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Does Google Voice cost any money?

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Does Google Voice cost any money? n00bEmpty 8/7/09 3:27 AM
My friend says that Google Voice is only free for Voicemails. But if somebody calls you and I accept the call, it'll cost me money. Is that true? Or does Google Voice only charge for international calls?
Re: Does Google Voice cost any money? jimdibb 4/30/10 7:19 AM
I believe there's one hidden cost for using GV involving "intra carrier calls".

If I'm on verizon and the person I'm calling is on verizon, that would be a 'free' in-network mobile to mobile call (or substitute a provider that has free in-network calling, or circle of friends, or whatever).  But if either of us uses GV, then the call is no longer from vzw to vzw and I believe it will use minutes.

For people that make a lot of those type of calls, it could be a factor.

Can anyone disprove my assertion?
Re: Does Google Voice cost any money? Box7184 4/30/10 7:47 AM
Yes, calls to and from your GV number are not considered mobile-to-mobile or in-network calls. 
Re: Does Google Voice cost any money? svangelo 5/15/10 7:18 AM
So if I'm in California and I want to call to Alaska, it won't charge me extra?
Re: Does Google Voice cost any money? Ajemm92 7/25/10 12:33 PM
If someone texts my google voice and I get a copy sent to my phone, does that mean I am getting charged that Text Message or is Google Voice making that free?
Re: Does Google Voice cost any money? n00bEmpty 7/25/10 4:45 PM
If somebody sends you a text to your Google Voice number and you get a copy to your phone then it's charged to your carrier to get the copy but if you don't have the enabled then the text your friend sent your Google Voice number is free for you, but your friend is still get charged for sending the message. So let's say it goes like this (and each message is 10 cents each)
Friend -> Google Voice -> Your Phone
Then you would be charged 10 cents and your friend would be charged 10 cents. But if you don't get the copies to your phone then it would just be like this
Friend -> Google Voice -/-> Your Phone
So your friend is getting charged for sending the message since it cost money to send/receive messages but for you to receive is on Google Voice is completely free. If you don't want to get charge then disable getting a copy to your phone. Note that your friend will still get charged for sending and receiving messages.
Re: Does Google Voice cost any money? tysl332 8/28/10 3:25 PM
I have heard that Google will start charging you to use GV some time by next year but other then that Voice Mail, SMS and Calls to US & Canada are free. So use it while Google is still catering to us.
Re: Does Google Voice cost any money? therealdarkeyes 9/17/10 11:10 PM
My t-mobile phone bill is showing minutes use even during the night and weekend time. So They are not really "free" it will cost you your minutes. 
Re: Does Google Voice cost any money? John Sellers 9/25/10 12:55 AM
You've got to be careful about your choice of Google Voice phone number.  I was shocked to find out my supposedly free calls were costing me 17 cents a minute from AT&T land line with 408 area code to my 408 area code google phone number.
Re: Does Google Voice cost any money? spiderear 11/10/10 10:16 PM
You can also make a call on from your computer instead of a phone, if your computer has a microphone and speaker. First, you have to open up your Gmail page and you will see that in the Google Chat area, making phone a call. It looks like a phone. When you click on it, it gives you a dial pad. Just enter the number and call. Before you do that, you need to make sure the Google Talk is set up correctly with the Plug-in. Click on the link just above the dial pad that direct you to install the Plug-in. Once that is done, you can also make a call from Google Voice through Google Talk without having to pick up a phone. Remember to open both pages, your Google Voice and your Gmail account. Set up Google Voice to dial Google Talk instead of your cell phone. When Google Voice dial Google Talk, you will hear the ringing in your Gmail page. Answer the call in Google Talk and Google Voice will then connect you. You only need to this if you have the contact number listed in Google Voice, otherwise, just simply go to Google Talk and type in the number. It's much easier. 
Re: Does Google Voice cost any money? WatchZeitgeist 1/27/11 9:28 AM
Re: Does Google Voice cost any money? exssnrg 2/9/11 9:47 AM
@WatchZeitgeist, If you take the time to read what is above you will realize the answer is *NO*.  Google won't charge the receiver of the call.  The reason everyone is hedging a bit on the answer is that there is no way to know how Google voice is being used with your phone equipment and so charges can come from another source.  A simple NO answer could be misunderstood.

Two issues that might cause charges:  1. Minutes on your cell phone (google can't magically change your agreement with your cellular provider) or 2. international calls (but charges are announced before the call starts).  
Re: Does Google Voice cost any money? heydey01 2/16/11 7:45 AM
Question - when using google voice, from the above threads I know minutes will be used against my cell plan.  What # displays on my detailed call log from the cell provider?  
Re: Does Google Voice cost any money? HUGS2011 2/23/11 10:07 AM
question: What if you are not even using GV to make calls only to recieve calls, and I am recieving calls via my cell phone. Do I get charged for the incoming calls? If so, how do they get your account information to bill you?
Re: Does Google Voice cost any money? John of Lower Merion 2/23/11 10:31 AM

I guess you are guilty of not reading the above answers, Hugs ;-)

...I am recieving calls via my cell phone. Do I get charged for the incoming calls?

You may be charged for receiving calls by your mobile provider, depending on your mobile subscription plan.

...If so, how do they get your account information to bill you?

When you signed up for your mobile plan, you gave your name, address and other information to your mobile provider.
Re: Does Google Voice cost any money? jbarnhart001 2/23/11 11:45 AM
I had one Google Voice call that never ended or something. A call was apparently forwarded to me via GV, but the call never terminated when the person hung up or they left their voicemail, and now I have been charged for 1400 minutes during peak time by AT&T.  They are saying this is an issue with Google, but when I log into my GV account, there were never any calls on that date for that length of time. I never made ANY calls using my google voice on that day, but I did have several missed calls and a few that left voicemail messages. None of the calls actually showing on my GV account were anywhere near that long. 

My AT&T bill details show 1 call forwarded to my GV number for 1431 minutes, this cannot be possible! Please help!!
Re: Does Google Voice cost any money? jayceanne 3/6/11 5:38 AM
File an online complaint with the Federal communications commission (FCC). .   Make sure you have a printout of your google voice account on that date and your bill for the same date showing the amount of minutes.   
Re: Does Google Voice cost any money? Ernest T Bass 8/7/09 3:46 AM
At this time, Google Voice is a free service.  But realize that it's mainly a phone forwarding service.   Many are thinking that when it's said that Google Voice is free, that includes free calling on their cell phone plans, or that minutes are not charged on their cell phones, and that just isn't true.  Your cell phone plans will continue to function just as they did without Google Voice.  There are some ways around some of that with favorites lists, but that' dependent on the cell provider.

The main benefit I've seen personally is that now I can call my long distance relatives via my home phone by dialing through GV and that won't get charged as a long distance call.  If I were to just dial directly with my home phone, I would be charged long distance.  That also transfers the minute usage for that on my cell phone off of there, meaning I can move to a more economical prepaid cell phone if I choose.  I don't do any international calling, but when I started, free calling had been limited to the continental US.  I believe they've since opened up free calling to Canada (unfortunately, still not free to Alaska, Hawaii, or the US territories as far as I know).
Re: Does Google Voice cost any money? n00bEmpty 8/7/09 4:30 AM
I was just wondering if the services Google was offering was free. I know it'll still charge my phone provider but I won't get charged from Google Voice at all right unless I make an international call right?
Re: Does Google Voice cost any money? James Whitlow 8/7/09 5:35 AM
  @n00bEmpty: The only two things that would cost you money on Google Voice would be to make international calls (this includes Alaska, Hawaii & Puerto Rico at this time) or change your Google Voice number ($10 one-time charge). Everything else you do on Google Voice is absolutely free of charge.
Re: Does Google Voice cost any money? tige03 8/9/09 10:36 PM
Really helpful.... now I would like to know more about International Long distant charges when that comes available.
Re: Does Google Voice cost any money? AlexMack 8/24/09 6:39 AM
International rates are right here and they are pretty competitive. The best part, it looks like that there are no other surcharges or service fees or other junk fees. Just flat rate.

Re: Does Google Voice cost any money? John of Lower Merion 8/24/09 10:08 AM
Perhaps someone here can explain SMS and charges to ones account? Although Google Voice doesn't charge for SMS, let's not give nOObEmpty the impression that GV obviates the cell carrier's charges for handling SMS.
Re: Does Google Voice cost any money? skjohnson 8/25/09 6:04 AM
This service sounds great, but apparently I have to be invited to use this service?  Or it will become available in a matter of weeks?  Would anyone be willing to invite lil' ol' me?
Re: Does Google Voice cost any money? Box7184 8/25/09 6:16 AM
Current members do not have invites to give out.  You'll need to request one here
Re: Does Google Voice cost any money? refractedtonnations 8/26/09 6:13 AM
Google Voice is so much more than phone forwarding, and though it is to be expected certain features cost you, the free aspects alone are worth their weight in gold. My brother was lucky enough to get in at the beginning, and has been raving about the service ever since. Across the Internet there are companies offering "Business Phone" services which forward calls, set up various answering machines and mail boxes, and all of them cost a set up and a monthly fee. With Google Voice, assume a certain telemarketer has been harassing you for months - you can require that callers leave a name when they call. Then, all you have to do is direct all calls from that phone number/person to a "Line Disconnected" message. Viola! They can no longer reach you.

Additionally, you can have callers and messages delivered to your computer, and even as text... your cell phone (what have you) never has a full mailbox because all the messages are directed elsewhere. No more "2" "7" "2" "7" (Next message, Delete, Next Message, Delete).

This is just a slice of the eventual potential of this service. Google has done more amazing things for the Internet than any other company over the past years or two, but this by far trumps them all.

I just hope they have the space left to allow me to sign up... I've spent far too much on business phone(y) answering services.
Re: Does Google Voice cost any money? zzuebe2 8/26/09 3:49 PM
Let's all not forget, if you use your cell phone, you will be charged whatever the cell phone company charges you for using your cell phone.  If you send a txt from GV to your cell phone, you may be charged a incoming txt from your cell phone provider but it will cost nothing from GV to send.  Vice-versa, if you send a txt from your cell phone to GV, your cell phone provider might charge you for outgoing but GV will not charge you for the incoming... As stated earlier.. the main reason and best benefit I have enjoyed while using GV is that I can call my brother in Las Vegas from the GV webpage, (which will ring-back on my home phone) and I will NOT have to pay any long distance phone charge on my phone bill... This in itself is a great feature for those of us who, for whatever reason, do not have unlimited long distance service on their home phone plan... thus saving us a ton of money... Basically, all services from GV are free with the exception of international calling (which is very cheap)...
Re: Does Google Voice cost any money? Joe Walker 8/27/09 9:41 AM
Google voice seems to be a very practical thing to do
Re: Does Google Voice cost any money? MassachusettsSean 9/3/09 6:41 AM
GV is awesome.   I have no mobile service at my home, so GV allows me to get calls directed to my land line while I'm home - now i never miss a call.
Re: Does Google Voice cost any money? Rgodle 9/4/09 1:38 AM
Google Voice is what i needed for...where've u been all ma life Google? such a great peice of technology.
Re: Does Google Voice cost any money? Joe Walker 9/4/09 11:13 AM
 Thank you Google, you haven't gouged us like Microsoft has done! 
Re: Does Google Voice cost any money? ddir24 10/21/09 6:38 PM
I'm still a little confused...when I call from my PC and my cell phone rings, I answer it and it calls the number I placed on my pc via GV - does my cell company charge me for that call? or like one of the posts said here, his/her landline doesn't get charged when he/she calls from the pc. 
Re: Does Google Voice cost any money? Box7184 10/21/09 6:59 PM
It helps if you think of GV as call management software, and not as phone service.  You will still be charged by the companies that provide you phone service (landlines, airtime, etc). 

So, when you use the Click2Call button on the web interface, you are managing the call.  When you answer it, you are using phone company equipment.  So you'll get charged.  The charges are often hidden by "unlimited calling" plans, like most landlines and some cell phones.  But you certainly can't place calls with GV without having a phone and a phone carrier providing you service. 
Re: Does Google Voice cost any money? kneeshoe89 10/23/09 11:47 PM
How exactly does international calling work from a mobile phone? Will I get international charges from my mobile company?
Re: Does Google Voice cost any money? Box7184 10/24/09 7:44 AM

You shouldn't if you place the call through your GV account.

Dial your GV number
Enter your pin
Press 2
Dial the International number

You should hear a GV recording telling you how much per minute the call will cost.
To your mobile carrier, it will only look like you're on a call to your GV number.  So you'll pay for airtime, but not the international call.  The international charges will come out of your GV account.
Re: Does Google Voice cost any money? John of Lower Merion 10/24/09 7:55 AM

How exactly does international calling work from a mobile phone?

To make an International call from your mobile, you must access your GV account by dialing your own GV phone number:

dial your GV phone from your mobile
before or during the announced greeting, press * to interrupt it
enter your four digit PIN when prompted
enter 2 to place outgoing call through GV
enter the International phone number with country code, city code (if necessary) and phone number, followed by the # keyd
Google will announce the cost to you per minute

Incidentally, this exact procedure will work from your landline phone, too. If you have access to a computer, you can place the International call starting from your GV main account screen, and select either your landline phone or your mobile phone to receive the outgoing call.

Will I get international charges from my mobile company?

Because GV is placing the call for you, your mobile carrier will not charge you for the International call, but it will charge you minutes unless you have an unlimited plan, or unlimited nights/weekend, or other contract arrangement with them. Remember, GV is dialing the International call for you, so Google is charging an International rate, not your mobile carrier.
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