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Can Google Voice ring my iPod Touch?

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Can Google Voice ring my iPod Touch? matt.oberman 5/8/09 7:27 PM
Can Google Voice ring my iPod Touch with iPhone 3.0 software?  I know push notifications are in the works, but would this ring my iPod?  I want to use my iPod Touch as a phone since I live on a college campus with ubiquotous wifi, and I don't want to pay for the data plan that an iPhone requires.  Do you see any possible solutions besides jailbreaking and going to T-Mobile?

Are there plans to do so in the future?
Re: Can Google Voice ring my iPod Touch? LHM 5/8/09 8:13 PM
Re: Can Google Voice ring my iPod Touch? troyg 5/8/09 8:30 PM
If you have one of the VOIP apps on your Touch, such as Skype or TruPhone, you should be able to receive and place calls through it. These are already available with the 2.0 version of the OS.
Re: Can Google Voice ring my iPod Touch? SnerdlyBosco 5/9/09 3:36 AM

If your device can already emulate a telephone, making and receiving calls from the telephone network with 10 digit North American style phone numbers, yes, it could work with Google Voice.

Otherwise, no.
Re: Can Google Voice ring my iPod Touch? Zanthexter 5/11/09 6:01 AM
YES, it is available now, and it is fairly easy to do.
2) Create a TruPhone account and install the software:
3) Create a Gizmo5 account:
4) Sign into your Gizmo5 account
     4a) Note your Gizmo5 phone number
     4b) Configure Gizmo5 to forward all calls to SIP using "" as the address
5) Sign into your GoogleVoice account
     5a) Create a new phone called Gizmo5. (Settings \ Phones)
     5b) Enter your Gizmo5 number like this example: +17475551212
     5c) Under Phone Type choose Gizmo5
You can now recieve calls from GoogleVoice
You can make Google Voice calls using mobile web page:
You can dial directly, like a phone, with GVDialer:
Because of the need for a wired headset/microphone, I think I would rather buy a used cellphone (iPhone!) that will work with TruPhone and would allow a bluetooth headset.
Re: Can Google Voice ring my iPod Touch? Zanthexter 5/11/09 6:03 AM
One additional note: TruPhone will work on a plain vanilla iPod, no modifications needed.
Re: Can Google Voice ring my iPod Touch? Chewable 6/25/09 1:30 PM

When you make a call using the Google Voice mobile web page (, it then rings the Gizmo SIP number you set up in Google Voice > Settings > Phone.  How do you pick up that call on the iPod?  Do you place the Google Voice call and then switch over to the Truphone app?

Re: Can Google Voice ring my iPod Touch? drkshenronx 7/10/09 12:14 PM
Yes you can receive FREE incoming calls on the iPod touch using Google Voice & Gizmo5, however, you guys are all missing the most important piece of the puzzle.

Here is what you need to receive google voice calls on the iPod touch

1. iPod touch 2G
2. Headset with mic and remote
3. Gizmo5 account
4. Gizmo5 Installed on your PC
4. Google Voice Account
5. Nimbuzz IM for iPod touch
6. Wireless internet connection

Step 1 - Install the Nimbuzz app to the iPod touch

Step 2 - Create a Nimbuzz account and sign in. Once you are signed into your Nimbuzz account click on phone calls down in the bottom center of the menu. Once in phone calls you should see  "No Operator Selected" up towards the top directly under "Phone Calls". Click on no operator selected. From there you should see an icon that says "SIP" with text to the right that reads "Use Your VOIP Account. Click that. Select Gizmo5 from the list and enter your Gizmo5 username and password.

Step 3  *** Make sure you have the Gizmo5 Software installed to your computer and running before you start this step. You must be logged into your Gizmo5 account on the PC for this step or you cannot continue *** - Forward calls from Google Voice to your Gizmo account. To do this log into your google voice account ( and click on "Settings" in the upper right hand corner. Once under settings there are 5 tabs. We will only use the first 2. General & Phone. First under General you need to Disable call presenter. The reason we have to disable it to receive calls on the iPod touch is because there is no dialpad when you receive calls through Gizmo5 so you can't select any of the menu options to continue. Now navigate to the "Phones" tab. Here we need to set up google voice to forward calls to our Gizmo5 account. Now you need to get your SIP number from the Gizmo5 website. Log into your account at and look under the account overview section. You will see a "SIP Number" that looks similar to this 1-747-xxx-xxxx. We DO NOT want the 1 in front so ONLY copy the 747-xxx-xxxx. Once you have your Gizmo5 SIP number you can go back to the Google Voice website. Click on "Add a Phone" under the "Phones" tab.  You now have 3 fields (Name, Number, Phone type). In the name field type Gizmo5 or your Gizmo5 Account Name. In the number section you want to paste the 747-xxx-xxxx "SIP" Number. Now in the Phone type dropdown choose Gizmo. Click save. Once you click save a message will appear that requires google voice to call your gizmo account and for you to input the numbers shown through the Dialpad in the Gizmo5 software for PC. Click connect and you should receive a call on Gizmo. Answer it and listen to the message then input the numbers that were shown.

Step 4 - Log into Nimbuzz on your iPod touch and make sure that Gizmo is set to yor call operator under the "Phone Calls" tab of Nimbuzz. Once you are logged into Nimbuzz with the operator as Gizmo5 try calling your Google Voice phone number. If you did everything correctly then you will be able to receive free calls on your iPod touch!

Good Luck to you all,
Re: Can Google Voice ring my iPod Touch? dahnpratt 7/22/09 1:17 AM
I have tried both the TruPhone method as well as the Nimbuzz method both utilizing the Gizmo5 account linked to the Google Voice account.

I order microphone headphones from eBay ($2.29) they came exactly 24 hours before my Google Voice invite which was awesome timing on both parts, although they are knock-off Apple iPhone headphones they work like a charm.

Now the only problem is I can not make any calls what-so-ever, even when I go to and dial a contact, nothing happens, at their end they get a call from me with a dead line when they pick up, and for me the iTouch's interface does not change at all.

^ Being able to place a call from the iTouch needs to be addressed, I have also tried the GV Mobile (free) App and no success in placing a call.

When trying the Nimbuzz method, I found that I never received calls placed to me, even when I was the holding the cell phone calling my GV number attached to Gizmo5 which I logged onto in Nimbuzz... So Nimbuzz absolutely did not work for me.

TruPhone on the other hand worked like a charm (when it was open) whenever it was closed or another application was opened on the iTouch, the call never went through and I would never know if someone tried calling me. This creates a bit of an issue in trying to make the iTouch useful in anyway because unless I have the TruPhone app running 100% of the time, chances are I will miss a call placed to my GV number.

If anyone cares to help or knows of a better way to receive and take calls from Google Voice via my Apple iPod Touch (without a physical phone), do not hesitate to post!

I have tried both of the methods given above, to the word and neither has worked the way it is suppose too.

Thank you,
Re: Can Google Voice ring my iPod Touch? erroneus 8/9/09 3:28 PM
I can get free calls with my ipod touch using the gizmo/gv/truphone methods.  The gizmo forwarding to truphone is necessary for the verification of the gizmo SIP number with google voice if you don't want to pay for gizmo call-in, and can be done with the truphone app from the app store.  However, after that I turn off forwarding on gizmo and configure fring to make and receive calls.  Totally free in the US, with some time limitations.  Some lag though, about 1 second.  Also, touch notification doesn't work too well on fring at the moment.

Ideally I would like to find a touch notification solution on the ipod touch that works, and wouldn't mind paying a small fee for less lag time.  I would probably use skype, but it doesn't work with google voice unless you get a call-in number ($60/year).
Re: Can Google Voice ring my iPod Touch? automoversny 8/11/09 12:35 PM
I have an unlocked ipod touch with cydia

I installed siphone

added gizmo domain and i can recieve calls and send calls , if i dial out using the app i have a 3min limit

hope this was helpful
Re: Can Google Voice ring my iPod Touch? nrhine1 9/4/09 3:18 PM
This is the only completely free method of both calling and receiving calls on your Ipod Touch that I've found. And I've done lots and lots of looking.

Although Gizmo5 can be used as call-out, the free version only works for 3 minutes.  This restriction can be bypassed however, by the following method:
1. Sign up/ possess a GV account.
2. Jailbreak Ipod (warranty is fine, all you have to do is restore it. research it. it's completely safe)
3. Download GV Mobile App through Cydia
4. Download Truphone for your Ipod Touch
5. Sign up for a free Gizmo5 account.
6. Once you sign up for the gizmo account, put in your truphone account address where gizmo has an option for incoming call forwarding ( I think)
7. Add a phone through your GV Mobile application on the ipod. Enter your Gizmo number into this area.
Now you can make calls from your ipod (provided you have a microphone, I would suggest an inline adapter, you plug your headphones in. amazon for $5)

A.To call, you must open up the Truphone Application, and then Hold the Home button. With your jailbroken Ipod, this will put the application in the background.
B. Then, open up the GV Mobile application, and enter Whatever number you would like to dial.
C. Soon you will hear a ringing (with your headphones in), this is your truphone ringing. Hit the home button and accept the call. The call will then be completed to the phone number you dialed.

If you want to receive calls on your ipod, have people call your google voice, which will forward to gizmo, which then forwards to truphone, which you must be running in the background. 

I know this is a very convoluted process, but any process that isn't convoluted costs money. It will take some time, but I'm sure you will enjoy all of your free calling.

Note: When you place a call in GV, your Google Voice calls Gizmo, which then forwards to Truphone, which you must have running in the background. This sounds complicated, but it really only takes about 10 more seconds to set up the call than just dialing from your cellphone.

When your GV number receives a call, it will forward to Gizmo, which forwards to Truphone, which you also must have running in the background if you want to receive calls.

If your area has ubiquitous WiFi service, like my college campus, you can call/receive calls for free all the time. 

If you have any questions that can't be answered by reading the above carefully, my email is nrhine1@gmail

Re: Can Google Voice ring my iPod Touch? Box7184 9/4/09 3:29 PM
The free version of Gizmo5 is not limited to 3 minutes if you use it as one of your GV phones and call out from the GV website.

Here are the steps:
Add your Gizmo5 number to your GV account, as a Gizmo phone.
Click the Call button on your GV web page and select your Gizmo phone as the one to call.
GV makes an in-bound call to your Gizmo phone, (which is free for as long as you talk).
When you answer, GV finishes making the call to the other number. 

You talk as long as you want (up to 2 hours).

Re: Can Google Voice ring my iPod Touch? averagejoe76 10/4/09 12:31 PM
Can someone elaborate a little more on what Box 7184 is talking about.  I am following along until, "When you answer, GV finishes making the call to the other number. "  What is this "other number" and where in the steps do you dial out the number you want to reach?

Very helpful string, and Box 7184 I appreciate your posting what you did.

Re: Can Google Voice ring my iPod Touch? nrhine1 10/4/09 12:52 PM
averagejoe, the other number is the number you want to call. gv is set to ring one of your phones (it itself is not a phone), and it will call you first. once you pick up, it will dial the other person, and then they will start to hear their phone ring, but only if you have picked up your phone.

read my previous post
Re: Can Google Voice ring my iPod Touch? Box7184 10/4/09 12:55 PM
When you make a call from the GV web page, you enter the number you want to call in the first box, and select the phone you want GV to ring in the second box. 

You select the phone you want to ring from the drop down menu Phone To Ring.  This phone must be one of your verified phones on your GV account.
In this case, you select your Gizmo phone.  GV works the same no matter which of your phones you use. 
GV then calls the person you are trying to reach and connects the two phones so you can converse. 

If you are using GV from a phone and not the desktop, you first call your GV number.  (this connects your phone to your GV account).
Then you dial the number you want to reach and press #.  GV then makes the call and connects you to the person you are trying to reach.  They will see your GV number, not the number of the device you are using to place the call. 
Re: Can Google Voice ring my iPod Touch? matthew.fortner 10/5/09 8:13 PM
To run Truphone in the background, first install Backgrounder from the Cydia store. Then pressing and holding the home button to enable/disable backgrounding will work.
Re: Can Google Voice ring my iPod Touch? suntreellc 2/23/10 1:48 PM
How do you get this to work now? Can't get any Gizmo5 accounts anymore. THanks!
Re: Can Google Voice ring my iPod Touch? goob 2/25/10 11:31 PM
Please don't post referral links to try to get more people to sign up for stuff using your ID.  It's considered spam and people don't like it.
Re: Can Google Voice ring my iPod Touch? amerryman 4/28/10 11:21 AM
Seeing as Gizmo5 has been acquired by Google and there are no longer any signup's currently, does anyone have a temporary alternative to getting an SIP that will work with Google Voice?
Re: Can Google Voice ring my iPod Touch? giqcass 4/28/10 12:27 PM
Sipgate is the best Gizmo alternative for the moment.

The problem with running apps in the background has been addressed in the new Iphone os 4.0 coming this summer. Some devices can use the update but not all of the features such as background processes so check the Apple website for compatibility when it becomes available to the public.
Re: Can Google Voice ring my iPod Touch? amerryman 4/28/10 12:53 PM
Can anyone explain to me setting up forwarding in sipgate?

I'm trying to follow the previous instruction (replacing Gizmo5 with sipgate to see if it works)

 Configure SIPGATE to forward all calls to SIP using "" as the address

I seem to be stuck on this part looking for a way I can forward to my truphone address.. any help?
Re: Can Google Voice ring my iPod Touch? kmand 4/28/10 4:19 PM
How are people doing outgoing calls?   is now the dialer page that requires an actual iphone to call a local number.

gvdialer is gone, and the old jailbroken version doesn't seem to do anything for me

Finally, is there any rumors of what/when Google is going to do with gizmo5? I was expecting them to integrate it with Googlevoice by now..
Re: Can Google Voice ring my iPod Touch? anonymous469 5/11/10 10:54 AM
Just a note to say that I find that I can reliably initiate calls with  google voice on my mobile device only if I'm using the desktop interface. For my ipod touch, that means I have truphone running in the background, and I use safari to access to desktop GV web page, initiate the call, GV rings Gizmo5 which is set to forward all calls to my truphone account, and then truphone rings in the background. So I navigate to it and voila. Seems to work everytime. Of course, this requires one to be jailbroken, so that you can run truphone in the background. Hope this helps.
Re: Can Google Voice ring my iPod Touch? amerryman 5/17/10 8:02 AM

Well there's that.. and the fact that you have to have 3 apps running and jump through a ton of hoops just to make/receive phone calls.

I think I'm giving up, you win big phone companies.. I'll just use "Voice" as intended.. for call forwarding/number block - and free text messaging ^-^
Re: Can Google Voice ring my iPod Touch? guyoverthere 8/20/10 10:49 AM
hey zanthexter,  what exactly do you type in for the phone number at step 5 on the gizmo5 and google voice
Re: Can Google Voice ring my iPod Touch? Adam Elmquist 9/1/10 7:06 PM
Just a thought....  I can't see why not in the future that Google Voice will have the capability all by itself to make and receive calls on the iPod Touch or iPad Wifi.  Most sites already show you how to do this, like on other Smart Phone platforms "Droid" why not Apple's?  Some people use those smaller netbook computers running Windows OS, and what about the small MacBook Air just install the Google plug-in and you are ready to go, why not the iPod Touch, or iPad.......
Re: Can Google Voice ring my iPod Touch? HeyItsHey 9/30/10 3:57 PM
Yes you can and it works! My video shows it works! here's the link
Re: Can Google Voice ring my iPod Touch? Jiah 10/30/10 9:44 PM
It works with Nimbuzz + Sipgate + GV combination!
And if you run Nimbuzz on backgrounder, so the phone rings.

I am not sure if i was charged by Sipgate, but I am pretty sure it is free because all outgoing calls are incoming from GV.

Re: Can Google Voice ring my iPod Touch? Jiah 10/30/10 10:00 PM
Ok, there are some problems.
Outgoing calling works ok by calling from google mobile.
But, incoming calls can't be answered, because on nimbuzz you cannot press 1 to answer on dialpad.
Also, caller ID does not show, although if you have name for that number, GV will say it.
I appreciate if anyone can solve this problem.
Re: Can Google Voice ring my iPod Touch? austin.jack 11/6/10 7:12 PM
Here is how to use your iPod Touch w/ only Gizmo5 and GV web app. I use it in the manner and it works great for me. Unfortunately, you can only use this method if you have a Gizmo5 account and they don't seem to be giving out new ones.
Re: Can Google Voice ring my iPod Touch? fishersislander 11/8/10 1:35 PM
@Jiah Use the app called "Whistle". It has a dial pad built in, push, and fast app switching built it. Combine it with one of the GV apps, forward google calls to the Whistle number, and you've got yourself a complete solution.
Re: Can Google Voice ring my iPod Touch? jhillam 11/24/10 1:11 PM
come on google!!!!  you can don better than this!  just build the voip in!
Re: Can Google Voice ring my iPod Touch? Adam Elmquist 11/24/10 3:03 PM
We all know technically Google can make it happen right now, I think it maybe a pending legal battle with those cellular carriers, making Google hold out till the time is right.....
Re: Can Google Voice ring my iPod Touch? amlord1 12/1/10 12:52 AM
Talkatone is a relatively new app. I got it, and it works like a charm. It's not as pretty as nimbuzz, but it's still in the works, and it's 100% free. Super easy to use. I can make and receive calls and the quality is excellent (depending on whether the other person has a good microphone). There are ads, but it's not a huge deal considering you don't have to pay a thing. Good luck!
Re: Can Google Voice ring my iPod Touch? LarryGee 12/31/10 10:32 PM
Yo ADD the TALKATONE App!!  You can call using your Google Voice number+account info!--  it kicks ASS!!  the FREE wi-fi phone..It's here and we don't want no more bears!!!
Re: Can Google Voice ring my iPod Touch? kentonkidsnews 1/8/11 7:46 AM
I hate click2call! I just want to use my ipod as a mobile phone! i dont want to use 2 phones i just want 1!
Re: Can Google Voice ring my iPod Touch? buddybuddy8 2/16/11 3:19 AM
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