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gv fax

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gv fax JoeGold 1/17/10 12:43 PM
can i make an outgoing call through gv and send a fax, is it possible to do it if i inaite the call throuth the gv website also can i set my gv number to foward to my fax machine (yes and i will turn off call presentation)
Re: gv fax marshalk 1/17/10 12:50 PM
"At this time, you can't use your Google number as a fax number."

You can make suggestions for Google Voice at the link below.
Re: gv fax JoeGold 1/17/10 2:26 PM
thank you
my question was not to use it aa a fax number, meaning: that g  will take the fax and email it to me rather if i alreadt have a fax number and i weant to give out my gv number and foward it to my fax number
Re: gv fax Skunkworks 1/24/10 3:04 PM
JoeGold, no it doesnt.
Google voice does however support faxing quite well despite their FAQ. I have used it to send several page faxes several times with no errors.
Re: gv fax mad4color 1/26/10 1:08 AM
Although   I have not tried this yet with google voice, I have set a fax machine to "overseas" with magicjack and it worked.  

I have several fax machines.  I tried faxing through magicjack on one that did not have an "overseas" setting, and it would not work.

VOIP does not handle fax well yet.

I assume that setting the fax machine to "overseas" puts it on a less rapid transmission and that makes it work.
Re: gv fax part145 5/27/10 8:48 PM
try for incoming faxe. its only @2 per month
Re: gv fax trots 9/29/10 9:32 PM
I actually do this but with G5 purely over VoIP with no landline.  Of all the VoIP providers I've used, GV + G5 has givin me the most reliable fax send/receive ability.