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How much does it cost to call from China to US?

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How much does it cost to call from China to US? tpot 12/7/09 2:27 PM
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I noticed that with Google Voice, calls to China cost $.02 per minute. Does it cost the same amount to call a US landline number from China using GV? Also, are there any connection fees like there are when using Skype?
Re: How much does it cost to call from China to US? John of Lower Merion 12/7/09 7:26 PM
Google Voice is currently only available in the US. You must be in the US at the time you set up your GV account.

If you dial an International call when in China, the local Chinese telephone provider determines the rate you will be charged.

You can purchase credit from GV and call a Chinese telephone number from the US using Google Voice at reasonable rates, but you can not use GV in China with a Chinese phone number as a forwarding phone.

If you are in the US and already have a GV account, then you can use Google Voice when you are overseas using a VoIP phone on your computer desktop, and have access to broadband Internet.

You can register for a free SIP account with a service like Sipgate, IPKall or Gizmo5, download a software SIP phone to your computer, and use your computer with a headset/microphone as a GV verified phone when you are in a foreign country. (Gizmo5 is temporarily not accepting new registrations, see reference link, below)

Be sure to register for your free SIP account while you are in the US. Often times, you can't register for a free US phone number from an International IP address. Sipgate is a popular free SIP provider, as is Gizmo5.

Your calls when in a foreign country, using a SIP phone with GV to call to the US over the Internet, would be free to you. Your family and friends in the US can dial your GV number and reach your SIP phone when you are in a foreign country for the cost of dialing your GV phone number, whch avoids International call charges because they are dialing your US GV phone number. It doesn't matter if your computer is in a foreign country, Google Voice used with SIP eliminates the International charges. It is exactly like dialing a US phone, or receiving a US phone call when you are in the US, the only difference is that you are physically in a foreign country. Your Internet connection make you appear to be in the US, for calling purposes.

----- References -----

Sipgate: free SIP service and US phone number for use over the Internet

X-Lite: free 2 line software phone from Counterpath Inc

Google acquires Gizmo5
Re: How much does it cost to call from China to US? Joshua Fuentes 12/7/09 8:10 PM
You can trick google into thinking your in the US by using a proxy server located in the US and a US phone number from