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Nokia Speed Dial

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Nokia Speed Dial Papa Bear 8/17/09 7:09 AM

Create a GV speed dial using your Nokia phone that you have set up in GV as a forwarded mobile phone.

1) Dial your 10-digit GV number

2) Press the Star (*) key 3 times to get a (p) to appear.

3) Enter your 4-digit passcode

4) Press the Star (*) key 3 times to get a (p) to appear

5) Press 2 key

6) Press the Star (*) key 3 times to get a (p) to appear

7) Dial the 10-digit number you want to call

8) Press # key

9) Save Contact to your address book on your mobile phone. Example: 1234567890p1234p2p1234567890#

You may hear GV prompts until call is completed.
For a 4-second pause, enter the (p) twice to appear as pp.
Re: Nokia Speed Dial joe-awesome 8/18/09 5:04 AM
This is great. However, if I replace all my contacts in my phone with adding the GV shortcut, it would not work if I wanted to use the text feature. The 406 solution might be a more viable solution.
Re: Nokia Speed Dial mh11215 9/4/09 8:36 PM
In that case, you'll just need two contacts. The GV one and the non-GV one.
Re: Nokia Speed Dial Papa Bear 11/2/09 1:17 PM
Re: Nokia Speed Dial Papa Bear 11/6/09 8:19 PM
Re: Nokia Speed Dial dubsaks25 12/7/09 11:17 AM
hey thanks papa.. however, I need for when people call me, on my g.v. number, for it to ring my (actual) phone, which requires the pause, than a 7 digit ext.. g.v. thinks im trying to give it an int number when i go to set it up online..
Re: Nokia Speed Dial Papa Bear 12/31/09 4:17 PM
See Papa Bear's answer about auto-dialing string for BlackBerry (BB) at
Re: Nokia Speed Dial Papa Bear 1/30/10 9:37 PM
Nortel Norstar key system speed dialing as a forwarded GV phone:
See both Personal and System Speed Dial instructions at
Note: To insert a 1.5 second delay or pause press Feature 7 8
Don't forget the pound at the end of the dialing string like is described above and you may have to add a 9 to your dialing string if a 9 is normally required for you to get a local line to make external calls.
If you do NOT want to set up your office Norstar phone as a forwarded GV phone, you will need to add two stars (**) after you set up the dialing of your 10-digit so that the GV system will answer and will go to the GV voicemail system.
Re: Nokia Speed Dial Papa Bear 2/17/10 2:27 PM
Cool Geex has a new GV user card at to put in your billfold or affix it to the back of your phone.
Re: Nokia Speed Dial Chesteta 5/29/10 3:51 AM
Hi, I have a Blackberry Curve (8310) through AT&T, I recently figured out the fastest way to call in and then dial a new number through my phone (by adding a contact):

"(GV #)P2(# to call)#"

You enter the 'P' which stands for Pause by pressing the trackball and then selecting "Add Pause", just pressing P will not suffice as a pause (I tried it)
the () and - are obviously not necessary, they are just there for readability; so basically, you can get it down to one 3 second pause, and no spaces in the command :) hope this helps someone!