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Connect to a phone with a computer

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Connect to a phone with a computer invisiblehand 7/9/10 7:55 AM
Do you already have Google Voice (Y/N)? Y
If so, do you have a Google number (Y/N)? Y

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Often time conference call only has a phone number, and not accessible through the computer. It would be nice if I can join conference call through my computer and use the computer headphone and microphone to communicate.
Re: Connect to a phone with a computer Box7184 7/9/10 8:06 AM
Re: Connect to a phone with a computer John of Lower Merion 7/9/10 8:33 AM
Some Google Voice users don't have cell phones or landline phones. They can get a free VoIP or SIP account and use the SIP credentials to configure a "softphone" (software phone) on their computer, or configure an Analog Telephone Adapter (ATA) such as the Linksys / Cisco PAP2T-NA and get free incoming and outgoing telephone service over the Internet when used with Google Voice.

The following comes from recent threads I've responded to about using VoIP in lieu of regular telephone service.

Get a free SIP account with SIP number (not a telephone number, but a SIP number) from Sipsorcery

Use this SIP account from Sipsorcery to get a free US telephone number from IPKall for use with Google Voice as your forwarding phone

Use your Sipsorcery user ID to configure your Analog Telephone Adapter (ATA) if you have one, or your X-Lite (or equivalent) softphone to use your computer and headphone as a telephone


To receive calls on your computer desktop, you'll need to subscribe to a free SIP service, such as Sipsorcery (used in conjunction with IPKall and Google Voice), and download a free software phone to your computer desk top. Get a free US telephone number from IPKall using your Sipsorcery SIP account. Your headphone completes the configuration. Of course, you'll need broadband Internet access.

Once you verify your IPKall phone number with Google Voice, you can receive calls dialed to your GV phone number with any of your verified phones (including your Sipsorcery/IPKall SIP phone on your computer desktop, your landline, and your cell phone) You can dial free outbound US and Canadian telephone numbers from your real or software telephone keypad, or use the web Call box on your Google Voice main account screen to dial any US or Canadian phone for free from any of your verified phones, including your PC. When you use your Sipsorcery/IPKall SIP phone, you avoid using your cell phone, so calling is free to you. Airtime charges may apply when using your mobile phone.

You can get many decent SIP services at no charge, such as Sipsorcery with IPKall.

Note that Sipgate was a popular choice for free SIP accounts but they recently announced that they have run out of free US telephone numbers and has them on order but can't promise when the new numbers will become available.

One other note: if you would rather have the convenience of using a regular analog telephone, you can buy an ATA (Analog Telephone Adapter) such as the Linksys PAP2T-NA (link below) however, be sure to get an "unlocked" device, and one that is for use in the country you will be visiting. (my link below is for a North American model)

---- links ----

(provides free US telephone number to many free SIP accounts, such as Ekiga)

(free SIP account and SIP telephone managment software used with IPKall and Google Voice)

X-Lite (free 2 line software telephone on your PC from Counterpath Corp.)

Google acquires Gizmo5

Analog Telephone Adapter (ATA) Linksys PAP2T-NA   this particular model made for North American use only, be sure to find an "unlocked" model (virtually all new units are sold "unlocked" now)

Sipgate, (free SIP telephone service including a free US telephone number, but July 2010, temporarily not allowing new account signup)
Re: Connect to a phone with a computer StrMca 7/11/10 11:14 AM
Re: Connect to a phone with a computer Box7184 7/12/10 1:04 PM
You cannot add an international number as a forwarding number on your Google Voice account.  GV will only forward to US numbers.
Re: Connect to a phone with a computer gregaz 7/12/10 1:09 PM
Thank you for all the help thus far. I want to emphasize that I MUST have this routed through my cell phone, since I will moving around Europe quite a bit. I am thinking of getting service with T-Mobile in Germany and then manipulating GV to do the rest.

This is where I run into issues ... my GV number is a US number, so even calling IT is a long distance charge, right? Then can I forward my T-Mo number in the US to GV, and when it forwards to Germany, will T-Mo charge me long distance charges?

Still confused about how to pull all the elements together - US T-Mo number - US GV number - DE T-Mo number

Thanks in advance!
Re: Connect to a phone with a computer Box7184 7/12/10 1:15 PM
If you forward all calls to your T-Mobile number to Google Voice, then the T-Mobile servers will forward ALL calls to your GV number.  You will not be able to answer incoming calls on that phone because T-Mobile will automatically re-route them elsewhere. 

If you do not re-route all calls, then yes, GV will dial your US T-Mobile number.  You will be responsible for all the fees that T-Mobile charges for using your phone internationally, including international roaming fees and per-minute charges. 

If you call your GV number from Germany, T-Mobile will charge you for using your T-Mobile phone internationally.  Whatever roaming fees, per-minute fees, and long distance fees (for calling from Germany to the US) will be charged to your T-Mobile account by T-Mobile. 

Re: Connect to a phone with a computer gregaz 7/12/10 1:20 PM
OK, so in other words a solution like I envision it does not exist. The key element in what I was looking for was GV forwarding to a foreign number and me paying the long distance charges through GV (and it being transparent to the dialer). They wouldn't even know that I am out of the country - to them it's as if they dialed my US number and I picked up.

This is where my plan breaks down then ...

Any other ideas on how to put this all together?
Re: Connect to a phone with a computer StrMca 7/13/10 3:31 AM
Try to call forward like : GV --> IPkall 425 --> LP sip number  --> Any international mobile number 

International Roaming (Call forward)  from LP voip ( ) number  to any international numbers is very cheap.