle.  The home size uses voice mobile and the canvas view shows the normal page.  Seeing the entire webpage inside the canvas gadget is annoying and i wish there was a way to remove some of the real estate.  I haven't had much time to test it out.

Re: Google Voice Gadget interstate420 3/21/09 4:27 PM
Nice!  Works great so far--and I like it better than the original GC gadget.  Thanks Zypher!!!
Re: Google Voice Gadget lowspeed 3/21/09 4:38 PM
Re: Google Voice Gadget orardor 3/21/09 6:02 PM

This works great in google home page-thank!  Can it be modified for use in gmail?
Re: Google Voice Gadget Zypher 3/21/09 9:58 PM

You can add the gadget to Gmail by enabling "Add any gadget by URL" in Gmail Labs and then add the URL of the XML file by going to Settings -> Gadget.  The URL to paste is:

Re: Google Voice Gadget bukzin 3/24/09 9:47 PM
Wow, this looks great but I'm not sure how to add this to my iGoogle page.

I've tried a few things; nothing works.

Any ideas?
Re: Google Voice Gadget bukzin 3/24/09 9:51 PM
Do I need to re-boot my computer for it to work?

Will it work with Firefox?   Maybe thats my problem.
Re: Google Voice Gadget webstationguy 3/25/09 1:35 AM
@bukzin...Yes, it does work with Firefox.
Re: Google Voice Gadget Zypher 3/25/09 2:33 AM
Re: Google Voice Gadget orardor 3/25/09 10:36 PM
Thanks! It seems that the gmail space is a bit too narrow for the gadget as-is, but I'm surely going to use it on google home page.
Re: Google Voice Gadget CqC 3/27/09 8:48 PM
Zypher,  Thank you!  This is great!  Some suggestions:  show all phone numers of a contact after search, currently only 3.  Use a much smaller font for the phone number.  Possible to you search similar to GV contact search method, all partials in addition to full word match?  Thanks again.
Re: Google Voice Gadget Zypher 3/28/09 6:12 AM

I'm actually just embedding Google's mobile application into the gadget so I have no control on how it behaves.  My programming skills are not up to par to be able to accomplish your requests!  Hopefully Google will release an official gadget, or somebody programs something better!
Re: Google Voice Gadget jjaime 4/27/09 12:41 PM
My main Gmail (GM1) account doesn't have a GV associated. The gadget gives me the option to select a different user for GV, that I do, but when GM refreshes, it logs on the GV related Gmail account (GM2), instead of the original Gmail account GM1, missing the entire purpose.

Any suggestions?
Re: Google Voice Gadget Zypher 4/27/09 1:10 PM

If you're a Mozilla Firefox user, you can always try an extension that manages multiple Google accounts <CookieSwap or CookiePie> with one session or you can use multiple profiles in Google Chrome or Firefox.  You can also use the "incognito mode" in Chrome if you're too lazy to setup different profiles.  The problem with the separate profiles is that you have to have two different windows open <one with iGoogle, and another window with Gmail> .  I personally have not tried out the CookieSwap or CookiePie extensions though, so I don't know how they work exactly.

Re: Google Voice Gadget Pozzi 4/29/09 4:33 PM
Great job!
I want to create a gadget for desktop or an app for blackberry. Don't even know how to start! Any ideas?
Re: Google Voice Gadget Zypher 4/29/09 4:43 PM

Download Google's Software Development Kit (SDK):
Desktop Google Desktop Help (for Windows) Google Group:

Let me know if you need anything else.
Re: Google Voice Gadget TazioBaker 7/4/09 9:47 PM
Is there anyway to make it adaptable to themes?
Have the option to place it on the left or right?

Great job.
Re: Google Voice Gadget Zypher 7/5/09 4:00 AM
@TazioBaker: Not that I know of.  
Re: Google Voice Gadget koolguyva 7/6/09 7:48 AM
Can you integrate Google Talk into Google Voice? I cannot experiment as I do not have a Google Voice invite yet. I am just curious. 
Re: Google Voice Gadget Robert H. 7/6/09 1:59 PM
Google Voice has a Web Gadget
Re: Google Voice Gadget Papa Bear 7/12/09 7:46 AM
Suggestion, add a Cancel button to the right of the Call button under the phones to call from.
Re: Google Voice Gadget teddywasher 7/24/09 11:57 AM
wow thanks for the gmail one. it works great!
Re: Google Voice Gadget eschreibman 7/29/09 4:53 AM
I get : "
Invalid gadget specification. Ensure URL is correct and the gadget does not contain errors.
Re: Google Voice Gadget Zypher 7/29/09 5:30 AM
@ eschreibman

Do you get this when you go to the following page and hit the "Add it now" button? It seems to be working for me on Chrome, IE 8.06 on XP SP3.
Re: Google Voice Gadget harwich 7/30/09 11:45 AM
How do you change the default phone when making a call?
Re: Google Voice Gadget Zypher 7/30/09 11:54 AM
@harwich: Could you clarify what you mean by 'default phone'?  The calls are always made from your Google Voice Number.
Re: Google Voice Gadget harwich 8/1/09 7:39 AM
I am using Firefox 3.5.1.  I have two phone numbers registered on my account.  The first time I make a call I receive a drop down menu with the two numbers and select one to make the call from.  The second time I make a call there is no drop down menu.
Re: Google Voice Gadget Br. Francis 8/1/09 9:11 AM
If you use Google Voice and Gizmo5, you can also add the GizmoCall to your iGoogle page, right next to your GoogleVoice Gadget, and continue to make your free limitless calls by having GoogleVoice ring both Gizmo and the number you're calling.

GizmoCall google Gadget:
Re: Google Voice Gadget neely615 8/2/09 2:14 PM
Well, I figure here would be another even rougher version of google voice.

I made it smaller to fit better in gmail, but still a bit crude. You can refresh the box by clicking inbox. By the way, I think someone could probably make a pretty cool one within gmail using JSON and XML request using this:

Out of my league, or at least time availability.

Re: Google Voice Gadget Zypher 8/2/09 2:24 PM
@neely615: Thanks for posting!
Re: Google Voice Gadget ladiver 8/4/09 10:45 AM
Great gadget, I have just one problem.  When placing a call to a number from the gadget, Google Voice does not call my phone????  In the main Google Voice program, it asks which phone I want to place the call on, and I have one set as the default, but when I place a call through the gadget, it never calls me first and therefore does not complete the call.
hmmm?  Any ideas?
Re: Google Voice Gadget tonyburkhart 8/5/09 6:13 AM
Great gadget, thanks!!!
Re: Google Voice Gadget neely615 8/17/09 12:55 PM
@ladiver I haven't had any issues about it not ringing my phone. I think it uses your primary phone (your cell I think, or the one that is set to check google messages).

Also, to all. I just noticed google has updated their mobile page, which makes both of these gadgets a little cumbersome on the side bar. If someone with some Xpath skills would mind writing something, that would rock. OR, even a simple JSON XML gadget would work. Personally, I have just been using the 'call' command in ubiquity which works fine, and is more lightweight than the firefox add-on.

If I am bored will see what I can do about this.
Re: Google Voice Gadget Craig6z 8/19/09 9:02 PM
Neely, another genuine thanks for the widget.  Nice work!
Re: Google Voice Gadget neely615 8/20/09 3:26 PM
To all,

 I have given up on my present efforts to make a simple call gadget in gmail. So, here is the link for the code which is attempting to retrieve the _rnr_se value from a users page to use in the as an input value in the call form (which is straight from the mobile google voice page). My plan was too keep this very simple, and opening the target in a new page avoids having to deal with how to reload the gadget as well as putting an extra button to cancel the call. If anyone who is slightly competent with javascript and XML can get this to work, that would rock. I figure making the module through google gadgets would avoid any issues of accessing the page.

Please shoot me an email if you get it work, cause that would be great.

Here is the last of the xml that I am messing with (NOTE: THIS DOES NOT WORK PRESENTLY):

(and I apologize for the obvious noobness of it, cause I don't have any clue.)
Re: Google Voice Gadget Zypher 8/20/09 3:32 PM

Thanks for trying.  Collaboration is the key these days ;-)
Re: Google Voice Gadget neely615 8/20/09 3:36 PM
Well, to be honest, I was borrowing from how I saw the ubiquity google voice 'call' code implemented, which is here .

He did the same thing I am attempting to do, except he used a separate command to retrieve the _rnr_se value. Also, even if someone fixed the above code, it really is simple: can't specify which phones to ring, doesn't access your contacts, etc. But, it also isn't connecting to anything that would make gmail slower, is cross-platform and, if you got it work, would be extremely easy to do the same concept with the SMS mobile page, of course in that case you'd resize the frame above 120 px to fit that nicely.

Hope someone fixes it.
Re: Google Voice Gadget neely615 8/20/09 5:22 PM

I can't just edit my above reply, but I failed to say thank you for the simple idea of using the mobile page in a gadget. Good thinking, since that's all I used for the one that people seemed to like as well. I am sure you realized that, but just wanted to give you a shout out regardless.

Re: Google Voice Gadget Zypher 8/27/09 12:06 PM

Thanks for the shout out
Re: Google Voice Gadget BadWolfBlack 9/30/09 3:27 PM
I edited the xml for the first gadget that was posted here (I think by Zypher) to be a little smaller but with scroll so you could actually see everything.  It's hosted here:

I also have made an installer to fix the latest version of google voice not displaying xml gadgets correctly.  I say fix, but it's so rigged it's not funny...essentially I took the sidebar files from 5.8 and added them in a seperate directory in the google directory.  Please make sure you make your own replacement shortcuts and you place a shortcut in the startup in the start menu.  Also please make sure that you don't have a "google desktop search" directory...this should have been renamed.  I tried to make it as foolproof as possible but the wife was on me to get off the computer so I was a little limited on time.  It's hosted here:

Hope this helps someone :)
Re: Google Voice Gadget Zypher 9/30/09 3:36 PM

Thanks for the contribution!
Re: Google Voice Gadget BadWolfBlack 9/30/09 7:33 PM
FYI to all that have used the Google_Destop_Fix.exe.  In my haste to get this finished, I made a mistake in the coding.  I will fix this hopefully tomorrow, but if anyone needs this working as planned right now just rename the folder Google Desktop Search.5.9 back to Google Desktop Search and rename GoogleDesktop.exe in that folder to something else (i.e. GoogleDesktop.exe.Old).  All files will be in the Program Files folder. 
Re: Google Voice Gadget BadWolfBlack 9/30/09 8:02 PM
Apparently I can't edit my last post....I reuped the file...New hosting is
Re: Google Voice Gadget BadWolfBlack 9/30/09 8:19 PM
Oh and if anyone can get the damned canvas view to work on gvoice.xml I would love to know what you modified...that thing just about drove me crazy
Re: Google Voice Gadget Zypher 10/1/09 2:36 PM

Canvas view seems to work for me using your gadget and Chrome Dev
Re: Google Voice Gadget BadWolfBlack 10/2/09 1:42 PM

Thanks for the tip.  I just downloaded Dev and made it my default, but unfortunately it's still not wanting to work.  When you tried it in canvas, did it bring you to google mobile or regular google voice?  If it still went to google mobile then it's broken and that sux :)  Thanks for checking it out!!!
Re: Google Voice Gadget Zypher 10/2/09 5:35 PM

Canvas view shows the regular GV in Chrome Dev
Re: Google Voice Gadget BadWolfBlack 10/3/09 1:23 PM

Well crap then it must be my setup.  Thanks for the help, @ least it's working for you guys :)
Re: Google Voice Gadget timwood 11/3/09 5:28 AM
This gadget has stopped working for me as of yesterday.  When Gmail loads the gadget gets the normal height, but just loads a blank white box.  I can access and via the same browser without any problems.  I'm using Chrome
Re: Google Voice Gadget Zypher 11/3/09 5:51 AM

The gadget seems to be broken for me as well. Chrome &, IE 8.0.6.  I'm currently looking into it.
Re: Google Voice Gadget ngarjuna 11/3/09 8:54 AM
Firefox says:
This content cannot be displayed in a frame

To protect your security, the publisher of this content does not allow it to be displayed in a frame.

Click here to open this content in a new window
Re: Google Voice Gadget timwood 11/3/09 6:11 PM
Tried at home too.  Using Chrome latest beta (, the gadget doesn't load, same problem.  But it works in Firefox version 3.5.4.  Let me know if there is any way I can provide additional information to help.  Thanks!
Re: Google Voice Gadget sneufus 11/4/09 7:22 AM
I'm also unable to load Google Voice gadget in iGoogle, using the latest production version of Chrome. I tried another GV gadget, same deal -- didn't work. Works fine in Firefox 3.5 and IE7 (oh, the irony).

Re: Google Voice Gadget McKathryn 11/5/09 12:34 PM
Starting 11/3/2009, my Google Voice gadget won't load in my Chrome iGoogle page. I deleted and reinstalled it, but no luck. Is the gadget broken, or is there something with the system, or...?
Re: Google Voice Gadget Zypher 11/5/09 4:04 PM
Ok guys/gals, the problem seems to be related to a mismatch of the secure/nonsecure urls. The gadget uses https url links which causes the gadget not to be displayed if the the iGoogle page is loaded as the non secure http. It does seem to work, however, if you use a secure iGoogle url ( Tested in Chrome, & IE 8.0.71.
Re: Google Voice Gadget roarke.dallas 11/6/09 7:01 AM
Thanks Zypher. But, unfortunately that doens't totally solve the problem. Other gadgets (like the calendar) don't work on the secure page. We end up trading one problem for another. Bummer. Awesome temporary solution though. I hope someone can figure out how to make it work always. Thanks.
Re: Google Voice Gadget timwood 11/9/09 5:14 AM

I use Gmail exclusively via https.  Was your suggestion about the secure/non-secure URLs limited to iGoogle or also Gmail?  Have you gotten the gadget to work again in your Chrome?

Re: Google Voice Gadget neely615 11/9/09 8:28 AM
This is in response to my previous post about working on a gadget for gmail (so its smaller with limited functions). I have started a wave which should be public and therefore feel free to chip in.!w%252B4GhwbSqwA.1
Re: Google Voice Gadget JoeFinkle 11/11/09 6:10 AM
Perhaps it's because Wave is so new and buggy, but I tried to access that wave and got an error message that I was not a participant in it. Too bad, it would be nice to have something to do with Google Wave, I only know 2 other people with accounts and one of them I've only met one time, not really someone I talk to. Kind of a problem for a collaberation system.

Well, I'm having the same problem everyone else seems to be having with this and ALL google voice gadgets. Anyone know a good solution?
Re: Google Voice Gadget neely615 11/11/09 6:35 AM
I can add you with your gmail name, just let me know since any help is appreciated.
Re: Google Voice Gadget Zypher 11/11/09 9:23 AM
I've made a Google Voice Gadget wave as well:

@neely615: Add to your wave contacts and then to the wave itself in order to make your wave public.
Re: Google Voice Gadget neely615 11/11/09 9:30 AM

Got it. I think the early public address I tried adding didn't work. Anyways, I added it, and please feel free to add thoughts. This gadget is different than the one on this thread since it is trying to be optimized for use in gmail, and only posses calling options. If I can just figure out how to parse that silly _rnr_se value either from within the gmodule file or even an external file loaded into the gadget iframe...
Re: Google Voice Gadget Zypher 11/13/09 3:53 PM
Ok all, the problem seems to be that the non-secure GV mobile URL seems to redirect to a secure URL ( -> So I believe that the gadget tries to redirect to the secure mobile URL but fails when the iGoogle page is not secure.
Re: Google Voice Gadget roarke.dallas 11/14/09 4:40 AM
Zypher, I agree with your comments from 11/13. But, I'm not savy enough to fix/modify gadget code. Any thoughts on how to fix this?
Re: Google Voice Gadget Zypher 11/14/09 5:33 AM
@roarke.dallas: The only solution that I know of as of yet is to use the secure iGoogle URL (
Re: Google Voice Gadget roarke.dallas 11/14/09 5:37 AM
@Zypher Yes, that works. But, then I can't figure out how to make the calendar gadget work. Do you know of any secure calendar gadgets? I know google calendar supports a secure connection, but I haven't found a secure gadget. If I use the current calendar gadget, I wind up with the same but reversed problem in Voice works, but the calendar just functions like a blob. I can do without Scrabble working ;-) But, I used the calendar almost as much, if not more, than voice.
Re: Google Voice Gadget Zypher 11/14/09 5:43 AM
@roarke.dallas: I'm currently using a calendar gadget that seems to work if you have the options "Display mini-calendar" and "Hide agenda" unchecked.  The results is having only the agenda being shown.

I'll post as soon as I find a real solution.
Re: Google Voice Gadget roarke.dallas 11/14/09 6:00 AM
@Zyph That solution does provide a temporary solve. Cool. Thanks.
Re: Google Voice Gadget eltonb 12/8/09 10:05 PM
Re: Google Voice Gadget tigurr 12/21/09 10:47 PM
eltonb  i'm  getting an error in firefox. says the content provider does not allow there content to be displayed in a frame would you like to open the content in  a new page?
Re: Google Voice Gadget Josh D. 4/28/10 6:11 PM
I'm having the same problem, I tried like 4 different gadgets and they all gave me that same error. I'm sure it's a very useful feature when it works but for some reason none of them do.
Re: Google Voice Gadget neely615 4/28/10 6:26 PM
So everything is officially kaput I guess. I have been using a homemade gadget for quite a while. I have posted the two files online

Basically you need to stick this xml and png somewhere online where it can be accessed. Then, before uploading, change the xml file so it includes your number (when you edit it with notepad or notepad++ you will see this section) and also add your _rnr_se value. There are instructions in the code (which is overly simple) for how to find this. Once you make the changes (as well as linking to the address where the png will be (more for aesthetics so not crucial), upload the files. Then, copy the URL of the xml file and paste it into the add gadget field.

Again, I gave up on making this easy so just made this to use whenever I am in gmail, and it works fine.
Re: Google Voice Gadget bwparker1 6/30/10 11:25 AM
This doesn't seem to work for Chrome

5.0.375.86 beta

I have the beat because I am using the bookmark sync feature
Re: Google Voice Gadget bwparker1 6/30/10 12:21 PM
I have changed to the stable version of chrome and it still doesn't work. It appears to work in Firefox. Chrome support is required!
Re: Google Voice Gadget neely615 7/1/10 7:41 AM
if you are running chrome, why not just use the extension, which is 10 times better, and leave the gadget on gmail for when it does work.
Re: Google Voice Gadget Papa Bear 8/25/10 1:15 PM
Starting today you can use Gmail to receive or place Google Voice calls.
Re: Google Voice Gadget neely615 10/1/10 11:37 AM
hey, you need to adjust your url's. the mobile at least is now
Re: Google Voice Gadget daqron 12/29/10 6:59 PM
Neely -- how do you embed that URL in Gmail? GMail reports: "Invalid gadget specification. Ensure URL is correct and the gadget does not contain errors." I've tried all the other GV Gadgets for Gmail and they all just show up as blank boxes.
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